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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Electric Funk - Jimmy McGriff

Electric Funk
Jimmy McGriff
Arranged by Horace Ott
Produced by Sonny Lester
Art Direction: Frank Gauna
Photography: Steve Wasserman
Blue Note Records

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.

From the inside cover: "Electric Funk" is the latest in the constantly evolving story of Jimmy McGriff. It's a complete experience of thought and ability. Although the title connotes a purely upbeat rendering, "Funk" offers a mixture of tempo and feeling and in two cuts "Spear For Moon Dog (Parts I & II) McGriff shows a great deal of musical compassion (Moon Dog is a blind man who can be found almost any day in New York City's mid-town area dressed as a Viking and carrying a spear. He never begs money, he just listens to the world around him).

Back On Track
Chris Cross
Miss Poopie
The Bird Wave
Spear For Moon Dog – Part 1
Spear For Moon Dog – Part 2
Tight Times
Spinning Wheel
Funky Junk

Country Jamboree - The Frontiersman

Country Jamboree
The Frontiersman
Hi - Wayne and Hall
Crown Records CLP 5266

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art, which seems to have been cheaply printed and haphazardly applied to the jacket.

Low-Fi country swing.

I'm Just A Driftin' Dreamer
Hi Partner
Hi Ball The Gate Mate
She Was Kissin' Somebody Else
Sing Me A Song I Can Cry To
Whistlin' Kind Of Love
The Baby On The Doorstep
All Alone, Broken Hearted
Save Your Tears For Tomorrow

Moods - Erroll Garner

Relaxin' At Sugar Ray's
Erroll Garner
Wing / A Product of Mercury Record Corporation
MGW 12134

From the back cover: And Erroll has been playing that way, more or less, since he turned professional at fifteen when he came to New York as an accompanist for a vocalist. The other side of his musical personality was there, too, even then, and it better fitted the style of the Slam Stewart Trio, which he joined when he was eighteen. Since that round of gigs he's been on his own, either as a single, or heading his own trio.

Deep Purple
Bonnie Boy
Tippin' Out With Erroll
Relaxin' At Sugar Ray's
Minor With The Trio
No Moon
Lazy River
I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
The Quaker

50 Guitars Go South Of The Border - Tommy Garrett

50 Guitars Go South Of The Border
The 50 Guitars Of Tommy Garrett
Producer: Flex Slatkin
Engineer: Eddie Brackett
Cover Design: Pate / Francis & Assoc.
Photography: Garrett-Howard, Inc.
Guitars Courtesy of Gibson, Inc.
Laurindo Almeida appears by courtesy of Capitol Records, Inc.
Barney Kessel appears by courtesy of Contemporary Records
Liberty Premier LMM 13005

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.

From the inside cover: The solos of Laurindo Almeida are backed by the elite choir of Mexican and jazz guitarists, including Barney Kessel, Howard Roberts, Al Viola, Bob Bain, Tiny Timbrell, Bill Pitman, Jose Barroso and many others whose exclusive contracts do not allow their names to be included here.

Come Closer To Me
Be Mine Tonight
La Virgen De La Macarena
Besame Mucho
You Belong To My Heart
La Bamba
South Of The Border

A Taste Of Honey - Morgana King

Morgana King
A Taste of Honey
Arranged and Conducted by Torrie Zico
Produced by Bobby Shad
Photography: Jarry Lang
Album Design: The Art Department
Mainstream / A Red Lion Production MRL 321

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.

Personel and Instrumentation


Fred Buldrini
Norman Carr
Mac Ceppos
Peter Dimitriades
Leo Kahn
Joe Malignaggi
Harry Meinkoff
David Nadine
Max Polikoff
Eugene Orloff
Tosha Samaroff
Aaron Rosand

Richard Dickler
Leon Frengut
Emanuel Vardi

Peter Makas
Avron Twerdowsky

Julius Baker
Leon Cohen
Tom Newsome
Romero Penque
Charles Russo
Sol Schlinger
Bill Slapin
Phil Woods


Willie Dennis

Fugel Horn and Trumpet
Clark Terry
Joseph Wilder

French Horn
Richard Berg
James Buffington
Donald Corrado
Tony Miranda
Al Richman


Hank Jones
David McKenna

Joseph Galbraith
Mundell Lowe

Milt Hinton

Don Butterfield

Mel Lewis

George Devens
Phil Kraud

Robert Maxwell
Margaret Ross

A Taste Of Honey
Fascinating Rhythm
Prelude To A Kiss
Easy Living
All Blues
Easy To Come
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
Lady Is A Tramp

Bostic Showcase Of Swinging Dance Hits

Bostic Showcase Of Swinging Dance Hits
King Records - Cincinnati, Ohio

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the original cover art.

