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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bob James Goes Western

Tumble Tumbleweeds
Bob Kames at The Organ Goes Western
Organ: Shillito's Hammond Organ Studios - Cincinnati, Ohio
Cover: Dan Quest
Engineer: Chuck Seitz
Producer: Hal Neely
Cover Location" Courtesy of D-X Ranch, Cincinnati, Ohio
King Records 821

From the back cover: This, then is Bob James latest album, recorded in the King Record studios in Cincinnati, Ohio, in September of 1962. It is our belief that this album represents Bob Kames at his very best and we believe that the recording techniques used to capture the magnificent tone qualities and sound of the newest model Hammond Organ has resulted in an album which is truly unique and different.

Arrangements were made with the Hammond Organ factory to borrow the very latest model for the recording date. A special technique was worked out whereby a total of seven microphone were used to capture the full sound spectrum and harmonies produced from the two organ speakers – one Hammond speaker and one Leslie. The two speakers were isolated by special sound baffling so that a complete separation between the two speakers could be obtained for special stereo effects.

The idea to have Bob Kames record a country music album was inspired by the great Ray Charles album, "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music". Once it was decided that this would be at the album theme, many hours were spent in researching the songs to be recorded. Following Bob's theory of recording music "for the people", the selectors were finally reduced to sixteen. The normal length for most LOs is twelve tunes, but Bob felt that it was impossible to cut the list any more, so all sixteen songs were recorded and included in this album.

San Antonio Rose
Jealous Heart/Cold Cold Heart
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
My Adobe Hacienda
You're Alone Wen You're Riding The Trail
Home On The Range
You Are My Sunshine
Wagon Wheels
Beautiful Brown Eyes
Don't Fence My In
Sioux City Sue
Tears On My Pillow
Give Me A Horse
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Johnny Cowboy

Photoplay Picks The Great Love Themes From Hollywood

Photoplay Picks The Great Love Themes From Hollywood
Warner Bros. WS 1368

Tara's Theme (from "Gone With The Wind" - Muir Mathieson
Theme From "Picnic" - Moonglow (from "Picnic" - George Greeley)
Mam'selle (from "The Razor's Edge - John Scott Trotter)
The Moon Of Manakoora (from "Hurricane - The Outriggers)
An Affair To Remember (from "An Affair To Remember" - George Greeley)
Laura (from "Laura" - Buddy Cole)
Fascination (from "Love In The Afternoon" - Raoul Meynard)
Around The World (from "Around The World in 80 Days" - George Greeley)
Hi-lili, Hi-Lo (from "Lili" - Ray Heindorf)
Three Coins In The Fountain (from "Three Coins In The Fountain" - John Scott Trotter)
La Vie En Rose (from "To The Victor" - Warren Barker)

Pat Dixion's Scientific Daily Dozen

Pat Dixon's Scientific Daily Dozen
From our cocktail lounge at The Lodge of The Four Seasons - Lake Ozark, Missouri
Album Design: Dan Quest Art Studio, Nashville
Photography: Barry Mandell
PRES S-101

Dennis Banta, organ
Jerry Frank, sax
Dick McGinnis, drums

From the back cover: Who's Pat? Pat hails from England as you can tell when you hear her clipped British accent. A Registered Nurse, she comes to the Ozarks from the internationally famous Golden Door, in Escondido, California, where she was Exercise Director.

The Golden Door, one of the top health spas in the United States, is owned and operated by the celebrated Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely and his charming wife Deborah. They also own and operate the thousand-acre Rancho La Puerta health spa in Tecate, Mexico. Before going to the Golden Door, Pay Dixion was Exercise Director of Rancho La Puerta for two years.

It was in Mexico that Harold Koplar, president of the Lodge of the Four Seasons, discovered Pat and persuaded her to come to his beautiful Ozark resort to initiate a similar program in this part of the country so that fellow Midwesterners would no longer have to go to Mexico or California in search of "The Fit and The Trim" way of life.

Rendezvous For Two - Guy La Salle

Rendezvous For Two
Rendezvous For Two
Guy La Salle and His Orchestra
Cover Photography by Leigh Charell
Gown and Accessories from Milgrim, N.Y.C.
M-G-M E3570

From the back cover: They (your "musical favorites") are superbly styled the distinctive Guy La Salle way: chicly Continental in cast, lush and lovely in fashioning.

By The Bend Of The River
It's A Find Day For Walking Country Style
Giannina Mia
Lilac Mist
If You Talk About A Dream
The Donkey Serenade
Rendezvous For Two
Dreamy Melody
The Wind And The Sea
Pinwheel (Saudades)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Do Anything You Wanna - Harold Betters

All Alone
Do Anything You Wanna
Harold Betters
Gateway Recordings, Inc.
GLP 7014

I'm not sure why Betters felt that a quirky image of him standing on a pile of firewood would help sell his album. However if the concept was really to do "anything you wanna"... I can't argue with the image choice. Not only is the cover curious, the set is also a quirky combination of quirky arrangements that range from lively to "mellow". Overall, to my ear, this is a find, engaging small combo jazz set that includes some nice uncredited guitar work.

From the back cover: Harold Betters is one of the most vibrantly exciting new sounds to ever enter the music field. His adeptness and musical sensitivity has rightfully earned him the title of "Mr. Trombone." Whether it's the down home sound of "Do What You Wanna," the fiery "Twist And Shout" or the mellow strains of "If I Had You," Harold Betters displays a genius for reaching the hearts of his audience.

To aid Harold in his brilliant arrangements, Chuck Ramsey and Res Lewellen keep a driving beat on the bass and drums respectfully, while John Thomas lends a hand with his unusual piano stylings.

In two years Betters has been with Gateway I have seen his reputation grow from coast-to-coast.

