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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Third Man Theme And Other Zither Hits - Ruth Welcome



Third Man Theme And Other Zither Hits
Performed by the Zither Virtuoso Ruth Welcome
Capitol Records DT 942
Capitol Re-Issue originally entitled "Hi-Fi Zither"

Themes From "The Third Man"
Does Your Heart Beat For Me
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Hi-Lili Hi-Lo
There Goes My Heart
The Three Bells
My Melancholy Baby
Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart)

The Pajama Game - Hit Songs From Broadway Shows


Silk Stockings

Hit Songs From Broadway Shows
The Pajama Game & Silk Stockings
All The Hit Songs From Two Broadway and Hollywood Hits
The New World Theatre Orchestra
Cover Photo: Frank Zimmerman
Cover Art: Joe Krush
Valiant Records STEREO ALBUM V-4930

The Pajama Game
Silk Stockings
Curtain Time

Confessions Of A Male Chauvinist Pig - Artie Kaplan


The American Dream

Confessions Of A Male Chauvinist Pig
Artie Kaplan
Produced by Mort Ross and Artie Kaplan
Horns, Strings and Voices Arranged and Conducted by Chris Kedrick
Production Coordinator: Mike Levine
Music Coordinator: Ronald Frangipane
Production Assistant: Barbara Bock
Engineers: Jeff Zaraya and John Woram
Remixing: Jeff Zaraya
Special Thanks to Linda November and her singers
Hopi Records VHS-901
Distributed in Canada by London Records of Canada (1967) LTD

From the back cover: Artie Kaplan was born, brought up and officially educated in Brooklyn, New York. His father was a small businessman with a surpassing love for music. Early Artie learned that the wide world was full of interests, different from what he was officially taught, that a man had to educate himself, a process in which he is still madly engaged. Turning to jazz, his youthful great heroes were Stan Kenton, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz. He travelled round the country playing with Territory Bands, and with every other kind of band he could get into, playing every style of music put before him, always learning, trying everything. He has played in the Music Business for twelve years, assisting other artists, getting ideas but learning to keep them to himself, taking part in hundreds of hit records. He has been writing for ten years, and now he regards composition seriously, which means devoting himself to it whenever he can get a free hour or two. And now, at the age of 37, he is ready to say things his way. He hopes the public will like it. He venerates music, thinks almost everybody working in it has something to offer the public, and especially admires the musicians working with him. Arnie Lawrence of Alto Sax and Burt Collins on Trumpet, he thinks are "marvelous." Vinnie Bell to him is a wonderful guitar player, Bobby Dedrick, young, only 24, is someone to watch. Artie is married and has twin girls.

Confessions Of A Male Chauvinist Pig
  a. Big Time Me
  b. Marriage (Flugelhorn solo, Burt Collins)
  c. In My Lifetime
  d. Where Have All The Bitches Gone? (Guitar solo, Bobby Mann)
God Fearin' Man (Electric Violin solo, Richard Greene)
Stay, Don't Go (Guitar solo, Vinnie Bell)
Music Is Sweet Music In My Soul
The American Dream (Solo alto sax, Arnie Lawrence; solo trumpet solo, Burt Collins)

Tippy Toeing - The Harden Trio


Tall Green Pines

Tippy Toeing
The Harden Trio
Produced by Don Law and Frank Jones
Cover Photo: Joe Rudia
Columbia Records CL 2506

From the back cover: Bobby Harden and his sisters Robbie and Arleen began their vocal-instrumental career as youngsters with their own show on radio station KVLC in Little Rock, Arkansas. As their talent ripened, they appeared frequently as guest stars on Red Foley's "Ozark Jubilee" and on "Louisiana Hayride." Today, they are one of the youngest and at the same time one of the most seasoned performing groups on the musical scene.

Tippy Toeing
How Long Does It Take
The Race Is On
Tall Green Pines
Little Boy Walk Like A Man
Is It Really Over
Little White House
Dear Brother
Make The World Go Away
Hey Pinnoch
Poor Boy

Happy Day Express - Sing With Marcy


Down In The Dumps

Happy Day Express
Sing With Marcy
Narration Written by Gloria Seal
Narrated by Alberta Shipley
Produced by Carl Seal
Entire Jacket Designed and Produced by Alpha Omega Productions, Inc.
Cornerstone Records & Sunshine Music Mountain (SLP 469)

From the back cover: Marcy Tigner was born in Wichita, Kansas where she was raised in a Christian atmosphere that influenced her early decision for Christ and consequent determination to be active in Christian service. Marcy's unusual voice quality has made possible this long play album as an important avenue of Christian service. "Happy Time Express" will give each child many delightful and instructive Sunday School hours in the home.

