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Friday, May 28, 2010

Autumn '73

Saturday Night Is Alright For Figthing
Brother Louie
20 Hit Songs
Autumn '73
Recorded By The Sound Effects
QMO 118

Great budget record marketed to unwary buyers as "hit songs".

Thursday, May 27, 2010

AC DC Let There Be Rock

Let There Be Rock
Atco 36-151

I don't collect rock anymore, but one album I still own is this autographed copy of Let There Be Rock with Bon Scott's signature.

The history behind the LP and AC DC's appeal for me started before I got out of high school in 1975. I bought AC DC's first LP and remember reading a review of the work. The reviewer felt the work was "raw" and "primitive". The review wasn't positive. Remember, what most kids were listening to was a very refined or slick form of rock and roll coming from heavy weights like Peter Frampton or Queen. I knew, even then, that AC DC had something and that "raw" quality wasn't a bad thing.

I saw AC DC play The Agora Theatre in Columbus Ohio (a converted movie theatre located on High Street in the OSU campus entertainment area). They kicked ass.

The next time they came to town, I did not see the show, but I did go to a record store in town where they made an appearance and had this LP signed.

My memory is that the boys appeared to be a bit shy, a little befuddled and possibly high. But they were smiling and seemed to be enjoying the attention.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mallet Magic - Harry Breuer And His Quintet

La Rosita

Mallet Magic
Harry Breuer and his Quintet
Volume 1
Audio Fidelity AFLP 1825

Mosquitos' Parade March
Bumble Bee Bolero
Chinese Doll
Maxixe Mambo
Samba Macabre
Maple Leaf Jump
Tulip Polka
Glockenspiel Gavotte
La Rosita

Pavanne (Stereo)
Mallet Mischief
Harry Breuer and his Quintet V
Volumn 2
Photography: Bob Witt
Audio Fidelity AFLP 1882 & AFSD 5882

From November 24, 1958 Billboard: Breuer and his crew serve a listenable set of international favorites, done in attractive various tempos. His facility with percussion instruments is nicely demonstrated. Sound is excellent, and buys can also be lured from hi-fi bugs. Good potential.

Dainty Miss
Fiesta De Oro
Fiesta Waltz
Hora Staccato
Paloma Beguine
TV Funeral March
Down Home Rag
Minute Merengue
Tropicale Stephanie

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Latino - Don Swan

La Furiosa
Latino Volume Two
Don Swan
Liberty Records LRP 3161
Monoral 1960

This was the last of five records Swan produced under contract for Liberty Records.

Terrific space age cover design by Pate/Francis & Assocs. Photography: Garrett-Howard.

Bright and cool Latin flavored bachelor pad music with exotica flourishes.

Music Of Bali

Music Of Bali
Westminster Hi-Fi
XWN 2209

Wonderful 2 record set of Balinese music recorded by The Argo Record Co., Ltd. during actual performance at the Winter Garden Theatre in London, in asscociation with Derrick de Marney for and in behalf of the Indonesian Government.

Music is performed by The Gamelan Orchestra from Pliatan, Indonesia. Directed by Anak Gde Mandera. The record set comes with pamphlet insert describing instruments with historical information.

Terrific REAL exotica music. I offer side one as an example of the treasures contained in the set. Titles: The Overture, Kapi Raja (King Of The Apes), Tumulilingan (Bumblebees) and Kechak.

Guess Who's Coming Home

Guess Who's Coming Home
Black Fighting Men Recorded Live In Vietnam
Black Fourm
1972 Motown Record

Great slice of raw war time anger on vinyl. Recordings of actual participants made over two years, 1967 and 69, by Wallace Terry and released in 1972. This recording reveals a side of the war that folks interested in the period might want to review to help form a more complete a picture of the war.