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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Cheryl Poole

Kansas City
Cheryl Poole
Produced by *Buddy Killen & **Don Logan
Art Director: Jerry Griffith
Celestial Photograph thur the courtesy of Spar Palnitarium
Paula Records LPS 2205
A Division of Jewel Records - Shreveport, LA

From the back cover: Her (Poole) first stage experience came at the tender age of 13. Then came road shows, the Louisiana Hayride, a Paula Records recording contract, TV shows (Panther Hall, Buck Owens, Ralph Emery and Melody Ranch), The Grand Ole Opry and has a tour of England to her credit.

A seasoned performer, Miss Poole emerged victoriously into national prominence with her recording of "Three Playing Love."

*Three Playing Love
**Daddy's Little Girl
Ruby's Stool
**I'm Not Your Woman
**Kansas City
**If You're Gonna Be My Man
*The Skin's Gettin' Closer To The Bone
*You Ain't No Friend Of Mine
Swinging Blue
**I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
**Walk Among The People
**You Haven't Read The Book

Friday, December 14, 2018

Music From Hollywood - Percy Faith

Music From Hollywood
Percy Faith and His Orchestra
Columbia CL 577

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art and Billboard Review.

From Billboard - September 11, 1954: Continuing its program of adding selections and making 12-inch items out of previous 10-inch LP packages, Columbia offers this collection of motion picture themes done in a lush and lovely manner by the Percy Faith orchestra. And tho current theme hits like "High and the Mighty" might have added much to the package if they had been included, the disk packs enough fine material to make it a natural for retailer business.

The Song From Moulin Rouge
Theme From "The Bad And The Beautiful"
Caribbean Night
Return To Paradise
The Loveliest Night Of The Year

Bread, Butter & Jam In Hi-Fi

Let Me Miss You, Baby
Bread, Butter & Jam In Hi-Fi
Produced by Fred Reynolds
Cover Photo by Carl Fischer
RCA Victor LPM-1644

From Billboard - November 24, 1958: RCA Victor has put together a group of sides by top Dixieland and mainstream jazzmen that should appeal to the older set in the States. Artists include the Bud Freeman ork, Red Allen's All Stars, and Ruby Braff's group. Tunes are standards, such as "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans," "Sunday," "Stars Fell On Alabama," and "Did I Remember."

Bud Freeman's Summa Cum Laude Orchestra
Bud Freeman - Tenor Sax
Billy Butterfield - Trumpet
Tyree Glenn - Trombone
Pee Wee Russel - Clarinet
Dick Cary - Piano
Al Hall - Bass
Al Casamenti - Guitar
George Wettling - Drums

Do You Know What It Mean To Miss New Orleans
Lee Wiley - Vocal
Billy Butterfield - Trumpet
Cutty Cutshall - Trombone
Peanuts Hucko - Clarinet
Deane Kincaide Baritone Sax
Lou Stein - Piano
Bobby Haggart - Bass
Barry Galbraith - Guitar
Cliff Leeman - Drums

Let Me Miss You, Baby
Henry "Red" Allen's All Stars
Henry "Red" Allen - Trumpet and Vocal
J. C. Higginbotham - Trombone
Buster Bailey - Clarinet
Coleman Hawkins - Tenor Sax
Marty Napoleon - Piano
Lloyd Trotman - Bass
Everett Barksdale - Guitar
Cozy Cole - Drums

You Took Advantage Of Me
Bud Freeman's Summa Cum Laude Orchestra
Bud Freeman - Tenor Sax
Jack Teagarden - Trombone (Courtesy of Capitol Records)
Peanuts Hucko - Clarinet
Gene Schroeder - Piano
Leonard Gaskin - Bass
George Wettling - Drums

Did I Remember?
Ruby Braff And His Men
Ruby Braff - Trumpet
Benny Morton - Trombone
Pee Wee Russell - Clarinet
Dick Hafer - Tenor Sax
Nat Pierce - Piano
Walter Page - Bass
Steve Jordan - Guitar
Buzzy Drootin - Drums

I Cover The Waterfront
Bud Freeman's Summa Cum Laude Orchestra
Same as "Sunday" except:
Dick Cary - Alto Horn

Stars Fell On Alabama
Lee Wiley
Same as "Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans"

Love Me Or Leave Me
Henry "Red" Allen's All Stars
Same as "Let Me Miss You, Baby," but without vocal

