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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Top TV Themes '64 - Carl Brandt

My Favorite Martian
Top TV Themes '64
The Warner Bros. Orchestra Conducted By Carl Brandt
Warner Bros. Records W1529

Petticoat Junction
Theme From Mr. Novak
Burke's Law
Them From Breaking Point
Patty Duck
Arrest And Trail
Theme From The Bill And Diana Show
My Favorite Martian
77 Sunset Strip
The Lieutenant

Music For Cooking With Gas - Harry Fields Quintet

Music For Cooking With Gas
Harry Fields Quintet
Capitol Custom for Caloric Corporation

Here's a sample from a fine 7 inch 33 advertising piece from Caloric, manufacturer of Gas ranges.

Here's is another advertising piece Fields did for The American Gas Association: Music From Bach To Rock.

Thunderball And Other Thriller Music - Ray Martin

I Spy (mono)
Theme From "The Man From Uncle" (stereo)
Thunderball And Other Thriller Music
Ray Martin and His Orchestra
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio A, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
RCA Camden CAL-927 (Mono) / CAS-927 (Stereo

This LP is one of two awesome vintage 60s Ray Martin"spy/secret agent" albums that I have in my collection. Also check out Goldfinger And Other Music From James Bond Thrillers.

Thunderball (from the film "Thunderball")
The Knack (from the film "The Knack")
Theme From The F.B.I.
A Man Alone (from the film "The Ipcress File)
Theme From The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (from the film "Thunderball)
Theme From Honey West
I Spy (from the TV show "I Spy")
Theme From Trials Of O'Brien
The Young Set (from the film "The Young Set")

The Music Of Arthur Custer Vol. II

I Used To Play By Ear
The Music Of Arthur Custer - Vol. II
With Maureen Forrester/Phoenix String Quartet
David Sackson, Viola
Dwight Peltzer, Piano
New York Brass Quintet; Maurice Bialkin, Cello.
Serenus Corporation SRS 12031

Here is sample from another obscure Arthur Custer recording from a set of albums that I've posted recently. Also check out samples from Found Objects and Cycle For 9 Instruments.

From the back cover: I Used To Play By Ear - For Two Pianists, One Piano, and Selected Objects - was completed in January, 1971. The four movements heard on this recording are selected from the complete seven movement work. A theatre piece requiring a considerable amount of stage action, the composition relies heavily on improvisational interplay between the two pianists.

Cover art: Andre du Besset

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cycle For 9 Instruments - The Music Of Arthur Custer

Three Pieces For Six Brass
The Music Of Arthur Custer
Cycle For 9 Instruments
The Francis Chagrin Ensemble, directed by Harold Faberman
Rhapsodality Brown!
Four Ideas For Piano - Dwight Peltzer, Piano
3 Pieces For 6 Brass - The American Brass Quintet plus 2nd Horn
String Quartet No. 2 - Concertino for Second Violin - The St. Louis Quartet
Serenus Corporation SRS 12024

Here's a sample from another obscure Arthur Custer album I picked up. The piece, Rhaposdality Brown!, was written in 1968 according to the notes.

The sample above was written in 1958 (from the back cover): for an ensemble consisting of 2 Trumpets, 2 Horns, Tenor Trombone and Bass Trombone. There are three movements: Allegretto, Adagio and Presto, which in performance turn out to be Brisk, with alternating clusters and contrapuntal passages; Slow, mysterious, chorale-sounding, evocative; and Brightly, lively and bouncy as a jig with a fine, driving finish.

Link here for another obscure (and much more spacey) Custer sample/album: Found Objects - 1969

Sunday, October 21, 2012