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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cool Sounds - Spencer Collingswood

Quiet Please
Cools Sounds
Spencer Collingswood
His Saxaphone (as spelled on label) and Orchestra
Hollywood Records LPH 16

Collingswood's name is found only on the disc label. Track titles, found on the disc label do not match titles found on jacket, although the catalog number (and album title) is the same on both jacket and Hollywood disc label. The tracks heard on the disk match the jacket titles.

Even with all these "budget release inconsistencies" and lack of "saxophone" passages (or any saxophone passages) because this is obviously a collection of tunes picked from various sources and not just from saxophone soloists, there is enough energy presented in the grooves to hold the attention and you also get to enjoy the sexy cover art.

(Disc label titles)
Stomping At The Savoy
This Can't Be Love
Willow Weep For Me
Just You Just Me
Sweet Loraine
Harlem Nocturne
Get Happy
What Is This Thing Called Love
Off Shore
Lover Man
Come Rain Or Come Shine

All Strung Out - Al Caiola

All Strung Out
Caiola Combo
Al Caiola
Produced by Leroy Holmes
Engineer: Clair Krepps
Recorded in Mayfair Recording Studios, New York, N.Y.
Lowrey organ used for album recorded in New York City
United Artists UAS 6553

Al Caiola: Guitar
George Duviver: Bass
Grady Tate: Drums
Ernie Hayes and Paul Griffin: Alternating at Organ

This set is not as "strung out" as one might have used the term in the mid-60s, but rather a grab bag of mood and light pop covers that are mildly reproduced, some with latin or light jazz overtones.

All Strung Out
So Nice
I Can Make It With You
Cherry, Cherry
Mas Que Nada
All I See Is You
I've Got You Under My Skin
Summer Wind

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pictures In Music - Frank Perkins

Shindig For Skeletons
Pictures In Music
Frank Perkins Conducts His Own Compositions
Decca Records DL 8467

From the back cover: Frank Perkins was born in 1908, in Salem, Massachusetts. Although his entire family loved music, only his mother, who played light classics on the piano, was a performer. Frank graduated from the Moses Brown School in Providence and the better know Brown University in the same city. In 1929 he received his Ph. B in – of all things – Economics.

By the time he graduated he was practically a one-man orchestra. Although his specialty was the piano, he could play organ, trombone, saxophone, and all the percussion instruments – drums, tympani, etc. During college and after, he studied with various private instructors, including Tibor Serly, the noted music educator who was a student of the famous Hungarian composer Kodaly.

All this equipped him as a well-rounded musician. He had his own successful dance band and, after traveling briefly in Europe, returned to America to become a song writer. In 1934 he joined Fred Waring and his Pennsylvanians, and remained with them as arranger until 1938, at which time he joined Warner Brothers in the capacity of conductor and composer. Since 1946 he has devoted more and more to his own compositions, achieving many screen credits for his work.

From Billboard - May 20, 1957: Title conveys good notion of contents which consists of original work novelties in the Leroy Anderson manner. "Fandango," "Shindig For Skeletons," "The Toy Automobile" are some of the vignettes that encompass a variety of moods in slick style.

Shindig For Skeletons
Frustrate Floorwalker
The Toy Automobile
The Deserted Patio
Pop-gun Patrol
Kentucky Trotter

My Reverie - Alvino Rey

My Reverie
Alvino Rey And His Orchestra
Electric Guitar Solos With Orchestra
And The Jud Conlon Rhythmaires
Decca Records DL 8403

Rey's restrained approach on the guitar is softer, more minimal, in nature than heard on most period "Hawaiian" sets.  His "mood" arrangements create a balanced, relaxing blend of guitar, chorus and orchestra.

From the back cover: It is an amusing fact that the proud possessor of a gold cup awarded by the American Guild Of Guitarists, made his profession debut as a banjoist. Moreover, Alvino Rey's first interest in the guitar was technical and purely mechanical. At ten, he was one of the youngest "ham" radio operators in the U.S.A., and at twelve, his dabbling with electricity and his passion for acoustics united to produce an amplified guitar. After he had enlarged the scope of the instrument he felt he ought to learn to play it. It was not long before he discovered he had manual dexterity as well as mental ingenuity.

