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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Los Cinco Latinos

Tren De Carga - Freight Train
Los Cinco Latinos
Columbia DCA-89

I wasn't able to find English language information online for Los Cinco Latinos.

They appear to be a pop group from Argentina who formed in 1957 and continued to entertain fans for at least the next several decades.  Their wiki page discography indicates this LP was their third release.

I couldn't find an example of this cover online. The album has a nice cross-over vibe from 50s doo-wop to 60s light pop.

All Ears

Honey Bee
All Ears
10 New And Original Song Hits With A CB Theme
Realistic 50 - 6002

David Rose Happy Heart

David Rose
Happy Heart
Capitol ST-393

Somewhat obscure David Rose set.

Read about Rose on his wiki page.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Route 66 Theme And Other Great TV Themes - Nelson Riddle

Route 66 Theme And Other Great TV Themes
Arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle
Capitol ST 1771

Available on a combo CD with Riddle's follow-up album titled More Hit TV Themes so I will not be posting a sample.

Riddle arrangements of period TV themes are unexpectedly cool. The album holds up well against other space age efforts and the music still seems fresh today. The engineering is excellent.

Read more about Riddle on his wiki page.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Best Of '70 - Terry Baxter And His Orchestra

Whole Lotta Love
The Best Of '70
Terry Baxter And His Orchestra
36 Of Today's Most Popular Songs
Columbia Musical Treasury
P38 5454

This is a great set for those looking for bastastical 70s covers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smooth & Swinging Jazz

Whyte & Mackay Blended Scotch Whiskey Presents Verve's
Smooth & Swinging Jazz
Verve PM 12

Nice bad habits cover to add to my collection. Apparently the Dude is the only person on this date that is going to get loaded.

This is a promotional album for Whyte & Macay's. I do not know how the album was distributed.

Speaking of smoking and drinking... there is a smoking cover of Caravan by Bobby Brookmeyer to enjoy on the album along with a wonderful smoky vocal on I've Got The World By A String by Anita O'Day.

How To Belly Dance For Your Sultan

Your browser does not support the HTML5 audio element. How To Belly Dance For Your Sultan
ELAY Records 2789

I think this LP may be a follow-up to Ozel Turkbas's album titled How To Make Your Husband A Sultan. The album sparked a resurgence for belly dance in the early 1970s and sold 150,000 copies in the U.S. An "instruction" booklet that was apparently included with both albums.

How To Make Your Husband A Sultan
Belly Dance With Ozel Turklas
Cover Design: Duographics Studios
Costume Design: Miss Yurdagul Yuksel
Hairdresser: Haz Guldur
Photo: Maurice Seymour, N. Y.
Recording: Odo Recording Studio
Elay Records 2687

Ozel's Dance Music
Tin Tin
Kandirali Ciftetelli

Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun

Haulin' Dynamite
The Land Rovers Truck Drivin' Son-Of-A-Gun
And Other Songs Of The Road
Diplomat DS 2367

Obscure early trucking album featuring a Johnny Cash sound-alike.

Songs about how horrible truck driving is set to country music. If the prostitutes, broken down trucks, bad food, lack of exercise, sleep and traffic tickets won't kill you... the day your truck explodes in a ball of fire will.

Sing Along With The Busy Beavers

Whoopie Ti Yi Yo
Sing Along With The Busy Beavers
Golden Tone C4052

Once upon a time, boys and girls, an adult developed a recording technique that made real voices sound incredibly annoying. However, it was soon discovered that the youth market LOVED this contrivance. The children demanded more... much more!

In a jiffy other adults trampled on the original creator's rights to make sure the children were happy and well supplied with similar annoyances featuring a wide variety of cartoon characters.

And so ends our story of thinly veiled but yet shameless theft of intellectual property.

Almost no one lives happily ever after.

Thee end.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bonjour Paris - Michel Legrand And His Orchestra

Bonjour Paris
Bonjour Paris
Michel Legrand And His Orchestra
Columbia CL 947

From Billboard - February 9, 1957: The newest LeGrand set calls for special attention. It has all the earmarks-sensuous, tricky arrangements, unusual switches in lead instruments and over-all sound-quality – to send it off counter-wise with a bang. The 14 selections include some standards "Poor People Of Paris," "Two Loves Have I," "My Man," etc., but all are projected to live up to the theme – the essence of Paris. There's great deejay material here, too, and it shouldn't be missed.

Bonjour Paris
The Poor People Of Paris
Two Loves Have I
Hymn To Love
A Paris dans chaque faubourg
The Portuguese Washerwomen
French Can-Can
La Mer
The Left Bank
My Man
Parlez-moi d'amour
Le Guinche
Bonjour Paris

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dance Dance Dance

Star Wars
Dance Dance Dance
By Dynamic Sound
T.E.J. Records 2009

Here's another total budget covers album by T.E.J.  Funny thing about these albums... someone out there will find this post and remember that they worn the album out as a kid.

Maybe someone can tell me where the bought the album. I'd like to know how T.E.J. distributed their product.

Enjoy what is probably the one millionth disco cover of Star Wars.