Some Of My Favorites - Dave Garroway

Hi-Fi Baby
Some Of My Favorites
Dave Garroway presents Matt Dennis and Red Norvo
RCA Victor LPM-1449


Matt Dennis Orchestra:

Howard Roberts - Guitar
Clifford Hils - Bass
Alvin Stoller - Piano
Jimmy Rowles - Piano
Ted Nash - Sax
Don Fagerquist - Trumpet

Red Norvo Sextext:

Red Norvo - Vibes and Xylophone
Ben Webster - Sax
Harry "Sweets" Edison - Trumpet
Jimmy Rowles - Piano
Bob Carter - Bass
Bill Douglass - Drums

From the back cover: These superb pieces for Matt's voice are coupled with a series of blues numbers by the Red Norvo group. Certainly Norvo needs no introduction to anyone. He is a traditional jazz musician of the highest caliber, and for these recordings, has surrounded himself with some of the most competent sidemen of our time. Ben Webster on tenor sax and Harry "Sweets" Edison (both appear through the courtesy of Norman Granz) complement each other all the way through, and are supported with superb behind-the-scenes piano by Jimmy Rowles. Webster's choruses are all marked by a tremendous mastery of the horn that has been his trademark for many years. There is only one Ben Webster, and he demonstrates why on these sides.

All these blues are reminiscent of the after-hours jam sessions that went on in the forties but have disappeared in this day and age. The lush, flowing, reflective style of these musicians shows a logical progression of jazz in the traditional manner. It's as though Red said, "Now this is so, and this is so, and another thing is that this is so, too; and therefore, logically, this is so. Of course, looking at it another way, you could say it this way, and this way, and come out with still the same logical conclusions – like this..." each "this" in the above being a riff or phrase of music. Norvo's playing is, as always, utterly discreet without losing that basis of all jazz – the beat. – Dave Garroway

There's A Small Hotel - Matt Dennis
The Night Is Blue - Red Norvo
Lush Life - Matt Dennis
Easy On The Eye - Red Norvo
Just A Mood - Red Norvo
The End Of A Love Affair - Matt Dennis
Sunrise Blues - Red Norvo
Hi-Fi Baby - Matt Dennis

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Rodgers For Moderns - Ted Heath

Rodgers For Moderns
Ted Heath And His Music
London Records LL 1500

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the original cover art and jacket notes excerpt.

From the back cover: This stylish tribute in modern mood is made by Ted Heath and his Music, acknowledged as one of the greatest of modern swing bands on both sides of the Atlantic. For a British band to invade the home of swing and to be accepted as one of the best is a very unusual triumph indeed. The Ted Heath story is all that a success story should be. He was born in Wandsworth, a not very exciting part of South-West London, full of large and shabby Victorian houses and little else, and here, at the age of twelve, he began to learn to play the trombone. At the end of the first World War he found himself, as so many young men did, amongst the numerous ranks of unemployed, so he took his trombone and ranks of unemployed, so he took his trombone and busked in the streets. In 1920 he got a job with Jack Hylton's orchestra, moving from there to play with many of the best British bands, including those of Ambrose and Sidney Lipton, until he joined Geraldo as first trombone in 1940. At this time he composed two songs which had quite a success, and the royalties from these allowed him to fulfill a lifelong ambition and to form his own band. This quickly became one of the most talked-of bands in the country, selling a fabulous number of records, introducing singers like Dickie Valentine and Lita Rosa, and starting the popular Sunday Swing Sessions which drew capacity crowds to the London Palladium for many years.

From Billboard - November 3, 1956: One of the crispest big bands in the business, with some of the sharpest and cleanest ensemble work to be heard, is at its classiest best on a brace of a dozen memorable Rodgers and Hart songs. The material is almost all styled for dancing but the interesting arrangements, plus great solo work, is likely to take the listening fancy as well. Tunes include "Have You Met Miss Jones," "Thou Swell," "The Lady Is A Tramp," and others equally appealing. A solid counter item.

Have You Met Miss Jones?
There's A Small Hotel
It's Easy To Remember
My Heart Stood Still
Down By The River
Thou Swell
The Lady Is A Tramp
Where Or When
This Can't Be Love
I Married An Angel
The Blue Room
Down By The River

The Ballad Style Of Stan Kenton

When Stars Looked Down

The Ballad Style Of Stan Kenton
Producer: Lee Gillette
Cover Photo / Ken Whitmore (Susan Oliver, a Warner Bros. Actress)
Capitol Records T1068

From the back cover: All selections are well-known standards, with one exception, When Stars Looked Down by Dale Barnhart. This is Dale's first recorded work and Kenton feels it has the properties required to take its rightful place among the beautiful melodies heard in "The Ballad Style of Stan Kenton."

