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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Page 3 - Patti Page

Where Are You
Page 3
Patti Page
Mercury Record Corporation
MG 20097

Where Are You
The Touch Of Your Lips
Moon Over Miami
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
There Is No Greater Love
Until The Real Thing Comes Along
Did I Remember
These Foolish Things
Blue Hawaii
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Remember Me
Where Or When

Most Happy Hammond - Jackie Davis

Most Happy Hammond
Top Tunes From Hit Broadway Musicals
Capitol Records ST1046

From the back cover: Joining Jackie for this rally is Shubert Alley are Kenny Burrell, guitar; Burtell Knox, drums and Eddie Costa, vibes.

From Billboard - February 2, 1959: Cap's New Stereo Release Fine Bait for Sound Buffs

Capitol Record's latest release of stereo LP's should find a hearty reception from stereophiles. Included in the 16-LP release are stereophonic versions of sets that have in most cases proven big monaural sellers.

Heading the pop releases is "Oklahoma!" In stereo the album is even more charming, and this release should create new interest in the set, which has long been a best-seller. Another strong pop album in the group is "Jackie Gleason Presents Velvet Brass," which lends itself very well to stereo, because of the many contrasting ork effects. "Young Ideas" by Ray Anthony and "The New James" by Harry James achieve dimension in stereo. "Most Happy Hammond" by organist Jackie Davis and "Concerto!" by Freddie Martin complete the pop releases.

Standing On The Corner (from The Most Happy Fella)
Surprise (from Oh Captian!)
Long Before I Knew You (from Bells Are Ringing)
Push De Button (from Jamaica)
It's The Second Time You Meet That Matters (from Say Darling)
All Of You (from Silk Stockings)
Just My Luck (from The Body Beautiful)
Wish (from Rumple)
Till There Was You (from The Music Man)
Say Darling (from Say Darling)
I Feel Pretty (from West Side Story)
Jubilation T. Cornpone (from Li'l Abner)

Monday, January 27, 2020

Hi-Fi Fiddler's Delight - Helmut Zacharias

Cossack Swings
Hi-Fi Fiddler's Delight
The Magic Violins Of Helmut Zacharias
Cover Photo by Hobart Baker
Loudspeaker on cover photo courtesy of KLH Corp.
Decca DL 8822

From the back cover: Helmut Zacharias, a noted conductor and violin soloist of considerable virtuosity, began performing professionally with his father when he was barely six years old. He studied at the famous Musikhochschule in Germany, where he received several awards, and while still in his teens he toured Europe with a chamber music ensemble. Despite his strictly classical background, however, he took quite zealously to jazz in his early twenties, and became known as "Europe's hottest fiddlier". In his music today are found the extraordinary skill born of his early training, and the stylistic appeal of the popular entertainer.

From Billboard - February 16, 1959: Zacharias and his string ensemble are featured in this mood set on several international favorites. It's a find mood package that can have wide appeal. Light rhythm backing on the selections helps create a listenable setting. Tunes include "Around The World," "Mandolin Serenade" and "Tammy." Good potential.

Maria La O (Maria My Own)
Fascination (Featured in the film "Love In The Afternoon")
Wild Is The Wind (From Paramount Picture "Wild Is The Wind")
With All My Heart
Spring Song
Magic Island
Cossack Swing
Buenas Noches Mi Amor
Around The Clock (From Michael Todd Production "Around The World In 80 Days)
Mandolin Serenade
Julie La Rousse
Tammy (From Universal-International Picture "Tammy And The Bachelor")
Colonel Bogey March (Featured in the Columbia Picture "The Bridge On The River Kwai")

Learn To Hustle

The American Hustle (Instruction)

Once Again / American Hustle (Instrumental)
Learn To Hustle
It's Easy! It's Fun! Great For Parties!
Instructions by Jeff and Jack Shelley
Arranged and Conducted by Michael Goldberg
Produced by Michael Goldberg and Eddie Youngblood
Executive Producer: Howard Fine
Album Coordinator: Irwin Rawitz
Music & Copy Coordinator: Lurana Mayer
Photography: Dik Kranzler
Engineer: Eddie Youngblood
Dancers Jeff Shelley & Donna Raneri
A Product of Groove Sound Records

The American Hustle
The Walk
Latin Hustle
Bus Stop
Foxy Trot Hustle
Once Again
Can You Dig It
I Will Follow Him
Bad Situation

Improvisations To Music - Mike Nichols & Elaine May


Improvisations To Music
Mike Nichols & Elaine May
With Marty Rubenstein At The Piano
Custom Mercury MG 20376

From Billboard - December 8, 1958: The upcoming fine comedy team debuts on wax with eight delightful skits satirizing mystery films, seduction, psychiatry, "Brief Encounter" and young intellectuals with insight and humor. Nitery and TV exposure will help sales. An ideal gift item.

Cocktail Piano
Second Piano Concerto
Everybody's Doing It Now
Bach To Bach
Sonata For Piano And Celeste

Modern Mexican Canciones - Jose Luis Caballero

Prisionero Del Mar
Modern Mexican Canciones
Jose Luis Caballero
Jorge Ortega's Orchestra
Produced by Dave Dexter, Jr.
Capitol Records ST10241

From the back cover: Lean and handsome Jose Luis Caballero is a natural for these songs. After he had embarked on law studies at the University of San Luis Potosi, his smooth baritone voice was discovered; radio led to records, television, and personal appearances in several countries, including a sensational show at the Statler Hilton in Dallas in 1959. The future still lies ahead for this young star, but he's managed to complete his law studies "as security."

