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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Rock 'N Roll - Red Prysock


Blow Your Horn

Rock 'N Roll
Red Prysock
Mercury Records MG 20088

From the back cover: Red Prysock first attracted national attention with his tenor sax while a member of the Tiny Bradshaw orchestra. His excellent solo expression on the recording Soft made him an overnight success so-to-speak... and made the record a smash hit. Shortly after his debut to big time, Red set out to form his own group. This, by the way, was just two short years ago in 1953.

The twenty-eight year old taxman actually is a latecomer to music but an innate creative spark and a feel for the beat have enabled him to surpass many a man whose formal training and background far exceeds Red's rather brief but highly successful go at jazz. Red Prysock, to quote many of his fellow blowers, is a natural.

Wilbert Red Prysock (whose brother is the famed singer, Arthur) was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. Not until he was in the Army of Occupation in Germany after the close of World War II did he take up the tenor sax seriously. Within a few short months spent with patience and diligence he was sufficiently accomplished with his instrument to join up with an outfit of GI music makers and the die was cast.

On his separation from the service, Red moved to New York City and found berths in the reed sections of Cootie Williams' band, Tiny Grimes Rocking Highlanders, and Tiny Bradshaw's organization. Leaving the sideman's chair for the leader's spot, he has definitely come into his own as a name to  be reckoned with in today's music world. He and his group have performed successfully at the leading theaters and "one-night spots" and recently brought their hand clapping brand of jazz to the Philadelphia Academy of Music.

The tunes Little Jamie, Zonked, Zip and Rock 'N Roll were recorded in January, 1955 in New York. Along with Red's tenor sax are Clarence Wright, Joe Oliver Blair, Roland Johnson, Hal Johnson, Herb Gordy and Purnell Rice.

On Jump, Red, Jump, Happy Feet and Blow Your Horn, all recorded earlier – in March, 1954 – Red was assisted by James Neeley, Joe Jordan, Donald Cole, Roland Johnson, James Neeley, Clarence Wright, Herb Gordy and Cornelius Thomas.

Later that year – in September 1954 – Prysock waxed Fat's Place with Frank Gailbreath and J.A. Sparrow replacing Jordan and Neeley.

The remaining four sides – That's The Groovy Thing, Alright, Okay, You Win, Jumbo and Handclappin' were cut in July 1955. Earl Wright, Joe Oliver, Dick Mitchell, Raymond Kitz, Purnell Rice and Herb Gordy supported Prysock at this session.

Jump, Red, Jump
Happy Feet
Blow Your Horn
Little Jamie
Rock 'N Roll
Fat's Place
Alright, Okay, You Win
That's The Groovy Thing
Hand Clappin'

Let's Have A Party - Amos Milburn

Bad Bad Whiskey

Let's Have A Party
Amos Milburn 
Concept and Compilation: Gilles Petard
Photo: A. Neal
Aladdin (Pathe Marconi EMI Reedition - 1546711 PM 231-1983) 
Manufactured in France

From the back cover: Amos was born in Houston, Texas, where even at the early age of five, he began displaying his potential talents in the musical field. All through his early years the blues came to Amos and Amos came to the blues. Each original composition is more than a piece of music, it's almost a history of people – a history of the people he knew – set to music, although the tempos are bright and modern, there is a folk song quality to them.

After graduating from high school in 1942, Amos enlisted for a hitch in the U.S. Navy. After his discharge he returned to Texas and in 1946, organized his own six man unit and worked for a while in a small Houston club.

Amos worked his way from club to club until he finally arrived in Los Angeles, where, upon his arrival, the president of the local musician's union suggested he contact Aladdin Records for an audition. He did, had an audition and on the same day signed an exclusive recording contract.  A few days later he cut his first sides. His first record, After Midnight, was an immediate success. Hit after hit followed – Chickenshack Boogie, Bewildered, etc. and Amos was firmly enthroned as king of the rhythm and blue vocal stars!

