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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Longhair Goes Cha-Cha - Ralph Font And His Orchestra

Toccatina Afro-Cuban Rhumba
Longhair Goes Cha-Cha
Ralph Font And His Orchestra
Westminster WP 6118

From Billboard November 23, 1959: The title of this set means that such longhair tunes as Minuet In G, Humoresque and Dance Of The Hours have been turned into cha chad. The idea is good, but the cha chas, as played by Ralph Font Ork, are routine.

I don't know just what work the Billboard reviewer was comparing this set to. But out of all the Latin music albums that I've listened to from the period, especially the late 50s, this effort is smoking fun space age. Font delivers a great sense of humor and inventive arrangements. Font also drops in an electric guitar from time to time which helps keep the sound "space age modern".

And the reviewer failed to mention the sales potential of the fab cover!

Minuet In G Cha-Cha
Toccatina Afro-Cuban Rhumba
Humoresque Cha-Cha
Liebestraum Bolero-Cha
Fur Elise Cha-Cha
Waltz In E Minor Beguine
Dance Of The Hours Cha-Cha
Rondo Alla Turca Mambo
Serenade Beguine
Hababera From Carmen Cha-Cha
Melody In F Merengue
Waltz In A Flat Beguine

Spin Time With Liberty

Topsy - Part II
Salesmen's Demonstration Record
Janauary '63 Sales Program
Liberty Records MM-417

This is a Liberty promotional tool that found it's way into the hands of radio station "librarians". The record features Liberty Promotion Staff on the cover. Pictured are Joe Sadd, Tommy Lipuma, Ray Hill (Assistant to National Promotion), Bob Skaff (National Promotion Director), Bud Dain (West Coast Divisional Promotions) and Ted Feigin (who was apparently the director of promotions team)

Friday, August 31, 2012

Mellow Moods For The '70s

Dream Weaver
Mellow Moods For The '70s
Living Strings (Voices)
RCA R213966

This is a two record set that combines both Living Strings and a few Voices tracks together.

The Stings tracks are very light pop interpretations of of 70s light pop hits. But they are competent and don't stray into the absurd (sorry about that). Several actually dish out a decent 70s groove.

Under Analysis - Sauter-Finegan Orchestra

In A Mist
Under Analysis
Sauter-Finegan Orchestra
RCA LPM-1341

From Billboard - March 16, 1957: As usual with S-F albums, much of the appeal is in the wide instrumental color range, which obviously offers hi-fi dial-twiddling opportunities. Tunes are oldies associated with great bands, etc., of the past, as "Got A Date With An Angel," "Avalon," "Lonesome Old Town" etc. Arrangements are strictly S-F, and mostly good fun. Jocks could have a ball with these if they can dig up the originals for comparison. It's listening music, not dance music, but it should have a healthy sale.

Chant Of The Weed
Star Dust
Got A Date With An Angel
Rockin Chair
Thinking Of You
In A Mist
I Get A Kick Out Of You
It's A Lonesome Old Town
How Am I To Know

Monday, August 27, 2012

Morales Plays Latin Favorites

Barippi Mompo
Noro Morales Plays Latin Favorites
Spinorama Records S 88

This is a pretty energetic Latin album even if the somewhat restrained cover art says differently.

Morales wiki page.

Cha Cha #8
Cha Cha The Fifth
Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White
Cha Cha Rooney
Donde Esta Vas Cha Cha
Everyday Is Ladies Day
La Cucaracha - Cha
In Old New York
Barippi Mompo
Scampion Cha Meringue

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Those Were The Days - Pete Fountain

California Summer
Those Were The Days
Pete Fountain
Produced by Charles Bud Dant
Coral Records CRL 757505

It looks like this Fountain album spent at least 5 weeks on Billboard's top 200 chart at 186.

Again, as with other Fountain albums I've found recently, there is the struggle to create arrangements that successfully mix Fountain's sound and 60's light pop. The sample, California Summer, is one of the more successful tracks.

Also check out: I've Got You Under My Skin

Dear World
Wichita Lineman
Those Were The Days
California Summer
On The South Side Of Chicago
Les Bicycettes De Delsize
Folsom Prison Blues
My Special Angel
American Boys