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Friday, April 12, 2013

Excitement Incorporated - Ray Martin

The Breeze And I
Excitement Incorporated
Ray Martin And His Orchestra
Stereo Action
RCA Victor LSA-2422

From the inside sleeve: Ray Martin has already shown his skill in using the marvelous extra dimension of Stereo Action on Dynamica (LSA-2287). But this time he has added the further element of his own intimate knowledge of a tremendously wide range of music – a knowledge first gained in his native Austria, later in England where he as one of the busiest conductors on radio and television and wrote the scores for four major films, and most recently in the United States. His cosmopolitan background gives him an unusual provocative insight into this carefully chosen collection of cosmopolitan tunes.

His arrangements involve such split-second use of Stereo Action movement that engineer Ernie Oelrich had to develop an unusually painstaking recording setup for each selection. To get proper stereo depth, he suspended two Telefunken U47 microphones twenty feet above the floor and twenty feet apart. The violins were covered by one Telefunken KM56 condenser microphone and the violas and cellos by another. The woodwinds had a Telefunken U49 condenser microphone, the French horns an RCA 10,001, while the trombone and trumpets each had their own Telefunken U49. A Separate RCA 77DX was set up for each of the singers in the vocal group, and each instrument in the rhythm section had its own individual microphone – the bass an RCA 10,002, the drums an RCA 77DX, and RCA BK5s for the piano and the guitar. An RCA BK5 was also used for the harp.

From Billboard, October 16, 1961: Excitement is certainly no understatement for this top-notch musical LP with the accent on sound. The Ray Martin ork, with strings and voices is dazzling, percussive and comes across with a mean ballad when the occasion demands. The recording, like the other numbers in this "Stereo Action" series, is tantalizingly clever as it moves from one speaker to the other. Current success of the albums in this series should get strong competition from the fine new set.

The Breeze And I
Over The Rainbow
Just In Time
What's New
El Cumbanchero
My Resistance Is Low
Big Noise From Winnetka
Body And Soul
12th Street Rag

The Wonderful Ones

It's A Most Unusual Day
After You've Gone
The Wonderful Ones
Zenith Presents The Thrilling World Of Stereo
Andre Previn, Art Van Damme, Frank Devol and Jerry Vale
Collector's Item
Columbia Special Products CSP 145

Here's another one in a series of LPs that may have been handed, as a freebie, to folks who purchased a Zenith player.

The tracks play through as listed on the cover.

This is a a fine set of space age tunes including an unusual cover of Diane by Frank Devol. All of the Devol tracks are unusual choral numbers.

Great Songs From Around The World

Souvenirs Of Italy
Great Songs From Around The World
Collector's Item
Terry Snyder, Percy Faith, The Hi-Lo's and Norman Luboff
Zenith Presents The Thrilling World Of Stereo
Columbia Special Products CSP 146

No indication on the front or back cover as to how Zenith distributed this (one of a series) LP. The record may have been given given away with a purchase of a Zenith player.

The tracks play through as listed on the cover.

Nice space age set.

Take Me In Your Arms - LeRoy Holmes

Star Eyes
Take Me In Your Arms
LeRoy Holmes And His Orchestra
MGM Records E3378

From the back cover: Collected here are some of the great "pop" song standards of the past – beautifully balanced against selections that are sure to become new listening favorites of yours. The accent throughout is upon sumptuous melody and soaring strings. The mood is varied here and there by an exotic beat, by a solo instrument singing – almost as would a longing voice in the night – the cadences of a well-remembered tune.

Take Me In Your Arms
Too Marvelous For Words
Three Galleons
Please Don't Forget Me, Dear
The Very Thought Of You
Star Eyes
Everytime You Smile
Rio Batucada
Reflection In The Water
Close Your Eyes
Lost In A Fog

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reflections In The Water - David Rose

Uma Casa Portuguesa
Reflections In The Water
David Rose And His Orchestra
MGM Records E3603

Lush string mood music augmented with groovy space age touches such as the bongos heard in the sample above.

Reflections In The Water
Only Trust Your Heart
Love Me, Love Me, Love Me Tonight
On A Misty Day
Uma Casa Portuguesa
Ca, C'est L'amour
You Are Too Beautiful
You're So Sweet To Remember
Love Is Eternal
A Kiss Is Forever

The Great Country Hits - Dora Hall

I Believe In Love
The Great Country Hits
Series One
Dora Hall
Premore - Chiago, IL

Here's another one (fresh from sealed shrink) by the queen of vanity entertainment, Dora Hall.

From wiki: The founder and owner for many years of Solo Cup was Leo Hulseman (1898–1989), whose wife was a singer known by her stage name Dora Hall (whose records were all given away free of charge through Solo promotions).

At The Unconventional Convention With The Four Populaires

Forty Two Barrels Of Oil
At The Unconventional Convention With The Four Populaires
Squire Records
Manufactured by RCA Victor Custom Division

From the back cover: They have covered a great deal of territory since that first meeting, having played such places as the Greenbrier Hotel, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia; Pier 66, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; The American Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida; The Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada; and most recently the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu. This album, which was recorded at a convention in Miami, Florida, is an example of this easy going bit of entertainment. It should prove to be as delightful and relaxing to anyone who is sitting and listening at home.

The Incredible Hulk

The Assassin
The Incredible Hulk
Hear Four Exciting All-New Action-Adventure Stories
Peter Pan Records 8216

Black Chasm
Monster From The Deep
The Assassion
Blind Alley