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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Songs Of Love And Tradgedy - Lee Allen

Story Of My Mother
Songs Of Love And Tragedy
By Lee Allen
Jalyn - Dayton, Ohio
JLP 127
Rite Records - Cincinnati, Ohio
Sides #26235 & 26236

From the back cover: Lee Allen, was born in Breathitt County, Kentucky, near Jackson, on June 19, 1946. He grew up with a deep love for and an inspiration to play and sing old-time music. This album speaks for itself, as Lee Allen sings from his heart just the way he feel about songs of love and tragedy. Down to earth mountain singers are hard to find today and for that reason, I gave Lee Allen permission to use the Clinch Mountain Boy on this album, at Lee's request. Lee told me that the Stanley Brothers were always his favorite band and asked to put a picture of the Clinch Mountain Bys on the back of the album. This I also gave him permission to do. Friends, if you like good bluegrass and old-time mountain music, this album is a must for your collection. – Ralph Stanley

You're Going Away
Goodbye, Farewell And So Long
I Wait
Leaving Without Warning
Dream Of A Coalminer's Child
Come Back To The Valley
Six More Miles
Little Joe
Orphan Child
Reckless Hobo
Story Of My Mother
Tradgey Of Frozen Creek

The Tall Timber Man - Harley Gabbard

Understand Your Man
Full Album
The Tall Timber Man
Harley Gabbard
Vetco Records 3006
Jewel Recording Studios - Cincinnati, Ohio
Queen City Album, Inc. - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: Harley Gabbard was born in West Harrison, Indiana, a small town on the Ohio, Indiana line, December 31, 1935. He started playing the guitar when he was 13 years old. One year later he played his first show and along with his buddy, Ray Swales, won a gallon of ice cream and $3.00 for doing "Columbus Stockade Blues". Since that time Harley Gabbard has done a lot of picking' and singing' and has traveled a lot of miles while doing so.

Harley has been playing dobro for 10 years now and a lot of people have heard and commented on his fine style. He has worked and traveled extensively with the famous Osborne Brothers, worked the Grand Ole Opry with them endearing himself to countless listeners throughout the United States.

WWVA, where the worlds famous Wheeling West Virginia Jamboree takes place every Saturday night has also been a frequent stopping place for Harley.

Blue Grass festivals with the Goins Brothers has taken him many miles and given him the opportunity to work before large audiences.

Some of Harley's first shows were played with me (Jimmie Skinner) and he cut his first record at the Jimmie Skinner Music Center

This was quite a fete, he dropped a quarter in the machine and in no time at all he became a recording artist. The record was a paper disc which Harley proudly carried home with hime.

Folsum Prison Blues
Nine Pound Hammer
Doodling On The Dobro
Nobody's Darling But Mine
Long Black Veil
Dreams Of My Heart
Poppa Played The Dobro
I Still Miss Some One
Ring Of Fire
Doing My Time
Understand Your Man

The Lotus Palace - The Alan Lorber Orchestra

The Lotus Palace
The Alan Lorber Orchestra
Produced by Alan Lorber & Jack Schatz for Alan Lorber Productions, Inc.
Verve V6-8711

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here for informational purposes and to share the cover art.

The vibe of the set is a blend of eastern influences, jazz, light pop and even Latin. Several Beatle songs are creatively covered, but even a light pop number like The Look Of Love is cool sounding and fits well in the mix of tunes. The record is presented in a nice book-fold jacket that features an abstract cover that sets the tone for the set.

From the jacket notes: What Ravi Shankar developed, and Beatle George made famous, has laid the groundwork for what you will hear. In the hands of Alan Lorber Orchestra, the traditional Indian Sitar featured here becomes a member of the sub-conscious conversation that spans the universe from life, love, and joy, to death, fear, anxiety, and confusion. The sound of the sitar strings, wails, pleads, laughs. Whatever there is in this or any other world is reflected in the 18 strings of this remarkable instrument.

