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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature - George Russell

Electronic Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature
Composed and Produced by George Russell
Executive-Producer: Bob Thiele
Artwork (Textil Print): Anna Russell
Design: Marit Jerstad
Photography:  Owe Ahlström, Peter Lindholm
Engineer: Bjørnar Andresen, Göte Nilsson
Recorded live at the Sonja Henie/Niels Onstad Center For The Arts, on April 28th, 1969, at Høvikodden, near Oslo, Norway.
The electronic tapes was composed in the Electronic Music Studios (EMS) of the Swedish Radio in Stockholm.
The tapes of African vocals and lute was recorded by Cal Floyd in 1967 in Nile headquarters region of North Uganda.
Flying Dutchman - FD 10124
Distributed by Atco Records


Pianon: George Russell
Bass: Red Mitchell
Drums: Jon Christensen
Electric Guitar: Terje Rypdal
Tenor Saxophone: Jan Garbarek
Trumpet: Manfred Schoof

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.  

Friday, January 13, 2012

Joe Harnell And His Orchestra

Harlem Nocturne
Joe Harnell And His Orchestra
Arrangements: Joe Harnell
Photo Credit: William Maund
Kapp Records KL 1339

From Billboard - August 31, 1963: Joe Harnell has come up with a bright and sophisticated collection of current pop standards and motion picture tunes. The treatment is full ork all the way, laced with the Harnell piano.

I Only Have Eyes For You
Once In A Lifetime
In The Still Of The Night
The Dawn Of Love
If Ever I Would Leave You
Harlem Nocturne
Who Am I
Come Away With Me
Dancing In The Dark

Tops In Pops

Danny Boy
Tops In Pops

Here we have a completely ridiculous pre-printed cover with track titles poorly printed at the top. There are no brass or marching band tunes on the record (I suspected as much from the track list).

The song covers aren't horrible and Danny Boy is pretty cool!

The Theme From Ben Casey And Other Great TV Shows

Theme From The Hawaiian Spectacular
The Theme From Ben Casey And Other Great TV Shows
Diplomat DS 2269

Studio group or tracks collected from a variety of sources. No credits.

Theme From Ben Casey
Theme From Cheyenne
Theme From The Late Show
Theme From Arthur Murray's TV Party
Theme From The French Review
Theme From Dr. Kildare
Theme From Victory At Sea
Theme From The Danny Thomas TV Show
Theme From The Alfred Hitchcock TV Show
Theme From The Hawaiian Spectacular

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Soundstage Spectacular - Terry Baxter

To Sir With Love
Soundstage Spectacular
The Columbia Soundstage Orchestra Conducted By Terry Baxter
Columbia P2S 5284
1969 CBS Direct Marketing Services

Here's one of those albums that most collectors leave in the thrift bin. But I thought covers of 2001: A Space Odyssey, a tune from Barbarella and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Theme might be interesting. I also remembered buying a Terry Baxter three record boxed easy listening set that featured a few wild pop tune covers including a cover of Whole Lotta Love.

This record is fun light pop/easy with weird synth bridges between a few songs that don't seem to have any place in the record.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

Otto Luening: Gargoyles
Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
Columbia MS 6566

Created, in part, on a RCA Mark II Sound Synthesizer delivered to the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center in 1959. The Mark II was built to suit Ussachevsky and Babbit (artists credited on the back cover of this LP).

About My Music Blogs

There are (almost) no links on my blog that allow for the download of entire albums.

If you don't see an audio sample posted under the image of the album cover the reason is that the album (at the time of the posting) can be found for sale on CD and or by digital download. Ownership of the material may still be questionable but I always err on the side of caution when dealing with rights.

I've received email from relatives who are happy that their family members haven't been forgotten and from folks who enjoy the more obscure recordings I share online. This blog is for those folks and is not a vehicle to distribute entire works in a wholesale fashion to avoid copy protection.

I own the record posted and the cover image is my scan of that record. I set out to make my blogs an introduction to the works I have collected and I hope that, once your interest is perked, that you can find a copy for your own collection.

With all that said, I do try to provide family members with digital files who no longer have a copy of the original record and or to folks who are more throughly researching a particular artist. But you need to email me and give me some reason to help you out. Even in those cases be forewarned that I sometimes don't file entire records digitally and, due to the way I have to store records, it is almost impossible for me to locate any one album without great effort.

I do apologize to everyone else who has been looking long and hard for a recording. I do my best to try and help anyway I can, but I can't respond to all of the requests I've receive.

Music To Strip By Gentleman Jim And The Palace Pit Orchestra

Music To Strip By Gentleman Jim And The Palace Pit Orchestra
Burlesque Party Fun At Home
Alshire S-5150

This record, while not total lounge sleaze, seems closer to the budget basement grind fare that you may have heard at an "old fashion" strip club. There are also a few more "sophisticated" tunes like the sample I posted above.

Ann Corio Presents How To Strip For Your Husband

Ann Corio Presents How To Strip For Your Husband
Music To Make Marriage Merrier
Orchestra Conducted By Sonny Lester
Roulette SR 25186

This is just a guess, but I think that this project was arranged by Lester and Roulette and Corio's name was added to help sell records. Strangely... why didn't Roulette use a photo of Corio on the cover? The record did come with an "instruction" booklet. The copy I found had been stripped of the book... so I can't say if her likeness appeared on that piece.

