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Friday, March 16, 2012

Sounds Sensational - The Chorus And Percussion Of Keith Textor

It Might As Well Be Spring
Sounds Sensational
The Chorus And Percussion Of Keith Textor
Produced by Marty Gold
RCA LSA-2425

I'd thought I'd find more instances of this album when I did a search online. It turns out to be somewhat obscure. I found another photo featuring a white version of the cover. This one is blue (although faded on the left side).

Link here for a sample of Textor's first Stereo Action album, Sounds Terrific. The formula is the same on this album, but the stereo mixing is somewhat better.

The Greatest Guitar - Al Caiola

The Greatest Guitar
Al Caiola
Guest Star Records NG-1408

This Guest Star LP features a snap shot quality photo of Caiola on the jacket.

The cover sells the set as a Caiola. As far as I can tell, Caiola isn't playing on side one.

As I listen to the B side, I'll be damned if I can tell if Caiola is playing on this LP at all. Wait a second, I need to check the label for his name. The label reads Italian Holiday so the wrong record is in the jacket!  No... the catalog numbers are the same and the tracks seem to be correct. Apparently Guest Star could only afford a snapshot of Caiola for the cover and that was it. I'm not kidding...

Enjoy a track by Bill Costa instead which Caiola may, or may not have backed.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sensational Guitars Of Dan And Dale

Valley Of The Dolls

Sensational Guitars Of Dan And Dale
Diplomat DS 2441
A Product of Synthetic Plastics Co. 

Love Is Blue (L'amour eat Bleu)
We Can Fly
Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
A Little Rain
Never Say Goodbye
Every Monday Night
Mellow Day In The Morning
Our Love Affair
Blue Flowers In Her Hair
It's A Sad Song

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TV Jazz Themes - Skip Martin

TV Jazz Themes
The Video All-Stars
Conducted By Skip Martin
Stereo Fidelity (Somerset)
Album SF-8800

I was happy to find this album if only to collect the cover image by George Pico. Somerset was a budget label that managed to release some pretty good stuff from time to time. This recording has to be one of the better Somerset albums I've collected.

D. L. Miller thought enough of the project to list all of the musicians on the back cover as follows:

First Session: Gus Bivona, Paul Horn, Bob Copper, Red Mitchell, Jimmy Rowles, Gene Sherry, Pete Terry, Joe Triscari, Dick Nash, Frank Rosoling, George Roberts, Jimmy McGee, Joe Howard and Jules Jacob.

Second Session: Shelly Manne, Al Henderickson, Gus Bivona, Paul Horn, Red Mitchell, Bob Cooper, Pete Terry, Joe Triscari, Jules Jacob, Ray Linn, Gene Estes, Don Fagerquist, Jimmy Salko, Joe Howard, Dick Nash, Frank Rosolino, George Roberts, Larry Bunker, Jimmy Rowles, Vince Terri, Pete Candoli, Gene Sherry, Jimmy Mcgee, Conrad Gozzo, Frank Beach and Irv Cottler.

The April 20, 1959 Billboard mentions that the musicians appearing on this project as "top-flight".

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Switched-On Bacharach - Christoper Scott

April Fools
Switched-On Bacharach
Christoper Scott
Electronic Music Productions, LTD.
Decca Records DL 75141

Here's a sample from a fine moog recording. The vibe is simple and light pop, but for my money, plays through nicely. Apparently the LP met with enough success to allow Scott to make a follow-up album, More Switched-On Bacharach. This album seems to have also been released on MFP with different cover art.

It's OK To Say No To Drugs

It's OK To Say No To Drugs
Kid Stuff
KKS 1035 LP

Apparently this LP came with a cassette tape and a coloring book. All I found was the record with the jacket torn when the product was opened.

By way of a sample, I choose a track that points out that bad people don't always look "bad" therefore... don't trust anyone but your family. Frankly... I wouldn't trust them either and it's a good idea to obtain a concealed carry permit as soon as possible.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Now Sounds Of Today

Disco Movie - Patrick Nelson
Push And Shout - Lorenzo Jones
America The Beautiful
The Now Sounds Of Today
Columbine Records

When do rock, blues or disco songs sound unlike rock, blues or disco songs? For the most part, when they are songs found on a song poem album.

Featured Columbine vocalists on this set are Kay Weaver and Ralph Lowe. Apparently Columbine didn't have enough submission to fill out the album so they threw in a few public domain tunes, including America The Beautiful to fill out the sides.

Flick Themes '72

Diamonds Are Forever
Flick Themes '72
Pickwick SPC 3305