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Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Many Moods Of Ethel Smith

Smithtown Special
The Many Moods Of Ethel Smith
Organ Solos With Rhythm Accompaniment
Decca Records DL 4145

Great space age set driven by inventive arrangements which nicely nest Smith's feature organ work with the studio group or orchestra.

I've Found A New Baby
Theme From "Carnival"
Honeysuckle Rose
Ethel Meets The Count (With Orchestra conducted by Don Sebesky)
Quizás, Quizás, Quizás
That Old Black Magic
Love For Sale
Brazil (Aquarela Do Brasil)
The Gypsy In My Soul
Smithtown Special (With Orchestra conducted by Don Sebesky)

Songs Of Vice And Virtue - Julie Meredith

The Cuckoo, etc. (Medley)
Songs Of Vice And Virtue
Julie Meredith
Imperial Records, Inc.
LP 9114


Come All Ye Fair
Vaine Ladye Gaye

The Cuckoo
Monday Morning

The Lady And the Unicorn
The First Groomsman
The Ruined Maid

The Bold Robber Lad

Martha Schlamme Says: Kissin's No Sin

Come A Landsman
Martha Schlamme Says:
Kissin' No Sin And Other Folk Wisdom
Arranged and Conducted by Robert DeCormier
Produced by Jim Davis
Cover Photography: Howell Conant
Recording Engineer: Val Valentine
Recorded October 1963: A&R Studio, New York City
MGM E/SE4190


Gerard Silverman, guitar and banjo; Martin Orenstein, flute; Charles Russo and Ernie Bright, clarinets; Joseph Wilder, trumpet; Eli Carmen, bassoon; Abe Marcus, percussion; All Goldberg, cello; Harold Kohon, violin; Abe Stokman, piano.


On Highland Lad and I Once Was A Maid only – John Wheeler, Gretchen Rhoads, Harley Streiff, Robert Carter, Arne Markussen, Constance Tredwell, Mary Brown

Robert DeCormier, musical director of the Robert DeCormier Folk Singers, is among the most-respected and in-demand arranger/conductors in the field. He majored in voice and was graduated by Juilliard with a Master's Degree. He taught music for six years at the high school or the Little Red Schoolhouse, then was musical director for Harry Belafonte for three years. He formed the Belafonte Folksingers, touring with them and making records. He wrote incidental music for the play, "The World Of Sholem Aleichem", and composed two songs for the Broadway production of "The Wall." Two years ago he was musical director for the series "Around The World In Song," for the BBC in London.

Kissin's No Sin
I One Was A Maid
Moon Above Me
The Cruel War
Crow On The Cradle
Because I Were Shy
Put The Moon In The Dust Bin
Aldermaston To Trafalgar Square
Man With A Microphone
The Dove
Come A Landsman
Pull Off Your Old Coat
Highland Lad
Turn Around
Johnnie Lad

Dolores - Dolores Hawkins

Goodnight My Love
Dolores Hawkins
Epic LN 3250

From the back cover: This toothsome singer was born in the heart of the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, and got an unusually early start on the way toward stardom. When she was only five, she began chirping on many of the radio shows of the time that featured children. Among them were the Horn and Hardart Hour, several of Nick Kenny's enterprises, and somewhat later the Coast-to-Coast-on-a-Bus show under the direction of Madge Tucker. Piping away on such programs, Dolores picked up that rudiments of showmanship as she grew up and was ready for her career when the call came.

She remained with the radio programs until she was seventeen, when, a child no longer, she began working with various society dance orchestras around New York, giving a vocal lift to the round of business-men's bouncers and rhumbas that made up the program. One night, when she was singing for one of those orchestras, she was heard by Gene Krupa, who asked her to join his orchestra as featured vocalist. At almost the same time, she had similar offers from Sammy Kaye, Woody Herman, Blue Barron and Benny Goodman.

