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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Japan Revisited - Mamoru Miyagi

Tanko Bushi
Japan Revisited
Featuring Mamoru Miyagi
And the Graduates of Tokyo's University of Arts
Capitol Records T10195

From the back cover: Capitol is privileged to present a truly unique long-playing record in "Japan Revisited."

Recorded in Tokyo in astonishingly modern studios, the music features the great Mamoru Miyagi, son of the late – and internationally noted – Michio Miyagi, the favorite Japanese composer and koto virtuoso of the Twentieth Century.

Young Mamoru is renowned as a shakuhachi (Bamboo flute) soloist. Along with him are heard graduates of the University of Arts, in Tokyo, playing authentic Japanese instruments and songs.

Notes on the twelve tracks of the record are by N. Ishizaka, who produced the album in Tokyo.

Sakura Sakura
Tanko Bushi
Kojo No Tsuki
Oedo Nihombashi
Matsuri Bayashi
Shishi No Kyoku
Chugoku-Chiho Komoriuta
Shinnai Nagashi

Tangos - Emil Coleman

La Cumparsita
Emil Coleman and His Orchestra
RCA Victor LPM 3003
1952 (10 Inch 33 RPM)

From the back cover:

On this record, Emil Coleman plays for you some of the numbers he is currently offering the exclusive clientele of one of New York's most elegant night spots – the Empire Room of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (where it would cost your several times the price of this record to hear him in person). Among the hundreds of people who will dance to his music this winter, there will be many who themselves, or whose parents, have danced to his music for more than thirty years; for Coleman is one of the most long-established leaders in the business – if not the longest.

It was about the time of the First World War that the management of Bustanoby's then one of New York's best-known restaurants, decided to open their select "Domino Room" and install the unknown Emil Coleman and his orchestra to attract the "carriage trade." Sigmund Romberg had picked the young pianist, recently arrived from England, to head one of his orchestras, and Bustanoby's felt that the young leader's quiet, danceable music was exactly the kind that would attract the expensive clientele they wanted for the new room. Within a few months, the "carriage trade" proved Bustanoby's was right by flocking to the "Domino Room," and they've been dancing to Coleman's music regularly ever since.

This was in the days of the "Bunny Hug" and the "Turkey Trot." Coleman made an immediate hit with the debs and their dates who "hugged" and who "trotted," and, a little later, with his own orchestra, he played for the Scott Fitzgerald flappers and college boys who met under the Biltmore clock to go "tea dancing" at the Ritz and the Plaza. For those tireless fox trotters, Coleman invented the medley, a continuous string of dance numbers that allowed them to dance uninterrupted for an hour.

Since 1918, when he began an eleven-year engagement at the Montmartre, a swank night club atop the Winter Garden theater, Emil Coleman and his Orchestra's smooth, unobtrusive music has delighted two generations of dance lovers. "Music by Coleman" has been the rule at more than a thousand deb parties, including the most fabulous of all, that of Brenda Frazier in 1938; and in recent years, Coleman has been assisting at the debuts of daughters of girls he helped launch twenty-years ago.

The Coleman career began in Odessa White Russia, where he was born, the son of a university professor. Brought up in England, he was a brilliant scholarship student at the Watford Conservatory. Shortly after his graduation, he began playing in an orchestra that shuttled between England and Germany. While coaching a London opera company, he wooed and won the prima donna, and came to America with her as her accompanist. But, because she was forced to cancel her contract in view of an impending blessed event, Coleman found himself a job as a pianist with Simon Romberg's orchestra at Bustanoby's.

Coleman began playing tangos long before most of the current crop of Latin-American band leaders were ever heard of. He's delighted with its present popularity because it's always been one of his favorite dances. Coleman's style is particularly well suited to the suavity and elegance of the tango.

From Billboard - March 22, 1952: The new Emil Coleman tango album contains all the well known tangos of today and yesterday, played cleanly and tastefully by the ork. Best sides are "La Cumparsita," and "Adios Muchachos" (which is now known also as "I Get Ideas"). The set is excellent for those who dance the tango, and will bring back a lot of memories for those who have danced to Coleman's ork at the Waldorf or other fine clubs in New York one the past 25 years. No vocals on this set, just good, well-played tangos.

