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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Guitar Style Of Al Caiola

The Guitar Style Of Al Caiola
Plus 5 Top Guitars!
RCA Camden CAL/CAS-710

This is a good space age guitar album featuring Al Caiola who is backed by other names you may recognize including George Barnes, Al Casamente, Don Arnone, John Pizzarelli and Billy Bauer.

In A Sentimental Mood - Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra

Sophisticated Lady
In A Sentimental Mood
Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra
RCA Camden CAS-729

You won't know it from this album, but Montenegro would go on produce electronic works that would influence future generations of musicians. Still, this is a decent mood set and earns points for the "bad habits" cover art.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lo Mejor De Robertha

El Tonoto De La Colina (Fool On The Hill)
Lo Mejor De Robertha
Sabor Records (Subsidiary of Roulette Records) CS-1602

Obscure album and vocalist. Late 60s/early 70s vibe and a dramatic cover of The Beatles Fool On The Hill.

Roulette was a budget U.S. label. The brief jacket notes are in both English and Spanish. There isn't much real info in the notes. Robertha, apparently, is a vocalist with one name and is an "interpreter of contemporary Mexican music".

Love Is Blue - The Young Lovers

Green Tambourine
Love Is Blue
The Young Lovers
Design Records DLP-285

I've got a several "Young Lovers" albums in the collection now. Check out Valley Of The Dolls. Apparently the group also recorded an LP titled Barbarella that sports a great space-age cover design.

In my first post I mention that the studio group isn't super tight. This set plays through in the same fashion, especially the tunes featuring the harpsichord. The harpsichord player sounds like he/she showed up to the session without having practiced the songs. It's pretty amazing. But all of the musicians seem to be unsure of what they are doing.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Percussive Moods - Johnny Keating's Kombo

Bali Ha'i
Percussive Moods
Johnny Keating's Kombo
Phase 4 Stereo
London SP 44005

Colonel Bogey
In The Still Of The Night
Mountain Greenery
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
Headin' North
The Donkey Serenade
The Trolley Song
Bali Ha'i
Don't Get Around Much Anymore
It Had To Be You

Shape Of Things To Come - Max Frost And The Troopers

It's Wrong
Shape Of Things To Come
Max Frost And The Troopers
Tower Records ST 5147

Apparently a few of the tunes on this album can be found on CD compilations even though the album is obscure.

Max Frost And The Troopers was a fictional rock music group created for the exploitation film Wild In The Streets. The single "Shape Of Things To Come" was release from the soundtrack. It sold well enough to set the group into the studio to record this album. The music is preformed by a studio group with members who are believed to be Paul Wibier (lead vocals) and members of Davie Allan and The Arrows (who release the "Shape of Things to Come" without lyrics).

For a "studio group" and a follow-up effort, the music is tight and groovy.

As a side note, Les Baxter apparently penned incidental music along with Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann for the movie soundtrack.

StereoSonic - Instrumental Sampler

Sabre Dance - The Frank Ortega Trio
Instrumental Sampler
Jubilee SSJLP-801

It takes several tracks before the vibe of the audio begins to reflect the energy of the cover art. Not the best sampler in terms of marketing, but you should be able to find a tune or two to enjoy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Justice League Of America

Justice League Song
Justice League Of America
Song And Stories
Power/Peter Pan Records - 8174

Fun comic book record featuring a few cool and cheesy musical intros.

Latin-Esque - Esquivel And His Orchestra

Esquivel And His Orchestra
Stereo Action
The Sound Your Eyes Can Follow
RCA Victor LSA-2428

This album can be found on CD, so I will not be posting a sample.

This is a marvelous Stereo Action entry from Esquivel. Stereo Action was a series of records RCA issued to help cash in on the emerging "stereo" trend. Each album featured a different artist who may or may not have worked with the RCA engineers to get the most out of the "stereo" technology. All of the jackets were made of heavy cardboard with some sort of die-cut that allowed the 4-color printed sleeve to peek through.

I can't say I love all of the Stereo Action LPs. RCA engineers messed with channel switching to the point that the "stereo action" becomes annoying. But this Stereo Action rocks. The music is a great blend of late 50s and early 60s space age, easy listening vocals and ping-pong.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sex Aid

This record, made for scientific research (a vehicle for porn) has an "A" and "B" side, but the pressing is the same on both sides.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Latin For Lovers - Tito Gomez & His Orchestra

Why Do You Linger
Latin For Lovers
Tito Gomez & His Orchestra
Crown Records CST 621

The references to Tito Gomez I found online are for a vocalist. This is a small combo light light jazz recording with no vocals.

The LP features four extended tracks per side.

Why Do You Linger
Noise Of The Night
Mischievous Love
Skin Of Ivory
Turtle Samba
At Midnight
It Can Never Be
Blue Samba

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dream Of You - Henry Mancini

Playboy's Theme
Dream Of You
Henry Mancini And His Orchestra
Remastered by Don Miller
RCA Camden CAS-2510

Dream Of You
A Powdered Wig
Sidewalks Of Cuba
Playboy's Theme
Castle Rock
Swing Lightly
Everybody Blow!
Far East Blues