Throwing in her lot with Kruppa, she soon found she had made a splendid choice. Despite the hardships of one-night stands on tour with the orchestra (on-the-run meals, draughty auditoriums and dance-hall and the like) she consolidated her knowledge of show business and developed her singing style into the distinctive delivery that first made her stand out from other vocalists. With the great variety of audiences, plus the solid musical values of the Krupa outfit, she was soon singing to enormous applause. Around this time she recorded Bop Boogie with Gene and the band, a number that Krupa himself selected as one of her stepping-stones to success, and found herself becoming famous.

Deciding to leave the orchestra and go out as a single, she began making appearances on television shows and was soon signed by Epic Records. Then she developed a striking night-club act, and overnight won rave notices, not only from the public and critics, but from club operators as well. From that time on, Delores has been one of the ranking stars among vocalists, a girl who understands instinctively what should be done with a song, and who, moreover, has the voice to do it with, in addition to her looks.

From Billboard - October 13, 1956: The thrush embarks on a tour of a dozen tunes of a slightly touchy nature. Gal has a carefully practiced style which gets over warmly on these selections. Backing too, is just right, with a small rhythm group furnishing just the right spotlight for the vocalizing. Tunes include "Lover Man," "Just Squeeze Me," " No Love, No Nuthin'," etc. Cover has sex appeal aplenty.

I've Got My Eyes On You
Lover Man
Dream Of You
I'm In The Mood For Love
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
No Love, No Nothin'
Baby Won't You Please Come Home
The Man I Love
Just Squeeze Me
Good Lovin'
I Must Have That Man
Goodnight My Love

Swingin' Suite - Red Callender

Swingin' Suite
Red Callender
Telesonic Sound/Ultra High Fidelity
Made in Hollywood, U.S.A.
Crown Records 5025

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the jacket bio information.

Reissue of Modern Records LMP 1201 (1956)

From the back cover:

As for 'Red', he has a musical background as quietly and dynamical solid as his own personal being. An artistic natural talent and ability was soon recognized by his family at a very early age. He began his career at the age of 12, studying for five years at Bordentown, N.J., with such students as Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Shavers. The trumpet was his first instrument, then can the tuba, and of course later excelling in the bass. He went on the road at the age of 17 with a show called 'Brown Skin Models' and ended up in California where he made his home permanently. He has worked with practically every known name in the music world; Charlie Ventura, Lester Young, Vic Dickenson, Mel Powell, Red Novo, Wardell Gray and Dexter Gordon. Also Billie Holiday, Hazel Scott, Rose Murphy, Kay Starr, Ella Mae Morse, Rosemary Clooney and Lena Horn. In recent radio interview with Mitch Miller, Miss Horne gave 'Red' credit for being a particular aid in her musical grooming. 'Red' has played with practically all the top bands. Naming just a few; Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong, Billy Eckstine and Jerry Fielding.

Frank Bode (UFFE) (bongos) Studied percussion with Copenhagen symphony in Denmark from fourteen to seventeen. Came to the States with Stan Hasselgarde. Worked with Benny Goodman Trio, Harry James and Claude Thornhill. Thinks bass in New York is more 'sincere'... says if the music is sad or happy... make it that way. Likes working with Red out here.

Clyde Dunn (bariton) Worked with Gerald Wilson and before that was in Jefferson High School in Los Angeles. (He's that young) Recently recorded sides with Dizzy Gillespie on his last trip out here. Has done a lot of miscellaneous recording. Studies with William Green. "He is as good a classical musician as jazz."

John Ewing (trombone) Played with Cab Calloway, Earl Hines and Jimmy Luncefor. Studied with Louis Maggio in 1953. Says Louis helped him tremendously in his development of range. Just recently with Gerald Wilson

Eddie Beal (paino) Started out on the piano then played other instruments during his school years – primarily the drums. He came to California as a Drummer. He worked with the Buck Clayton Band (piano) just before going with the Count Basie Band. Eddie Had his own trio for some time accompanying Herb Jeffries and others. Re: the Album. I think here they finally gave Jazz back to the musicians. There are not too many young musicians trying to prove something; so they run ten notes in one bar on an augmented eleventh. A too close calculated approach to music rather than free and uninhibited. They are trying too hard to compete before reaching musical maturity.