Director Viejo
La Cumparsita
Cuando Llora La Milonga
Adios Muchachos
A Media Luz

Evolution - Dennis Coffey

Big Funk City
Dennis Coffey and The Detroit Guitar Band
Produced by Theodore
Arrangements: Theodore and Coffey
Recording: Jim Burzzese - GM Studio, Detroit
Mixing: Ray Hall, RCA, New York
Photography: Ransier and Anderson
Design Concept: Theodore
Album Design: Maurer Production
Sussex Records SXBS 7004 STEREO
Distributed by Buddha Records

Special Thanks to Capitol Music, Detroit, Mich. and all the Detroit musicians who contributed their talents to this album.


Dennis Coffey: Alto Guitar, Solos and Sitar
Ray Monette: Tenor Guitar
Joe Podorsek: Baritone Guitar
Bob Babbit: Bass Guitar
Jack Ashford: Percussion

From the back cover: The electric guitar has long been the backbone of contemporary groups. It has remained, however, essentially a lead or rhythm instrument. Now, with the advert of the fuzz tone, sustainers and wa-wa pedals the flexibility and tonal possibilities of the guitar are much broader.

Evolution of the guitar has led to this album. With the exception of drums and piano, multi-voice guitars have been used to produce the accompaniments rather than the moog, horns or strings. The listener will many times find it difficult to believe that guitars can produce such orchestral tones.

The Dennis Coffey guitar band is a lush and funky orchestra on "Summertime Girl" and, on the other hand, they are hard hitting and brassy on "Scorpio". Finally, they top it off electric and mysteriously with "Garden Of The Moon."

Getting In On
Whole Lot Of Love
Summer Time Girl
Garden Of The Moon
Sad Angel
Big City Funk
Wind Song
Good Time Rhythm And Blues

Friday, December 13, 2019

Cocktail Time - Harry Grube

The Continental Piano Of Harry Grube at Cocktail Time
Somerset Album P-800
Produced by Miller International Co.
Packaging by Triumph Phono Records Sales, Inc.

From the back cover: After listening to Harry Grube and his group, it is quite apparent why his continental piano is so much in demand in smart hotel dinning rooms and intimate supper clubs and cafes all over the continent.

His style has that welcome quality of your pleasantly being aware that he is playing, but the music never seems to interfere with your conversation or thoughts. In this album Harry is ably assisted by Helmut Shafberg on Bass, Werner Pathe, guitar and Rolf Harwege, drums.

A surprising fact concerning this album is that it was recorded without any pervious preparation, thought as to selections, or rehearsal with the group. Harry "sat in" on piano for a friend that had been called for a recording session at Musikhalle in Hamburg. The Paragon A & R director was so impressed by his piano work in the large orchestra session, that he persuaded Harry to do an album after the full orchestra left at two o'clock in the morning. By four thirty that morning (sans piano copies or arrangements) this album was taped and ready for editing. Another amazing fact is that not one "retake" had to be made nor were there any of the usual "clinkers" to be omitted from the master tape.

Harry was born in Hamburg in 1931. He studied music all during his school years and aside from cafe work is in great demand by all the recording companies in Western Germany today. He is quite active in television and does a good deal of work for REAL film studios.

He has a deep love of the classics with favorite composers being Beethoven, Debussy and surprisingly enough, Duke Ellington.

You can be certain that you will hear more of the continental piano of Harry Grube in the future.

