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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Electronic Music III

Poem By Orhan Veli Kanik
Electronic Music III
Turnabout Vox TV 34177

From Billboard October 14, 1967: A fascinating collection of electronic music styles and collaborations. Pianist George Flynn is expert in Mimaroglu's "Piano Music for Performer and Composer." while trombonist Andre Smith's is equally adept in Druckman's "Animus I." Mimaroglu's "Six Preludes for "Magnetic Tape" also is inventive as is Berio's Thema (Omaggio a Joyce)."

More good stuff from Turnabout that features a blend of approaches that, at times, seem more traditional than "electronic". The mood created is somewhat dark. Excellent stereo engineering.

Paradise Village - Al Caiola And His Islanders

Stranger On The Shore
Music Of The Island
Paradise Village
Al Caiola And His Islanders
United Artists - UAS 6263

Great blend of light pop and "island".

Stranger In Paradise
Tiara Tahiti
Red Sails In The Sunset
Hawaiian Punch
Bali Hai
Stranger On The Shore
Moon Of Manakoora
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Ebb Tide
Diamond Head
Almost Paradise
Follow Me

Big Band Plays Beatles Bag and Bacharach David - Lee Castle

Walk On By
What The World Needs Now
Penny Lane
Eleanor Rigby

 Big Band Plays Beatles Bag! + Bacharach / David
Lee Castle & The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra
Pickwick PTP 2038

2 record set in a book-fold jacket.  This release is a more "upscale" period project for Pickwick.

Lee Castle & The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Play The Big Band Beatles Bag!

Eleanor Rigby
And I Love Her
Penny Lane
The Yellow Submarine
The Fool On The Hill
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
Hey, Jude

Lee Castle & The Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra Play Bacharach / David

The Look Of Love
Alfie 2:42
Wives And Lovers
Walk On By
This Guy's In Love With You
Do You The Way To San Jose?
Let Me Be Lonely
What The World Needs Now Is Love
I Say A Little Prayer

Friday, January 20, 2012

1962's Greatest Hits - Billy Vaughn

1962's Greatest Hits
Billy Vaughn
Dot DLP 3497

Vaughn hadn't figured how to do the "60s" on this set. And for way cooler Vaughn check out The Windmills Of Your Minds and Quietly Wild.

Jackie Gleason The "Now" Sound... For Today's Lovers

Jackie Gleason The "Now" Sound... For Today's Lovers
The Gleason Strings with Sitar & other exotic instruments
Capitol Records SW 2935

I've been looking for this Gleason album for a few years. This album is frequently held up as Gleason's "unusual and possibly most hip" recording. However, in my opinion, this LP features splashes of "exotic instruments" that aren't throughly integrate into his brand of easy listening. Instruments include the Sitar, Tabla, Kanjira, African finger piano, Dharma bells, African and Thai marimbas, Gamelan Gongs, Aung Loung and Chinese bell trees.

Had I not been expecting more... possibly the results would have been enough and it is hard to expect Gleason to dive off the deep end and do something really crazy. Thematically and sonically Gleason takes chances that work better on other albums in his catalog.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Music It's Happening Now! - David McCallum

House Of Mirrors (Mono)

House Of Mirrors (Stereo)

Music It's Happening Now!
David McCallum (Conducts his third and greatest album yet)
Arrangements by H. B. Barnum
Produced by David Axlerod
Recording Engineer: Joe Polito
Capitol ST 2651

A Man And A Woman
If I Were A Carpenter
Louie, Louie
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
Winchester Cathedral 
I Can't Control Myself
Who Am I?
Carnegie Ball
On A Weekend
House Of Mirrors

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Out Of Sight - The Howard Roberts Quartet

Love Is Blue
Out Of Sight (but "in" sound)
The Howard Roberts Quartet (and some more)
Capitol ST 2901

This is a somewhat obscure album featuring guitarist Howard Roberts working his jazz riffs on top of a groovy 60s light pop foundation. Fun stuff... although I have to say that the sound seems a bit "flat" or monochromatic to me. The engineering could have been better. Love Is Blue is a fab tune and the standout track.