The messages of Arcaraz' songs require interpretive gifts of warmth, sincerity, and musical understanding. Jose has all of these qualities and more. And with the rich-sounding arrangements of Jorge Ortega made especially for this album, the result is pure Mexicano, which means exciting!

From Billboard - July 11, 1960: The key word in the title is "Modern," for these are sophisticated pop songs which could have originated in any Western nation. All were written by Mexico's Luis Arcaraz. The vocals by Jose Luis Caballero similarly are international in flavor and show a real flair. Some popularity already has been attained by one selection (known here as "Prisoner Of The Sea"). Several others have both the melodic content and feeling to attract favor with exposure. An attractive and tasteful collection.

Sortilegio (Witchcraft)
Besos (Kisses)
No Faltaba Mas (That's All I Needed)
Hamaca (Hammock)
Bonita (Lovely One)
Rimel (Mascara)
Prisionero Del Mar (Prisoner Of The Sea)
Despecho (Spite)
Ella Pudo Der (She Might Have Been)
Sombra Verde (Green Shadow)
Quinto Patio (The Slums)
Distancia (Distance)Viajera (Traveler)
As De Corazones (Ace Of Hearts)

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Seasons Of My Heart - Kitty Wells

The Other Cheek
Seasons Of My Heart
Kitty Wells
Decca Records DL 4075

Seasons Of My Heart
The Only One I Ever Loved
Most Of All
Lonely Is A Word
Fickle Fun
The Hands You're Holding Now
Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
Amigo's Guitar
Let Me Help You Forget
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
The Other Cheek
If I Had The Right To Do You Wrong

Mongo '70 - Mongo Santamaria

Look Away
Mongo '70
Mongo Santamaria
Conducted by Marty Sheller
Produced by Joel Dorn
Recording Engineer: Lewis Hahn
Cover Photo: Joel Brodsky
Cover Illustration & Design: Stanislaw Zagorski
Backliner Photos: Jim Cummins
Recorded at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, N.Y.

Conga & Bongo Drums: Mongo Santamaria
Tenor Sax & Flute: Grant Reed
Baritone Sax: Trevor Lawrence
Trumpet: Israel Gonzalez
Cornet: Charles Williamson
Guitar: Sonny Henry
Piano & Electric Piano: Neal Creque
Vibes & Flute: Roger Glenn
Electric Bass: Jon Hart
Drums: Jimmy Johnson
Timbales & Percussion: Angel Allende
Percussion: Julio Colazzo, Pelayo Diaz & Osvaldo Martinez

On Yesterday's Tomorrow & Mo' Do' Eric Gale plays guitar

On Yesterday's Tomorrow the following string section is added: Gene Orloff, Emanuel Green, Joe Malin & Harry Lookofsky, violins; Stewart Clarke & Alfred Brown, violas; George Ricic & Kermit Moore, cellos

From Billboard - September 5, 1970: Mongo Santamaria steps into a slightly different bag on this album; instead of his exotic rhythm, the flavor is essentially jazz and the songs are highly complex in structure. "Adobo Criollo" and "Mark Of The Panther" are interesting; "Yesterday's Tomorrow" reveals great depth. This is indeed, a new Mongo represented.

Yesterday's Tomorrow
March Of The Panther
Look Away
Night Crawler
The Whistler
Adobo Criollo
Mo' Do'
Grass Roots
Dedicated To Love

Ray Charles Invites You To Listen

Ray Charles Invites You To Listen
Arranged by Sid Feller
Produced by Joe Adams for Tangerine Records Corp.
A Product Of Tangerine Records
ABC Records ST 91223

She's Funny That Way (I Got A Woman Crazy For Me)
How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)
You Made Me Love Your (I Didn't Wanna Do It)
I'll Be Seeing You
Here We Go Again
All For You
Love Walked In
Gee, Baby Ain't I Good For You

Crown Jewels - Cyril Stapleton

Crown Jewels
Cyril Stapleton and His Orchestra
Imperial LP 9165

From the back cover: Cyril Stapleton is rated one of the tight little island's (England) top musical exports, a fact proven many times over by the success his recordings have achieved in America. At home he was musical director for the great Show Band on British Broadcasting Corp. radio and television for five years.

He has been four times commanded to appear before her Majesty, the Queen of England; twice in Royal Command Performance, once at a BBC Command Broadcast Performance and once at a private party at Windsor Castle.


April In Portugal - Bert Kampfert

Sempre Que Lisboa Canta
April In Portugal
Bert Kampfert and His Orchestra
Recorded by Deutsche Grammophon / Polydor Series
Decca Records DL 78881
Decca Records, A Division of MCA Inc.

From the back cover: Bert Kampfert, the well-known European composer-conductor-arranger, was born in Hamburg, Germany. An outstanding instrumentalist, he plays with equal skill the clarinet, saxophone, piano and accordion (his favorite). Early in his career, Mr. Kampfert joined the then-popular Hans Busch band. He then worked in the capacity of conductor and accordion soloist for the Danzig and Northwest Germany broadcasting stations. Recently, he has contributed the arrangements and accompaniment for several of world-famous Freddy's vastest spectacular hits.

From Billboard - May 25, 1959: European conductor Kampfert provides melodic instrumental treatments of music "of and about Portugal." Selections range from the swingy "Petticoats of Portugal" to the exotic "Fado De Santarem." Interesting mood music for jocks.

Sempre Que Lisboa Canta
Forda De Portas
Tudo Isto E Fado
Fado De Vila Franca
Por Deus Te Peco
April In Portugal
Petticoats Of Portugal
Fado De Santarem
Les Lavandieres Du Portugal
New As Paredes Confesso
Fadistas De Bairro Alto