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Friday, June 15, 2012

Nelson Riddle - 101 Strings

Swingin' Stampede
Nelson Riddle
Arranges and Conducts 101 Strings
Alshire International S-5203

Here's another one of the handful of 101 Strings albums that is an outstanding collectible. The vibe is one of late 60s/early 70s orchestrated light pop. Saying that you might hear these tunes as a TV or movie soundtrack might be a rough assessment. The arrangements are not cheesy (although that's all good...), but sophisticated light pop.

Engaging stuff all the way through.

Swingin' Stampede
What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
Latino Sentimental
Tina's Waltz
Airport Theme
Bridge Over Trouble Water
Freeway Fantasy
Costa Brava
Twilight On The Mall
Nelson's Blues

Current Hits Volume No. 14

Twist And Shout
Current Hits Volume No. 14
Hit Records
HLP 414

More original hits done by the non-original artists.

Cha Cha Cha - Freddy Calo And His Latin Orchestra

There's No Tomorrow
Cha Cha Cha
Freddy Calo And His Latin Orchestra
King 636

Like other King albums this recording seems to lack "spark" compared to other better examples of Latin music I have collected from this period. Curiously, and to my amusement, the group slips from a somewhat a typical sounding Latin group into early 50s lounge when Calo does a solo. He sounds like an American lounge singer during those passages.

Piano A La Mood - Bernard Peiffer

Piano A La Mood
Bernard Peiffer
Decca DL 9203

I'm not sure why the jumping dog cover...

The music is "mood jazz", good smooth bluesy stuff.

A site dedicated to the memory of Peiffer.

Our Waltz
Easy Living
You Make Me Feel So Young
They Say It's Wonderful
Let's Get Away From It All
Who Can I Turn To
Last Night When We Were Young
Easy To Love
Blues For Django
The Song Is you

Kim Sang Hee

Once again, there is not much printed on the jacket that I can understand. Curiously the artist's name is featured in English. The record was released by Oasis Records, Seoul, Korea (OL 1151)

I did find a few returns when I did a search for Hee, including a video on YouTube. Hee may also have made a "Jefferson Airplane" styled "psych" album. This album is sort of a soft "light pop" album, but serves up a few nice quirky moments.

Synthesizer Hits

Apache Crisis System
Synthesizer Hits
Pink Elephant Records
Dutch Record Company
PE 811.003-H

This is apparently an import compilation album. A few of the more notable tracks are by G. Kingsley and are available online. However, other tracks, including the awesome cover of Apache seem to be more obscure having been recreated by the entities known as Crisis System or Revolution System.

Carmen Brasilia
Alone Again
For Allisa Beethoven
Moogie Boogie
Flamingo Moog
Hey Hey
Theme From "The Godfather"
Ooh Uggerdoo
Red River Pop

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The T/A Disco - BFGoodrich

The T/A Disco
Gail Sponseller & His Orchestra
Play The Big Band Arrangements Of Frank Comstock
Mark56 Records

The jacket features a die-cut cover (a large circle) which allows the record, a picture disc (the tire) to show through.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sounds Of Silence - Jane Morgan

Sounds Of Silence
Monday Monday
The Sounds Of Silence
Jane Morgan
Harmony Records 11498

One of the more obscure Morgan albums featuring a few interesting attempts at covering several 60s folk/pop tunes.

Bob Adams Sings Almost Persuaded

If A Woman Answers

I Walk The Line

Bob Adams Sings 
Almost Persuaded
Producer: William Beasley
Recorded: Star Record Studio
Compatible Mastering: Columbia Recording Studio
Cover Design: Harris Martin
Modern Sound MS 564

The Bottle Let Me Down
Blue Side Of Lonesome
Open Up Your Heart
Slipping Around
If A Woman Answers
Almost Persuaded
Talk Back Trembling Lips
One Has My Name
I Walk The Line

Historia de Exitos con Lola Beltran

La Noche de mi Mal
Historia de Exitos con Lola Beltran
Trios de Los Hons. Michel y el Mariachi Guadalajara de Silvestre Vargas
Peerless (Mexico) LPL 170

What the heck Atomic Attic... do you post whatever you find? Yup... pretty much and in this case I'm posting a sample from this vintage record found in a record store throwaway pile. Although the traditional arrangements will not hold your attention, the emotional vocal treatment heard in the sample just might.

