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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sounds Fantastic!

Bye Bye Blues
Sounds Fantastic!
RCA Victor

Here's a promotional tool RCA created to help sell the portable stereo as pictured on the back jacket.

Promotional albums can be a sad hodgepodge of styles in the effort to create universal appeal. RCA didn't approach this set in that fashion. This is a decent space age light pop album. The tunes seem to work pretty well together, so they don't seem to be cobbled together from a variety of sources. In other words... it's seems as though these songs may have been recorded just for this album.

The example above is credited to the following artists Al Hurt, Frankie Randal, Living Guitars, Three Suns and Esquivel.

Themes From Great Films - Richard Hayman And Hugo Montenegro

Themes From Great Films
Richard Hayman And Hugo Montenegro
Time Records 52112

Here's another album usually left in the thrift store bin because of lackluster cover. But you can almost bet the recording is going to be interesting if you see Montenegro's name on the cover (even if the credit is found on the back cover).

Notable names appearing in the credits include Al Caiola - guitar and Phil Kraus - drums.

This aren't a lot of quirky space age tracks, but this is a decent set that features better sound than the quality of the cover graphic implies.

Hayman plays his harmonica on the last track, Mutiny On The Bounty.

Joanna - Arthur Greenslade

Some August Day
Arranged and Conducted by Arthur Greenslade
20th Century Fox Records

I bought this one at the thrift hoping for a little 60s groovy. The soundtrack probably serves the movie well, but the approaches are many, so don't expect cohesion. There are a number of tracks that do feature a nice 60s lounge vibe.

Doing My Thing - Paul Mauriat

Hey Jude
Cent Mille Chansons
Doing My Thing
Paul Mauriat And His Orchestra
Philips PHS 600-292

Mauriat LPs are usually passed over in the thrift record bin. Granted some of the Mauriat cover art doesn't jump out at you. But more often than not you'll find the recordings worth the price if you are into mood with a touch of that space age vibe. This title/cover promised to deliver a little heavier groove but the album follows the typical Mauriat formula.

Hey Jude seems a little underpowered for Mauriat, but the second sample above (I believe Mauriat wrote this one) is pretty trippy stuff.

Pipe Organ Plus - Monty Kelly

Pipe Organ Plus
Monty Kelly
With Buddy Cole
Audio Spectrum AS-601

One of at least two Pipe Organ Plus albums produced by D. L. Miller on this label. Mony Kelly did good work as a house arranger for 101 Strings and he is credited with writing the sample above. This album manages to blend the organ with a mild space age sound to create a better than average pipe organ LP.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Passport To Romance - Pipe Organ Plus

Passport To Romance
Pipe Organ Plus
Monty Kelly Orchestra
Guest Organist Bob Hunter
Audio Spectrum (Alshire) AS-610

I found few references to this album online. One reference dated the album to 1973, but graphics in the front and back cover look more early 60s.

I found two "Pipe Organ Plus" albums, so there may be more in the series. I picked it because Kelly was a very good house arranger for D. L. Miller (who wrote the liner notes for this album). Kelly arranged some good stuff for 101 Strings. Also, three space age staple tunes are covered, including Brazil, Granada and Midnight In Lisbon. This album, even though the cover suggests the record is a passport to "Dullsville"... has it's perky space age moments.

Permissive Polyphonics - Enoch Light

Scarborough Fair
Pass, And I Call You
Permissive Polyphonics
Enoch Light And The Light Bridgade
Produced by Enoch Light
Co-produced by Jeff Host, Tony Mottola
Arranged by Dick Hyman, Dick Lieb
Engineer: John Earole
Mastered by Phil Austin
Mixed by Chuck Irwin
Project 3 Total Sound Stereo
PR 5048SD

The 4 channel Stereo label on the cover is a sticker.

This album includes touches of Moog by Dick Lieb. Also playing on the album produced by Tony Mottola and Jeff Hest is the inventive guitarist Vinnie Bell, Arnie Lawrence - alto sax, Billy LaVorgna - drums, Julie Ruggiero - bass, Phil Kraus - marimba - Dick Hyman electric harpsichord, Bob Tricarico - tenor sax, Al Klink, Bernie Glow and Mel Davis - flute, Don Ashworth - trumpet, Walt Levinsky - alto sax and Urbie Green - trombone

Good stuff from start to finish

Marrakesh Express
Let It Be
Easy Come, Easy Go
Puppet Man
Prelude For Young Lovers
It Was A Very Good Year
Mas Que Nada
Monday, Monday
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
Scaborough Fair
Pass, And I Call You