Dark Eyes
Waves Of The Danube
Melody In F
Vienese Melody
Valse Lente
Flower Song
Waltz In A Minor

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Piano Bon Bons - Eddie Bonnemere

Pennies From Heaven
Piano Bon Bons By Bonnemere
The Eddie Bonnemere Trio
Produced by Teddy Reig
Roost Records LP 2236

Trust In Me
Makin' Whoopee
Blame It On My Youth
Rough Ridin'
I Only Have Eyes For You
Cheatin' On Me
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
I Hear Music
In A Little Spanish Town
I See Your Face Before Me
Pennies From Heaven

Tango Time - Pancho

Tango Of Roses
Tango Time
Pancho And His Orchestra
Vocalion - A Product of Decca Records
VL 3619

La Cumparsita
Adios Muchachos
Tango Of Roses (Tango Delle Rose)
A Media Luz
Derecho Viejo
Por Que?
El Choclo
Sentimiento Gaucho
Nostalgias (My Lost Love)

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Le Sentier Musette de Claudy Frederic

Melancolie D'Avril
Le Sentier Musette
de Claudy Frederic
Centre Stereo MRB 1508

Le Defile Des Tacherons
Lady Musette
Melancolie D'Avril
Mazurka Sur Invitation
Vacances D' Accordéon
Invitation Au Tango
Amour Et Corrida
Les Marionettes D' Automne
Amour De Mai
Confusion Musette
Myriades D'Etoiles
Parade D' Oiseaux

¡Accent! - Jan August

Dark Eyes Rhapsody
Latin Piano by Jan August
Mercury Records Stereo SR 60618

El Cumbanchero
Dark Eyes Rhapsody
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
Green Eyes
Easy To Love
Everything's Coming Up Roses
Two Guitars
What Is This Thing Called Love
I Concentrate On You
Be My Love

Rock 'N Roll Stage Show - Buddy Johnson

I Don't Want Nobody
Rock 'N Roll Stage Show
Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra
Mercury Wing MGW 12111

From the back cover: Elvis Presley, The Crew-Cuts, The Diamonds and the Platters! All big names who have contributed important chapters in the growth of rock 'n roll. Never in the history of the universe have teen-agers have more music or dance-conscious. All of these various styles that categorize rock 'n roll are contained in the person of Buddy Johnson, his sister and vocalist, Ella Johnson, and his tremendous band. This is the ideal Long Play record to stage the very successful teen-age dance party. Teen-agers will find everything from slow blues to mid-tempo "stroll" music, and even some wild, swingin' fast-tempoed instrumentals. The lyrics are crazy... the beat is crazy... teen-agers will be crazy about this one!!!

Meet The Artist

At the age of 18, Buddy came to New York from Darlington, South Carolina. Soon thereafter, he found himself working as a pianist at a number of small clubs. By 1939, his reputation and stature in his chosen profession enabled him to go to Europe with the Cotton Club Review. After a 4-month stay abroad, he returned to New York, and while literally running the scales of his piano ragged, during the next two years he managed to compose a few tunes. It was during this time that a record company executive heard some of his numbers, liked them and signed Buddy to a recording contract. Through his tours, Buddy Johnson has been crowned "King of the One Nighter Circuit" by the nation's dance promoters in their annual poll conducted by the Pittsburgh Courier.

I Don't Want Nobody (To Have My Love But You)
Doot Doot Dow
Bring It Home To Me
You Got It Made
A Pretty Girl (A Cadillac And Some Money)
Any Day Now
It's Obdacious
Crazy 'Bout A Saxophone
(Gotta Go) Upside Your Head
Ain't But One
I'm Just A Fool

Yes Indeed! - The DeJohn Sisters

Yes Indeed!
The DeJohn Sisters
Don Costa And His Orchestra
Arrangements by Don Costa, O. B. Masingill & Johnny Mandel
Cover Design: Bacon-Bracken-Lewine
United Artists Record, Inc.
UAL 3103

From the back cover: One of the most delightful vocal teams to appear on the entertainment scene are the DeJohn Sisters, Julie and Dux. Yes Indeed offers an opportunity to hear all of the excitement that has captivated audiences everywhere.

The first time the talented girls caught our attention was when they bounced into the national record spotlight a short while back with their effervescent version of "No More". Since then, their hight successful career, capped by a dazzling display on the Ed Sullivan show, has made entertainment history.

A quick look into the girls' bio files reveals that they were not talents of the "happened overnight" variety. Their success story began way back at the age of three when they performed on a children's show in their home town, Chester, Pa. Dux, later on, engaged in a host of activities that included high school dramatics and choral work and upon graduation, received the "most talented student" award. Julie, meanwhile, sang at dances and parties with local bands.

