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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jack Malmsten And His Mod Machine

Taste Of Honey
Jack Malmsten And His Mod Machine
Concert Recording

Man And Woman
Tiptoe Through The Night
Stompin' At The Savoy
Cheek To Cheek
Taste Of Honey
Dark Town Stutters Ball
Carol Of The Bells
Walk Through The Black Forest
Girl Talk
Sweet Georgia Brown
Twelfth Street Rag
The Lady Is A Tramp

Andromeda Strain - Gil Melle

Strobe Crystal Green
Original Electronic Soundtrack
The Andromeda Strain
Composed By Gil Melle
Kapp Records
KRS 5513

Apparently Kapp released this soundtrack vinyl inside several jackets. The more complex presentation features an elaborate die-cut hexagonal shape on the cover that opens to reveal (on the reverse side of the tabs) stills from the movie, which are seen on the sleeve in this more modest version.

I remember seeing The Andrormeda Strain in a movie theatre as a kid. The suspense had me glued to my seat. To me, this is one of those films that I want to revisit, but resist doing so because the media does not always live up to my youthful memories. However, collecting the soundtrack seemed like a safe bet due to the apparently rarity and I have one other interesting Gil Melle to base my purchase on, the album, Tome VI on which he blends some electronic sounds with jazz.

This is great "science fiction" or electronic music that appeals to me. There is a touch of "70s" soundtrack sound on the album (which is cool), but the vibe is rooted in classic, moody 60s electronic music.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Elbow Beach Surf Club

King Trott Blues
Elbow Beach Surf Club
Sights & Sounds Of Bermuda's Famous Oceanside Hotel
Bermuda Records BLP 4012