Jesus Loves Me
I Have The Joy, Joy, Joy
Down In The Dumps
I'll Be A Sunbeam 
Birds Upon The Tree Top
Dare To Be Daniel
Onward Christian Soldiers
Happy All The Time
Behold, Behold
Climb, Climb, Up Sunshine Mountain
If We All Pull Together
Jesus Bids Us Shine
One Door And Only One
This Little Light Of Mine
Jesus Loves Even Me
Jesus Loves The Little Children
If You Really Love Him
Happy Day Express
One, Two, Three
Oh Be Careful
Saved Every Day Of The Week
The B-I-B-L-E
Mine, Mine, Mine
Whisper A Prayer

Griff Borgeson Presents Karts In Action

Band 1

Griff Borgeson Presents
Karts In Action
Produced and Edited by Griff Borgeson and Barrett Clark
Note by Griff Borgeson
Recorded by Barrlett Clark
Cover Design: Ken Deardoff
Mastered by Jack Matthews (Components Coro.)
Special thanks for invaluable assistance and cooperation to Marvin Patches, executive director of the Go Kart Club of America; to Richard Colin; and of course to all the drivers.
Riverside Records STEREO 95507 

Like Tweet - Joe Puma


Shades Of Twilight (Baltimore Oriole)

Like Tweet
Jazz Versions Of Authentic Bird Calls
Joe Puma and The Audiobon All-Stars
Cover Art: Marilyn Bass
Columbia CL 1618

Like Tweet is a collection of authentic bird calls transcribed for a modern jazz orchestra. The tunes are based on the actual notes the birds sing.

"Thistle Serenade" "Noah's Ark," "Shades Of Twilight" were recorded October 13, 1960
"Like Tweet," "Melancholy Bird" and "Bird's Eye View" were recorded January 6, 1961
"Flight Patterns," "Cotton Candy Clouds," "Sturnelia" and "Panic In The Birdcage" were recorded in New York City, January 13, 1961

Joe Puma - Bass Guitar & Guitar
Dick Hyman - Organ
Jerome Richardson - Flute, Piccolo & Tenor Sax
Barry Galbraith - Guitar
George Duvivier - Bass
Osie Johnson - Drums
Don Elliott - Mellophone, Vibes
Line Up is the same on all tunes except that Jerome Richardson is not on "Noah's Ark," "Shades Of Twilight," "Thistle Serenade" or "Skippin' South."

"Flight Patterns" 
Joe Puma - Bass Guitar
Dick Hyman - Organ
Jerome Richardson - Tenor Sax
"Thistle Serenade" 
Joe Puma - Guitar
Dick Hyman - Piano
"Like Tweet" 
Don Elliott - Mellowphone
Joe Puma - Bass Guitar
Jerome Richardson - Piccolo
"Melancholy Bird"
Joe Puma - Bass Guitar
"Skippin' South"
Joe Puma - Guitar
Bobby Jasper - Flute
Don Elliot - Vibes
"Cotton Candy Clouds"
Dick Hyman - Organ
Barry Galbraith - Guitar
Joe Puma - Bass Guitar
Jerome Richardson - Piccolo
Bobby Jasper - Flute
Don Elliott - Mellophone
"Noah's Ark"
Joe Puma - Bass Guitar
Dick Hyman - Organ
"Shades Of Twilight"
Joe Puma - Guitar
Dick Hyman - Organ
Joe Puma - Bass Guitar
Bobby Jasper - Tenor Sax
Don Elliot - Mellophone
"Bird's Eye View"
Joe Puma - Guitar
George Duvivier - Bass
"Panic In The Birdcage"
Bobby Jasper - Flute
Dick Hyman - Organ
Jerome Richardson - Piccolo
Don Elliot - Vibes