From Billboard - October 20, 1958: The Kenton crew turns to a program of ballads in their newest offering. It's a smooth, danceable set that should move well in both pop and jazz marts. Orchestrations are excellent. Kenton's piano is set against lush brass and reed choirs on such fare as "I'll Be Tired Of You," "The End Of A Love Affair" and "The Night We Called It A Day." Also fine jockey programming set.

Then I'll Be Tired Of You
More Than You Can Know
When Stars Looked Down
The End Of A Love Affair
A Sunday Kind Of Love
Moon Song
Early Autumn, How Am I To Know?
The Things We Did Last Summer
We'll Be Together Again
How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)
The Night We Called It A Day

Let's Put Out The Lights - Jame Russell

Let's Put Out The Lights
Jane Russell
Orchestra under the direction of Lou Bing
Cover photo: Cliff Waters
Columbia Records Set C-157

Body And Soul (from "Three's A Crowd")
I Must Have That Man! (from "Blackbirds of 1928")

Let's Put Out The Light (And Go To Sleep)
Do It Again (from "The French Doll")

Love For Sale (from "The New Yorkers")
Two Sleepy People (from "Thanks For The Memory")

A Hundred Years From To-day (It Will Have To Do)
Until The Real Thing Comes Along

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Julius La Rosa

If I Had You
Julius La Rosa
Joe Reisman and His Orchestra
And The Ray Charles Vocal Group
RCA Victor LPM-1299

From the back cover: All in all, a fitting first Long Play Album for a young baritone geared to the public's long-play applause.

A Fellow Needs A Girl
If I Had You
How About You?
But Not For Me
Ev'ry Time
No Love, No Nothin'
Don't You Know I Care
Our Love Is Here To Stay
Wait Till You See Her
I Hadn't Anyone Till You
I Love My Bed

Relaxing With Perry Como

Relaxing With Perry Como
With Orchestra and Chorus
Photo: David B. Hecht
Cover Photo: Bertoia chair, Courtesy, Knoll Associates
RCA Victor LPM-1176

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the originals cover art and jacket notes excerpt.

From the back cover: Pierino Ronald Como was born in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Although he always like to sing, his first great ambition was to be the best darned barber in all Canonsburg. After graduation from high school, he opened his own tonsorial establishment that featured the special Como hair cuts plus some mighty pleasing Como singing in the background. In 1933 Perry joined Freddy Carlone's band in Ohio and three years later moved on up to Ted Weem's Orchestra and his first record dates.

In 1942 Weeks dissolved his band and Perry went on to CBS where he sang for a couple of years without any conspicuous success. By this time the erstwhile barber had definitely decided to return to Canonsburg, his family and his barbering. Just as Perry was about to abandon his singing career once and for all, Fate in the person of two NBC producers felicitously stepped in and wheeled him back into show business – specifically for the NBC "Supper Club," followed by very successful theater and night club engagements.

Came 1945 and Como's practically perfect reading of the Buddy Kaye-Ted Mossman pop ballad, Till the End of Time (based of course on Chopin's Polonaise), and the rest is not only recording but also TV history; Perry is the only artist who has ever had ten records to over the magic million-copies mark (including, incidentally, Till the End of Time, Prisoner of Love, Because, When You Were Sweet Sixteen and Temptation – all in this album) and, although he is "just a singer," as he puts it, his television show has achieved a much higher rating than that of any other vocalist so far. Can any other barber equal that record?! – Duncan MacDonald, Jr.

Prisoner Of Love
When You Were Sweet Sixteen
Far Away Places
Black Moonlight
While We're Young
Song Of Songs
Till The End Of Time
If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You
Over The Rainbow

More Mancini Favorites - Rudolph Statler

A Shot In The Dark
More Mancini Favorites
Orchestra and Chorus Directed by Rudolph Statler
Wyncote SW-9098
Cameo-Parkway Records, Inc.

