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Friday, December 28, 2018

Night Life - The Mary Kaye Trio

Night Life
Night Life
The Mary Kaye Trio
Co-ordinator: Dave Pell
Produced by Bernie Silverman
Arrangements and Orchestra conducted by Bob Smale
*Arrangements and Orchestra conducted by Bob Florence
Cover Photo: John Engstead
Engineer: Lanky
20th Century Fox Records
TFM 3117

What's Yours?
Man's Favorite Sport
How Does The Wine Taste?
Night Life*
Spring Is Here
The Feeling Of Paree
Sleeves Of Green
Where Did Nellie Go?

Double Barrel Marching Dixie - The Bourbon Street Barons

The Gladiator
Double Barrel Marching Dixie
The Bourbon Street Barons
Cover by Maurer Studios
Top Rank Records RM 300

From Billboard - November 9, 1959: Good looking cover marks this exuberant Dixieland package. An augmented band provides a bright, happy, full sound with a strong beat on such familiar march themes as "Stars and Stripes Forever," "Washington Post March," and "Semper Fidelis."

Stars And Strips Forever
El Capitan
High School Cadets
Chicago Rockets
Emblem Of Glory
The Gladiator
King Cotton
Washington Post March
The Thunderer
(Hear That) Dixieland Band
Standard Of Freedom
Semper Fidelis

Twangy Guitar - Billy Boyd

Diggin' The Blues
Twangy Guitars
Billy Boyd
Photography: Joseph Tauber
Cover Design: Habco Arts
Recorded" Hollywood, Calif.
Crown Records
Stereodics CST 196

From the back cover: As a tad, he used to sit and stare, fascinated at the Mississippi.

The mighty silver-grey ribbon that slashes through thousands of American Miles whispered then spoke, finally shouted... "Get on your walkin' shoes boy... the world's awaiting.

Billy Boyd got the message.

Took to the road.

Went places. Did things.

Saw the parched, dry loveliness in the South-western states.

Lingered by the cool, blue-green lakes of Wisconsin.

New York City's noise and confusion scared him. But he struck it out for awhile.

Something inside compelled him to see everything there was to see; do everything there was to do.

Along the way he picked up a guitar. Didn't study. Just took it up in his big hands and played it.

And all his knocks and good-times... all his misunderstanding of what make a man tick, from then on, came out of the gut-strings of that guitar.

Billy Boyd managed to make music pay. Became an entertainer, and he started writing songs.

Some people call the kind of stuff Billy plays hillbilly. Some – rock & roll. To others, it's rockabilly.

We call it "soul" or "this is what it means to me" music.

Because it's sincere.

And because the lusty, rollicking rhythms mirror, without distortion, the many faces of our great nations.

It's time.

Time to listen to a young and virile giant. A hardy man who loves his work.

Billy Boyd and TWANGY GUITARS. – John Marlo

Shuffle Boogie
Night Rock
When The Lights Are Low
Jivin' At The Savoy
Stompin At The Crossroads
Diggin' The Blues
Mambo Boogie
South Hampton
Bolero Boogie
Duck Walk
Oop Shank

Este Es Mi Mundo - Tito Rodriquez

Tito Rodriquez
Este Es Mi Mundo
Produced by Leroy Holmes
* Arranged  by Rene Hernandez
** Arranged by Arthur Azenzer
UA Latino LS 61026

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.

Super nice Latin "lounge" vocal set from Rodriquez.

Llego El Soneto*
Lover Come Back To Me*
Boogaloo En Puerto Rico*
Nadie Me Ama**
Que Viva El Amor*
Ya Tu Lo Ves*
San Juan*
¿Llama! (Call Me)*
Todo El Amor Del Mundo**
Fiesta De Beso*

A Song For All Seasons - Robert Maxwell

A Song For All Seasons
Robert Maxwell - His Harp And Orchestra
Produced by Harry Meyerson
Cover Photos: Hal Buksbaum
4 Season Fashions Courtesy Of Stern's New York And New Jersey
Decca DL 74609

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art and Billboard review.

From Billboard - May 1, 1965: Mood music for soothing the human emotions of welcoming a new season. Maxwell's harp, supported by up-beat rhythm instrumentation or soulful, solo sax of flowing organ, soar through such lovely tunes as "I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm," "Summertime," "September In The Rain," "Shine On Harvest Moon."

I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
My Funny Valentin
Spring Is Here
April In Portugal
A Summer Song
The Green Leaves Of Summer
September In The Rain
Shine On Harvest Moon
Pumpkin Yellow
Our Winter Love

Girls Of My Dreams - Frank Barcley & Harry Arnold

Girls Of My Dreams
Frank Barcley & Harry Arnold
Frank Barcley, piano, is accompanied by the Harry Arnold Orchestra
Cover Design: Loring Eutemey
Color Cover Photo: Hugh Bell
Recorded by Metronome Records, Copenhagen, Denmark
ATCO Records 33-127

From the back cover: Frank Barcley and the Harry Arnold Orchestra have created the perfect album for you the next time the girl of your dreams comes over for cocktails. The music is suave and irresistible invitation to dance and companionable conversation. It's relaxed and romantic, with a variety of rhythms and tempos. – Gary Kramer

Mona Lisa
Maria Elena

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Featuring A Ray Eberle Serenade

Clair De Lune
Featuring A Ray Eberle Serenade
With A Tribute To Glenn Miller
Sutton SU 314

There are only a few Eberle tracks to be heard on this budget Sutton set. These tracks are available from online vendors. Presented above, as the sample, is one of the instrumental filler tracks.