Flight Pattern (Song Sparrow)
Thistle Serenade (American Goldfinch)
Like Tweet (White Crowned Sparrow)
Melancholy Bird (Purple Finch)
Skippin' South (Wood Pewee
Cotton Candy Clouds (Whip-Poor-Will)
Noah's Ark (Redwinged Blackbird)
Shades Of Twilight (Baltimore Oriole)
Sturnella (Meadowlark)
Bird's Eye View (Scarlet Tanager)
Panic In The Bird Cage

Friday, April 16, 2021

The YMCA Goes On Record



The YMCA Goes On Record
YMCA World Service
Pleasant Sounds From The Movies
Arranged and Conducted by Mimis Plessas
Produced by On Record Inc. WSY 101

A Man And A Woman
Born Free
Strangers In The Night
Georgy Girl
The Bible
Lara's Theme
Never On A Sunday
Sand Pebbles
Shadow Of Your Smile
Sound Of Music

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Billy May's Big Fat Brass


Joom Jooms

Billy May's Big Fat Brass
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh
Recorded in Hollywood, June, 1958
Capitol Records T1043


Trumpets: Conrad Gozzo, Frank Beach, John Best, San Rasey, Pete Candoli & Manny Klein
Trombones: Si Zentner, Tommy Peterson, Ed Kusby & George Roberts (bass trombone)
French Horns: Vince de Rosa, Jack Cave, Jimmy Decker, Dick Perissi & Art Franz
Tubas: Red Callender & Clarance Karella
Harp: Veryle Mills
Piano: Paul Smith
Guitar: Al Hendrickson
Bass: Jon Mondragon (alternating with) Ralph Penner
Drums: Alvin Stoller
Percussion: Lou Singer & Ralph Hansell

From Billboard - October 20, 1958: An exceptional "sound" package. May's arrangements are for six trumpets, four trombones, five French horns, two tubas and rhythm. Songs included ranged from originals ("Solving The Riddle," "Brassmen's Holiday") to familiar items ("Autumn Leaves," "Moonlight Becomes You"). If all monaural disks had this kind of quality recording work, there'd be little need for stereo. Highly recommended for just plain listening and for the most particular audio fans.

Brassmen's Holiday
Autumn Leaves
Love Is The Things
Ping Pong
Moonlight Becomes You
Pawn Ticket
Solving The Riddle
The Continental 
Return Of The Zombie
On A Little Street In Singapore
Jooms Jooms

Blue Strings And Rainbows - Luchi Dejesus


'Round Midnight

Blue Strings And Rainbows
Orchestras Directed By Luchi
Luchi Dejesus
Produced by Alan Douglas
Liner Notes by Barbara Long
United Artists Records MONAURAL UAL 3201

From the back cover: Luchi Dejesus, born and raised in New York City, has been influenced by the Latin rhythms of his Puerto Rican background, the popular music that pervades the United States, his early training as a violinist, and his studies at the Dalcroze School Of Music and the American Theatre Wing, in New York City.

Immediately following his discharge from the Air Force in 1946, he turned from violin to piano and began his arranging career. Included were arrangements for Dinah Washington, Sallie Blair and Brook Benton, among other tasteful singers.

It is not unusual for this man to prefer a "Debussy feeling for mood, sometimes a Rachmaninoff feeling." Nor is is unusual for him to love the old Claude Thornhill orchestra with the beautiful, and later influential, Gil Evans arrangements.

Influenced by all types of music, loving all types, Luchi's long sojourn in Europe exposed him to many of the trends there. He was impressed by many of the jazz arrangements he heard, "particularly those in the Northern countries."

From the richness of his musical background he chose the 12 numbers to present in this album. "Easy enough to explain the choice. They're all favorites, the cream of the standards."

But Beautiful
That's Him Over There
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
Polka Dots And Moonbeams
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
My Ship
Come To Me
'Round Midnight
Lonely Bird
When Winter Comes

Monday, April 12, 2021

Foreign Film Features - Carlo Sonti


Marriage Italian Style

Foreign Film Features
Themes From Marriage Italian Style, Darling, Cassanova '70
Featuring The Carlo Sonti Orchestra
Wyncote W-9162

Marriage Italian Style
Casanova '70
Lago D'AMore
Theme From A Starlet

The Best Of Nelson Riddle


The Route 66 Theme

The Best Of Nelson Riddle
The Star Line
Capitol Records DT 1990

The red tape on my copy of the cover may have been used as part of a Radio Station cataloging system, or perhaps to mark as a record store discount bin item.

