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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Ol' Rockin' Ern - Ernie Ford

Country Junction
Ol' Rockin' Ern
Ernie Ford
Capitol Records T888

From the back cover: There's a rockin' rhythm in the voice of "Tennessee" Ernie Ford when he sings about things like hunting, fishing, and loving that's especially evident in these songs written by Ernie himself.

Country Junction, Blackberry Boogie, Kiss Me Big, The Lord's Lariat – each tune expresses the feeling and flavor of experiences that were a part of Ernie's boyhood down in Tennessee. Here they are given bright backing by the orchestra and chorus conducted by Jack Fascinato. Jack has accompanied Ernie on all of his bit hits, and as this album proves, the two go together like biscuits and honey.

With all of the natural flavor that has made him one of the nation's top entertainers. "Ol' Rockin' Ern" sings about what he knows and loves best – life "back home" – with enough charm in that deep voice of his to make a city slicker turn farmer.

Milk'em In The Morning Blues
Catfish Boogie
Anticipation Blues
Country Junction
Shot-Gun Boogie
She's My Baby
Blackberry Boogie
Kiss Me Big
Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own
Smokey Mountain Boogie
I Ain't A-Gonna Let It Happen No More
The Lord's Lariat

Jam Session #3 - Norman Granz

Side Two
Jam Session #3
Supervised by Norman Granz
Clef Records MG C-4003

From the back cover: Some time ago I began a new series on the Clef label entitled "Jam Session". In many ways, these albums were the corollaries to the Jazz at the Philharmonic albums in that both series are predicated on the use of great names improvising jazz together with no arrangements, written or otherwise. We have already released two of these albums with such artists as Oscar Peterson, Flip Phillips, Ben Webster, Charlie Shavers, Barney Kessel, and others. This album, Jam Session #3, along with #4, are the next two albums in the series.

I have always felt that the greatest rhythm piano player in the history of jazz is Count Basie. Basie has an almost magical feel for the right tempo, and since Basie is also a teacher as well as a piano player, his rhythm section has, therefore, become the greatest thing in jazz history. With a rhythm section consisting of Buddy Rich on drums, John Simmons on bass, guitarist Freddie Greene, and the master, Basie himself, at the piano and organ, we couldn't really go wrong on this date.

For horns, I selected Wardell Gray on tenor sax, who has played with various big bands, and at one time with the Count Basie small unit a few years back. For the other tenor saxophonist I used the great Stan Getz, who is destined to be recognized in the years to come as a real giant of his instrument. On clarinet, I selected Buddy De Franco, who is, without any equivocation whatsoever, the best clarinetist playing today. For trumpet, I used another ex-Basie alumnus, Harry Edison. Harry is easily one of the swingingest trumpeters extant today. On alto saxophones, I used the old master, Benny Carter, and a Jimmy Lunceford alumnus, Willie Smith.

You will hear in this album: Apple Jam and The Ballad Medley – Indian Summer, Willow Weep For Me, If I Had You, Ghost Of A Chance, Love Walked In, Body And Soul, Nancy, and I Hadn't Any One 'Til You. – Norman Granz

Waltz Time In Vienna - D'Artega

Beautiful Blue Danube
Waltz Time In Vienna
D'Artega Conducts
The Symphony Of The Air
Photo: George Pickow
Designed by Leonard Pearl
Design Records DLP 108

Beautiful Blue Danube
Artist's Life
Die Fledermaus
Gold And Sliver Waltz
Treasure Waltz
Love's Rondelay Orpheus Valse
In Your Arms
Swan Lake (Waltz in "A" Minor)

Arthur Murray's Library Of Dance Music

Arthur Murray's
Library Of Dance Music
The Best Of Jitterbug Swing
Hill Bowen and His Orchestra
Richard Maltby and His Orchestra
Manufactured for J. J. Little and Ives by RCA Custom Records

Anytime - Hill Bowen
It's Only A Paper Moon - Hill Bowen
Beer Barrel Polka - Hill Bowen
Shoo Shoo Baby - Hill Bowen
Little Brown Jug Hill Bowen
Pennsylvania 6-5000 - Hill Bowen
Manhattan Serenade - Richard Maltby
Just You, Just Me - Richard Maltby
Tara's Theme - Richard Maltby
Strictly Instrumental - Richard Maltby
Rose Room - Richard Maltby
Green Eyes - Richard Maltby

Golden Hits Of Country & Western Music - Texas Jim Robertson

Till The End Of The World
Texas Jim Robertson Sings
Golden Hits Of Country & Western Music
Photo: George Pickow - Three Lions
Design Records DLP 115

From the back cover: Let's examine this 6 foot 3 inch baritone. Born in 1916 on his folk's ranch in Batesville, Texas, he was christened James Battle Robertson. Instead of a crib he used a saddle. Tex claims he learned to ride a horse before he knew how to walk.

