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Friday, February 2, 2018


Song Of Joy
Joseph E. Levine Presents
Original Motion Picture Sound Track
Stanley Baker, Juliet Prowse with Siegfried Myhardt, Ken Gampu
Directed, Produced & Written by Jamie Uys
An Embassy Picture Release
Mercury Records SR 61013

From the back cover: Traditional songs and melodies, significant in both emotional and historical content, were molded into an original score by Bertha Egnos and Eddie Domingo. No modern instruments have been used, and the fundamental instruments of African rhythm construction – the drums – are actual drums of the African tradition and flavor, and are preformed by singers from various tribes, who portray themselves on the screen.

The musical selections from the film presented this high-fidelity, long-playing record are an integral part of the might and vivid canvas which is Africa. Here you will find the soulful and profound voices; the dignity and divinity of the drums; the strident rhythms to which the origins of American jazz and spirituals may be traced; and the trance-inducing beats of the ritual dances – the many exotic and unforgettable sounds – which are inseparable from the never-changing atmosphere of Africa's ancient splendor.

Feast Of The Strong Men
Dingaka Lullaby - Tula Baba
Dingaka Lullaby - Tula Baba (Onika's Song)
Tribal Prayer
Funeral Drums
When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
Song Of The Labourers
Mineworker's Song
Body And Bones
Cheeni Cheeni
Drinking Song
Friday Night
Gumboot Dance
Song On The White Mountain
Down-and-out Song
Song Of The Convicts
Python Dance
Thunder Orgy
Placating The Gods
Song Of Joy
Shosholoza (Go In Peace)

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