Together they sang a at pop concerts in the park, local church choir and weddings and earned a 13-week stint on a local radio station. A recording contract and night club engagements followed and the girls were ready to move onto the national scene.

Until now the DeJohn Sisters have for the most part given their expert and engaging vocal talents to currently popular songs. Here in a somewhat different setting, they prove they are equally at home with songs in the spiritual idiom. Their bright and bouncy style suits the material at hand so well, the album has a "made-for-each-other" sound. The fresh and modern day arrangements of Messrs. Don Costa, O.B. Masingill and Johnny Mandel add the spice that keeps everything shining from "Yes Indeed" through "Study War No More" (also known as "Down By The Riverside"). Listen, and let the spirit of the music move you. – Ira Howard

Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Ain't Gonna Study War No More
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho
Deep River
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
The Lonesome Road
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Get On Board
Heaven, Heaven

The Johnny Smith Foursome - Volume II

East Of The Sun
The Johnny Smith Foursome
Volume II
Cover Photo: Chuck Stewart
Roost SLP 2228

From the back cover: In this album, as in his last one, Johnny is accompanied by Bob Pancoast on piano, George Roumanis on bass and "Mousie" Alexander on drums. Together, these four top flight artists combine their talents to achieve a unity that makes for the most pleasurable listening.

Angel Eyes
Deep Night
These Foolish Things
East Of The Sun
There's A Small Hotel
Tea For Tow
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Early In The Morning - The Gunter Kallmann Chorus

Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Early In The Morning
The Gunter Kallmann Chorus
An N.P. Production by Norrie Paramor
Polydor 24-4506 STEREO

Early In The Morning - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers
My Cherie Amour - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers
It's Getting Better - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers
I'll Never Fall In Love Again - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers
Señorita From Madrid - Arranged and Conducted by Bernard Ebbinghouse
Saved By The Bell - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers
Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers
Sugar Sugar - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers
A Minute Of Your Time - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers
I'll Remember Summer - Arranged and Conducted by Johnny Arthey
Days Of Laughter - Arranged and Conducted by Mike Vickers

Sunday, December 8, 2019

TV Themes - Ray Conniff

Mystery Movie Theme
Ray Conniff
TV Themes From S.W.A.T., Welcome Back, Happy Days, Mary Tyler Moore, M*A*S*H, Laverne & Shirley & Other TV Themes
Produced by Jack Gold & Ray Conniff
Engineer: Dick Bogens
Recorded at A&M Studios
Columbia 34312
1976 CBS

Trombone Solos by Ray Conniff
Flute Solos by Ethmer Roten
Solo Voice on "Mystery Movie Theme" - Jackie Allen

Theme From Police Story (Main Theme From The Columbia Pictures TV Series)
Happy Days
The Young And The Restless (Main Theme From The Screen Gems TV Series)
Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow)
Welcome Back
Theme From S.W.A.T.
Love Is All Around (Theme From The Mary Tyler Moore Show)
Mystery Movie Theme
Song From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)
Making Our Dreams Come True (Theme From Laverne and Shirley)

The In Instrumentals - Kai Winding

On Broadway
The In Instrumentals
Kai Winding
Produced by Creed Taylor
Director of Engineering: Val Valentin
Engineer: Brooks Authur
Cover Design: Ace Lehman
Kai Winding's tuxedo by Stu Marshal
Verve V-8639

Cumulative Personnel:

Kai Winding: Trombone and Leader
Wayne Andre: Trombone
Jimmy Cleveland: Trombone
Bill Watrous: Trombone
Tony Studd: Bass Trombone
John Frosk: Trumpet & Fluglehorn
Irv Markowitz: Trumpet & Fluglehorn
Joe Shepley: Trumpet & Fluglehorn
Everett Barksdale: Electric Guitar
Eric Gale: Guitar
Bill Suyker: Guitar
Al Gorgoni: Guitar
Russ Savakus: Fenderbass Guitar
Paul Griffin: Piano, Organ & Harpsichord
Jerry Ragovoy: Piano
Gary Chester: Drums
Jack Jennings: Percussion
Charles DeAngelis: Tenor & Alto Sax, B Flat Clarinet, Flute & Alto Flute