He was such a big boy for his age that his dad put him on as a top-hand for the summer of his eleventh birthday. That's an awful lot of riding and roping for a boy that age. No trouble for Tex, he took it all in his long steady stride.

When Tex turned 16, he went to visit an aunt in Bat Cave, North Carolina. There was so much fun to be had that he had it all and that included spending the money Tex had put aside to get back to Texas. Needing money for that return trip, he looked around. No one required a cowboy on their tobacco farm. There just wasn't any rodeos he could enter where he might win his passage home. The want ads weren't enticing but he kept on looking till one day a Goldsboro paper ran the following ad. "Wanted – guitar playing cowboy singer – must be authentic and sing songs of the west. Knowledge of radio technique helpful but not necessary for the right man." The address was a radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Well, part of Jim's training included playing the guitar, banjo and mandolin. His dad taught him all that plus the kind of songs every cowboy had to know. Tex visited with the Program Director of the radio station in Charlotte. He never calls on anyone, he always visits with people. Jim started work the next day. The radio audience loved him. NBC heard of this love and brought into New York for his first network show when he remained. Then, he became an actor... remember the deep low male voice on "Lone Journey," "Against The Storm," "Death Valley Days" and the villain on "Dick Tracy," they were great radio serials. The year was 1937, he was popular, successful and in love – her name was Marianne. The year is 1959, he is still popular, successful and in love and she's still the same Marianne he married in 1937. Finally, World War II, the Marine Corps and the South Pacific, the area not the musical.

Back home again, the American public did not forget a great talent.

Slipping Around
Lonesome Whistle
Kentucky Waltz
You Are My Sunshine
I Love You So Much It Hurts
It Makes No Difference Now
If You've Got The Money
Till The End Of The World
Night Train To Memphis
Mockin' Bird Hill
The Almanac Song
Columbus Stockade Blues

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

George Wright Plays The Conn Electronic Organ

Cool Tango
George Wright
Plays The Conn Electronic Organ
HIFI Record
Album No. R-712

From the back cover: George Wright plays the Conn Electronic Organ as you have never before thought possible. Some of you pipe organ fans may question this use of George' pipe organ talents. To explain, Mr. Wright has had many requests from owners of electronic organs to record an album played on an electronic organ. There are more than 500,000 such instruments in homes throughout this country and abroad, so considering the potential of his listeners, Mr. Wright agreed to make this recording, even though he prefers theater pipe organ to an electronic organ.

George Wright's intention here is to show what can be done with an electronic organ to make it sound like a pipe organ. There is no doubt the electronic "organ" is ingenious in its imitation of true pipe organ sound. Even the layman, however, can detect the considerable difference between the best electronic organ and an organ sounding from actual pipes, which is, in the strict sense, a true musical instrument.

In his search for the most truly imitative electronic organ George Wright decided upon the Conn Electric Organ, which when used with Electro Music's Leslie Organ Speaker, produces the best electronic organ sound. The Conn Electronic Organ is manufactured by C. G. Conn, Ltd., of Elkhart, Indiana, long makers of musical instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, etc.

We don't want to leave the impression from preceding comment that the electronic organ is without its proper place. Pipe organs are very expensive, bulky, and because of this, necessarily restrict to a few, compared with the larger number who would own them, circumstances permitting. Definitely, the electronic organ has its place, since it cost on more than a good grand piano and takes up no more space. By this means, a half million people or more who otherwise couldn't, are able to play and make synthetic organ sounds. At some future date, electronic science may perfect an even closer imitation of true pipe organ sound.

As most of you are aware, George Wright is THE theater style organist. He has cleverly played things on the Conn Electronic Organ that are distinctly novel and entertaining. The Wright virtuosity is always a real musical treat.

The master recording of this album was made on a three-track Ampex magnetic tape recorder, using three Telefunken microphones. This tape was later transcribed to a master acetate disc cut on a Scully automatically variable pitch lathe, using Western "B" series heated stylus cutting head. Pressings are custom pure Vinyl.

