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Friday, July 28, 2017

Swingin' With Prince Igor

Symphony For Jazz - Part 4
Swingin' With Prince Igor and Tannhauser
Skip Martin's adaptation for Symphony and Jazz Band
Recorded in Hollywood at United Recording Studios, October 7-8, 1959, under the direction of D. L. Miller
Audio Mix: Bill Putnam, Tape, Edit and Assembly: Belinda Putnam
Package Art: W. Dressler
Produced in U.S.A. by Miller International Co., Swathmore, PA.

Reissued as Somerset SF16000

Creative blend of classical and swing, arranged by Skip Martin. The disc comes packaged in a lushly produced book-fold jacket featuring a plastic "winking" insert on the cover.

From the inside jacket: There are countless music arrangers with academic backgrounds who know the orchestra. There are also many unschooled arrangers with a wonderful "natural" feel. Skip Martin, however, possesses the rare faculty of knowing the orchestra and has one of the greatest natural jazz concepts of any writer on the musical scene today. At the age of 17, he played clarinet with the Indianapolis Symphony; however, as with many of our best modern composer-musicians, the love of jazz was too strong for him to remain with the Symphony. Before heading to the West Coast, Skip played saxophone with Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman and Charlie Barnett. His first arranging jobs of importance were for Count Basie. After an N.B.C. staff berth in New York, Skip moved to Hollywood where he has worked on numerous films, unusual recording projects and significant TV Shows.

Trumpets: Conrad Gozzo, Frank Beach, Joe Triscari, Mickey Mangano, Pete Candoli
Drums: Dale Anderson, Irv Cottler
Bass: Red Mitchell, Roland Bundock
Vibes: Gene Estes
Guitar: Al Hendrickson
Piano: Jimmy Rowels
Reeds: Chuck Gentry, Gus Bivona, Harry Klee, Jules Jacobs, Paul Horn
Clarinet: Hubo Raimondi
Jazz Flute: Paul Horn
Tuba: Clarence Karella
Trombones: Dick Nash, Dick Noel, Frank Howard, George Roberts
French Horns: Jimmy Magee, Dick Perissi, Vince De Rosa, Bill Hinshaw
Music Coordinator: Al Lapin
Concertmeister: Jacques Gasselin

Music Of Leroy Anderson - Stradivari Strings

China Doll
The Music Of Leroy Anderson
Stradivari Strings
Spinorama Records
A Product Of Premier Albums, Inc.
MK 3087

Blue Tango
Summer Skies
China Doll
Fiddle Faddle
A Trumpeter's Lullaby
The Girl In Satin
The First Day Of Spring
Syncopated Clock
The Blue Bells Of Scotland

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Improved Full Dimensional Stereo

Prelude To Act III Of Lohengrin
Great New Sound For '65
New Improved Full Dimensional Sound
The Exciting New Sound For '65 and Complete Tracks From Selected Capitol Albums for February
Capitol Records SPRO 2797

Book-fold 1965 Capitol promotion LP that was "Not Available To The Public" featuring a visually stunning "3-D" cover which, for the most part, my scanner was able to capture the look of. The design was printed on top of some type of plastic material (somewhat like you might see on a "winking postcard") that creates the impression of about 1/2 inch of depth.

A Hard Day's Night (The Hollyridge Strings)
Six-Nix-Quix-Flix (The George Shearing Quintet)
San Francisco Bay Blues (The Travelers Three)
Stick Around (H. B. Barnum)
Yankee Doodle Dandy (The Don Scaletta Trio)
Take Good Care Of My Baby (The Lettermen)
More (Fred E. Finn And His Friends)
Prelude To Act II Of Lohengrin (Stan Kenton And His Orchestra)

Lullaby Of Birdland - George Shearing

A Sinner Kissed An Angel
Lullaby Of Birdland
George Shearing
Pickwick SPC-3039

A fine Pickwick release of Shearing material featuring a seldom seen photo of George, sans glasses, printed on the cover.

From the back cover: ...Pickwick/33 is proud to present in the ten tracks on this record which highlight the smash Shearing career.

Don't Blame Me
Easy To Love
Lullaby Of Birdland
I Remember You
I Wished On The Moon
Over The Rainbow
A Sinner Kissed An Angel
There's A Lull In My Life
They All Laughed

Monday, July 24, 2017

Very Truly Yours - Don Ralke'

Pastel Blue
Very Truly Yours
Don Ralke' Orchestra
Photography: Todd Walker, Beverly Hills
Crown Records CLP 5018

Jazz inspired arrangements and top notch guitar solos are featured in this well paced, creative mood set.