Lester Leaps In
920 Special
Special Delivery Stomp
Anvil Chorus
Two O'clock Jump
Back Beat
John's Idea
Royal Garden Blues
Indian Boogie Woogie
Fur Trapper's Ball
Lunceford Special
Back Bay Shuffle

Music Around The World - Jackie Gleason

Song Of India
Music Around The World
The Rich Instrumental Listening Moods Of Jackie Gleason
For Lovers Only
Produced by Dick Jones
Arrangements by George Williams
Instrumental Solos by Charlie Ventura on tenor sax and Pee Wee Erwin on trumpet
Cover Photo: Capitol Photo Studio / George Jerman
Capitol Records SW 2471

From Billboard - March 26, 1966: The scintillating strings of Jackie Gleason's twin orchestras build up warm romantic mood on a repertoire that's pegged on a global musical tout. It's highly melodic and a perfect platter for any mood music setting.

On A Slow Boat To China
I Love Paris
Song Of India
On Miami Shore
April In Portugal
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Swedish Rhapsody (Love Theme from "Madame X"
London By Starlight
Canadian Sunset
Arrivederci Roma

Bossa Rio

Bossa Rio
Producer: Sergio Mendes / A Serrich Production
Art Direction: Tom Wilkes
Photography: Jim McCrary
Recording Engineer: Larry Levine
Recorded at A&M Recording Studios
Bossa Rio acknowledges the use of the Lowrey Organ

From the back cover: Atop the voices is a young, effervescent and adorable Gracinha Laporace. She is the spark plug for the singers and instrumentalists. She sings crisp and clean... in tune and in time. Perhaps the key to the overall instrumental concept is organist Manfredo Fest. This is no ordinary organ player; this is something even a "no organ aficionado" will love. He grooves and you'll feel it. – Johnny Magnus

From Billboard - August 2, 1969: A Sergio Mendes discovery, the Bossa Rio svelte their way through a set of Brazilian rhythms, applying them naturally to items like "Saiupa" and "Cancao do Sal" and grafting them on standards ("Old Devil Moon") and future standards ("Do You Know The Way To San Jose"). Also making appearances are some good jazz touches from the piano with this singing-instrumental group. They produce a good valid, authentic sound.

Saiupa (Por Causas De Voce Menina)
Do You Know The Way To San Jose
Day By Day
Today, Tomorrow (Bon Palavra)
Up, Up, And Away
Old Devil Moon
Veleiro (Sailboat)
Gentle Rain
Cancao do Sal (Sultry Song)

March With The American Legion Band - Joe Colling

American Patrol
March With The American Legion Band
Conducted By Joe Colling
Vocallion VL 3614

American Patrol
General Pershing March
Jack Tar
You're A Grand Old Flag
The Black Horse Troop
The Whistler And His Dog
The Caissons Go Rolling Along
Parade Of The Legionnaires
The Picadore
Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
The Free Lance
National Emblem March

Friday, February 2, 2018

The Amazing Amanda Ambrose

C. C. Rider
The Amazing Amanda Ambrose
Arranged and Conducted by Bobby Scott
Produced by Bob Bollard
Cover Photo by David Makeba
Liner Photo by Peter Perri
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Tape Mastering: Paul Goodman
RCA Victor LPM-2742

Amanda is on piano, all selections.

Flute and saxophone solos are by Phil Bodner. Trumpet solos on big band arrangements are by Nick Travis.