Hawaiian Holiday In Hi-Fi - Jack La Delle

Hawaiian War Chant
Blue Hawaii
Hawaiian War Chant
Blue Hawaii
Hawaiian Holiday In Hi-Fi
The Genius Of Jack La Delle
Cover Photo Courtesy Pan American Airlines
Design Records DLP 53

From the back cover: Aloha, good friend. Welcome to the softest, sweetest, loveliest music anywhere. To the uninitiated, let me say, "Yes, there is a reason for titling this album "The Genius of Jack LaDelle." Why?... Simple. Every musical note. Every word sung. Every instrument played on this album is the work of Jack LaDelle. One of America's most talented and versatile musician-entertainers. Jack plays thirty two... that's right, thirty-two instruments. He plays them well enough to be carried in the musicians union records as a recognized professional on each. I've searched and I know of no one who can equal or even approach the amazing feat. I had first seen Jack perform at Allen Rich's lovely Southward Inn up on Cap Cod. He was, without a doubt, the most versatile and entertaining man I had ever seen. He did a one man show and after a hour and a half, the crowd still wouldn't let him off. Jack then did the darnedest closing I'd ever seen. He sat down underneath a tree on the terrance and softly crooned a medley of love songs made famous by Bing Crosby. You could close your eyes and Crosby was in the room. At the end of the medley, several of the couples were dancing dreamily, and the rest were strolling 'neath that big Cap Cod moon. From the excitement of his fast paced and very often riotously funny show, Jack had in moments transferred the Southward into the lover's paradise it was built to be. I made a date with Jack and back in New York we mapped out the album presented herewith.

I never dreamt what the recording sessions would be like. Jack would play each instrument in turn. His arrangements are all in his head. He would first play rhythm guitar and we'd recorded it. Then, wearing earphones so he could hear what had been recorded before, he would play steel guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, clarinet, flute and more and more and more. Then he sang. He sang three part harmony with himself. He played three part harmony with himself on clarinet. Every beat counts in advance. Every note precisely on time and in perfect pitch.

A fantastic four miles of recording tape went into the production of this album.

Blue Hawaii
Sweet Leilani
Lovely Hula Hands
Song Of Old Hawaii
Hawaiian War Chant
Song Of The Islands
Sing Me A Song Of The Islands
To you, Sweetheart, Aloha
On A Little Bamboo Bridge
Aloha Oe

Electronic Music From The University Of Illinois

Electronic Music From The University Of Illinois
MGM Records HS-25047

From the March 11, 1967 issue of Billboard: A far-out disk of selections by five contemporary composers with appeal to devotees of sound as well as electronic music. Herbert Bruen's "Futility" with Marianne Bruen as speaker proves a dramatic experience. Two short tape selections by Kenneth Gaburo are delights while Salvtore Matirano's "Underworld" is weird and fascinating.

You know that when you have forced a reviewer at Billboard to use words like "experience" and "weird"... that you've done something right.  I chose the track titled Underworld for my sample. If Frank Zappa wrote an electronic piece... it may have worked out a bit like this.

The album features many great tracks including, Machine Music, a piece by the Experimental Music Studio Founder, Lejaren Hiller. You can read more about the school on their website.

Hair - The Ray Bloch Singers


The Ray Bloch Singers
Ambassador S98084

From the back cover: The Ray Bloch Singers "groove" with the mother earth sound of this "American tribal love-rock" musical with these songs of today's involvement... HAIR is a broadway smash! A continuous happening – love and humanity is "what it's all about". Throwing off the shackles and conformity of a hypocritical society. "HAIR" is the tremendous vitality and enthusiasm of the youth of today!

Frank Mills
Good Morning Starshine
Ain't Got No
Where Do I Go
Easy To Be Heard
Let The Sunshine In

Cool Coleman

Cool Coleman
Westminster WST 15001

Small combo jazz featuring pianist Cy Coleman, bassist Aaron Bell and percussionist Charlie Smith. Coleman wrote the majority of the tunes on the album.

This is a great, and somewhat obscure jazz album. There is a CD floating around out there... but both the CD and the album are a bit hard to find. None-the-less, I'll have to pass on posting a sample.

One of Coleman's popular tunes, Witchcraft appears on this album. He also wrote Playboy's Theme which became the signature music of Playboy television features.

Coleman soon moved on from work such as this to assume a career composing for Broadway shows such as Wildcat which marked the debut of comedienne Lucille Ball.

Read more on Coleman's wiki page.

Isaac E. Crary Junior High School 1974-75

Amy's Theme
Isaac E. Crary Junior High School 1974-75
Symphony And Stage Band
Gerald K. Spry - Conductor
Mark Custom Records MC-1123

Only the coolest kids got to play lounge music in Junior High School!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Western Christmas - Cactus Jim and The Wranglers

Just As The Sun Went Down
Western Christmas
Cactus Jim and The Wranglers
Diplomat Record X 1017

Budget label, Diplomat, spent some money on this cover. The shapes in the white portion of the ornament shape are embossed. I love it that Santa once carried a pistol.

How a tune about soldiers dying on battlefield helps to put a child into the Christmas spirit... I do not know.

The Lower Southeastern District Band

The Lower Southeastern District Band
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
Phonenixville Pennsylvania Area High School
Franford Wayne Recording Labs. FW 10515