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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hits Of Today - 101 Strings

Million Seller
Hits Of Today
101 Strings
Alshire S-5112

All of these tracks are available from the usual online resources.

Nice compilation of the more "groovy" 101 Strings tracks including the heavy psych (and out of character for this 101 album) "Sock It My Way"(also titled Flameout from the 101 set, Astro-Sounds, From Beyond The Year 2000). The track, apparently, is a Jerry Cole recording with string touches added for the 101 version.

Mac Arthur Park
Do You Know The Way To San Jose
Sure Listic
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
The Look Of Love
R.S.V.P. Mon Amour
Sock It My Way
This Guy's In Love With You

WEBN The Vinyl Days

Freedom - Roger And The Human Body
The Vinyl Days
A collection of original music composed and performed by Cincinnati (Ohio) musicians

Cynthiana - Carefree Day
Shine Out With Me - Menkiti Madera
Freedom - Roger And The Human Body
Sweet Woman - Dan Morgan
Sing You A Lulllabye - Jack Nimersheim
Devils And Angels - Southwind
Thinking - Ron Crosby
Mexican Highway - Mike Wheeler
Glenorchard - Barb Kushner
The Watcher - Johnny Scott
Hoovite Landing - Apocalypse

Friday, August 8, 2014

One More Time - The In Crowd

The Breeze And I

One More Time
The In Crowd
Diplomat DS 2447

The In Crowd
The Peanut Vendor
What A Difference A Day Makes
The Breeze And I

Hits A Poppin' - Juke Box Favorites

I've Had It
Hits A Poppin'
Juke Box Favorites

There is no label information on this budget album.

Since I Don't Have You
Tell Him No
I've Had It
Pettie Fleur
Pink Shoe Laces
It's Late
It's Late
If I Didn't Care

Ann Grant & The Little Lights

Cleo And Mr. Sin
Ann Grant & The Little Lights
Cursade LPS 1819

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

You Make Me Feel So Young - Columbia Record Club

Pink Panther
You Make Me Feel So Young
Columbia Musical Treasury Orchestra
DS 361

1968 studio album that features almost as many arrangers as tracks. Despite the various talent working on the set, the LP plays through nicely for a mood/light pop studio project.

Lollipops And Roses
A Lover's Concerto
Cast Your Fate To The Wind
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
You Make Me Feel So Young
The Tender Trap
Wives And Lovers
Call Me
The Pink Panther

Vanguard Quadraphonic Demonstration Album - Leon Grand

Vanguard Quadraphonic Demonstration Album
The Leon Grand Orchestra

Fun "Op/Mod" art cover and title track. Aquarius aside, the rest of the LP, while "pleasant-sounding" in terms of "mood music" seems dated for 1970 and does not support the groovin' cover art vibe.

From the back cover: The two sides of the V-shape (45/45) groove on this record can contain four channels, by employing different motions of the needle; two vectored for the two basic stereo modulations, and two double helical motions for the two rear channels. Any stereo cartridge is capable of reproducing all this information. When played through a 2-channel stereo system, the four signals are combined to yield conventional stereo with the full signal information, frequency response and dynamic range of the standard stereo recording.

Shall We Dance
Over The Rainbow
Bali Ha'i
Do Re Mi
There's No Business Like Show Business
I Could Have Danced All Night
Some Enchanted Evening
Chim Chim Cheree

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Music To Watch Girls By - Featuring The Brass Breed

Broad Theme
Five To Four
Music To Watch Girls By
Featuring The Brass Breed

Budget album featuring a few "brass" tunes, the crazy sample featured above and a few nice jazz tracks (one of which is featured above).

Music To Watch Girls By
Girls Galore
Broad Theme
Do You Love Me
Get It Movin'… Girls
Ha Ha Ha
Women Watchin'
Summer Day
Five To Four
Desiree Dawn

Paint It Black - The Soulful Strings

Paint It Black
Eight Miles Hight
Paint It Black
The Soulful Strings
Cadet Records
Recorded: September, 1966, at Ter Mar Studios, Chicago

Terrific mid-60s downer abstract cover art and fun mid-60s pop mood from the "groove department".

From the back cover: For years it's been an axiom in music circles that "strings can't swing" and based on a lot of attempts that I (E. Rodney Jones - WVON Radio, Chicago) have heard to the Soulful Strings album, I was ready to agree with the statement. Now, thanks to the efforts of arranger-conductor Richard Evans, producer Esmond Edwards, and some of the finest musicians available in the city of Chicago, we have a swinging, cooking album that features strings to a large extent but doesn't (forgive this) play second fiddle to any record in the grooving' department.

Also see: Groovin' With The Soulful Strings

Paint It Black
California Dreamin'
Message To Michael
Wade In The Water
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing
When A Man Loves A Woman
Eight Miles High
Take Five
The Sidewinder
A Lover's Concerto

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cocktail Time - The Dell Trio

Cocktail Time
The Dell Trio
Harmony HL 7016

Some material found on this album could be reissued from a Dell Trio 1950 Columbia 10"of the same name.

From Billboard - June 23, 1951: Change in the Dell Trio now has John Nicolini, organ, and Bob Creash, accordion, original member of the group back with leader George Dell. Trio is still being booked by Music Corporation Of America. Leaving the outfit were Arnold Nelson and Bill Cimler.

Cocktails For Tow
I'll Be Seeing You
Moon Over Miami
Chinatown, My Chinatown
September Song
Blue Danube