Exotic Nights - Andre Kostelanetz

Fantasy On Japanese Woodprints
Exotic Nights
Andre Kostelanetz
Columbia CL 2581

From the January 21, 1967 Billboard Magazine: Aptly titled, this disk offers a group of unusual selections with the deft Kostelantetz touch. Yoichi Hiroaka is an excellent xylophone soloist in Hovhaness' "Fantasy On Japanese Woodprints," while Shinichi Yuize is expert on the koto in Miyagi's "Sea of the Spring." Another delight is the "Dance of the Persian Slaves" by Mussorgsky.

Hey! Let's Party - Mongo Santamaria

Hey! Let's Party
Mongo Santamaria
Columbia CL 2473

From Billboard Magazine, June 4, 1966: This is exciting material. The rhythm section, particularly the piano, lays down a precise and exciting beat and sets a great mood for dancing and listening. Full fills the title as a good one for parties.

Walk On By
I Got You (I Feel Good)
In The Mood
Baila Dance
Louie, Louie
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Call ME
El Bikini

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Surfers Paradise - Alex Keack

Haunted Love
Surfers Paradise
Alex Keack
Crown Records CLP 5315

This LP was a Crown 99¢ special and their answer to the Martin Denny/Arthur Lyman sound of the early 60s. No bird calls, but very nice lounge laid on a bold foundation of percussion/bongos.

Movie Hits Of '66 - Jimmy Sedlar

Theme From Our Man Flint
Full Album
Movie Hits Of '66
Jimmy Sedlar - His Trumpet & Orchestra
Kapp KL-1467

This turned out to be a obscure and outstanding mid-60s light pop album. All the light pop whiz-bangs you know and love are here mixed up with Sedlar's vision of "now sound brass". A comparison on the fun scale would be to listen to a few of my fav 60s light pop Neal Hefti's "Batman" albums.

Great variety in approaches and a must have. Sedlar online info is slim. I looked for additional album (releases) cover images and bio info and came up pretty much empty handed with the exception of one other Knapp release titled Tall Man With A Horn.

Moment To Moment
Theme From The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
The Phoenix Love Theme
Love Theme From Madame X
Love Theme From Judith
You're Gonna Hear From Me
Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Juliet Of The Spirits
Theme From Our Man Flint

Monday, January 16, 2012

New Songs Of The Seventies - Sounds Of The Seventies Orchestra - Quadraphonic

New Songs Of The Seventies
Sounds Of The Seventies Orchestra
SQ System/Capitol QL 6876

For my Quad friends out there, here's a minty fresh copy of an "elevator music" approach to your favorite songs. The orchestra seems to be sleep walking through the tunes, although the sample I've posted has an interesting vibe to it. On the bright side, the engineering is outstanding and the sound is great.

Alone Again (Naturally)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Nights In White Satin
Good Time Charlie Got The Blues
Isn't Life Strange
Theme From "Shaft"
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
Easy Loving

A Sound Odyssey

A Sound Odyssey
Direct To Disc
Realistic - Radio Shack
Arranged and Conducted Micky Erbe

Radio Shack backed a studio project to help market their new direct-to-disc process. From the back cover: Direct-to-Disc requires very accurate musicians and engineers, since there is no chance to correct even the slightest error!

Yup... this is the most "error free" version of SWAT I've ever heard!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Jazz Excursion Into Hair - Bobby Bryant

Let The Sun Shine In
The Jazz Excursion Into Hair
Bobby Bryant
Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Shorty Rogers
World Pacific Jazz Records
ST 20159

Featured soloists in the orchestra: Bud Shank - Flute, Ernie Watts - Tenor Sax, Joe Sample - Electric Piano, Freddie Robinson - Guitar, Bobby Brookmeyer - Valve Trombone and Paul Humphrey - Drums

Blend of late 60s light pop and jazz.

Good Morning Starshine
Let The Sun Shine In
Where Do I Go
Be-In (Hare Krishna)
Colored Spade

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