Bill Douglas (drums) Bill is a native of Los Angeles where the greatest part of his career centered around the West Coast. He attributes his knowledge of percussion to the great Cozy Cole. He studied at Westlake College of Music in Hollywood. Formerly with bands of Benny Goodman, Benny Carter, Art Tatum and many others too numerous to mention. Bill is currently doing recording, Television and Nite Clubs work.

William Green (alto) Holds Bachelor and Master of Music Degree and working on thesis towards Doctorate. Regular faculty member of the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and Arts. Former member of Billy Eckstine and Benny Carter bands. His statements about Red seemed to encompass and express pretty much the reactions of all the men on this date. Namely: "I had the feeling... my part was the most important. In Red's outfit... every part seems to be the most important. I sense his Musicianship. And he seems to be a man-of-his-word which is just as important as he musicianship."

Buddy Collette (tenor and flute) Besides studying privately with Marty Ruderman, flute and Merle Johnston, saxophone, Buddy attended the Los Angeles Conservatory of Music and the California Academy of Music, plus he American Operatic Laboratory. This educational background in addition to his own native talent accounts somewhat for this man's musical merit. Presently with the Chico Hamilton Quintet and before that: Jerry Fielding, Benny Carter and Louis Jordan. Other than recording prolifically, Buddy teaches composition and arranging, writes and does considerable T.V. and studio work. Re: this date with Red, Buddy says: I wasn't afraid of blowing freely... didn't have the feeling that I was (might) over-shadow someone... They know how to work with a soloist... Red and Bill are always there and you know it... completely relaxed. And, here you have a lot of guys that should have been heard a long time ago... Everybody respects each other. Red is a real great leader too. Always open to the suggestions of the other guys."

Parr Jones (trumpet) Worked with Benny Carter, Eddie Heywood and Lucky Millander. His friendly feeling of a Harry Edison flavor may stem from the fact that the two have been such close friends for so many years.

Sleigh Ride
All For You
Walking On Air
You're Part Of Me
On Again
October Blue

Sport Car - Oscar Brand

Atomic Hot Rod
Sports Car
Songs For Big Wheels Sung By Oscar Brand
Production Supervisor: Jac Holzman
Engineering: Hoyt Hughes (Gotham Recording Corp.)
Editing: Mark Abramson
The Elektra Corporations EKL-188

From the back cover: The HUBCAPS who ride with Oscar in this album include Ted Type, Fred Brooks, Russell Savakus, Gene Raskin, Billy Faier, Brad Spinney and Dick Strome.

Sports Car
That's What I Should Have Said
Grand Prix Of Monaco
Viva La Milie Miglia
What'll We Do With The Baby O
Accessories After The Fact
Atomic Hot Rod
Old Crocks To Brighton
The Lair's Club
Rally Song
Classified Ads
Sports Car Heaven
How To Be A Hero Driver
Beep Beep

Friday, January 12, 2018

In A Jazz Mood - Charlie Ventura

In A Jazz Mood
Charlie Ventura And His Orchestra
Supervised by Norman Granz
Cover Photo: Alex de Paola
Liner Photo: Herman Leonard
Norgan Records
MG N-1073

From the back cover: Ventura, a native of Philadelphia, has played in as many different types of jazz groups as he plays saxophones. He started out with Gene Krupa's band, moved on to Teddy Powell's and later formed his own band; he has also had his own smaller unit, most notably the "Big Four", which featured Buddy Rich, drums; Marty Napoleon, pian, and Chubby Jackson, bass. He has garnered his share of awards from such publications as Down Beat, Metronome and Esquire.

In addition to Ventura, ace trumpeter Conte Condoli is featured on this album. You will also hear the Ventura Blentones on four tunes, on side B, who blend wonderfully with the instrumentations by Charlie Ventura.

