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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Best Of 1972 - Terry Baxter

Theme From Shaft
Mother And Child Reunion
Without You

  Rocket Man
My Sweet Lord

The Best Of '72
Terry Baxter, His Orchestra and Chorus
Produced by Betsy Cohen and Ron Lockhart
Columbia House Musical Treasury

Arrangers: Terry Baxter, Dean Christopher, Peter Dino, Johnny Gregory, Ron Lockhart and Ed Shanaphy

Three record box set filled with impossible and fantastic covers. Also see Baxter's 1970 and 1971 box sets.

Theme From Shaft
Amazing Grace
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
A Horse With No Name
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Morning Has Broken
American Pie
A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done
Mother And Child Reunion
Ask Me What You Want
I Saw The Light
The Candy Man

Softly Whispering I Love You
Family Of Man
Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard
Music From Across The Way
Without You
Love Theme From The Godfather
Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
It's Going To Take Some Time
Day By Day

Puppy Love
Going Down
Automatically Sunshine
I Can't Help Myself
Little Bitty Pretty One
Precious And Few
Too Late To Turn Back Now
Rocket Man
My Sweet Lord

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Electric Church With Sonny Salsbury

The Song Of The Snow
The Electric Church With Sonny Salsbury
The Reflection
Word Records WST-8476

From the back cover: Speaking of names, remember how we were scared at first of the title, THE ELECTRIC CHURCH? Relax! It's great, and catches the exact meaning we were after. Church really should be electrifying, shouldn't it? To bad so few really are. Perhaps this album can provide some generating power where it is needed. I hope so.

Get To Doin'
Walking In The Sunshine
Can't You See?
The Father Loves You
Something To Sing About
Praise God From Whom All Blessing Flow
Psalm 19
Here Comes Jesus
A New Song
The Lord Bless You And Keep You

The Best Of 1971 - Terry Baxter

Cracklin' Rose
Wild World
Black Magic Woman
I Think I Love You
Me And Bobby McGee
My Sweet Lord
The Best Of '71
Terry Baxter/ His Orchestra and Chorus
Produced by Betsy Cohen and Ron Lockhart
Columbia House Musical Treasury
P3S 5596

Arrangers include: Peter Dino, Dean Christopher, Ron Lockhart, Ed Shanaphy, Johnny Gregory and Jimmy Wisner.

I found Baxter's three record set, "The Best Of 70", sometime ago. Little did I know that Columbia House found the set popular enough to produce at least two more in the series, this collection and The Best Of 72.

The Atomic Attic offers you, for your listening pleasure, this amazing selection of impossible and freakish cover songs from this "best of" set that you pleaded with your parents to destroy way back in 1971.

Rose Garden
How Can I Hurt You
Look What They Done To My Songs, Ma
It's Impossible
Theme From "Love Story"
Cracklin' Rose
Time And Love
Mr. Bojangles
One Bad Apple
If You Let Me Make Love To You Then Why Can't I Touch You
They Long To Be Close To You

Watching Scotty Grow
Help Me Make It Through The Night
Yellow River
For All We Know
Wild World
Black Magic Woman
Gypsy Woman
I Think I Love You
I'll Be There
And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
Stoney End
Montego Bay

If You Could Read My Mind
For The Good Times
Me And Bobby McGee
My Sweet Lord
Anytime Of The Year
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
We've Only Just Begun
Everything Is Beautiful

Inside Me… Jimmie Komack

Inside Me…
Jimmie Komack
Orchestra Conducted by Dennis Farnon
RCA Victor LPM-1501

Audio files available from your usual online vendors.

From the back cover: Professionally I am a comedian.

I made my mark in the Broadway show "Damn Yankees" (singing You Gotta Have Heart) and I have headlined nightclubs from Miami Beach, Florida (The Eden Roc), Las Vegas, Nevada (The El Rancho Vegas) to Hollywood, California (Ciro's).

