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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Right On

Right On
K-tel TU 2500

In the mid-70s I would have laughed at anyone who thought this garish exploitive lame bargain basement as advertised on TV album was cool. Today... I'm still laughing, but now I have a copy in my collection.

101 Strings - Soul Hits

A Taste Of Soul
Soul Hits
101 Strings
Alshire S-5237

Yes, 101 Strings did a "soul" album. And why not, 101 apparently covered every form of music ever invented.

As 101 albums go, this one actually has a spark of life to it. And, of course, you get this great cover!

I'm amazed to find so many 101s online for download by the song. This one apparently can't be had at the usual outlets so I'll post a sample.

I Had The Craziest Dream - Dave Pell Octet

I Had The Craziest Dream
Dave Pell Octet
Capitol Records T925

Friday, December 31, 2010

Romantic Moods

Strangers In The Night
Romantic Moods
Strings Unlimited
Oscar Records

Here's another installment in my effort to bring you the most obscure records that no one cares about.

Beautiful Blue Hawaii

Hilo Bay
Beautiful Blue Hawaii
The Polynesians
Crown Records

This is a nice record that blends tradition tracks with a couple of more jazzy space-age songs. One tune, Hilo Bay, features a very cool lounge vocal.

Blue Hawaii
Hilo Bay
The Hawaiian Tale
Whispering Sea
At The Barefoot Bar
Aloha Oe
Tomi Tomi
Hawaii China Doll
Lani Kai
Swaying Palm Trees

Sounds For Sick? People

Sounds For Sick? People
Shell 1711

I had no idea what to expect out of this set, an obvious gimmick album on a label that I had never seen before. On quick glance, the rear cover reveals no information. The copy is humorous fluff intended to prop up the gimmick. All of the song titles have something to do with illness or doctoring. On closer examination I found that the musicians are credited. They include Al Caiola on Guitar, Frank Rehak - Trombone, Boomie Richmond - Flute/Woodwind, Georgie Auld - Tenor Sax, Don Lamond - Drums, Moe Wechsler - Piano/Organ, Sol Schlinger - Baritone Sax.

I recognized a number of names and loved the 60s cover illustration so I bought the album. I wasn't disappointed. This is a great early space age pop record featuring many cool tunes that may help cure what ails you. The record is somewhat obscure, but I noted, today, that a copy hadn't sold on ebay for $1. I paid more than that. It's worth at least that and the cost of shipping. A fun addition to your atomic age collection.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

SPM Showcase Production Music

Rock Squad
SPM Showcase Production Music
Media General Broadcast Services SPM 233

A 12 inch stock music record with about enough content to fill one side or about 6 different tracks with repetitious short segments.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cha Cha Pops - Manny Lopez Orchestra

Cha Cha Pops
Manny Lopez and His Orchestra
RCA Victor LSP-1671

I'd never thought Cha Cha could be done up as easy listening. This album has a laid-back Gleason vibe to it. The approach works for me.

Monday, December 27, 2010

All-Time Piano Hits - Ronnie Aldrich

All-Time Piano Hits
Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos
Phase 4
London SP 44081

There are some nice tunes on this album that features a rather drab looking cover. The engineering is amazing. Credit goes to Arthur Bannister.

Tracks consist mostly of 60s light pop and easy listening fare that I find pleasant, but pretty standard for the time. A few tracks rise above that vibe. They include fun covers of Miserlou and Voodoo Moon.

Strings In Hi-Fi - Pierre Challet And His Orchestra

Holiday For Strings
Strings In Hi-Fi
Pierre Challet And His Orchestra
Mercury SR 60066

From the March 23, 1959 issue of Billboard: Title is apt. The sound is, why not say it, sensational. The program is composed of string showpieces ("Flight Of The Bumble Bee, "Holiday for Strings", etc.) in sprightly arrangements. Place the needle anywhere for demonstration to hi-fi fans and, if you have a special browser for audiophfles (that is how they spelled the word), the disk deserves to be included.

Mercury is one of my favorite labels when it comes to quality engineering.

Holiday In Acapulco

Baja Narea
Holiday In Acapulco
Fortuna TLPS 937

Budget release with no artist credit on the cover. On the label, the recording is credited to the Scott Mills Orchestra.

This obscure album, featuring a stock cover photo, is quite pleasant. A number of tracks are average Latin filler, but an equal number have a small combo flavor to them. The predominate instrument is the flute.

On the back cover is nothing about the music, but instead, a brief history of "The Evolution Of Stereophonic Sound".

A portion of this history includes a purchase, by The Shah of Persia, of the first three-track phonograph. A machine that was manufactured by the Columbia Phonograph Corporation in 1898. This player was advertised as "The Mulitplex Gramaphone Grand" and was the largest talking machine ever constructed.

Jackie Gleason Presents - Lazy Lively Love

Jackie Gleason Presents
Lazy Lively Love
Capitol Records SW 1439

After I collect all of Gleason's albums I will count up the number of covers that feature drinking and smoking.

Normally Gleason's stuff is great but this release seems unfocused and thematically weak compared to the other Gleason sets I've got in the collection. The LP is more "light pop" than romantic mood and features "brass" which in this case, I find hard to warm up to.