From Billboard - September 29, 1956: Some of the selections are reissues from N-8 and Clef C-118. Some, feature Ventura's saxes with vocal group, are newly issued, apparently Ventura, in his restrained ballads, is appealing. In most of the up-tempo numbers he is merely flashy and tasteless. Dyed-in-the-wool Ventura fans will find him true to form, and moderate sales should result there form. "Yesterdays" is a good one for jocks.

Ain't Misbehavin'
Limehouse Blues
Bugle Call Rag
That Old Feeling
I'm Confessin'
There's No You
Rose Room
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind

African Sounds - Carl Stevens

African Sounds
Carl Stevens
f:35d Perfect Presence Sound Stereo
Mercury Records
PPS 6030

Baby Elephant Walk
Afrikaan Beat
Wimoweh (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
Jolly Zika
The Call Of The Jungle
African Waltz
Wa-Chi-Bam-Ba (Valley Of A Thousand Hills)
King Kong
Tsetse Fly
Tiana-Tche (The Jungle Roars)

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Holiday In South America - Pedro And His Amigos

The Breeze And I
Holiday In South America
Pedro And His Amigos
International Awards Series AK 124

El Gallo
Tico Tico
No Llores Corazon
Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican Hat Dance)
Andalucía (The Breeze And I)
El Relicario
La Pancha
Tri Color
Que Puntava

Hey! Let's Go Latin

Hey! Let's Go Latin
Wyncote SW-9197

There are no artist credits or "Latin-inspired" tunes on this set. Vibrant art graces the cover and a few decent jazz numbers can be found on the disc.

Hey! Leroy, Your Mama's Callin' You
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Blues For Bernard
Wind Jammer
El Senor Joe
New Jersey Waltz

The Sound Of Griff Wiliams

Bali Ha'i
The Sound Of Griff Williams
The Griff Williams Orchestra
Mercury Records MG 20608

From the back cover: For more than a generation, Griff Williams brought his personality and sound to the ballrooms, supper clubs and proms of the nation. Coast-to-coast, his "tenor lead" band performed an average of 320 dates each year. He played them all (2800 different locations by his own estimate) and his audience measured in the multi-millions. – Lou Sidran

Also from the back cover (copy from the photo block): Bob Kirk joined the Griff Williams band in 1939 as a vocalist, saxophonist and manager and remained in these capacities until 1953 when Griff retired from the music business to accept a position with the Haywood Publishing Company. At this time Griff turned over the active leadership of the orchestra to Bob (pictured).

Always True To You In My Fashion
I Get A Funny Feeling
Medley: I Didn't Know What Time It Was, Villa, East Of The Sun, Under A Blanket Of Blue, Swinging Down The Lane
This Could Be The Start Of Something
Bali Ha'i
'S Wonderful
Happy Go Lucky Bird
Medley: Always, Peg O' My Heart, Liebestraum, I Love You, Ain't Misbehavin', Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue
Sleepy Lagoon

The Love Machine - Dionne Warwicke

The Love Machine
Dionne Warwicke
Singing "He's Moving On"
(Theme From The Love Machine and "Amanda"
Original Score Composed and Conducted by Artie Butler
Original Sound Track Recording
Produced by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Recording Engineer: Arthur Piantadosi, Columbia Pictures
Mastering: Jack Manchen
Photographer: Harry Langdon
Cover Art: Howard Terpening
Art Direction: Dick Smith
Sceptor Records SPS 595

From Billboard - August 14, 1971: Adding the name and voice of Dionne Warwicke to a film soundtrack insures heavy sales as witnessed by "Valley Of The Dolls." Now the score of Jacqueline Susann's second film, penned by Artie Butler, is brought to life by Miss Warwicke, featuring her new single, "Amanda" and "He's Moving On," penned by Ruth Batchelor and Bryan Wells.

