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Friday, December 16, 2011

Cuban Mist Cha Cha Cha - Eddie Gomez

Cuban Mist Cha Cha Cha
Eddie Gomez And His American Orchestra
Cover Photography: Todd Walker - Beverly Hills
Art Direction & Production: Florette Bihari
Crown CLP 5032

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover.

From the back cover: As you will hear the music in this album, it is recorded with real vigor and intense feeling by a native of Puerto Rican... Eddie Gomez. Gomez, who has sung with Noro Morales and Enrique Madriguera and has appeared in theaters and clubs all over the world, has achieved an international reputation for his interpretations of Latin music.

Frankie And Johnny
I See I See
Dark Eyes
Cerca Cerquita
Cuban Mist
Si Tu Quieres
Sweet And Gentle
Two Guitars
Rico Vacilon
Le Fleur
Un Carinito
Tus Caprichitos

Bongos Flutes Guitars - Los Admiradores


Bongos Flutes Guitars
Performances By Los Admiradores
Produced by Enoch Light
Associate Producer: Julie Kalges
Recording Chief: Robert Fine
Mastering: George Piros
Art Director: Charles E. Murphy
Cover Art by Brownjohn, Chermayoff & Gelsmar
Command Records RS 812 SD

How Hight The Moon
C'est Ci Bon
Friendly Persuasion
My Funny Valentine
Making Whoopie
Birth Of The Blues
Golden Earrings
East Of The Sun
By The Rive St. Marie
I Can Dream, Can't I

Sentimental - Enoch Light

The Breeze And I
Enoch Light Orchestra
The Fontanna Orchestra
Palace PST-703

I guess Palace managed to secure the rights to several Light songs and felt that they could legally market an album of older, mismatched off the shelf stuff with Light's name on the cover. Some of the filler isn't even credited to Fontanna. Palace went so far as to rip off the Command jacket graphic style in the hopes that buyers would think that they they were getting the good stuff. Even the Light tracks are no where near his best effort.

Place never lets me down as a budget label.

The Bay Big Band Plays Duke Ellington

Passion Flower
The Bay Big Band Plays Duke Ellington
Omega OSL 24

Apparently the back cover was reprinted at some point during the production run. The back cover on my copy features a track list and the Omega catalog. I found an image of the back cover online that explains that the band featured on this set is conducted by Francis Bay, who had made at least 12 records on Omega at that time. The cover photo was taken by Ray Avery. The sculpture, by Dupagne, was located in the Belgian Congo Pavilion during the Brussels World's Fair.

Francis Bay was a Belgian conductor who was noted in the August 8, 1960 Billboard as having "...fashioned a Big Band that stands among the best around today."

Omega had a flare for releasing budget albums featuring graphically dynamic covers.

Take The A Train
Don't Get Around Much Anymore
Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
Sophisticated Lady
Jack The Bear
Passion Flower

The Power And The Glory - Roger Bacon Band

This Guy's In Love With You
The Power And The Glory
Guth Brothers Post 111 Roger Bacon Band
Recorded by Insight Communications, Inc
Artist Recording Company - Cincinnati, Ohio
6920 - 700651

OK... this one is coming out of left field even for me... but I couldn't resist the great cover image. You are looking from the south shore of The Ohio River, probably from Newport, Kentucky across the river into downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

I live in the area... it's a local thing for me.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Cup Of Tea - Si Zentner And His Orchestra

Hard Day's Night
My Cup Of Tea
Si Zentner And His Orchestra
RCA LSP-2992

Zentner's big band, and at times, light pop approaches to popular tunes of his time including many Beatle songs.

Wishin' And Hopin'
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
And I Love Her
A Hard Day's Night
Forget Him
All Cried Out
The House Of The Rising Sun
Ringo's Theme
Twist And Shout
How Do You Do it
I Want To Hold Your Hand
My Cup Of Tea

Shaft In Africa

Shaft In Africa
Original score composed, arranged and conducted by Johnny Pate
ABC Records BCX-793

From the cover graphic, the best I could have hoped for was some 70s movie musical magic cheese. Yes, there is some of that 70s fun going on. But this album also features a great blend of funk, jazz and little exotica, if you will, along with great Four Tops vocals. Good stuff!

Available as mp3 down loads so I will not be posting a sample. It helps if you search for the mp3 files to add "pate" as a keyword.