Do Anything You Want part 1
If I Had You
Tall Girl
All Alone
Twist And Shout
Do Anything You Wanna part 2
Second Time Around
Girl From Ipanema
Just Imagine
Hello Dolly

The Stan Kenton Deluxe Set

Theme From "Peyton Place"
The Stan Kenton Deluxe Set
3 Records of the Very Greatest From His "Creative World"!
Capitol Records STCL 2989

Nice Kenton box set of tunes that features samples of the artist's progressive big band sound that he developed throughout his career. Many of the tunes are available from online vendors, however the sample above, one of his later efforts, seems to be out-of-print.


Side One

Artistry In Rhythm
Love Letters
Opus Pastels
Bali' Ha'i From "South Pacific"
How Deep Is The Ocean

Side Two

They Didn't Believe Me
Hey, There
Theme To The West
I Concentrate On You
Eager Beaver
Fools Rush In
I Get Along Without You Very Well
Body And Soul
Darn That Dream
It Might As Well Be Spring

Side Four

I Feel Pretty From "Westside Story"
When Your Lover Has Gone
Opus In Chartresuse
On The Street Where You Live From "My Fair Lady"
Time After Time

Side Five

Never On Sunday
Tristan Und Isolde
Tonight From "Westside Story"
I Understand

Side Six

Theme From "Peyton Place"
Stairway To The Stars
Spanish Eyes

Teen Age Dance Party - Dan Terry

Teen Age Dance Party
Dan Terry And His Orchestra
Harmony HL 7002

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

One of the few "teen age dance party" sets that I've collected that feature tunes that actually sound as though they may have late 50s youth or the college crowd appeal. Singing, jazzy big band good all the way through featuring a few sweet but uncredited (Dan Terry?) male vocal numbers.

Lazy Alley
Organ Grinder's Swing
I Found A New Kind Of Love
Choo Choo My Baby
White Buck Special
Mr. Flamingo
Totem Pole
Goofin' Blues
Levi Leap

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Passion - Walter Scharf

Fantastic Rhumba
Tangos And Torrid Tempos To Dance To, To Love, Too
Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Walter Shcarf
Produced by Morty Palitz
Photograph by Charles Aaron
Cover Design by Sy Leichman
Setting Courtesy of Zelda E. Fischel
Jubilee Records JLP 1079
Superlaphonic Hi-Fi

Excellent edgy late 50s mood set. Could be considered a concept LP.

From Billboard - November 17, 1958: Composer, conductor, arranger Scarf batons a shimmering stereo performance of woodwinds and strings. Framework is Latin, heady and romantic, as the title might imply. Rhythm are tango, conga, samba, etc., and the tunes are all Scharf's own. A rather bold cover will cause some chatter. The sound and performance are excellent.

Walther Scharf wrote the Michael Jackson single from the movie Ben (1972). See Scharf's wiki page.

Tango Of Love
Love With Macracas
Moonlight Tango
Fantastic Rhumba
Tango Of Hope
Tango Of Desire
Conga Flute
Tango Of Fire
Sub Rhumba
Tango Of Emotions
Mardi Gras Samba

Monday, November 7, 2016

What Now My Love - The Monterey Brass

Love Me Forever
What Now My Love
The Monterey Brass
Diplomat D52377

Budget brass and engineering featuring curious low levels on the bass and drum kit. Crazy long arrangements for this type of set.

What Now My Love
The Barcarolle
Love Me Forever
Spanish Flea
Dark Eyes
Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland

Current Hits Vol. 31

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Current Hits Vol. 31
Producer: William Beasley
Assistant Producer: Ted Jarrett
Studio: Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineer: Tom Sparkman
Cover Design: McPherson Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Hit Records MA 560

Long Lonely Nights
Theme From Peyton Place
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
I Know A Place
I Must Be Seeing Things
Once You've Been In Love
The Race Is On
I'm Telling You Now
10 Little Bottles
Tower Suite

Ringo - Modern Sound

Taxicab Man
Producer: William Beasley
Studio: Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Cover Design: McPherson Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Modern Sound MS 1001

Budget covers compilation set.

Young World
It Keeps Right On a Hurtin'
It's Been A Long, Long Time
Marching Back To Love
Mr. Lonely
Tootle Dee Doddle Dee Doo
A Broken Hearted Fool Like Me
Just Loving You
Taxicab Man

Michelle Going From Baroque - Ray Martin

Going For Baroque
Ray Martin And His Orchestra
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
Recorded in Webster Hall, New York City
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
RCA Camden CAS-976

Another fine mid-60s pop release from one of my favorite space age arrangers, Ray Martin.

From the back cover: Baroque emerged from the classical, mid-European centers of culture – from Italy and Austria. Of course that was back in the 1700 - 1800s. Ray Martin emerged from the very same background. He wafted his way out of Austria in 1938, polished English mannerisms and modern sounds in London and Liverpool and on the B.B.C. until 1957. Since then he has been charged up with the contemporary.

What Now My Love
Georgia On My Mind
As Tears Go By
Going For Baroque
Promise Her Anything
Manhattan Minuet
My Love
Now There, Mr. Rubinstein! (Melody In F)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ray Eberle Plays Glenn Miller

Ray Eberle Plays Glenn Miller
Vocals by Ray Eberle
Golden Tone C 4030

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. This is the original cover (above) that features a photo that appears as if it could have been staged in the record company reception area.

From the back cover: They (the songs) are performed by Ray Eberle, the original Miller vocalist, to provide a high fidelity re-creation of the great Glenn Miller Band.

Solid dance set featuring Eberle's "golden tone" vocals.

In The Mood
Little Brown Jug
Blue Champagne
Tuxedo Junction
Deep Purple
A String Of Pearls
Sunrise Serenade