He's Moving On (Theme From The Love Machine) (Main Title) Vocal by Dionne Warwicke
The White Fox
New Threads On Parade
Amanda And Robin In Love
House Party, Part I
Backstage: The Christie Lane Show
*Amanda – Vocal by Dionne Warkwicke (Not on Original Film Track)
Love Clown Love
House Party II
Amanda – Vocal by Dionne Warkwicke
Farewell Amanda
The White Fox Returns
*He's Moving On (Theme from The Love Machine) Vocal by Dionne Warwicke; Produced by Burt Bacharach and Hal David

Yoga USA - Estelle Simons

Yoga USA
Intermediate Class
Estelle Simons
Produced by Frank Simons
Perspective Records PC-902
1975 Muna Productions

Poster sized insert featuring poses used in the class.

From the back cover: After many years of teaching Hatha Yoga, and watching my students improve physically and emotionally, I am fully convinced that the benefits of Yoga are manifold. Each pose or asana works on one of more parts of the body, always improving, strengthening and vitalizing. Now at 59 I feel younger, more flexible, and fits than at 39! I wish the same for you... Estelle Simons.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Port Of Suez - Exotic Music Of The Middle East

Desert Caravan
Port Of Suez
Exotic Musi Of The Middle East
Crown Records CST 119

No artist credit even though this is a quality period "middle eastern" entry into the "exotic" music scene.

Excellent engineering.

Pressed on black vinyl even though a period Billboard advertisement suggested that stereo copies were issued on red vinyl.

Stardust At Dawn
Warm Wind
Dancing Girls
Sand Dunes
Night Madness
Summer Rain
Harem Girls
Rebel Camp
Desert Caravan

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mirrors - Dick Hyman

Reflections Of Today
Dick Hyman And "The Group"
Originated and Produced by Loren Becker and Robert Byrne
Cover and Linear Photos By Norman Trigg
Art Director: Daniel Pezza
Recording Engineer, Stereo and Monaural Mastering: George Piros
Command ABC Records
RS 924 SD

"The Group"
Dick Hyman - Piano and Organ
Bob Rosengarden - Drums
Bob Harrart - Bass

From the inside cover: Under the surface lies an extraordinary technical and musical accomplishment – quartet performances in which Hyman plays both piano and organ, dubbing one on top of the other to create incredibly complex improvisation duets that are made possible only because the same brilliant mind is at work on each keyboard.

"Actually this goes back to the first professional job I had," Hyman recalled. "It was at Wells' Bar in Harlem. I played piano and Charlie Stewart was the organist. He was the first person I heard who played a modern kind of Hammond organ. This piano-organ thing is an old idea, especially in Harlem, but not many people have recorded it."

From Billboard - February 3, 1968: This should have board appeal across the board. Hyman, on piano and organ, with considerable hemp form Bob Rosengarden on drums and Bob Haggart on bass, plays pop tunes with enough soul to satisfy an r&b buff, enough inventiveness for the jazz fan and enough of a melody line for the easy listening buyer.

House Of Mirrors
In The Heat Of The Night
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
The Flower Road
Ode To Billy Joe
Up, Up And Away
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
Hit The Road Jack
Week End Blues

The Brussels World's Fair Salutes Glenn Miller - Bay Big Band

The Brussels World Fair Salutes Glenn Miller
Bay Big Band
Recorded At The Brussels World's Fair
Photo: United States Pavilion
Omega OSL-18

Saint Louis Blues - March
At Last
Sleepy Town Train
In The Mood
Yesterday's Gardenias
American Patrol
I Know Why
Rhapsody In Blue

What Smoking Has Done For Me - Tom Medlock

What Smoking Has Done For Me
A Personal Testimonial Of Tom Medlock
Eden Records
Produced by Christian Publishing Co. Inc. - Dallas, Texas

From the back cover: On July 16, 1966, Tom Medlock's life came to an end. He was the victim of lung cancer. For many weeks prior to his death he fought for life for himself and for others who might also fall into tobacco's fatal trap. His last days were spent in telling, by means at his disposal, the effects of smoking on his health and happiness.