Chicken Shack Boogie
Trouble In Mind
I Know You Love Me
Good Good Whiskey
Rocky Mountain
Let's Rock Awhile
Down The Road Apiece
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
Let's Have A Party
I'm Still A Fool For You
Bad Bad Whiskey
My Happiness Depends On You
All Is Well

Ballet Mécanique - George Antheil


Ballet Mécanique

Ballet Mechanique - George Antheil
Toccata For Percussion - Carlos Chavez
October Mountain - Alan Hovhanness
Sketch For Percussion - Robert LoPresti
Los Angeles Contemporary Music Ensemble - Robert Craft, Conductor
Manhattan Percussion Ensemble - Paul Price, Conductor
Cover Design by Ronald Clyne
Urania US 5134

From the back cover: The Conductors

Both Robert Craft, who leads the Antheil work and Paul Price, who conducts the other three, are young Americans who champion the latest in modern music and modern trends. Robert Craft, author of a book on Stravinsky, is a New Yorker living in Hollywood where he founded his ensemble to promote understanding of such innovators as Schoenberg, Webern, Stockhausen and Boulez. Paul Price has chosen percussion as his vocation. He teaches and conducts them at the Manhattan School of Music and heads a publishing firm specializing in percussion compositions. Mr. Price is credited with being largely responsible for the world-wide acceptance of the stimulating new trend. – Ann M. Lingg

Ballet Mécanique (1924, rev. 1954) – George Antheil (1900 - 1959)
Four pianos, two Xylophones, Glockenspiel, Timpani, Tenor and Bass Drums, Military Drum, Gong, Triangle, Cymbal, Woodblock, Large and Small Airplane Propeller, Large and Small Electric Bell.

Sketch For Percussion (1956) – Ronald LoPresti (b. 1953)
Xylophone, Marimba, Celeste, Timpani, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Gong, Piano, Triangle, Suspended Cyhmbal

Toccata for Percussion Instruments (1942) – Carlos Chavez (b. 1899)
Xylophone, Side Drums, Indian Drums, Tenor and Bass Drums, Bells, Suspended Cymbals, Timpani, Large and Small Gongs, Chimes, Claves, Maraca

October Mountain (1942) – Alan Hovhanness (b. 1911)
Marimba, Glockenspiel, Timpani, Tenor and Bass Drums, Gong, Tam-Tam

Friday, January 21, 2022

A Stranger On Earth - Dinah Washington


A Stranger On Earth

A Stranger On Earth
Dinah Washington
Arrangements by Fred Norman
Produced by Henry Glover
Design: Moskof-Morrison, Inc.
Roulette R 25253

From the back cover: Dinah Washington first began singing in the choir of St. Luke's Baptist Church on Chicago's south side. Her musicianship showed itself not only as a singer, but also as an organist and piano player for the church. By the time she was fifteen, she had won an amateur contest at the Regal Theatre and by sixteen, she had been hired for her first professional engagement. It was on this first job that the manager of the club suggested that she change her name from Ruth Jones to the more professional sounding Dinah Washington.

Dinah's big break came when she auditioned for Lionel Hampton and won the top vocal spot with the band. She spent four years with Hamp's aggregation and then moved out on her own. In the years that followed, Dinah's appearances and recordings won her the title of "Queen Of The Blues".

A Stranger On Earth (Arrangement by Marty Manning)
The Blues Ain't Nothin' But A Woman Cryin' For Her Man
Drown In My Own Tears (Arrangement by Howard Biggs)
It's A Mean Old Man's World
Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning
Me & My Gin
The Man That Got Away
Do Nothing 'Till You Hear From Me (Arrangement by Don Costa)
You've Been A Good Old Wagon

Gloria Lynne At The Las Vegas Thunderbird


Record Company Blues

Gloria Lynne At The Las Vegas Thunderbird
With The Herman Foster Trio
Arranged and Conducted by Herman Foster
Producer: Murray Cohen
Engineer: Al Schmitt
Everest Records STEREO 1208

Piano: Herman Foster
Drums: Mel Lewis
Bass: Leroy Vinegar

From Billboard - January 26, 1963: Miss Lynne has long been a jazz favorite. This LP should rack up more respectable sales in the field with good sales also coming from pop buyers. The album showcases the lass with a fine West Coast rhythm section that features Herman Foster on piano. Crowd reaction in back of the singer generates excitement. Some of the better tracks are: "In Love In Vain," "But Beautiful," "What Kind Of Fool Am I" and "I'll Buy You A Star,"

End Of A Love Affair
Something Wonderful
So This Is Love
In Love In Vain
This Could Be The Start Of Something Big
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
What Kind Of Fool Am I
I Believe In You
Sunday, Monday And Always
I'll Buy You A Star
Record Company Blues
But Beautiful

Contour Method Of Relaxation - The Genuine Contour Chair Lounge


Contour Method Of Relaxation
The Genuine Contour Chair Lounge
Amazing New Way To Relax!
Contour Sales, Inc. 