Dear Heart
Breakfast At Tiffany's
Remember You're Mine
Peter Gunn
A Shot In The Dark
Groovy Baby
Danny Boy

Tribute To Jerome Kern - Al Goodman

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Al Goodman
In An Orchestral Tribute To Jerome Kern
Featuring The Stradivari Strings
Spinorama Records MK 3049

From the back cover: Jerome Kern was born in 1885 into a middle class family of German-Bohemian extraction. It was Kern's mother who supplied the love for good music which was ever present in the Kern household.

Jerome was the most musically talented of the three Kern boys. His mother, quick to recognize this, arranged for piano lessons. His piano teacher too, saw rare talent in young Jerome and the decision was made to launch his exceptional youngster into a professional musical career.\

The Kern family moved to Newark, N.J. in 1895. When Jerome entered high school he devoted most of his time and talents to music which he loved more than anything else. His next significant step was hi enrollment in the New York College of Music; then in 1903, he went to Europe where he remained for 2 years. It was while in Europe, after all his funds were expended, he turned to writing "for money". The rest is history. After his return to New York he was "discovered" by a Max Dreyfus who saw in Kern's music, a new, fresh, living style that made of Kern, the brightest musical star of the early 1920's.

Al Goodman famous conductor and musician has devoted all his life to music. Like Kern, Al Goodman's love for music and his inherent musical ability were manifest at an early age. As a youngster he sang soprano in his father's choir, became a musician in the pit of a local "movie house", and was awarded a scholarship to the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore.

In 1951 Al Goodman was selected by Earl Carroll to accompany him to California as arranger and conductor. That was Goodman's official entry into show business... the start of an illustrious musical career which brought him into personal contact with the all-time "greats" as the conductor of many shows and musical productions whose successes were due in great measure to his outstanding ability.

Al Goodman produced musical comedies with Earl Carroll... he became Al Jolson's personal conductor and arranger, J.J. Shubert musical productions. He later became associated with various Radio and TV Shows as musical consultant and director.

The Night Was Made For Love
The Way You Look Tonight
The Song Is You
Long Ago And Far Away
The Last Time I Saw Paris
Look For The Silver Lining
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
All The Things You Are
They Didn't Believe Me
I've Told Every Little Star

Monday, December 10, 2018

Music For A Chinese Dinner At Home - Bob Lin Wu

The Emperor's Nightingale
Music For A Chinese Dinner At Home
Bob Lin Wu and His Orchestra
Dinner Music
Recorded in RCA Victor's Studio B, New York City, August 8 and 20, 1958
RCA Victor LSP-1936 & LPM-1936

From Billboard - April 20, 1959: Victor Aid To Gourmet Digestion - RCA Victor has released five new disks in monaural and stereo versions to aid the home gourmet in the atmosphere department. A German, Chinese, French and Italian dinner, and an American barbecue are the themes around which various orks have woven background music. Arrangements of old favorites like "Blue Danube," "Chinatown, My Chinatown," "The Last Time I Saw Paris," and "Arrivederci, Roma," are played in a smooth style, that will please the ear as well as aid the digestion.

Each album has a gaily caparisoned couple of representative nationality hovering over a groaning board. The photography is mouthwatering. I place of liners, the back of each jacket has authentic, easy-to-follow recipes for a complete meal.

Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
On A Slow Boat To China
Hong Kong Blues
Lantern Street
Chinatown, My Chinatown
Shanghai Doll
Not For All The Rice In China
Mountain High, Valley Low
Limehouse Blues
The Emperor's Nightingale
China Boy

Fabulous Ping Pong Bongo Percussion - Kaino And His Afro-Percussion Group

The Sea Is Green
Fabulous Ping Pong
Bongo Percussion
Kaino and His Afro-Percussion Group
Coronet Records
A Division Of Premier Albums, Inc.

This set includes no "ping pong" effects... This is a good thing, because the set is an excellent Afro-Percussion presentation which doesn't need those effects to hold your interest. I had got at least two copies of this same set released on other budget labels including Silver Seal (UT-139) as "Taboo" and under the same title on Promenade (2125) with a note that the set was recorded by the Cawanda Group. The titles were changed

Dance Of The Cockatoo
Spirits Of The Night
The Sea Of Green
Man And Beast
Jungle Paths
Wild River
Rain Drops
Torrid Drums
To The Sea

New Original TV Themes - T.V. '67

T.H.E. Cat Theme
New Original TV Themes
T.V. '67
Wyncote W 9184
A Product of Cameo Parkway Records, Inc.