His story first appeared in booklet form and met with such amazing success that the publisher requested permission to make the story available on record. Too weak to talk for more than a few minutes, Tom did record this introduction. The story itself is told by Bill Jenkins.

Monday, January 8, 2018

The Moods Of London - Philip Green

Limehouse Blues
The Moods Of London
Philip Green And His Mayfair Orchestra
Capitol Records

From the back cover: Philip Green's introduction to music came early, at seven, when he started piano lessons. Six years later he won a scholarship to Trinity College. There he diligently studied, and mastered, the intricacies of theory, harmony, orchestration and composition. At nineteen, he became the youngest and certainly the most publicized maestro in London, in the West End, at the Prince of Wales Theatre.

During the terrors and uncertainties of World War II, Mr. Green conducted for the B.B.C., and is still remembered for his "Band Call," "Salute to Rhythm" and "Cuban Caballeros" program. It was he, too, who first introduced to British listeners such stars as Dorothy Carless, Monte Ray and Beryl Davis.

Mr. Green's orchestral compositions include "Cuban Suite," "White Orchids," "Magic Bow" and numerous motion picture scores.

In this debut album for critical North Americans, he recorded "The Moods Of London" in London with more than 40 musicians, and utilizing the most advanced hi-fi equipment (E.M.I.) in the world.

From Billboard - April 20, 1957: British maestro's first Capitol LP grooving, while strictly in the pattern of the current plethora of lush mood music, packs a lot of promise. Set comprises a dozen top-flight arrangements of great British favorites, culled from over three decades. Such items as "Berkeley Square," "Some Day I'll Find You," "Dinner For One, Please James," "Limehouse Blues," etc., are given slow delivery. Jocks could well give this exposure, and spark it even in a glutted market.

Midnight In Mayfair
Love Is The Sweetest Thing
She's My Lovely
Someday I'll Find You
Room 504
These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You
London Fantasia
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
We'll Gather Lilacs
Mad About The Boy
Dinner For One, Please James
Limehouse Blues

Once Over Lightly - Jo Stafford & The Art Van Damme Quintet

The Lady Is A Tramp
Once Over Lightly
Jo Stafford
Art Van Damme Quintet
Columbia CL 968

From Billboard - March 30, 1957: Miss Stafford and the Quintet deliver a dozen standards in a moderately strong pop entry. Newest item in the collection is "Autumn Leaves" which goes back to 1947. Gershwin, Rodgers-Hart and Mercer are represented, with the emphasis on Gershwin (Nice Work If You Can Get It," "But Not For Me," etc.). Could attract Stafford fans and the older young-married group for whom many of these tunes evoke memories. Demonstrate "The Lady Is A Tramp" on side 2.

"The Lady Is A Tramp" is actually from side 1. This LP is a better set, in my opinion, than what the Billboard reviewer thought of it. The updated jazz inspired arrangements make the tunes new again and The Art Van Damme Quintet creates a sparkling sound to back Stafford's vocals.

Almost Like Being In Love
A Foggy Day
The Lady Is A Tramp
Those Foolish Things
The Gypsy In My Soul
Autumn Leaves
You're Mine, You
Nice Work If You Can Get It
My Old Flame
But Not For Me
One For My Baby

Themes! - Alfred Newman

Alfred Newman
Dean Of Motion Picture Music Conducts
Produced by Ralph O'Connor
Violin solos throughout the album by Louis Kaufman and Lou Raderman
Capitol Records
T 1652