The music is an uneven mix of standard big band bump and grind and, thankfully a few more interesting and exotic sounding tunes.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Music To Strip By - Bob Freeman

Music To Strip By
Bob Freeman
Surprise 101

This obscure album originally came with a real "G" string on the cover. Notches were cut on both sides to hold the underwear in place. I was able to find an image of the original cover. Which also demonstrates that the album was released in stereo.

Strip Blues
This is bump and grind music... but the sound is not as "sleazy" lounge as it could be. And a few tunes even rise above the hammering drum beat to play more like a 60s private eye TV track.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fun Music For A Strip Tease Party - Bald Bill Hagan And His Trocaderons

Koochie Galore
Fun Music For A Strip Tease Party
Bald Bill Hagan And His Trocaderons
Somerset SF-27200

Great cover and the tracks are pretty good for a budget record even though there really isn't any lounge "bump and grind" sleaze to be heard on the vinyl.

James Bond Thrillers - The Film Festival Orchestra

Dr. No
Music From The Spy Who Loved Me & Other James Bond Thrillers
As Performed By The Film Festival Orchestra
Springboard SPB-4079

Somewhat obscure budget Bond album featuring a studio group doing covers of many of your favorite "spy" tunes. The first track features a female soloist for some reason. Once that moment has passed, the remainder of the album is all instrumental. The tracks aren't stellar 70s spy/secret agent tunes, but as easy listening goes the arrangements are inventive enough to hold you interest. Dr. No is the stand out track. The engineering/sound by Tom Owen is very good.


Sur Mars
Ti-Toto (Titoto - Gilles Latulippe)
Franco Elite (Canada)

Obscure album featuring a fun cover photo.

I was able to find the actor from the name printed on the label. Here is a link to Gilles Latulippe's wiki page.

Nuclear War 1984? - Robin Armstrong

The Signs Of The Zodiac Interpreted
Robin Armstrong - Professional Astrologer
Narration And Spoken Word Concept David Marsden
Synthesizer Realization - John Mills-Cockell
Kangi Records - Willowdale, Ontario

This album features a lurid cover and promises to "shock"... but the pressing is screwed up. If it wasn't for what appears to be the correct label on the record I would have thought the wrong LP was in the jacket. What Kangi appears to have done is to press the "A" side twice...

Unfortunately, the A side is some boring description of the Zodiac Signs and NOT the rant about the Nuclear War expected in 1984.

Apparently Armstrong failed to predict that his own record was going to be totally f**ked up... and further more... failed to marshall the forces of The Zodiac to force Kangi to repress the run!

Lovely photo on the back cover is still worth the price of admission.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love Token - The Mystic Mood Orchestra

Love Token
The Mystic Mood Orchestra
Produced and Directed by Brad Miller
Warner Bros. Records - BS 2595

Here is another find Mystic Moods find. This one is also available for purchase/download, so I will not be posting a sample.

This is the classic blend of environmental sounds and the unique brand of easy you will come to enjoy if you collect a few Moods albums. More good stuff in a long line of great light pop/easy listening.

Singing While Dancing The Cha Cha - Norman Leyden

What Is This Thing Called Love
Singing While Dancing The Cha Cha
Chorus and Orchestra under the direction of Norman Leyden
RCA Camden CAL-559

There is an interesting story (maybe just to me)... behind this album. There is a charity store located next to a record store that I visit frequently. On several occasions I've found some good stuff in the charity shop even though picks have been few and far between. I assumed the reason was because the charity shop was located next to a record store so collectors were picking the place clean.

I found this record at the charity shop. It's not a super record, but still the album is fun space age and worth collecting. The point to the story is, that I took the record in with me while I went to the record store next door. I was surprised when the owner saw it, laughed and noted that he just "donated" the album to the charity shop.

So I was bought an album that had been donated to the charity shop because the record store owner thought that he couldn't sell the LP. To extend the story, whenever I take a stack of records to a record shop to trade or sell I almost always hear something like "All I buy is classic rock, because that is what sells." Another shop in town stop taking my gospel cast-offs because "We can't sell them."

Curiously, they can sell them... to me, but maybe not at the turn over rate they sell classic rock. Plus, they have trouble distinguishing from "good" or "interesting" gospel and "space age" and the more run-of-the-mill stuff.

One shop owner even told me that he had thrown out some "cruise ship" records because they were "so bad".  I specifically look for cruise ship records...

I guess what this all boils down to is that many recordings that I find "collectible" are still being thrown away... probably by folks off the street after being rejected by the shop owner, or at best... making their way back through the food chain via a charity shop. Strange thing... collecting and what type of music is valued.

Awakening - The Mystic Moods

The Mystic Moods
Warner Bros. Records - BS2690

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.

I have yet to pick up a Mystic Moods LP I didn't enjoy and this is another example. Many or most Mystic Moods sets experiment with environmental sounds blended with easy listening or mood music. This album doesn't include that "environmental" facet. The album plays, less like a concept set in that the tracks don't blend one into the next. The set plays more like a "standard" LP as in, the tracks are more distinctive, one from the next. The vibe is an easy/groove/funk/space thing. A unique blend and a fantastic recording.

I Am, It Is
Universal Mind
Stragglers And Newcomers
The First Day Of Forever
Cosmic Sea
The Awakening
Four Square City (Gates Of Love, Winds Of Change, It Shall Be, Spiritual Awareness)
The Seventh Plane