Manny Green: Violin
Harry Katzman: Violin
Leo Kruczek: Violin
Harry Lookofsky: Violin
Gene Orloff: Violin
Max Pollikoff: Violin
Paul Winter: Violin
Al Brown: Viola
David Mankovitz: Viola
Peter Makas: Cello
George Ricci: Cello
Sol Shapiro: Cello
George Duvivier: Bass

From the back cover: Kai Winding has made the scene since the Frantic Forties, when he appeared with Sonny Dunham, Alvino Rey, Benny Goodman and Stan Kenton. In 1954, he and J. J. Johnson, another extraordinary trombonist, formed a combo so different that it is now historic – two trombonists and a rhythm section. Not even a guitar, chaps, just to give them a real challenge.

Maybe that's Kai Winding''s bit – challenge. For here is an acknowledged jazz great moving in on the turf of the "mods" and "rockers." But is not the old "battle of music" gig at all. He's moving in because he digs the current scene, and he feels how close his jazz roots are to The Rock. He's not fighting – he's marrying. And it is just this marriage that makes this collection such an exciting experience. – Notes by Gilbert S. McKea

On Broadway - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Yesterday - Arranged by Garry Sherman
You've Got That Lovin' Feelin' - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Georgia On My Mind - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Mohair Sam - Arranged by Kai Winding
Sign Of The Times - Arranged by Kai Winding
You've Got Your Troubles - Arranged by Don Sebesky
I Know A Place - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Spanish Harlem - Arranged by Garry Sherman
Anyone Who Had A Heart - Arranged by Don Sebesky
Foxy - Arranged by Kai Winding

This One's For Me Damita Jo

I'm A Fool To Want You
This One's For Me
Damita Jo
Mercury Wing STEREO / WC 16333

From the back cover: "This one's for me. This will be the real me." With these straightforward, unequivocal remarks, Damita Jo set the theme for this album, when she first met with Mercury artist and repertoire director Quincy Jones to discuss its contents.

"I've got loads of songs that I want to sing only because I love them," she continued. "This may wind up being a crazy-quilt album since they are all different and there is no one idea to tie them together. I may sound emotional about this, but they're great old standards and I dig them. This is one album that will truly be mine."

Mr. Jones smiled and capitulated without a murmur of dessert. It was just what he was aiming for. One of the great musical arrangers in the business, an old friend of Damita's and an ardent admirer of hers, he knew she meant every word she said, and he knew she would sing her heart out. Since this was to be their first venture together in producing an album, a show-business "marriage" long awaited by record collectors, he also wanted it to be a reflection of her true personality – warm, and sincere.

Having resolved the question of content, they next set about to execute it. The first step was to cull twelve of the best songs from the lot. Then, Quincy suggested using a small band to retain an intimate feeling. He started with Miss Jo's own rhythm section, who accompany her on all of her engagements, and added a handful of soulful musicians who appreciate her artists. A couple of topnotch arrangers, Al Cohn and Billy Byers, provided the icing on the cake with a set of outstanding scores.

The results is a new Damita Jo on records. Her sound is quite different from anything she has ever done before. The public knows her as a belting singer, but here she is relaxed yet vibrant. Voice and instruments unite for a perfect blend, each complementing and stimulating the other.

From Billboard - October 12, 1963: There's the element of the unexpected in this album. Damita Jo forsakes her belting bravado for a bluesy easygoing approach to great old standards like "I'll Be Around," "Besame Mucho" and "I'm A Fool To Want You." Damita Jo, who has had a few hot single sellers in the past, will be sought out again by her many fans. "There's relaxed swinging', too on "June Night" and "A Good Man Is Hard To Find." Best tracks: "I'll Be Around" and "A Good Man," etc.

In The Dark
You Won't Let Me Go
I'm A Fool To Want You
Everybody's Somebody's Fool
June Night
Love You Madly
Fifteen Years (And I'm Still Serving Time)
A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Besame Mucho
Speak To Me Of Love