Laura (Arrangement and alto sax solo by Benny Carter)
Cantan from "Captain From Castle" (Arranged by Bernie Mayers/Oboe d' Amore solo by Gordon Pope)
Invitation (Arranged by Jack Marshall/Flute solo by Justin Gordon)
Tammy, Tell Me True (Arrangement and guitar solo by Jack Marshall/Harmonica solo by George Fields)
Again from "Road House" (Arranged by Milt Raskin/Tenor sax solo by Babe Russin)
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Arranged by Bernie Mayers/Tombone solo by Dick Nash)
The Bad And The Beautiful (Arrangement and alto sax solo by Benny Carter)
Anastasia (Arrangement by Bernie Meyers/Vocal solo by Louie Jean Norman)
The Pleasure Of His Company (Arranged by Herb Spencer/Trombone solo by Dick Nash/Piano solo by Jim Rowles)
Back Street (Arrangement by Pete King/Soprano sax solo by Russ Cheevars)
The Moon Of Manakoora from "The Hurricane" (Arrangement by Bernie Meyers/solo by trombone section)
Pinky (Arrangement by Benny Carter/Tenor sax solo by Babe Russin)

Tubby The Tuba / Adventures Of A Zoo - David Wayne

Tubby The Tuba
David Wayne Narrates
Tubby The Tuba and Adventures Of A Zoo
George Kleinsinger & Paul Tripp
John L. Eastman Conducting The Cricket Symphony
Produced for records by Joseph Abend
Pickwick International CR 13

From the back cover: David Wayne was born in Bloomington, Michigan. He Has starred in films, on the stage and in television. Some of his stage show appearances have been in "Finian's Rainbow," "Mr. Roberts," "Teahouse Of The August Moon," "The Ponder Heart," "Say Darling," and many others. He has appeared in many movies and his latest one is "The Last Angry Man."

Paul Tripp wrote these wonderful stories and is known to many of you as "Mr. I Magination." George Kleinsinger wrote the music. These are only two of the many stories with music that this wonderful pair have done. More of their works are being made available on Cricket LP records.

The Many Sides Of Pat Suzuki

The Many Sides Of Pat Suzuki
Photo: Garrett Howard
Recorded in Hollywood, California, October 7, 9 and 10, 1957
Orchestra conducted by Henri Rene
Produced and Directed by Herman Diaz, Jr.
RCA Victor

From Billboard - February 24, 1958 (Review of the Vik LX 127 release): This album is well-named for Pat Suzuki, a pint-sized thrush from Seattle discovered by Bing Crosby (and recently showcased on TV) can shift vocal gears effortlessly from an intimate honeyed sweetness, not unlike Rosemary Clooney, to the all-out vibrate brassiness of a Teresa Brewer. With a fine selection of standards by Cole Porter and others to work with, her fresh, exciting voice makes an exciting debut, showcased by Henri Rene's suave backings. Recommended "sides" of the new Suzuki Sound "Sunday Kind of Love," "Poor Butterfly," and "Always True To You My Fashion."

From Billboard - April 6, 1959: RCA Victor is kicking off a big Pat Suzuki promotion, with a co-operating tie-in on the part of Studebaker on behalf of its "Lark" automobile, it was announced by Bill Alexander, Victor advertising, publicity and promotion chief.

Promotion drive will back up two of the vocalist's albums, "The Many Sides Of Pat Suzuki" and her latest, "Pat Suzuki's Broadway '59." Studebaker is to distribute a gift 45 EP containing four selections from the album. These will go to customers who take a demonstration drive in the "Lark."

Diskery plans national mag advertising, a one-minute spot on the Steve Allen show April 12 and network radio spots on Monitor. Available for dealer use will be ad mats for monaural and stereo versions of the albums, a window display and other aids. The automobile firm will also promote the 45 EP on TV spots on the Jack Pair show four times this month and additional radio spots will run on Monitor. Local spot commercials will be placed by Studebaker on 500 stations. Studebaker's campaign will include heavy newspaper advertising and point-of-sale material.

A deejay contest will be sponsored by the discern, with Studebaker "Larks" as prizes.

From This Moment On
Fine And Dandy
A Sunday Kind Of Love
Something's Gotta Give
Poor Butterfly
Just One Of Those Things
I Had The Craziest Dream
The Song From Moulin Rouge
Always True To You In My Fashion
Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Lazy Afternoon