Christmas With McGriff


Christmas With McGriff

Christmas With McGriff
Produced & Directed by Juggy Murray
Cover Design: Frank Lerner
Cover Photo: Dick Litwin
Sue Records 1018

From the back cover: Organist Jimmy McGriff and his trio of accompanists, saxophonist Rudolph Johnson, rhythm guitarist Larry Frazier and drummer Willie "Saint" Jenkins, have happily supplied us with the best of the aforementioned elements necessary for appreciation at Christmastime. And, most important, they have done so with good, jazz-oriented taste. This, their first seasonal offering, is a bright, rhythmic approach to a choice collection of pop and novelty standouts. On the pop end they offer a driving, new interpretation of the classic "White Christmas" and an intriguingly slow revamping of the charming "Winter Wonderland." On the novelty side they contagiously amble over "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," finger-snap their way through a frisky reading of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," take a toe-tapping, low-keyed ride with "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" and rock with a bossa nova flavor on "Jingle Bells." In addition, there are two McGriff originals, with can go on to assume yearly importance – the solid rhythmic twist'er "Hip Santa," and the captivating "Christmas With McGriff" – which picks up steam along the way. – Ira Howard (Editor, Cash Box)

White Christmas
Christmas With McGriff
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Hip Santa
Winter Wonderland
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Jingle Bells

Tribute To "My Buddy" George Morgan - Little Roy Wiggins


Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town

Tribute To "My Buddy" George Morgan by Little Roy Wiggings
Mid-Land Records STEREO MD-16
Distributed by Scotty's Music - Overland, MO


Songs from "My Buddy" and "Mr. Ting-A-Ling" sung by Curtis Young
Guitar: Ray Kirkland
Bass: David Smith
Drums: Paul Russell
Piano: Benny Kennerson

Candy Kisses
Makin' Heartaches
Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town
In The Misty Moonlight
Mr. Ting-A-Ling
You Turn Me On
Please Don't Let Me Love You
You're That Much Woman To Me
Room Full Of Roses

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Let's Live A Little - Carl Smith


Night Train To Memphis

Let's Live A Little
Carl Smith
Columbia CL 1172

From the back cover: Ever since he (Carl Smith) started out as a singer, Carl has found it easy to win his audiences, and has given them plenty of entertainment in return. He was born on a farm, and worked in the fields during the summers when he was not in school. He received his first guitar when he was only ten, and soon was assisting older musicians in playing at dances and neighborhood socials. When he was sixteen, he landed his first job as a genuine professional, singing over a radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee, during a summer vacation. He returned to school for his senior year and then enlisted in the Navy, which kept him busy for some time thereafter. When he got out, Carl returned to the radio station and then received an offer from another station in Asheville, North Carolina, later still another offer from Augusta, Georgia.

Molly O'Day, one of the best known names in folk music, prevailed upon Carl to return to Knoxville and join her company, and when the group eventually broke up, Carl appeared on both "The Country Playhouse" and "The Dinner Bell." In 1950, he made his first appearance on the fabled "Grand Ole Op'ry," and became a regular on the program in no time at all. He also signed a recording contract with Columbia Records that year, and began the long string of hits preserved in this collection.

