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Sunday, January 28, 2018

These Are My Songs - Pet Clark

On The Path Of Glory
These Are My Songs
Pet Clark
Produced by Sonny Burke*
Arranged by Ernie Freeman
Engineer: Lowell Frank
Art Direction: Ed Thrasher
An Original Vogue Recording
Warner Bros. Records, Inc.
WS 1698

*Don't Sleep In The Subway arranged and produced by Tony Hatch

From the back cover: The nerves, if any, wearing cosmetic smiles, dissolving in genial hugs, suffocating under bi-cheek kisses. Petula's husband, looking like a shaggy French Cary Grant, unstoppers Cordon Bleu Napoleon brandy, to be poured from styrofoam cups to the hearts of fellow men. Behind a control board with 432 meaningful dials, buttons, and twistable baubles, engineer Lowell Frank, celebrating the joys of an electronic age.

Paternally, producer Sonny Burke unearths nagging copying errors deep in the heart of cellos, smiling gently, knowing the world is well in joint. Arranger Ernie Freeman, conducting the joys of a catalyst between a Petula (strawberries and lady fingers smiles) and seventeen scribbled up yards of quarter notes, triplets, and healthy rests.

This Is My Song
Lover Man
San Francisco
Don't Sleep In The Subway
Love Is Here
How Insensitive
I Will Wait For You
On The Path Of Glory

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