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Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Of The Ladder - Byron Lee And The Dragonaires

A & T Party
Storybook Children
Top Of The Ladder
Byron Lee And The Dragonaires
Soul BLP-011

Had to buy this one for the fun cover. Byron Lee made a ton of records. This one isn't necessarily obscure, but this I don't see it listed in his wiki discography. The best I can tell (from a few dates found in the cover notes) is that the record was released in 1967 or 68.

Miss Tourist
Pipe Organ
Windows Of The World
Mr. Walker
Sock It To Me
Honeymoon Couple
A & T Party
Cielito Lindo
Storybook Children
Wood In The Fire
Old Beirut
You Sweeten Me

Discotheque Dance Party

From Russia With Love

Dipolmat Records DS 2397

This is one of the better budget "Discotheque" records I've run across. By nature (of the Discotheque trend), the track selections are wide ranging. The same holds true on this album, but for some reason the vibe is more cohesive and the tunes are, with some consistency, cool. No credit is given to any one artist or group as most selections are probably stock.

Beatles Move
Discotheque Dance Party
Diplomat Records DS-2334

This is the same record, different cover.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Soft Touch - Ellis Larkins

Golden Earrings
The Soft Touch
Ellis Larkins
Mood Jazz In Hi-Fi
Decca DL 9205

Awwww... who can resist kittens? I couldn't and bought the album based on the image. The "soft touch" theme is expressed on vinyl by pianist Ellis Larkin. Here's a link to his wiki page. The tracks are minimalist lounge led by Larkin's deft touch on the keyboard. Sweet stuff... just like kittens!

I Don't Stand A Chance
When I Fall In Love
Where Can I Go
Golden Earrings
A Love Like This
Sweet Sue, Just You
Blue Star
Love Me
My Foolish Heart
Love Letters
Stella By Starlight
Can't We Talk It Over

Ecstasy - Otto Cesana

Otto Cesana And His Orchestra
Columbia CL 631

This one is available online for online purchase/download if you look hard enough. So I will not be featuring a sample. None of the sources offer you the fabulous original cover image. The music is heavy duty easy that offers up a lush and dramatic experience if listened to as a whole. In other words, this is another example of how vinyl rules over digital if you want to experience what the artist originally intended you to hear.

Holiday For Lovers

Haunting Melody
Holiday For Lovers
FDR Waldorf Music Records MH 33

This is a nice 6 track 10 inch 33 featuring, what I call, at "bad habits" cover (smoking and drinking). The that track on the B side is the stand-out lounge tune from session musicians Rod Gregory - piano, Frank Carrol - bass and Bob Rosten, drums.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Bright New World - The New Hope

Medley: The Path Of Love and Love Can Make You Happy
A Bright New World
The New Hope
Light Records LS-5523-LP

I wasn't sure which blog to post this treasure in. Appearing In The Motel Lounge, The Good, Bad & Ugly Gospel Record Barn or up here in The Atomic Attic.

The release is on Light, which, I believe is better know as a Christian/gospel label. There are a few popular "lounge" tunes on the record and the remaining tunes are more-or-less "sunshine pop". I've seen the producer's name, Ralph Carmichael attached to more than one "sunshine pop" project.

From the back cover: Note that the music on this album has a positive feeling about it. That's our NEW HOPE... not ignoring the problems we face in our world today, but know as youth, we can conquer them.

Frankly... the album is out-of-control... just the way we like it up here in The Attic. It's hard to beat the sample tune above for featuring something a little fast... a little slow... a little something fantastic!

However, you might like to listen to More Today Than Yesterday, today... Appearing In The Motel Lounge.

Classical Current - Laurindo Almeida

The Breeze And I
Classical Current
Laurindo Almeida
Produced by Sonny Burke
Warner Bros. - Seven Arts

I pulled this one out of the "electronic music" bin at a record store I frequent. The notes mention Almeida's "electronic classical guitar" and hints around that he's studied the work of John Cage.

This "electronically-influenced" album is a pleasant and interesting (and sometimes curious) blend of classical and period light jazz/pop/Latin along with, what seems to me... a very subdued "electronic" vibe as mentioned in the notes.

The Breeze And I
My Reverie
Till The End Of Time
The Lamp Is Low
Baubles, Bangles And Beads
Full Moon And Empty Arms
Moon Love
My Prayer
My Moonlight Madonna
Our Love
When I Write My Song
Theme From The Warsaw Concerto

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

36 Today The Now Sound Of Young Music

Yellow Submarine
Have You Seen Your Mother
Baby, Standing In The Shadows
Psychotic Reaction
36 Today
The Now Sound Of Young Music
Columbia Record Club
P2S 5104

Cover albums are generally found on budget labels. Although, like this two record set, I have found a few produced by Columbia. To be fair... Columbia does their best to make reasonably good "sound-alikes. But still... there is no way to be successful in all instances.

Sorry if the audio is a bit rough. This copy I found was well played.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Truck Stop

Truck Stop
Compatible NLP 2052

Featuring George Morgan, The Willis Brothers, Johnny Bond, Red Sovine, Joe Maphis, Benny Martin and Lonnie Irving

This is an above average "trucker" album featuring a terrific cover image. It would seem that all of the tunes are available for purchase download if you look hard enough.

Side one:

Sleeper Cab Blues
Truck Driving Buddy
Big Rig Gutiar
Big Footed Dan
Pinball Machine

Side two:

Wheels A Turning
Hitch Hiking Girl
Long Hall Weekend
Man Behind The Wheel

Bells On High-Fi

Bells On High-Fi
Memorable Music played on the World's Largest Carillon
Heard From The Space Needle At The 1962 World's Fair
The 538 Bell Schulmerich "Carillon Americana"
Bells Instrument by John Klein
American Records AR-8000

Musetta's Waltz-Song
The Swan
La Cinquantanie
Solveig's Lied
Pavane Pour Line Infante Defunte
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Tune In D
My Heart At The Sweet Voice

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Progressive Percussion - Percussion All Stars

Song Of India
Progressive Percussion
Percussion All Stars
Modern Records MST 817

Adios Muchachos
Prelude For Lovers
Hawaiian War Chant
Song Of India
Glow Worm
Tympani Percussion
La Cumparsita
Annie Laurie
El Choclo
Aloha Oe

Georgy Girl And Other Music To Watch Girls By - Living Marimbas

Music To Watch Girls By
Georgy Girl And Other Music To Watch Girls By
Living Marimbas
Arranged by Leo Addeo
RCA Camden CAS-2149

I'm assuming the cover image has some sort of tie-in to the film, Georgy Girl. But the theme of the record is more "music to watch girls by". Regardless, this is a curious downer cover if you ask me.

The music, however, is perky 60s light pop.

Music To Watch Girls By
Sweet Maria
Never On A Sunday
Georgy Girl
Take It Easy
A Gay Ranchero
Girls! Girls! Girls!