From Billboard - November 23, 1963: Nelson Riddle fans will recognize several Riddle big sellers, "Lisbon Antique," "Route 66 Theme" and "Naked City Theme" among the other fine tunes here. Also included are "Volare" and "Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries." The instrumentations are present in the usual bright, up-tempo style associated with the conductor-arranger on so many Sinatra dates.

Lisbon Antiqua 
The Green Leaves Of Summer
Naked City Theme
Younger Than Springtime
The Untoucables
Route 66 Theme
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Brother John
Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
De Guello

And That Reminds Me - Della Reese


I Wish

And That Reminds Me
Della Reese
Cover and Liner printed by MacMurray Press, N.Y.
Jubilee Records SUPERAPHONIC HI-FI JGM 1116
A Product of Jay-Gee Record Co., Inc.

And That Reminds Me
The More I See You
Time After Time
Daybreak Serenade
I Only Want To Love You
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
In The Still Of The Night
Years From Now
C'mon C'mon
If Not For You
By Love Possessed
I Wish

Dancers' Choice - Les Brown


I Never Knew

Dancers' Choice
Les Brown and His Band Of Renown
Capitol Records T812

Sleepy Time Gal
Swingin' Down The Lane
Shine On Harvest Moon
My Melancholy Baby
In The Mood
Tea For Two
Johnson Rag
My Blue Heaven
I Never Knew

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Johnny Rivers At The Whisky'a Go Go


Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Johnny Rivers At The Whisky'a Go Go
Featuring Joe Osborne - Bass and Eddie Rubin - Drums
Recording Manager: Lou Adler
Remote Engineer: Wally Heider
Studio Engineers: "Bones" Howe and "Lanky" Linstrot
Cover Design and Photography: Studio Five
Thanks to Elmer, Phil & Shelly for making this album possible
Recorded Live at The Whisky'a Go Go, Hollywood, California
IR Imperial LP 12264

It Wouldn't Happen With Me
Oh Lonesome Me
Lawdy Miss Clawy
Whisky'a Go Go
Walkin' The Dog
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
You Can Have Her (I Don't Want Her)
Medley: La Bamba / Twist and Shout

Here And Now! - George Shearing


Mr. Lucky

Here & Now!
George Shearing
Produced by David Cavanaugh
Cover Photo: Capitol Photo Studio - George Jerman
Capitol Records T 2372

From the back cover: In these Shearing arrangements, orchestrated by Julian Lee, George gives full emphasis to each melody, enhances it, and gives it a lilt that lifts the heart. His scores employ a classic Shearing setting: the Quintet poised against strings. But there are even more strings than usual this time: twelve violins, four cellos and four violas, giving an extra richness to the fabric of sound. Quintet itself keeps the music on an exhilarating level that is the very essence of George Shearing – here and now.

From Billboard - August 14, 1965: Set again a lush string choir providing a rich sound backdrop, the inimitable George Shearing Quintet is magnificent. The exciting package contains such "standard" melodies as "Call Me Irresponsible," "People" and "Dear Heart." With subtle Shearing arrangements of tunes from the pens of Henry Mancini, Anthony Newly and Jule Styne the LP is pleasurable listening.

Call Me Irresponsible
Days Of Wine And Roses
What Kind Of Fool Am I?
Dear Heart
Mr. Lucky
The Girl From Ipanema (Garoua de Ipanema)
Almost There
Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)

All Of You - Ahmad Jamal


You Go To My Head

All Of You
Ahmad Jamal
Supervision: Leonard Chess
Cover: Don Bronstein
Engineer: Ron Malo
Recorded in June, 1961, during actual performance at Ahmad Jamal's Alhambra, Chicago
Ahmad Jamal - Piano
Israel Crosby - Bass
Vernell Fournier - Drums
Argo LP 691
Chess Producing Corp.

From the back cover: The Admad Jamal Trio was formed in May 1951. At that time we were using Guitar - Ray Crawford and Bass - Tommy Sowell.

We started recording in 1952. I had been trying to sell the idea spasmodically since 1949, when I made certain efforts in this direction towards some of the most likely recording companies at that time... unsuccessfully.