During my last trip to Hollywood (appearing at The Mocambo) somehow the weather (it really is sunny out there) and the relaxed, sporting way of life got to me and I called up RCA Victor (who I am signed to) and told them I was feeling great and why not cut an album.

This was one of two LPs Komack made, the other was a comedy album. Komack has a nice laid-back vocal approach that is well suited for the slow tunes such as "Small Hotel".

You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
There's A Small Hotel
Let's Take A Walk Around The Block
Lazy River
Button Up Your Overcoat
There Goes My Heart
You're The Cream In My Coffee
Love Is Just Around The Corner
Jeepers Creepers
That Old Feeling

In The Mod - Buddy DeFranco

Chelsea Bridge
In The Mod
The Glenn Miller Orchestra
Under The Direction Of Buddy DeFranco
RCA Victor LSP-3819

From the back cover: Chelsea Bridge is the haunting instrumental written by Billy Strayhorn for the Duke Ellington orchestra. Buddy DeFranco's contemporary arrangement captures the exotic Ellington flavor while incorporating references to the Miller style.

Nice sample, but the set is more "mood" than "mod".

In The Mod
Song Of India
Chelsea Bridge
Charlie Cat
Gone With The Wind
Walking Happy
My Ship
The Continental
Thanks For The Memory

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sound In The Eighth Dimension

This Heart
Sound In The Eight Dimension
A New World Of Stereo
Originated and Produced by Loren Becker and Robert Byrne
Command/ABC Records
RS 928 SD

The album title refers to a "new" studio techniques that included 8-channel recording.

From Billboard - March 30, 1968: The result of two years of experimentation (this album) is especially exciting as songs such as "El Gato Montes" (a bull fight) and "South Rampart Street Parade" take on a "live" sound.

This Command/ABC period release was not produced in the typical (Enoch Light/Command) book-fold fashion, in that there are no details about the artists printed on the inside. The space was used to explain the engineering process, which is outstanding, even if the LP plays through like a "test" record.

Limehouse Blues
Ebb Tide
Talk To The Animals
The Heart
Spanish Eyes
March Of The Space Cadets
South Rampart Street Parade
The Sound Of Music
El Gato Montes
Blue Hawaii
Get Me To Church On Time

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Veulve El Sonido Agresivo - Los Yaki

Veulve El Sonido Agresivo
Los Yaki
CAP Latino ST-19033
Manufactured by Capitol Records

This seems like an obscure album from this "first wave British Invasion" Spanish rock translation band.

La Nina Fresa
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
Spinning Wheel
La Vida Facil
Bungalow Bill
Me Quedo En La Tierra

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How Sweet She Is - Shelia MacRae

San Francisco
How Sweet She Is
Sheila MacRae
Arranged and Conducted by Sid Feller
ABC Records ABC-611

From the back cover: One of Jackie Gleason's favorite phrases has been appropriately edited here to apply to his television wife, Sheila MacRae – HOW SWEET SHE IS!

Born in England, Sheila made her way to New Orleans and later to New York's Long Island. The famed writer Christopher Morley suggested to her that she seek a career in show business to fulfill her deep interest in the arts, and a summer theatre job in Roslyn, Long Island, put her in the same company with fledglings Jeff Chandler, Jack Cater and Gordon MacRae. She married Gordon and through the years raised a family, worked as a disc jockey, a radio actress, and writer. In 1957, she made her debut in Gordon's act, and public reaction was so favorable it encouraged her to continue to develop her performing talents>

Miss MacRae has played leading roles in numerous stage productions including a revival of Guys and Dolls at New York's City Center, and Billie Dawn in summer stock productions of Born Yesterday.

You Always Hurt The One You Love
Love Letters In The Sand
San Francisco
If I Give My Heart To You
Hold Me
You Wanted Some To Play With
Give Me Your Kisses
I Wonder How It IS
Somewhere There's Someone
I'm Counting On You