Decent "TV Theme" exploitation set from Wyncote. The cover of "Kelly's Theme" is pretty crazy, but the cover of "T.H.E. Cat Theme" is sexier.

Dragnet Theme
Friday's Theme
The Line Up
I Spy Theme
Hong Kong Charlie
Kelly's Theme
T.H.E. Cat Theme
Playhouse 90 Theme
Kimba The White Lion
Peacock Theme

Sunday, December 9, 2018

One For My Baby - Earl Grant

Blues In The Night
One For My Baby
Earl Grant
Cover Photo: Hal Buksbaum
Vocalion - A Product of Decca Records, A Division Of MCA Inc.

From the back cover: Singer, organist and pianist, Earl Grant is one of the most entertaining and exciting talents now appearing in night clubs both here and abroad. He is a regular attraction in Las Vegas and Reno, among other entertainment spas across the country. And he performs regularly in Japan, Australia and Mexico, where he is known for the attendance records he has set. Television has also benefitted by his guestings on such variety shows as "The Ed Sullivan Show," Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show," "The Steve Allen Show" and "The Merv Griffin Show."

One For My Baby (And One For The Road)
They Can't Take That Away From Me
Dancing On The Ceiling
Blues In The Night (My Momma Done Tol' Me)
After The Lights Go Down Low
If I Give My Heart To You
All Of Me
Everyday I Have The Blues

Hammond A GoGo Vol. II - James Last

Hammond A GoGo
Vol. II
James Last und seine Hammond-Bar-Combo
Printed in Germany by Gerhardt Kaiser GmbH, Essen
Manufactured by Deutsche Grammophon, Hamburg
Polydor 249 043

On The Street Where You Live (Loewe)
I Love Paris (Porter)
Bye Bye Blues (Hamm-Bennet-Lown-Gray_

Partricia (Prado)
Sweet And Gentle (Portal)
Managua Nicaragua (Fields)

Lights Out (Hill)
Vier Worte mocht ich dir jetzt sagen (Rotter-Erwin)

Langsamer Walzer
Bist du einsam heut Nacht (Turk-Handman)
Candlelight-Waltz (Trad. béarn. Last)

Skokiaan (Msarurgwa)
Stars In Your Eyes (Rulz)
Das Leben ist wunderbar (last)

Singin' In The Rain (Herb-Brown)
Bell Bottom Trousers (Trad. beard. Taylor)

You're Driving Me Crazy (Donaldson)
Sweet Georgia Brown (Casey-Bernie-Pinkard)

Danke Schon (Kaempfert)
No Can Do (Simon)

Samba Estrella (Fuhisch-Geisler)
Baiao Cacula (Tedesco-Lennari)
The Peanut Vendor (Moises-Simon)
La Bostella (Picar-Gustin)

Magician - Erroll Garner

Mucho Gusto
Erroll Garner
Producer: Martha Glaser
Engineer: Bob Simpson
Mastering: Mike Posner
Cover Design: Richard Roth
Photos: Norman Seeff
Production: Garrison Leykam
Piano by Baldwin
London - Octave Records, Inc.
ASP 640

Accompanied by
Grady Tate: Percussion
Bob Cranshaw: Fender and acoustical bass
Jose Mangual: Congo Drum
Organist: Norman Gold
Tambourine: Jack Williams

From the back cover: The striking contemporary flavor and feeling generated by Garner's sparkling vitality and consistently high level of expressive energy (performing energy, not the artificial energy of electronics and engineering) is so evident throughout this marvelous album that one is startled to realize that Garner still approaches his instrument with the fervor and enthusiasm of first love, yet his music there is also the wit and savor of a master.

Appropriately, Garner celebrates the event by surrounding himself with two new rhythmists – Grady Tate and bassist Bob Cranshaw – both stellar instrumentalists – plus trusty eight-year-man Jose Mangual on conga drum. The instant rapport between Garner and the new group is evident. Working with Garner is something very special for a rhythm section. He sparks them to peak performances, and, in turn, they heighten Garner's flights. Early in the session, Crenshaw remarked: "I've been getting ready for this date for 25 years" – and he has worked with all the heavyweights. – Dan Morgenstern

The Long To Be Close To You
It Gets Better Every Time
Someone To Watch Over Me
One Good Turn
Watch What Happens
I Only Have Eyes For You
Mucho Gusto