I will always remember my very dear and long time acquaintance Chris Powell (whose group most of you "informed aficionados" wouldn't remember the late Clifford Brown being a part of). Chris' group made the first demonstration pressing with me in Toronto... where he was working at the time and I was accompanying group of singers called "The Caldwells."

Since then much has taken place... recording and otherwise, including some "5" Star record ratings (whatever that means... Ahmad's Blues, etc.,... Down Beat Magazine) as early as 1952 when the group was virtually unheard of.

I was fortunate enough to grow up with and around such musicians as Thomas Turrentine, Joe Harrs, Harold Holt, Joe Kennedy, Sam Johnson, Edgar Willis and also share the rich heritage that Pittsburgh has... Roy Eldridge, Erroll Garner, Dodo Marmarosa, Ray Brown, Art Blakely, Earl Hines, Billy Eckstein, Billy Strayhorn and many many others, including some personalities that are synonymous with Pittsburg... LeRoy Brown, Honey Boy Minor, William Hitchcock, Joe Westray, etc.

Pittsburgh was and still is a formidable territory for transient musicians, with sessions going on into the early hours of the morning. Such musicians as Jerry Elliott, Billy Lewis, Bass MaMahon and the musicians who hadn't started playing then and are doing so well now (Stanley Turrentine and others) playing Host.

This present LP was recorded in one of the most enjoyable and most compatible atmosphere that I have ever known, as far as clubs to... The AlHambra... not saying this because we own same, but because so many club owners and promoter could take a lesson from the Artist's approach toward working facilities  for the musicians and singers.

The acoustics, the piano, the lighting, the atmosphere, could only be conducive to one thing... a happy result and here it is. – Ahmad Jamal

From Billboard - May 12, 1962: Ahmad Jamal is back with another exciting album of jazz improvisations. The pianist is in top dramatic form building each of the seven selections with an eye to drawing the most out of not only the tune but the listening audience, which, on this album, was comfortably settled in Jamal's own club Alhambra in Chicago. The trio swings at a fine medium tempo through most of the set with "All Of You," "Star Eyes" and "Angel Eyes" emerging as three of the better tracks.

Time On My Hands
Angel Eyes
You Go To My Head
Star Eyes
All Of You
You're Blasé
What Is This Thing Called Love

Connie's Greatest Hits



Connie's Greatest Hits
Connie Francis
MGM E3793

Who's Sorry Now
Happy Days And Lonely Nights
Stupid Cupid
Carolina Moon
Plenty Good Lovin'
You're Gonna Miss Me
Lipstick On Your Collar
If I Didn't Care
My Happiness
I'm Sorry I Made You Cry

Little Town Flirt - Del Shannon


Hey, Little Girl

Little Town Flirt
Del Shannon
Arranged by Bill Ramal
Engineer: Eddie Smith
Bigtop Records 12-1308
An Embee Production

From the back cover: Del thought a good deal of music but very little about making music-making as a career until he served his hitch in the Army. Before his service stint, he'd picked up guitar-playing and became nicely smooth at it,  but his playing was mostly for the amusement of himself and his friends. It was an Army buddy who first suggested that he do something more, persuading him to enter a 7th Army amateur talent contest. Del did just that thing – and walked off with a first prize. But, keep in mind; he won the award as a guitarist, not as a singer.

Back in civilian life, Del began working in night clubs in the Battle Creek, Michigan area, chiefly strumming a guitar, just now and then trying on a song for size vocally. However, it was one of those occasional vocal workouts that led him to his big future career. One night, Harry Balk, Irving Micahnik and Ollie McLaughlin heard Del singing and promptly steered him into a recording studio to cut four sides. And, those sides wound up at Bigtop Records. One of them became the runaway hit Runaway.

From Billboard - May 11, 1963: Del Shannon's current hit is teamed with a flock of his other winners on the LP. "Runaway," the lad's first is included along with "Hats Off To Larry" another one of his big ones. Dealers will want to stock this one.

Two Kinds Of Teardrops
Dream Baby
Hey, Little Girl
She Thinks I Still Care
Runaround Sue
Hats Off To Larry
Hey Baby
Go Away, Little Girl
Little Town Flir