Vincent Bell is credited for playing the Electric Sitar, adding his own invention, the "water drop" sound, to the last track.

Participating Musicians:
Collin Walcott - Sitar/Tabla
Donald Robertson, Jr. - Tambura
Jerome Richardson - Flute/Bass Clarinet/Tenor Sax
Vincent Bell - Guitar/Elec. Sitar
Howard Hirsch - Eastern & Western Percussion
Louis Haber - Violin
Irving Spice - Violin
Louis Stone - Viola
Seymour Barab - Cello

Up, Up And Away
The Flute Thing
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Hang On To A Dream
Roopaka Dha Teri Dhin Dhin
Within You, Without You
Mas Que Nada
The Love Of Love
Djellaba (The Hooded One)

Desiderata - Charles Martin

Charles Martin
Ambassador Record Co. - Newark, N. J.
S 98104

Just For Today
The Canticle Of The Sun
To A Friend
Not By Bread Alone
I Am Music
The Builder
A Little Child Shall Lead
12 Rules For Happiness
Last Will And Testament

Now! Twist Goes Latin - Perez Prado

Twist Goes Latin
Perez Prado
Produced by Herman Diaz, Jr.
RCA Victor LPM-2524

From the back cover: Twisters! You're in for a thrilling, new experience – not another word, listen to the Latin Twist, arranged, conducted, and with interpolated ughs!! by the King. Go!

The Twist of Hava Nageela
La Raspa
Venezuela Twist
St. Louis Blues
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Music To Change Her Mind - Jackie Gleason

Take Me In Your Arms
Music To Change Her Mind
Jackie Gleason Presents
Capitol Records W632

Bobby Hacket is credited on the disc label for the trumpet solos. Also on the label, Gleason credits himself for conducting the orchestra.

You've Changed
Did I Remember
It's The Talk Of The Town
My Sin
You're My Greatest Love
She's Funny That Way
All By Myself
I'm Glad There Is You
Dancing In The Dark
You Call It Madness
Take Me In Your Arms

Monday, April 7, 2014

1968 World Championship Ballroom Dances - Joe Loss

Love Is Blue
World Championship Ballroom Dances
Joe Loss And His Orchestra
Dance Records
Telemark S 6229

Cover Photo: Larry and Betty Silvers, managers of Philadelphia's Arthur Murray Studio, performing the Paso Doble. The Slivers have been U.S. Champions in Latin since 1964, and in 1969 they won the U.S. Championship in both Latin and Modern. They were U.S. representatives to the World Championships in 1966, 1967 and 1968 and in Tokyo in 1969.

Also see Go Latin With Loss.

The Legend Of Xanadu
Love Is Blue
Spanish Harlem
C. Jam Blues
Just In Time
Sometime, Somewhere
The Shadow Of Your Smile
The Last Waltz
Theme From Peyton Place
La Cumparsita

Sounds Of The Woodstock Age

Ride Captain Ride
My Sweet Lord
I Think I Love You
Sounds Of The Woodstock Age
Volume 1 & 2
18 Heavy Hits Of 2 Hit Records
Played and Sung by Tribes
Pickwick PTP 2044

Also sold as single discs that Pickwick decided to package here together in a book-fold jacket. Disc one features a faked concert complete with audience sounds and announcer voice-overs. Disc two features no fake audience sounds what-so-ever… just "Woodstock" covers like "I Think I Love You"… You remember hearing this one when you were naked, stoned and wallowing in the mud...

From the inside cover: A gathering of over 300,000 young people. Hair of every length, beaded and booted, leaned and jangling with good vibrations they came from all over the straight country. These hirsute members of The Woodstock Nation created a musical get together that galvanized the watching world.

Superstars helicoptered in past the massive tie-ups on the highways leading to the rock festival that started it all. They idyllic cow pastures became blanketed by the bodies of the pilgrims of the acid age. Rains came down, down and people got higher, higher, higher.