As already indicated, Alvino began as a banjo player; he replaced Eddie Peabody in Phil Spitalny's band when it was an all-male aggregation. A few years later, he returned to his native California and was featured as guitar soloist and leader of the San Francisco's NBC staff band. Horace Heidt hear him in 1944 
(pervious owner of this album marked out 1944 and wrote in "1934?") and lured him away to become a high-priced soloist with his organization.

So far, Alvino Rey's career had been fairly conventional. However, after joining Horace Heidt, Alvino fortunes took a new turn. He met the King Sisters, who vocalized with Heidt's band, married the eldest, formed his own band and starred the King Sisters. In less than a year his orchestra was one of the country's top ten.

During WWII, Alvino found himself in the Navy. To make up for lost time, he acted with phenomenal speed as soon as became a civilian again. Discharged from the Navy on Friday afternoon, Alvino was on the podium leading his band at eight o'clock the same night.

From Billboard - February 2, 1957: After a long absence, Rey makes his return to the disking fold with a package of mighty pretty mood music. Combination of the liquid electric guitar sounds with the voices of the Jud Conlon Rhythmaires makes for listening that's not only easy on the ears but might even spur some romantic action. Jocks will no doubt play it. Worth stocking, especially on the basis of the maiden and the rose on the cover.

My Reverie
It Could Happen To You
Don't Worry 'bout Me
Moonlight In Vermont
On A Little Street In Singapore
Moonlight Becomes You
Gond With The Wind
Midnight Sun
On Green Dolphin Street

Caress - Murray McEachern

Murray McEachern
Capitol Records T899

From the back cover: Born in Toronto, Canada, Murray McEachern entered the musical world at the age of 5, studying violin, and later, classical composition. He played in Canadian dance bands as a youth, and at 23 joined Benny Goodman's orchestra, with which he made many records and two motion pictures. In 1938 he became a mainstay of Glen Gray's Casa Lomans, following this with important work in Paul Whiteman's band until December 1941. During the war, Murray served with the Armed Forces Radio Service. He returned to civilian life as a free-lance performer and arranger in Hollywood. Several years ago, Murray was selected to play the Glenn Miller trombone solos in the motion picture "The Glenn Miller Story." Today, he is very active in recording, TV, and motion picture studio work.

From Billboard - October 28, 1957: An album of beautiful trombone performances, caressing in quality as the title indicates. Accompaniments vary, in some instances a chorus; or Bob Wain's guitar, or the keyboard work on Jimmy Rowles. Tunes are standards as "Embraceable You." "Taking A Chance On Love," etc. Moderate Potential.

Embraceable You
The Boy Next Door
This Nearly Was Mine
Have You Met Miss Jones?
Far Away Places
In A Sentimental Mood
My Romance
Amber Moon
Taking A Chance On Love
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Warm Valley

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Any Time... Any Groove! - The Don Scaletta Trio

A Taste Of Honey
Any Time... Any Groove
The Don Scaletta Trio
Produced by Lee Gillette
Capitol Records ST 2204

Don Scaletta: Piano
Ted Blondell: Bass
Nikki Lamkin: Drums

From the back cover: "Because we have to fight poor acoustics and clinking glasses on many of our dates," say Don, "we're constantly striving for a full sound. We've written and rewritten our arrangements so that the piano, bass and drums can work independently of each other, or as a solo unit, much on the same order as a big band. This technique allows us a wide range of creative freedom and helps assure that every arrangement doesn't sound the same."

Yankee Doodle Boy
Hello, Dolly!
Tomorrow Never Comes
Old Folks
Jani's Tune
York's Sauna
Over There
With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
A Taste Of Honey

Monday, January 30, 2017

110 Musicians Plays For Lovers Everywhere - International Pop Orchestra

Chinese Lullaby
110 Musicians Plays For Lovers Everywhere
International Pop Orchestra
Wyncote SW 9165

For a "lush" 101 Strings-styled knock-off product, this set features enough arrangement diversity and pop flourishes to hold interest throughout.

Somewhere My Love
Paris Moods
Song Of Italy
The Shrine Of Acilia
Chinese Lullaby
When Lights Are Low
May Breezes
Condola Song
London, Paris

Andres Segovia Plays J. S. Bach

Partita - No. 2 in D for Violin, BWV 1004: Chaconne
Andres Segovia
Plays J. S. Bach
Cover Design by Frank Daniel
Annotation by Robert N. Angus
Allegro Records
A Product of Pickwick International
LEG 9006

Obscure Segovia on budget Allegro/Pickwick (white) label.

