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Friday, December 30, 2016

Road Show - Stan Kenton - June Christy and The Four Freshmen

Road Show
Stan Kenton
June Christy
Four Freshmen
The Ensemble
Recording produced by Lee Gillette and John Pallandino
Recorded in concert at Purdue University
Capitol Records STBO 1327

From Billboard - February 1, 1960: Set should be a strong pop-jazz seller. It was produced on locale at Purdue University during the group's recent tour. The set is handsomely packaged with six pages of photos and notes. Included are some of the tunes with which the artists are identified ("Artistry In Rhythm," Kenton; "Them There Eyes," the Four Freshmen and "How High The Moon," June Christy). Solid item.

This set features reasonably good live recording engineering for the time. While the Kenton/Christy/Ensemble sides present tunes in a straight forward fashion, the Four Freshmen side is more the comedy act and seems out-of-place in the collection even though their antics must have been needed to help to pace the show.

Stan Kenton
Artistry In Rhythm
Stompin' At The Savoy
My Old Flame
The Big Chase

June Christy
I Want To Be Happy
It's A Most Unusual Day
Midnight Sun
Kissing Bug
How High The Moon

Four Freshmen
Day-In-Day Out
Angel Eyes
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Paper Doll
Them There Eyes

The Ensemble
Love For Sale
September Song
Walking Shoes
The Peanut Vendor
Artistry In Rhythm (Band Only)

Grand Prix Cars At Watkins Glen 1962

Side 1 - Band 2 "Warm Up And Start
Grand Prix Cars At Watkins Glen 1962
Produced and edited by Barette Clark
Recorded by Ray Fowler
Special technical assistance by Richard Cohn and John Dirks
Recorded at Wakins Glen, N.Y.; October 5-7, 1962
Album design by Ken Deardoff
Riverside Records
RS 95028

Grand Prix Of The United States Sebring 1959

Jack Brabham
Grand Prix Of The United States Sebring 1959
Produced and edited by Bill Grauer and Barrett Clark
Notes written by Barrett Clark
Cover design and produced by Paul Bacon, Ken Braren and Harris Lewine
Recorded by Ray Fowler; Sebring, Florida; December, 1959.
Mastered by Jack Matthews

Calyposo! - The Duke Of Iron

Loving Woman Is Waste Of Time
The Duke Of Iron
And The Steel Bands
Crowell-Collier Records Guild
RG 142

From the back cover: In this album we have ten performances by one of the greatest masters of the art; a true Calypsonian and one of the best known. The Duke Of Iron was born Cecil Anderson in Trinidad. As a boy he participated in session of improvisation and rhyming with others until his parents had to drag him away. Although Lord Wellinton's nom de querre and Cecil Anderson's nom de song are similar, Anderson' title has nothing to do with wars and battles, but with muse. The Duke is stalwart in retaining calypso as a true form of Trinidadian culture. "Calypso has a different rhythm all its own," he says. "It may resemble this and that at times but it is a class by itself where rhythm, style and delivery is concerned. Some singers are trying to change Calypso but I try to keep it as it is."

Man Smart, Women Smarter
Music Lesson
Meringue Jenny
Creole Girl
Last Train
Coconut (Steel Band)
Lost Watch
Loving Woman Is Waster Of Time
Man Is Easy Fish
Mambo Calypso
Clear de Road
West Indies
Serenade (Steel Band)

Rock And Roll Featuring Louis Prima

Steam Roller Blues

Rock And Roll
Featuring Louis Prima
Played By America's All Star Groups
Cover: Design House
Color Photo: Dick Robertson
Halo 50192

Sing, Sing, Sing
Boogie Woogie
St. Louis Blues
Coney Island Boogie
Clarinet Boogie Blues
Ride Deacon Ride
The Screwdriver No. 2
Shot Gun Boogie
Divorce Me C.O.D.
Beauty Parade Gossip
Steam Roller Blues

For Latin Lovers - Carmen Cavallaro

Deep Night
For Latin Lovers
Carmen Cavallaro
Piano Solos With Orchestra And Rhythm Accompaniment
Decca DL 8325

From Billboard - March 9, 1957: Cavallaro has a steady following and this package of danceable Latin-styled sides should suit their sales fancy. Standout keyboard work on 1 terpable selections, including some of Cavallaro's biggest former singles hits – "The Moon Was Yellow," "Anna," "Enlloro," etc. For jockeys with popish Latin American segs as well as Cavallaro fans.

From the back cover: In musical circles, one of the most difficult tasks to undertake is a change of style or the addition of a different style, after playing for a long time in a particular manner. In 1950, after many successful years as a popular pianist-orchestra leader, Carmen disbanded his orchestra to perform as a soloist, feeling that this would provide him with greater musical flexibility. Always on the alert for changing trends, he decided that in addition to his free style, he would add a rhythm section to cover a wider scope of the music he was to undertake. Carmen demonstrated in no uncertain terms that he could successfully adapt his talents to whatever popular taste required. He completely captivated a thrilled audience at New York's "Embers" with a jazz technique that is as dramatic as it is startling. New York Waldorf-Astoria and Chicago's Palmer House were also scenes of recent triumphs by Cavallaro.