Moonlight Serenade
Deep Purple
Little Brown Jug
I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
Clair De Lune
Anchors Aweigh
Londonderry Air
Schubert's Serenade

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Mambos - Grupo Comodines

Mambo En Sax
Grupo Comodines
Produccion: Jose Luis Torres
Sono-Mex LPSM-636

Que Rico Mambo
Mambo Del Politecnico
Mambo Del Ruletero
La Nina Popof
Mambo No. 5
Pachuco Bailarin
Mambo En Sax
Mambo Del Taconazo

Bailando Blues

El Rififi
Bailando Blues
Dancing The Blues
Maya LY-70058

Mujer (Agustin Lara - Carlos Tirado)
Las Hojas Muertas (J. Prevert - Chico O'Farrill)
Me Acuerdo De Ti (Gonzalo Curiel - Orq. Willy Samperio)
Adio En El Puerto (Ernesto Dominquez - La Lira de San Cristobal)
Pobre Mariposa (J. L. Golden y R. Hubell - Pedro Morquecho)
Rayando El Sol (Manuel M. Ponce - Cuco Valtierra)
Tu Partida (Gonzalo Curiel)
El Rififi (Philppe Gerard la Rue - Jean Freber)
Sorpressa (Gonzalo Curiel - Carlos Triado)
Deseperranza (Gonzalo Curiel)

Hits! Bailables Con Ramon Marquez

El Tema De Los Monkees
Ella (Monkees)
El Sargento Pimienta
Bailables Con Ramon Marquez
Coro Calidad CLP-924

El Cable
Casino Royal
El Tema De Los Monkees
La Chispita
Ella (Montes)
Todo Lo Que Necestitas
Es Amor
Esta Tarde Vi Llover
El Sargento Pimienta

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Cha Cha Cha - Con Los Aragon

Cha Cha Cha
Con Los Aragon
Hecho En Mexico Por Discos Mexicano's S. A.
Maya LY-70061

Sacuchero De La Habana
Navidad Ritmica
Ave Sin Rumbo
Entre Las Verdes Palmeras
Neto Y Titino
El Bembon
Negra Consentida
Yo Se Bien
Mi Tio

Ensueno Latino

Tu Adios Inesperado
Grupo Ensueno Latino
De Monclova, Coah.
Ing. De Sonido: Mario Alanis
Grabado En: Disa Estiudios
Fotografia: Doris Chavez Moreno
Portadas: Alberto Sifuentes Sanchez
Prod. Gral.: Domingo Chavez Moreno
Distribuido Por "Discos Sabinas" - San Nicolas De, Los Garza N. L. Mexico

Hermosas Virtudes
Ensename Corazon
¿Porque No Llamas?
Corazon Arrepentido
Tu Adios Inesperado
Mi Heredero
Chiquis, Chiquilla, Chiquitita

Los Duendes

Senor Locutor
Los Duendes
Producer Y Director Artistic: Angel Arensa
Discos FA
FA 1006

Adios Mi Chaparrita
Solo Existes Tu
Voy A Morir
Te Esperare
Tu Maldad
Por Despecho
Senor Locutor
Lagrimas De Amor
Cosita Linda

Corridos Famous Con La Tigresa - Irma Serrand

La Martina
Corridos Famosos Con La Tigresa
Irma Serrand
Headline Series
Harmony Esterio

Simon Blanco
Valentin De La Sierra
La Martina
Elena Y El Frances
Jose Manuel "El Burrego"
Corrido De Lucio Vazquez (Los Pavos Reales)
Maria Pistolas
Gabino Barrera
Senor Carcelero
El Caballo Ensillado

Pepe Y Sus Colegialas

Ojos Negros
Pepe Y Sus Colegialas
El Disco Es Cultura
RCA Camden CAM-875

Potpourri Fiesta De Cumbia
Amor Indio
La Pastora
Nunca En Domingo
El Tercer Hombre (The Third Man Theme)
Las Chicas Y Los Chicos
Las Altenitas "Vamos a Tepan"
Ojos Negros
Que Lindo Siento
Poema Triste

Joe Bravo - El Play Boy

Mi Ultimo Adios
Joe Bravo
El Play Boy
El Que Enamora Casadas
Flor Del Sol
Sound Of The 80s
Produced by Freddie Martinez
Recorded by Hector Gutierrez
Recorded at Freddie Recording Studio
Album Concept: Jesse Salcedo
Art Work/Color Separation: Astro Graphics
Discos Freddie Y Corpus Chrisit
Freddie LP-1239

Flor Del Sol
Irma Linda
Mi Ultimo Adios
Quiero Decirte
Al Recuerdo De Tu Amor
El Que Enamora Casadas
Tu Mandas
Ahora Soy Feliz (Carlos Cardenas)
Las Llaves Perdidas (Margarita Estrada)
Cuando El Destino