Bach (arr. Segovia) - Suite for Guitar
Cello Suite No. 6 in D, BWV 1012: Gavottes
Lute Suite in E, DWV 996: Sarabande and Bourree
Prelude No. 3 in C for Lute, BWV 999
Lute Sonata No. 1 in G, BWV 1000

Bach (arr. Segovia) - Chaconne
Partita - No 3 in E for Violin, BWV 1006: Prelude
Partita - No. 2 in D for Violin, BWV 1004: Chaconne

Mary Poppins - Lawrence Welk

A Spoonful Of Sugar
Mary Poppins
Featuring selections from the Walt Disney motion picture by Lawrence Welk and members of the Lawrence Welk organization
Arranged by George Gates, Lyn Murray, Bob Ralston, Curt Ramsey, Joe Rizzo, Frank Scott, Jerry Zervic
Produced by George Gates, Lawrence Welk and Randy Wood
Hamilton - A Division of Dot Records, Inc.
HP 152

Chim Chim Cheree - The Lennon Sisters
Step In Time - The Lawrence Welk Singers
I Love To Laugh - Aladdin
The Perfect Nanny - Peggy Lennon
Super-Cali-Fragil-Istic-Expi-Ali-Docious - Bobby & Barbara
Jolly Holiday - The Lawrence Welk Singers
A Spoonful Of Sugar - Larry Hooper
Sister Suffragette - The Lawrence Welk Singers
Feed The Birds - Natalie Nevins
The Life I Lead - Bob Lido
Stay Awake - Norma Zimmer
Let's Go Fly A Kite - The Lawrence Welk Singers

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Emery And His Violin Of Love

Emery And His Violin Of Love
With Orchestra And Chorus
Produced by Arnold R. Deutsch
Notes by Natt Hale
ABC-Paramont ABC-281

From Billboard - February 8, 1960: The erstwhile Park Avenue Gypsy is quite effective on his latest offering. Here he is backed by a chorus which is heard from time to time in the background with key phrases of the lyrics. But Deutsche's lyrical fiddle is the feature and he uses it effectively in his style of mimicking the sound of the words. Heavy emphasis on pop numbers.

From the back cover: Born in Hungary, Emery was early attracted to the romantic music that has become his (Emery Deutsch) trademark. In his late teens he became a musical director of Columbia Broadcasting System and starred, with his violin, on scores of coast-to-coast programs. Since then Emery has brought his music and romance to such places as the Rockefeller Center Rainbow Room, New York's Music Hall and Paramount Theater, and intimate night spots throughout the country.

Be My Love
A Very Precious Love
I Heard A Song
An Affair To Remember
If You Love Me
Stella By Starlight
I Love You Much Too Much
Where Is Your Heart
My Lost Love
Summertime In Venice

Happening! - Dick Hyman

Dick Hyman & Harpsichord
Originated Any Produced by Loren Becker, Robert Byrne and Julie Klages
Art Director Charles E. Murphy
Command Records RS 899SD

From Billboard - August 13, 1966: The initial recorded meeting of Dick Hyman and the harpsichord is an unqualified success. Hyman's arrangements with trumpet and woodwinds also come off well.

From the inside cover: He (Hyman) used three different combinations of instruments. On three selections (Themes From Zorba The Greek, The In Crowd, Topolobampo), he has assembled two trumpets (Bernie Glow and Ernie Royal) and a rhythm section made up of Tony Mottola, guitar, Bob Haggart, bass, Bobby Rosengarden, drums, and Phil Kraus, percussion. The same group (with Doc Serverinsen replacing Ernie Royal on trumpet) is augmented by Phil Bodner's various woodwinds on The Shadow Of Your Smile, England Swings, Lady Fingers, Yesterday and the Main Theme From Tom Jones." For the remaining selections – Michelle, The Phoenix Love Theme, Take, Oh Take, Those Lips Away and The Ballad Of The Green Berets – Hyman and his rhythm section are joined by both Bodner and Stanley Webb on woodwinds as well as the girl trio, made up of Lillian Clark, Lois Winter, Elise Bretton, who were heard with him on The Man From O.R.G.A.N.

Tom Jones
Lady Fingers
Enland Swings
The Shadow Of Your Smile
Take, Oh Take Those Lips Away
Theme From Zorba The Greek
The Phoenix Love Theme
The In Crowd
The Ballad Of The Green Berets