From Billboard - December 29, 1956: Largely responsible for the resurgence of organ album popularity, this set by George Wright is an experiment in duplicating a theater pipe organ sound on a Conn electric organ. As such, the package comes off rather well on basis of Wright's ability to mold his style to the material at hand. Latter consists of standards, "Beer Barrel Polka," "Under Paris Skies," etc. With more home organs being sold today than pianos, the package should prove to be a potent seller.

How Come You Do Me Like You Do
Aunt Blanche's Boogie
La Barrachita
Cool Tango
She's Funny That Way
Beer Barrel Polka
Under Paris Skies
That's Honky Tony Melody
Ragging The Scale
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
The Cactus Polka

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Love Makes The World Go 'Round - Jane Morgan

Love Makes The World Go 'Round
Jane Morgan
Orchestra Directed by Jack Elliott
*Orchestra Directed by Frank Hunter
**Orchestra Directed by Nick Perito
Kapp Records, Inc.
Mono KL-1250

From the back cover: This lovely star of records, radio, television and the theatre was born in New England. Her original ambition was to be a lyric soprano, and she studied at New York's famed Juilliard School Of Music, working as a band vocalist in the evenings to earn her tuition fees. However, her success as a vocalist changed her career, when a French impresario signed her to star in the renowned Club des Champs Elysees in Paris. Her fame spread internationally as she toured Europe and, within a short time, America club-owners were clamoring for "The American Girl From Paris." Since her return, her success has been as phenomenal on this side of the Atlantic as it was in Europe, and she has appeared in every major hotel and supper club in the United States and Canada, also starring in Summer theatre roles during the holiday season. "The Fascination Girl" is in constant demand on television, a regular "favorite" of the Ed Sullivan and Perry Como Shows and a special guest of every coast-to-coast variety program. Her 'single' records feature steadily on the popularity charts, and her many albums for the Kapp label are an important ingredient of any record collection containing the best in popular music.

From Billboard - August 21, 1961: Miss Morgan has another first-rate, beautifully performed LP to be added to her fans' collections. The set is chock full of the fine vocal numbers, most of them in the ballad vein, and a good number of them from last season's musical fare on Broadway. A number of them, like the title tune from "Carnival," also have been issued as singles. On most of the sides the orchestra is directed by Jack Elliott. Among some titles are "In Other Words," "Where's The Boy," "Temptation" and "Homesick For New England."

Theme From "Carnival" (Love Makes The World Go 'Round)
In Other Words
He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely (From the musical production "Donnybrook!")
Where's The Boy (I Never Met)
Little Lost Sheep
**The Bridal Path
My Love Is A Wanderer
Homesick For New England
More Than I Should
*Incurably Romantic
Count Every Star

Around The World In 80 Days - Lew Raymond

Temple Of Dawn
Music From Michale Todd's
Around The World In 80 Days
Arranged and Conducted by Lew Raymond
Music by Victor Young
Tops Music Enterprises, Corp.
Tops L1591

Around The World
Paris Arrival
Sky Symphony
Invitation To A Bull Fight
Entrance Of The Bull March
India Country Side
The Pagoda Of Pillagi
Temple Of Dawn
Prairie Sail Car
Around The World

Monday, July 29, 2019

Let There Be Love - Joni James

Let There Be Love
Let There Be Love
Joni James
MGM SE3931 (reissue)

From the back cover: Cover photographer Jerrold Schatzberg is 22 years old and one of the busiest commercial photographers in New York City. He is much in demand for advertising work and for magazine covers. His photographer are staples in the pages of McCall's and Vogue, among other publications. His range is wide, from the sensitive handling of children and women to the more aggressive rendering of such products as Jaguar and Buick. His most recent award, a gold medal, was presented him by the Art Directors Show of New York for a Clairol ad he photographed.

From Billboard - November 14, 1953 (original release MGM E222): The first LP set by one of the country's hottest singers contains eight fine evergreens, performed in Joni's own wistful style, backed stylishly by the Lew Douglas ork. Should be a strong seller.

You're My Everything
You're Nearer
Love Is Here To Stay
I'll Be Seeing You
Let There Be Love
My Romance
The Nearness Of You
You're Mine You
I Need You Now
This Is My Confession
The Moment I Saw You
Am I In Love

Italian Songs - Louis Prima

Italian Songs Featuring Louis Prima
With Phil Brito
Evon/Golden Tone 326

Please No Squeeza Da Banana
Oh Marie
Felicia No Capicia
Bacciagaloop (Make Love On The Stoop)
Tango Della Rosa
Ciditencello Vuie
Comme Bella
Oh Marie
Come Back To Sorrento
Where Do You Worka John