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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oscillations 1 2 3 & 4 - Don Voegeli

Weird For Sound
The Parched Whistle
Electronic Hangover
Oscillations 1 2 3 & 4
Don Voegeli
Electrosonic Studio
University Of Wisconsin-Extension

If you want to OD on that 70s "Popcorn" moog synthpop sound… find this box set jammed full of radio/TV production music. Featured above are samples, one from each disc. Voegeli introduces elements from time-to-time that "add texture" to sound that include the human vocal heard in "Remembering". There are also touches of "real instruments" featured on several tracks.

From the back cover (box set): This four record set contains the re-pressing of the first four records in the Oscilations series produced by the ELECTROSONIC STUDIO during the years 1972 to 1975. Many radio stations report that the original records have "walked away" from their libraries over the years or are too worn for further use. Also, original distribution was made before public television stations were being serviced by the ELECTROSONIC STUDIO and therefore this material will be new to TV facilities. I suggest that you dub these records to tape so that the material may have prolonged service to your station.

Oscillations 1

Cock o' Walk
Gently Snowing
Strawberry Yogurt
Shy Ballerina
Hi Charlie, What's New
Waltz Shirlee
Tweetee Lopez
Weird For Sound
Cock o' the Walk (Short Version)
When Paris Sleeps
King Tomb's Tut
Khachaturian Copout
Strawberry Yogurt (short version)
Shy Ballerina (short version)
Herr Schmidt
Random Effect

Oscillations 2

The Clown That Sings
Sand Castles
Caribbean Cruise
Scotch And Soda
Daffodils And Daisies
March For April
It's My Birthday!
Song Of The Balalaika
The Color Of Mist
Model "T" Waltz
Sea Swells
Electronic "Free-For-All"
Gossip On The Line

Oscillations 3

Your Stations Presents
YSP-Theme Only (no open)
YSP -Theme Only (long version)
YSP - Special Opening / Tag
Plain Song
A Drop Of Tabasco
I'll Be Ninety-One Next Tuesday
The Parched Whistle
Music from Glimmerings, a contemporary dance piece for television (five movements)

Oscillations 4

Around The World
The Bells Of St. Mary
Bridge Club
Dvorak, Humoresque (rock)
The Bells Of St. Mary's (short version)
Around The World (short version)
Jaunty Juile
Electronic Hangover
Puppet Parade
Puppet Parade (short version)
Sound Patterns (20 tracks)

Red Callender Speaks Low

Speak Low

Red Callender Speaks Low
Crown CLP 5012

From the back cover: It's curious that Red Callender should be among the first in jazz to be featured playing the tuba. He has a solid reputation as a brilliant bassist and jazz composer, and has made his mark on jazz in that role. Actually, Red started playing the tuba long before the bass. He was primarily interested in the tuba when he first started music lessons at the age of 12 in Bordentown, New Jersey. Since that time, Red had a long and varied career as a musician and it would probably be easier to mention who he hasn't played with, rather than who he has. At one time or another in his career he has worked with almost every known name in the music world. He has played with such top bands as Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Billy Eckstine and Jerry Fielding.

The musicians he's chosen for this date are of no lesser reputation than he. There's Buddy Collette on flute and clarinet; Vince DeRose, French horn (Irving Rosenthal on "Nice Day" and "Gone With The Wind"); Bob Bain, guitar; the inimitable Red Mitchell on bass; and Bill Douglas on drums.

Speak Low
Nice Day
In A Sentimental Mood
Foggy Day
Darn That Dream
Gone With The Wind

26 Top Hits

Lady Madonna


This Town
26 Top Hits
Hit Records 446

A few of these tracks can also be found on this Modern Sound compilation.

Young Girl
Lady Madonna
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde
Scarborough Fair
Up Town Down Town
Once You've Been In Love
Come On On
You Can't Trust A Friend
You Make The Decision
She's Come Of Age
Love Is Blue
Simon Says
Valley Of The Dolls
Judy In Disguise
Going Out Of My Head/Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Sha La La La La
You Were Gone
Berlin Melody
True Love You Can't Buy
This Town
One Fine Day
Wise Like Soloman

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sentimental Journey - Les Brown

Sentimental Journey
Les Brown and his Orchestra
Columbia CL 649

Sentimental Journey
Twilight Time
Bizet Had His Day
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Mexican Hat Dance
Leap Frog
Out Of Nowhere
Daybreak Serenade
Blue Danube

And Then Came Adam - Adam Wade

A Moment Of Madness
And Then Came Adam
Adam Wade
Produced by George Paxton
Arrangers: Fred Weismantel and Joe Lipman
Orchestra and Chorus under the direction of George Paxton
Coed SLPC 902

At the tail end of 1959, he (Wade) was just 22 years old, (born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 17th, 1937) a former student at Virgina State University, Adam matriculated to the Dr. Jonas Salk Polio Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh to commence his career as a biochemist. To Adam his Utopia was achieved; the lifelong ambition to delve into the world of science was in his grasp. Adam worked side by side with the brilliant and unflagging staff of Dr. Jonas Salk for one year, until one evening a school-teacher friend told Adam he intended making a trip to New York. This friend had written some songs which he wanted Adam to help demonstrate in the Big City to New York Publishers. He alone knew how well Adam could sell a song and with this in mind induced Adam to accompany him to New York.

The singer-lab technician and teacher-songwriter made their first New York stop at Winneton Music a publishing firm in the Brill Building. This is where the proverbial 'big break' turned up. Marvin Cane, Coed Records Vice President, a veteran of the music business (former manager of Vic Damone), listened to Adam perform his friend's songs. Although the songs were the primary purpose of the demonstrations, Adam's vocalizing immediately caught Cane's fancy. He asked the singer if he could sing any standards, whereupon Adam sang more than a dozen of the two-hundred and forty songs he had memorized. Can whisked Wade into the presence of Coed Records President George Paxton, the renowned bandleader, arranger and composer. Paxton had Adam sing a few songs, and within a few minutes Adam Patrick Wad signed his Coed recording contract. – Marty Ostrow

Tell Her For Me
Just In Time
First Love
So In Love
A Moment Of Madness
I Had The Craziest Dream
I'm Wise
Around The World

Monday, April 14, 2014

One For My Baby - Eddie Heywood

One For My Baby
Eddie Heywood At The Piano
Mercury Records
MG 20632

Personnel: Eddie Heywood – piano, Albert Lucas – bass, David Franci – drums, Donald Lamond replaces Francis on drums on the third session.

From the back cover: This album was recorded in three sessions in a New York recording studio, and was made in both stereo and monaural.

Also from the back cover: Happily, jazz-rooted Eddie Heywood gives evidence of his more soulful origins on One For My Baby, his third album for Mercury. Heywood admirers will recall his memorable stint with the Benny Carter big band (1939 - 1940). His own swinging sextet gained wide credence in the early forties, including an Esquire magazine New Star award for the leader in 1945.

Blue Turning Grey Over You
I Loves You Porgy
Body And Soul
One For My Baby
Jitterbug Waltz
Almost Like Being In Love
It's All Right With Me
Dearest Darling
Don't Take Your Love From Me

Sunday, April 13, 2014

City Nights - Mystic Moods Orchestra

Fallen Angel
City Nights
Mystic Moods Orchestra
Sound Bird
Ranwood Records
A division of CRT Record Group

Your Place Of Mine
Keep Me Warm
The Sound Of Love
Down Easy
The Other Side Of Midnight
Anyway You Want It
Honey Trippin'
The Magician
Get It While The Getting' Is Good
Midnight Snack