If you were one of those standing naked, free, in that mud mire, stoned with the sounds you'll never forget it. For those mere mortals who Kismet placed beyond those hallowed boundaries, we bring to you our wild re-creation of the sounds of the Woodstock Age. Tribes are into it. Heads unite.

Disc 1

Hitchin' A Ride
Ooh Ooh Child
Evil Ways
Give Me Just A Little More Time
Are You Ready
Mama Told Me Not To Come
Ride Captain Ride

Disc 2

My Sweet Lord
Knock Three Times
Montego Bay
I May Never Be Free
Rose Garden
I Think I Love You
They Can't Take Away Our Music
Stop The War Now
Born To Wander

Die Schlager Des Jahres

Skinny Minnie - John O'Hara And His New Playboys
Pretty Woman - Gerd Bottcher/Werner Muller And His Orchestra
Bye Bye Blue Jeans - Rita Pavone/Werner Muller And His Orchestra
Die Schlager Des Jahres
Deutscher Schallplattenclub
Decca J 136

Kleine Annabell
Das war der erste KuB
Wenn du mal allein bist
Der Salontiroler
Sein bestes Pferd
Ein Sonny-Boy und seine Signorina
Das kannut du mir nicht verbieten
Vergangen, vergessen, voruber
Skinny Minnie
Pretty Woman
Schenk mir dein Herz als Talisman
Do Wah Diddy Diddy
Keep Smiling
Bye Bye Blue Jeans
Cinderella Baby
Good bye, good bye, good bye

Spitzen Schlager Musikbox 65

Downtown - Isabella Band
Spitzen Schlager Musikbox 65
Deutscher Schallplattenclub
J 142

Darling, Goodnight
Bin i Radi bin i Konig
The Last Time
Mit 17 hat man noch Tramue
Traurigsein bringt nichts ein
Sugar Bebe
Santo Domingo
Ich steh allein
Kusse unterm Regenbagen
Haut du alies vergessen
She's about a Mover
Miss Tippletown
Magic Trumpet
Und dann kam der Mondschein
Einsame Tranen

Sunday, April 6, 2014

More Vibes On Velvet - Terry Gibbs

Don't Cry
More On Vibes
Terry Gibbs
Mercury Records MG 36148

Recorded in Hollywood, Calif., November, 1958
Supervision: Pete Rugolo
Cover Photo: Garrett and Howard

From the back cover: Terry Gibbs is sometimes deemed more the hard-driving swinger and jack-in-the-box of modern vibraharp than musician of sensitive feeling for a ballad.

Clearly, his first Vibes On Velvet album (MG 36064) proclaimed the 34-year old Brooklynite (now resident in Southern California) one with a signal way with a pretty melody.

When the ballads are illumined by the perceptive arrangements of Manny Albam, the musical setting becomes such that the listener is presented a Terry Gibbs far removed indeed from the dazzling thrust-and-parry youngsters-in-jazz who erupted so potently in the Second Herd of Woody Herman during the '40s. While the wisecracks and gum chewing remain indissolubly part of Gibbs personality, his maturity in musical expression has seldom been more evident than in his treatment of these ballads. Contrasting sharply with the bulk of his recorded output during the past decade, this subdued selection reveals a more restrained facet of Terry's assertive jazz approach.

"It's very hard to play a straight melody on vibes," mused Terry, listening to a playback. "You keep wanting to play little figures and things around the tune and it's really tough to stay on the melody line."

He lapsed into silence for awhile, then abruptly observed, "You know, my wife is right about my playing. She says I play best on the songs I don't know. Take this one, What Is There To Say. It was new to me. I guess on new tunes you have to think more. You don't have time to get lazy and fall into playing ideas you're used to."

Moonlight Serenade
Blues In The Night
What Is There To Say
I Remember
The Things We Did Last Summer
You Make Me Feel So Young
Lazy Sunday
Every Day Is Spring With You
Don't Cry