From the back cover: C. C. Rider is an early blues classic. The title has varied through the years; Easy Rider and others. The words are as flexible as the individual suffering of several generations of singers of love lost. Here is a classic performance with Joe Wilder on trumpet, George Duvivier on bass and Osie Johnson, drums.

Also from the back cover: Bobby Scott deserves a whole liner to himself. In fact, he has several already on his own albums. He has been described as the Orson Wells of the music business. But that is very misleading.

True, he produces records, sings, plays a mean piano, conducts and arranges (for Bobby Darin most recently), composes (the score of A Taste Of Honey). Also he is a expert vibist. Bobby is much too thin to be compared with Orson Wells, however, and he wouldn't be caught dead with a cigar. His slender figure and boyish mop still cast him in a perpetual enfant terrible role. He has been arranging and astounding jazz circles for 16 years and more, however. Musically, he has matured into a solid substantial force on today's scene.

From Billboard - July 6, 1963 (Night Club feature): Amanda Ambrose is another in a long line of "overnight discoveries" who burst upon the night club-record-TV scene – after long, tough and hungry years, Miss Ambrose is a highly polished performer with tremendous versatility and it's apparent that her years of coming up the hard way prepared her well. Recently signed by RCA Victor, which released her first LP. "Amanda Ambrose Recorded Live!" She is currently on night club tour as was caught at "The Living Room: in Cincinnati.

She is, in fact, a more powerful attraction in person than on record. The album work restricts her natural talent for blues, jazz, fold and her big talent as a pianist. Her feeling for a lyric and her solos combine to make an act that proves the old vaude line, "Nobody sleeps while I'm on." Working to a fairly noisy audience, she not only quieted them but grabbed their attention for the rest of each set.

She is very much at home with gospel or spiritual numbers and this was, for the main, the Amanda Ambrose that the LP introduced. But she introduces her night club audiences to the full scope of her talent when she sells in almost desperate style jazz, ballad, and folkish tunes with equal aplomb. Her version of "Guess Who I Saw Today, My Dear" dictates attention and appreciation.

The Living Room is doing great business with Miss Ambrose as its only attraction. If RCA Victor can capture the range of this many faceted artist in her next LP release, all America will appreciate the many years of training and experience that Miss Ambrose brings to her act. She's a freak, exciting talent – Tom Noonan

Hong Kong Blues
Indian Love Call
Goose Never Be A Peacock
House Of The Rising Sun
While I Am Still Young
C. C. Rider
More Than You Know
What Are The Parts Of A Flower
God Bless The Child
Out Of This World
Just In Time

Percussion & Piano Honky Tonk - Mike Di Napoli

Meet Me In St. Louis
Percussion And Piano
Honky Tonk And Trio
Mike Di Napoli
Directional Sound
Album Design: Sam Suliman
Production Director: Sam Suliman
Production Co-ordinator: Charles Goldberg
Printing: Queens Lithographing
Plating And Stampers: Audio Matrix
Stereo and Monaural Mastering: Sol Kessler - Bell Sound
Pressing Plant: Diskmakers
Premier Albums Inc.

From the inside jacket (book fold): Mike Di Napoli has toured the entire country and most of Canada as featured artist with the Frank Petty Trio, a position he had held for thirteen years, but always returns to Massachusetts, the center of his activities. He began developing his fantastic instrumental technique during a period of intense training and study at the New England Conservatory in Boston. It was there also that he first was recognized as a composer-arranger; the products of this outstanding ability include songs written by Mike which have achieved national success. These include: "She Was 5 And He Was 10", recorded by the Mills Brothers and The Four Preps; "Everybody's Got A Girl But Me", recorded by Tennessee Ernie Ford; "I Can't Control My Heart", recorded by the great Hank Snow; "Mister Pogo", recorded by the Frank Petty Trio, The Commanders, Richard Hayman and Arnette Cobb; and "Frolic On 5th Avenue", recorded by Mike himself. The above titles comprise only a fraction of the original material that has gained for Mike he excellent ASCAP rating he holds.

W.B.Z. T.V. in Boston enjoyed the honor of having Mike Di Napoli as Musical Director for two years, during which he performed on a daily one-hour show. He has also appeared on television for such sponsors as Chevrolet and the Narraganset Breweries.

Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
Under The Bamboo Tree
Turkish March
Schooldays, Schooldays
Honky Tonk Schbert's Serenade
Kentucky Bee
Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis
Mozart (Honky-Tonk) Sonata
In My Merry Oldsmobile
Toreador Song
In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
La Donna E Mobile

Right Here! Right Now! - Si Zentner

Ain't There Something That Money Can't Buy
Right Here! Right Now!
The Big Mod Sound Of Si Zentner & His Orchestra
Producer: Jack Tracy
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Design: Gabor Halmos
Cover Photo: Ivan Nagy

Double Whammy
My Girl
Up, Up And Away
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
I'm On My Way
Soul Machine
Goin' Out Of My Head
The Happening
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Ain't There Something That Money Can't Buy

The Breeze And I - D'Artega

La Comparsa
The Breeze And I
The Music Of Lecuona
D'Artega And His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8990

From the back cover: Cuban-born Ernesto Lecuona was an accomplished pianist at the age of five, composed his first work at the age of eleven, and received his degree from the National Conservatory of Havana at the age of fifteen. Appearing in concert recitals and introducing his own compositions, Mr. Lecuona won fame in Europe, South America and the United States; and today he is recognized as making greater contributions to Latin American music than any other contemporary composer.

Born of Spanish parents, D'Artega, arranger and composer, is a fitting conductor for this album. He has conducted orchestras for radio, television, recordings, concert, stage and the motion pictures. In addition, he originated and conducted the Carnegie Hall Pop Concerts, with the members of the N.Y. Philharmonic Orchestra.

From Billboard - August 8, 1960: The poignant, lushly romantic music of Lecuona is spotlighted in this package of listenable instrumentals. Utilizing rich, full orchestrations, D'Artega interprets 12 of Lecuona's most effective compositions – "Malaguena," "La Compares" the title tune, etc. Standout mood music.

Ante El Escorial
Jungle Drums
Amor Que No Es Verdad
La Comparsa
The Breeze And I (From the suite "Andalucia")
Amor Que Bonito Has Vuelto
Medley: No Tienes Corazon, El Merinaque
Say "Si Si" (Para Vigo Me Voy)

Tall Oak Tree - Dorsey Burnette

Dorsey Burnette's
Tall Oak Tree
Arrangers: Hank Levine & Sir Chauncy
Cover Photo & Design: Garrett/Howard, Inc.
Engineer: Eddie Brackets
ERA Records - Hollywood, California

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the dynamic original cover art.

From the back cover: This larger-than-normal approach to living has been Dorsey's pattern ever since he was a boy in Memphis, Tennessee, where the Mississippi River flowed by with promises of distant adventures. At fourteen Dorsey succumbed to the lure of the river and sailed off on the riverboats, working as an oiler, a deck hand, a striker in the engine room, whatever would give him passage to the wondrous world that stretched out between New Orleans and Minneapolis.

Having taught himself to play the guitar at the age of nine, Dorsey was well prepared to entertain the other boatmen, singing the songs he had learned in his childhood and quickly picking up the varied and colorful songs that flowed on to the Mississippi from the people and places along its bank.

After a few years on the river, Dorsey became a prizefighter. It was his challenge to the world, and, as a promising light-heavyweight, he slugged his way through a whole string of victories. Soon, however, he realized that this was not the life he wanted and he retired from the ring, undefeated. Now he returned to singing, but this time hopeful that he could make a career out of it. A local winner in the Ted Mack Amateur Hour competitions, he went on to New York and Madison Square Garden, where he triumphed in the finals. It was the big push he needed; from then on he was a "pro." This was several years ago, and ever since then he has traveled the country, playing clubs and fairs and dances, making records, growing in stature both personally and professionally.

From Billboard - January 11, 1960 (ERA 3012 - Tall Oak Tree): Light, bright rocker receives a happy reading by Burette over a solid rhythm backing. This could get some action.