Miami Beach Rhumba
Enlloro (Voodoo Moon)
Deep Night
The Moon Was Yellow
Cancion Del Mar
Rhumba Maria

Styled For Your Easy Listening

As Time Goes By
Styled For Your Easy Listening
A Specially Programmed Album Spotlighting Top Stars And Styles
Capitol Custom

Nice compilation mood set from Capitol Custom publishing, featuring the sticker "From Your Friendly Neighbor Who Bottles Coca-Cola" applied to the lower left corner of the jacket cover.

La Vie En Rose - Paul Weston and His Orchestra
As Time Goes By - Joe Buskin, His Piano and Orchestra
I Didn't Know What Time It Was - Francis Scott and His Orchestra
Clair De Lune - Lou Busch - His Piano and His Orchestra
The Song Is Ended - Gordon Jenkins - His Orchestra and the Ralph Brewster Singers
When April Comes Again - Paul Weston and His Orchestra
Serenade In Blue - Joe Buskin, His Piano and Orchestra
'S Wonderful - Francis Scott and His Orchestra
Rhapsody In Blue - Lou Busch - His Piano and His Orchestra
To Each His Own - Gordon Jenkins - His Orchestra and the Ralph Brewster Singers

Dave Brubeck & George Nielsen

Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Paul Desmond
George Nielsen Quartet
Crown Records CST 470

Smooth jazz compilation set featuring the extended track, At A Perfume Counter on the B side.

With a bit of searching, tracks can be found from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

Angel Eyes
Crazy Time
Purple Moon
At A Perfume Counter

Thursday, December 29, 2016

This Is My World - Edmundo Ros

Russian Lullaby
My Present
This Is My World
Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra
Producer: Roland Shaw
Engineer: Arthur Bannister
Designer and Photographer: Bob Cato
Executive Producer Phase 4 Stereo: Tony D'Amato
Phase 4 Stereo
London SP 44189

The lavish book-fold jacket design interior is used to promote London's 1972 Phase 4 Stereo catalog.

Sweet pop album produced by another excellent space age composer/arranger/conductor Roland Shaw. Ros seldom sings on his LPs, however on this set, Shaw provided Ros a number of chances to render songs in his charming and sometimes unique style.

This Is My World (El Mundo De Edmundo)
Love Thy Neighbor
Arrivederci Roma
Russian Lullaby
The Last Time I Saw Paris
Mexicali Rose
Flying Down To Rio
My Present
Fly Me To The Moon
Managua Nicaragua
Wonderful Copenhagen

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hot Rod Caravan

Band 2
Hot Rod Caravan
Recorded at Atco, Detroit, Bonneville, Bakersfield and Winternationals
Produced by Barrett Clark
Bonneville, Bakersfield and Winternationals recordings originally produced and edited by Griff Borgeson as part of his unique "Griff Borgeson Presents" LP series.
Album designed by Ken Deardoff
Battle 96130

Super Stocks - A Hot Rod Action Recording

Sample from single continuous side one montage of "hot rod action"
Super Stocks
A Hot Rod Action Recording
Bill Grauer Productions, Inc.
Riverside Records RLP 95516

The Duke, The Blues - Billy Eckstine And Me!

The Duke, The Blues
Billy Eckstine And Me!
Production: Ozzie Cadena
Mastering: Rudy Van Gelder
Cover Photo: Hank Schneider
Design: Portrait Productions
Notes by H. Alan Stein
Regent Records
RMG 6053

From the back cover: Mr. B. the suave interpreter of ballads, sophisticated entertainer, and show-business golf star, has his roots deep in Jazz. Coming first to fame in 1939 with Earl "Father" Hines' great band, "B" made a big splash in musical circles and with a growing band of fans of that era for his great blues singing. Today, although he has traded a repertoire based largely on The Blues for one of Popular Ballads and Standard Show Tunes, the unique, earthy quality that he projected into his blues still comes through in the "sexy" sell that he projects into ballads.

Hear then, a collection of outstanding songs, selected by our A&R department from Mr. B's "classic" period, when, he lead his own band that featured such jazz greats as Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and others.

Sophisticated Lady
In A Sentimental Mood
It Ain't Like That No More
Oop Bop Sha Bam
In My Solitude
Jelly Jelly
Blues For Sale
Tell Me Pretty Baby

The Pro Arte Quartet - Herbert Fromm - Samuel Adler

First Movement (Alder)
Herbert Fromm - String Quartet
Samuel Adler - Fourth String Quartet
The Pro Arte Quartet
Norman Paulu - 1st Violin
Thomas Moore - 2nd Violin
Richard Blum - Viola
Lowell Creitz - Cello
20th Century American Music
Lyrichord LL 203

Herbert Fromm String Quartet
The Theme
Recitative And Arioso
Introduction And Ländler
Rondo Finale

Samuel Adler Fourth String Quartet
First Movement
Second Movement
Third Movement
Fourth Movement
Fifth Movement

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Surfing With The Sunsets

Surfboard Swing
Surfing With The Sunsets
Palace M-752

Swing Me In The Water
Beach Boy
Catch Me Baby
Sunset Surfin'
The Big Surf
Down Under
Flying High Honey
Swimmin' Love
Crazy Waves
Surfboard Swing