From the back cover: Don Ralke' is a composer, conductor, and pianist of unusual talent. A graduate with honors from the University of Southern California, he holds the degree of Bachelor of Music and Masters of Music. He has also studied musical composition from such prominent modern composers as Arnold Schonberg and Ernst Toch and keyboard technique from the eminent Dr. Alice Ehlers. Don Ralke' has been a successful artist in the recording field for many years, and has gathered together some of the finest talent on the West Coast to record this alum.

Bud Coleman , the featured guitarist, has been active in the radio, television and recording segments of the music industry for many years. He has appeared on CBS Radio NBC TV and, as a guitarist with Frank DeVol. Among the many vocal artists with which he has been associated as guitar accompanist are Lena Horn, Herb Jeffried, Anita O'Day and Lucille Norman. The fluid technique and rich chordal progressions displayed here by Bud Coleman are designed to please the most discerning ear.

A few of the other outstanding soloists to be heard are Ed Kusby – trombone, and Frank Flynn – Vibraphone. Gloria Wood and David Diller are among the vocal artists.

All The Things You Are
When Your Lover Has Gone
Pastel Blue
Tango Of The Roses
The Moon Is Low
April In Paris
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
I Cover The Waterfront
Blue Moon
Don't Blame Me
Dark Eyes

Make Mine Manhattan - D'Artega

Fire And Ice Ballet (D'Artega)
Make Mine Manhattan
Moods In Music Featuring
D'Artega and His Orchestra
Mercury Wing MGW 12101

From the back cover: D'Artega was born in Spain and came to the United States as a youngster. For years he studied orchestration and composition under Boris Levenson, who had been a pupil of Rimsky-Korsakov. Early in the days of radio, D'Artega was attracted to this new magic medium which could bring music into the homes of everyone. But he knew that the techniques of classical music, while glorious to the ears of an initiate, would be strange to millions of Americans who had never had the opportunity to develop a taste for classics. So he committed his art to the development of a style which would combine the best of the familiar, popular music, with the most attractive qualities of his first love, the classics.

That he succeeded in striking the extraordinary balance is evidenced by the outstanding parade of successes which unfolded in his career. D'Artega soon was in demand by the already giant networks to display his unusual combination of easy listening pleasure with artistic distinction. He conducted on the Jell-O Program, You Hit Parade, Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not Show and the Cavalcade of Music. He became the director of "Pop" concerts for the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Frequently he came to Carnegie Hall to conduct its famous Pop Concert Orchestra as a guest, until recently, when he was appointed its permanent conductor.

In The Blue
When Love Is New
Dreamer's Serenade
Concerto Pathetique
Wedding Of The Violins
Tulips In Springtime
Dagger Dance
Fire And Ice Ballet - Pt. 1
Fire And Ice Ballet - Pt. 2
Fire And Ice Ballet - Pt. 3

Highway One - The Mystic Moods

Highway One
The Mystic Moods Orchestra
Arranged and Conducted by Don McGinnis
Produced and Directed by Brad Miller
Spoken Words by Rosko
Spoken Words written by Jim Molin
"Touch" features by Clare
Sound Effects recorded by Brad Miller
Production Assistance by Bob Todd
Recorded by Olympic Sound Studios, London
Remixed at Warner Bros. Studios, N. Hollywood
Recording Engineered by Bart Chiate and Vic Smith
Remix for stereo and quadraphonic sound by Lee Herschberg and Lanky Linstrot
Photography and Art Direction by Ed Thrasher
Warner Bros. Records BS 2648

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the jacket and promotion label. If you are into The Mystic Moods, you will find that this set features another interesting artistic blend of recorded environmental sound and smooth mood arrangements. The mood is augmented by laid-back poetic spoken word lead-ins by "Rosko".

Highway One (Adagion - from Toccata, Adagio and Fugue in C Major by J.S. Bach arranged and adapted by Don McGinnis)
The First Time (Don McGinnis)
Reason For Staying (Don McGinnis)
Electric Music And The Summer People
Rain (Don McGinnis and Bob Todd)
I Wonder How Long
My Love, My Life (Don McGinnis)
Touch (Bonnie Breitzman)
Reflections (Don McGinnis)
Images (Don McGinnis and Bob Todd)
Crystal Morning (Traditional, arranged and adapted by Ginseng Music/Medallion Avenue Music)
Highway One (Reprise)