Let's Live A Little
Mr. Moon
Night Train To Memphis
Hang Your Head In Shame
The Best Years Of Your Life
If Teardrops Were Pennies
More And More
Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes
Honky-Tonk Man
I Love You A Thousand Ways
I Overlooked An Orchid 

Manhattan With Strings - Georgie Auld


'Round Midnight

Manhattan With Stings
Georgie Auld
With Don Costa and His Orchestra
Arranged and Produced by Don Costa
Recorded at Bell Sound Studios, New York
Engineer: Bill MacMeekin
Photo: Lester Krauss
Cover Design: Stephen Hass Studio
United Artists UAL 3068

From the back cover: For those jazz aficionados who are not initiated in the versatility of Georgie Auld, little George was born in Canada. In 1937 he was sponsored by the late Bunny Berigan and in '38 and '39 he joined Artie Shaw. In the middle of 1940 Benny Goodman's great sextet was enhanced by the warm, sensual, progressive and stimulating interpretations of Georgie's creative stylings. For the next couple of years he was the guest of one of his favorite Uncles'... SAM. After entertaining the United States Armed Forces and finishing his Army tour of duty, George formed his own big band in the late 40's. The next few years were indeed fertile ones. He recorded for the now-defunct Guild and Musicraft labels and the world of music was treated to some of the greatest tenor saxophone interpretations of modern jazz. He recorded an album called "Manhattan", using various vocal groups. George unitized these groups like instruments, serving as harmonic counterpoints for his sax solo lines. Musical history was made! As was expected, Georgie's album, besides being an instant success, was praised by every music critic in the world. Yet, George always felt that he would have liked to have done "Manhattan with Strings". This wish has now been fulfilled as you will soon hear.

In 1951, our Napoleon of the reed section recorded for the Brunswick label which is the jazz subsidiary of Coral Records. More Success... Because of Mr. Auld's tremendous interpretations, he was and still is in constant demand. Everybody in the recording business wanted George for their record dates, from Hollywood to Las Vegas to New York, anytime any producer or arranger wanted to get that "Auld" feeling they called Georgie.

From Billboard - February 8, 1960: Don Costa provides lushly listenable backing for Georgie Auld's expressive tenor saxophone on a collection of haunting oldies. Selections include "Misty," "Manhattan Serenade," "Street Scene," "Sophisticated Lady," etc. Prime mod wax for jocks.

Satin Doll
Penthouse Serenade
Lullaby Of Broadway
Autumn In New York
'Round Midnight
Manhattan Serenade
Street Scene
Sophisticated Lady
Harlem Nocturne

Tiger On The Hammond - Jackie Davis


Calypso Blues

Tiger On The Hammond
Jackie Davis
Produced by Bill Miller
Capitol Records T 1419

From Billboard - November 14, 1960: Altho there is no shortage of Hammond organ LP's to choose from, this one is different enough to have special attraction. Jackie Davis has a distinct personality of his own, a lively jazz-oriented approach which is not far out and can attract any fan of pop organ playing. He is assisted by percussion as he romps thru a group of standards such as "You Took Advantage Of Me," "Thou Swell," "You DO Something To Me," and "I've Got The World On A String."

You Took Advantage Of Me
You Forgot Your Glove
Should I
You Do Something To Me
Calypso Blues
Thou Swell
Softly, As In The Morning Sunrise
In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
I Don't Want To Walk Without You
You And The Night And The Music
I've Got The World On A String
The Major And The Minor

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Trumpets And Crumpets And Things - Doc Severinsen


It Ain't Necessarily So

Trumpets And Crumpets And Things
Doc Severnisen 
Conceived and Reproduced for Two-Fers by Don Thorn
Illustration: Jim Barett
Graphic Coordination: Alan Sekuler
Album Design: Ruby Mazur
ABC Records ABCX-771/2
Previously Issued In Other Albums

Trumpet & Crumpets 
Going Out Of My Head
It Must Be Him
Sugar Blues
It Ain't Necessarily So
In A Little Spanish Town
I'm Confessin' That I Love You
It's Not Unusual 
People Power
If I Had A Hammer
Poor Butterfly
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Monday, Monday
Walk Right In
The Lady In Red
You're My Soul And Inspiration
Up Up And Away

Just One More Time - Earl Grant


Georgia On My Mind

Just One More Time
And Other Instrumental Favorites
Earl Grant
Cover Photo by Hal Buksbaum
Decca Records DL 4576

Tuxedo Junction 
Li'l Darlin'
Scarlet Bird
Then You'll Know
Georgia On My Mind
Just One More Time
Night Train
I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
Stand By Me
Don't You Know (Adapted from "Musetta's Waltz")
Lean Baby
After Hours