I found this english language page featuring background on Loa Beltran if you like to read up on her.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dawn Of Dylan - Hugo Montenegro's Dawn Of Dylan

Blowin' In The Wind
Dawn Of Dylan
Hugo Montenegro's Dawn Of Dylan
GWP ST 2003

I've been finding a number of "covers" albums lately. Albums of this nature can be great fun but most are not successful in breathing new life into well known pop tunes.

In past posts I've mentioned how much I enjoy collecting Montenegro and consider him to be an inventive composer-arranger. Montenegro manages to, somehow, to blend the folk quality of Dylan's sound with orchestral and choral swells, easy listening and light pop to create engaging tracks. No one track is exactly like another which helps hold interest. For example, on the sample track I've selected, the artist who sings the fantastic solo segment (towards the end of the tune) only appears on this tune. No, contributing artists are credited on the cover.

Like A Rolling Stone
The Time's They Are A-Changing
Blowin' In The Wind
She Belongs To Me
Lay, Lady, Lay
It Ain't Me Babe
The Might Quinn
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
Mr. Tambourine Man
My Back Pages

Monday, June 11, 2012

Marimba Mambo Cha Cha Cha

Marimba Mambo Y Cha - Cha - Cha
Audio Fidelity AFLP 1802

AF release featuring a winning cover. There are extensive jacket notes about the marimba and the history of the instrument. The only mention given to the artists is that they are "Mexican marimba players".

For an early Latin album of this vintage the music is pretty engaging, aided by AF's engineers who added a little reverb to the Marimba that spices up the sound.

Shaft - Soul Mann & The Brothers

Walk From Regio's
Performed By Soul Mann & The Brothers
Arrangements by Sy Man
Pickwick SPC3290

Vintage exploitation budget fun.

Theme From Shaft
Cafe Regio's
Early Sunday Morning
Be Yourself
A Friend's Place
Shaft's Cab Ride
Bumpy's Lament
Walk From Regio's
Ellie's Love Theme
Bumpy's Blues

The Anita Kerr Singers - Velvet Voices And Bold Brass

The Anita Kerr Singers
Velvet Voices And Bold Brass
Produced, arranged, conducted (with soprano and solo vocals) by Anita Kerr
Dot Records DLP 25951

From Billboard - August 2, 1969: With driving bass, the Anita Kerr Singers take on an entirely new aspect. In a sense, they get soul. It's a big gutsy sound with those ever-mellow vocal blends. Great cuts include "You've Made Me So Happy," "Suppose," "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," and "The Windmills Of Your Mind."

You've Made Me So Very Happy
You And I
When The World Was Young
My Way
Happy Heart
God Bless The Child
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
The Windmills Of You Mind

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flying Finger Chris Hamalton And His Hammond Organ

Green Eyes
Flying Finger Chris Hamalton And His Hammond Organ
London Records LL 1436

Here's a sample from a late 50s easy pop organ album featuring a lounge vibe.

The album notes outline Chris Hamalton aka Harry Farmer's history. Oddly enough London felt it necessary to describe, in detail, the name change for this release to help avoid confusion over an earlier "Harry Farmer" release (LL-1437). Farmer's style changed and so did his name for this release. From the back cover: We can only hope that Harry Farmer doesn't get to schizophrenic, and that Chris Hamalton will be able to support him generously in his happy old age.

Also released in the jacket featured below.

Wizard At The Console
Flying Finger Chris Hamalton And His Hammond Organ
Richmond/London Records B 20038

Hits Of '68 - Ray Bloch Singers

Hey Jude
Mrs. Robinson
Hits Of '68
Ray Bloch Singers and Orchestra
Ambassador S98078

Here's another insane light pop album from Bloch who made a number of "Hits Of" LPs with his "singers". All that I've collected so far feature jaw dropping covers of your favorite pop tunes.