Big Rock Candy Mountain
Hey Little One
Hard Working Man
Lucky Old Sun
Suddenly There's A Valley
Lazy Bones
Red Roses
Noah's Ark
Swing Low
Wayward Wind
I Got The Sun In The Morning
Tall Oak Tree

The Incredible Carlos Montoya

The Incredible Carlos Montoya
Recorded Live At Montoya's Historic Town Hall Concert
Produced by Jack A. Somer
Recording Engineer: Ed Begley
Cover Photo: David B. Hecht
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2566

From the back cover: Born in Madrid of gypsy heritage, Montoya started taking guitar lessons at the age of eight from his mother "La Tula," then from a local barber-teacher, "Pepe el Barbero." Carlos's finishing school was the influence of the great flamenco guitarists of the period. At fourteen he was playing in the cafes castanets, in the heyday of flamenco singing and dancing, for such fabulous artists as Antonio de Bilbao, Juan el Estampio, La Macarrona and La Camisona.

Montoya's real training came, however, in the school of experience. When the late Antonia Merce – "La Argentina" – came to Madrid looking for a guitarist, she chose Montoya. Thus he left his native Spain for the first time to tour all Europe with her for three years. After performing with Merce he went on to play with all the great names of the time – La Argentinita, Antonio, Vicente Escudero, Carmen Amaya (when she was still a child), Teresina and many more.

Cafe De Chinitas
Alorno Y Verdial
St. Louis Blues

A Perfect Blend - Si Zentner and The Johnny Mann Singers

Baubles, Bangles and Beads
A Perfect Blend
The Si Zentner Orchestra & The Johnny Mann Singers
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Cover Photography: Jerry McMillian
Liberty LST-7483

From Billboard - November 19, 1966: The album is aptly named. Si Zentner's brass and the female voices of the Johnny Mann Singers combine with such old favorites as "Marie," "Dream," "Paper Doll" and "If I Didn't Care." The result is real easy listening.

Serenade In Blue
I'll Never Smile Again
The Hut-Sut Song (Swedish Serenade)
'Taint What You Do (It's The Way You Do It)
Paper Doll
St. Louis Blues
If I Didn't Care
It's A Lonesome Old Town
Baubles, Bangles and Beans
At Last

25 Years Of Show Hits - 101 Stings

Some Enchanted Evening
25 Years Of Show Hits
101 Strings
Somerset SF-13700
Manufactured by Miller International Co.

Some Enchanted Evening
I Won't Dance
Only Make Believe
People Will Say We're In Love
Getting To Know You
I Could Have Danced All Night
One Alone
One Kiss

You're Hearing George Shearing

You're Hearing
George Shearing and His Quintet
MGM Records E3216

From the back cover: Strolling - John O Levy, Jr. the gentleman holding forth at bass in this offering, penned this "original" in 1950 to showcase the talents of the Quintet – the other four members of which are: Marjorie Hyams on vibes, Denzil DeCosta Best on drums, Chuck Wayne on guitar, and, of course, George on piano.

MGM E528 - 10 inch album "You're Hearing George Shearing" was released in 1950.

November Seascape
September In The Rain
Changing With The Time
As Long As There's Music
East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
Five O'Clock Whistle
I Remember You
I'll Be Around
For You


Song Of Joy
Joseph E. Levine Presents
Original Motion Picture Sound Track
Stanley Baker, Juliet Prowse with Siegfried Myhardt, Ken Gampu
Directed, Produced & Written by Jamie Uys
An Embassy Picture Release
Mercury Records SR 61013

From the back cover: Traditional songs and melodies, significant in both emotional and historical content, were molded into an original score by Bertha Egnos and Eddie Domingo. No modern instruments have been used, and the fundamental instruments of African rhythm construction – the drums – are actual drums of the African tradition and flavor, and are preformed by singers from various tribes, who portray themselves on the screen.

The musical selections from the film presented this high-fidelity, long-playing record are an integral part of the might and vivid canvas which is Africa. Here you will find the soulful and profound voices; the dignity and divinity of the drums; the strident rhythms to which the origins of American jazz and spirituals may be traced; and the trance-inducing beats of the ritual dances – the many exotic and unforgettable sounds – which are inseparable from the never-changing atmosphere of Africa's ancient splendor.

Feast Of The Strong Men
Dingaka Lullaby - Tula Baba
Dingaka Lullaby - Tula Baba (Onika's Song)
Tribal Prayer
Funeral Drums
When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
Song Of The Labourers
Mineworker's Song
Body And Bones
Cheeni Cheeni
Drinking Song
Friday Night
Gumboot Dance
Song On The White Mountain
Down-and-out Song
Song Of The Convicts
Python Dance
Thunder Orgy
Placating The Gods
Song Of Joy
Shosholoza (Go In Peace)

Sing A Song Of Italy - Toni Arden

In Love
Sing A Song Of Italy
Toni Arden
Sings in Italian And English
With Nick Perito and His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8765

From the back cover: Born Antoinette Ardizzone, she received extensive operatic training from her father, Phillip Ardizzone at one time a member of the Metropolitan and LaScala operas, Although her love for popular music ruled out her father's hope for another opera star in the family, his excellent coaching was instrumental to her subsequent stardom. Heard on the radio, and appearing on television and in the finest night clubs and theaters throughout the country, she has become one of the most outstanding female vocalists on the scene today.

Arrivedrci Roma (Goodbye To Rome)
'Na Voce, 'Na Chitarra, E 'O Poco 'E Luna (I Only Know I Love You)
Florin Florello (In Love)
Medley: Vieni Su, Vicini U Mare, Drigo's Serenade
Non Ti Scordar Di Me
Non Dimenticar (Don't Forget)
Senza Mamma E 'Nnammurata
Medley: La Spagnola, La "Piccinina", A Frangesa
Sciummo (The River)
Souvenir D' Italie
Fa La Nana Sambin (Time For Sleeping)

Confetti - Les Baxter

The Lonely Whistler
A Potpourri Of European Instruments
Les Baxter - His Chorus and Orchestra
Capitol Records T1029

Ricordate Marcellino
Heartstring Melody
Dance From Bonjour Tristesse
The Lonely Whistler
Mon Amour, O Mon Amour
April In Portugal
La Panse
Love Begins
The Bachelors Of Brussels
Love Theme From A Farewell
I Never Had A Dream Like This Before
The Poor People Of Paris

Stormy Weekend - Mystic Moods

Waltz For Tricia

Stormy Weekend
Mystic Moods Orchestra
Arranged and Conducted by Richard Clements
Produced and Directed by Brad Miller
Engineered by Michael M. Shields
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London
Re-Recorded at Western Studios, Hollywood
Sound Effects Recorded by Brad Miller
A Mobil Fidelity Production
Cover Concept & Design by William S. Harvey
Photography by Peter D'Aprix
Soundbird SB7506 (die-cut jacket with printed sleeve)
A Product Of Sutton/Miller - Los Angeles, Calif.

Stormy Weekend
Mystica Moods Orchestra
Soundbird SB7506-1 (no die-cut, plain sleeve)

Stormy Weekend
Mystic Moods Orchestra
A&R Director: Bob Serenpa
Cover Photo: Stan Malinowski
Liner Photos: Chris Hopper
Art Directions Desmond Strobel
Album Design: Richard Germinaro
Philips PHS 600-342

Love Is Blue
If You Go Away
Waltz For Tricia
Theme From Stormy Weekend (Interlude)
Lovers' Lullaby
Come Saturday Morning
I Can't Get Away From You
Ne Dis Rien (Say No More)
Theme From Stormy Weekend
4:22 A.m.
Monday, Monday

Chris, Phyllis and Dottie - The McGuire Sisters

Chris, Phyllis and Dottie
The McGuire Sisters
With Chorus and Orchestra Directed by Dick Jacobs
Coral Records CRL 57052

Available from online vendors so I will not be posing a sample. Presented here to share the cover.

From the back cover: Native as their American background – they were brought up in the little Ohio towns of Miamisburg and Middletown – became singers of hymns. Since they were normal young American girls, they soon varied scared songs with popular tunes of the day.

They did not, however, professionalized their talent until a little more that four years ago. That was when Christine, Phyllis and Dorothy appeared on the Kate Smith Show. The engagement lasted eight weeks, and the response was enormous. They had won an immediate place in the hearts of listeners throughout the nation.

The next step was inevitable. On December 1, 1952, the girls auditioned for the Godfrey Talent Scout show, and won the coveted place. The country went wild about them, and with just cause. The three girls proved to be as charming as they were gifted. CORAL signed them up, and their records attained a huge audience acceptance.

Something's Gotta Give
Picnic (Based on "Theme from Columbia Picture "Picnic")
Delilah Jones (Based on "Main Title" Theme from the Otto Preminger Film "The Man With The Golden Arm)
Sweet Song Of India
Ev'ry Day Of My Life
It May Sound Silly
Muskrat Ramble
Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight (Chorus and Orchestra Directed by Neal Hefti)
Seems Like Old Times (Chorus and Orchestra Directed by Neal Hefti)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Singing Trumpet - Rafael Mendez

I Surrender Dear
The Singing Trumpet
With Rafael Mendez
His Trumpet And Orchestra Under The Direction Of Russ Garcia
Decca DL 78869

From the back cover: In the words of Edwin Franko Goldman, the founder and late conductor of the famous Goldman Band Concerts, "Rafael Mendez is the greatest trumpeter in the world today. He has no equal." Born in Mexico, Mendez received his first musical instruction from his father. At the age of six, he was performing with his parents on tour. In the United States, he studied under the famous Herbert L. Clarke. Recognition in America was not immediate, however, and between his arrival and eventual acclaim in radio, television and films, he was forced to give up music for a short time.

Body And Soul
Memories Of You
Sleepy Lagoon
On The Sunny Side Of The Street
I Surrender Dear
I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
El Gitano
One Fine Day
Les Filles De Cadiz
Canto Moro

Skins! Bongo Party With Les Baxter

Bongo Party With Les Baxter
Capitol T 774

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover.

Marketed (by the looks of the cover art) as youth or teen "party" set. I think this project was conceived as a percussion concept album that would have appealed, as much or more, to mature buyers as to the teenager. This is super stuff and should be listened to in its entirety, in the original order as pressed on vinyl.

From the back cover: Les Baxter first became aware of the power of percussion in the 1940s while touring the Caribbean. In Cuba, in particular, he was thrilled with the many types of drums he saw played, and the infinite variations in rhythm and timbre possible. Baxter's rich experiences as a traveler led to his frequent employment of unusual and unhackneyed rhythmic effects in his many orchestral and chorus records that followed. April In Portugal, What Happens In Buenos Aries, Romantic Rio, Melodia Loca, Blue Tango, Blue Mirage and Song Of The Bayou are only a few of the Baxter disc which emphatically reflect his obsession with unique percussion figures.

Skins! was a long time coming. Les First conceived the idea for a sparkling, hi-fi presentation of authentic drum sounds in 1951, but it wasn't until late 1956 that he was able to conclude the project.

Brazilian Bash
Bustin' The Bongos
Poppin' Panderos
Talkin' Drums
Shoutin' Drums
Mood Tattooed

Exotica Suite - Si Zentner

Tribe Of The Moon Tribe
Exotica Suite
The Exotic Sounds Of Martin Denny
Si Zentner And His Orchestra
Composed by Les Baxter
Arranged by Bob Florence
Produced by Si Waronker and Snuff Garrett
Cover Design: Francis & Monaham, Inc.
Photography: Garrett-Howard, Inc.
Liberty Premier Poly 120 Sound

Lavish production values are present in the jacket design which features a real piece of burlap fixed to a portion of the front cover. That part of the cover swings open to reveal the track list along with project audio information and copy explaining the link between Martin, Baxter and Zentner.

Essentially, this is Zentner's big band take on Les Baxter tunes that Martin Denny made popular on the Liberty Label.

Buyers expecting a more dramatic Martin Denny brand sound may have been underwhelmed if they were not familiar with Zentner's bright big band approach. On-the-other-hand, I found this set to be one of Zentner's more creative projects.

Temple Pageant
The Enchanted Reef
Demons And Dragons
Legend Of The Island Gods
Bali Monkey Dance
Pagan Ritual
Jungle Train
Stolen Idol
Lotus Pool
Tribe Of The Moon
Calabash Annie