You Can't Even Walk In The Park
Are You Man Enough
Aleme Finds Shaft
Shaft In Africa
El Jardia
Are You Man Enough
Jazar's Theme
Truck Stop
Aleme's Theme
El Jardia
Are You Man Enough (End Title)

The Screen Scene - Peter Nero

The Screen Scene
Peter Nero
RCA Victor LSP-3496

Here we have another one of those album covers that assures that the album will be passed over at the thrift by most pickers. I always check the track titles to see if I should risk, in this case... my 50¢... Spy film titles are always good bet... But the winner on this album is a cover of The Beatles Help!

The album, aside from the sample posted above, isn't "over-the-top" space age fair, but nicely blends easy listening with light pop.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Super Hits - Rock 1976 - 77

I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night
Super Hits
Rock 1976 - 77
Power Pak SA-302

Many of the Power Pak records I've collected are "comic book" theme projects. This Power Pak is a "covers" record. Featured in super small type on the back cover is the name of the session group, Tommy Hill Music Festival.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winchester Cathedral - The Palm Beach Band Boys

Gypsy Caravan
Winchester Cathedral
The Palm Beach Band Boys
RCA LSP-3734

Oddball 60s record by a studio group who attempted to capitalize on the success of The New Vaudeville Band's hit single Winchester Cathedral. Some tracks blend novelty 1920s/30s nasal vocals, apparently sung by an RCA executive who croons while holding his nose and period light pop music.

The arrangements are by Billy (Supersonic Guitars) Mure.

Your All-Time Favorite Songs - Bianco

Ebb Tide
Your All-Time Favorite Songs
The Rainbow Sound Of Bianco
His Harp And Orchestra

Gene Bianco's first love was jazz. But RCA thought it best to mold Bianco into an easy listening musician. Check out the full story on

Percussion Suite - Buster Cooper

Side B
Percussion Suite
Dances Created By Buster Cooper
Choreo Records - Dallas, Texas CH-200

Curious 10 inch 33 LP with side one divided into tracks and side two playing as one long "song". Both sides playing out much in the same fashion. The record may have been made to accompany some type of printed material, to support Cooper's "dances"?

South Pacific - Les Baxter

Bali Ha'i
South Pacific
Les Baxter
Capitol Records T1012

The May 5, 1958 Billboard got it right when they wrote: This is an exciting new approach to the famed Rogers and Hammerstein score. Despite numerous recordings, this can score well. Tempos are altered, and the orchestra colors are superb. It's a wonderful mood set and a pleasantly different companion place to the many vocal treatments. Strong possibilities. Attractive cover.

Monday, December 12, 2011

You Can't Hurry Love - The Copy Cats

Wild Thing
You Can't Hurry Love
The Copy Cats
Columbia Record Club Exclusive
D 242

I always buy "copy cat" albums... but I never thought I'd find one released on Columbia or by a session group actually called The Copy Cats.

Of course, Columbia did as good as could be expected making music that almost, sorta, kinda... sounds like the "original". Enjoy the copies!

Land Of 1000 Dances
Trains & Boats & Planes
Red Rubber Ball
Hanky Panky
I Saw Her Again
Wild Thing
Bus Stop
Sunshine Superman
You Can't Hurry Love
Summer In The City
Lil' Red Riding Hood

Those Were The Days - The Exotic Guitars

A Taste Of Honey
Those Were The Days
The Exotic Guitars
Ranwood Records, Inc. R 8040

Solo Guitar - Al Casey
Produced by Randy Wood
Arranged and conducted by Bill Justis

This is another good and groovy light pop Exotic Guitars LP.  The LP features inventive arrangements, guitar sound and light jazz touches.

Lani Laurens - Surfin' At Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Chant

Surfin' At Waikiki Beach
Lani Laurens And His Royal Polynesians
Spinorama S118 & M118
A Division Of Premier Albums, Inc.

Surfin' Song
Silver Sand
Waikiki Palms
Waikiki Chant
Hawaiian Girl
Hawaiaan Lover
Hula Girl
Island Queen
Tiara Blossom

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gypsy - Sandor His Violin And Orchestra

Sandor His Violin And Orchestra
RCA LPM-1440

Here we have another somewhat obscure "Gypsy" album with a smoking hot cover. Sorry about not posting a sample. The music is a bit too "traditional" for my blog.

A Bunch Of Bongos - Willie Rodriguez

A Bunch Of Bongos
Willie Rodriguez And The International Stars
Grand Award GA 253 SD

Available for purchase/download so I will not be posting a sample.

More of the good ping pong light pop stuff from Enoch Light. You get the typical and terrific (Light) engineering.

Tico Tico
Penthouse Mambo
Tropical Merengue
Say Si Si
Timbales Mambo
Mambo Loco
Take It Easy
Cuban Mambo
Chiu Chiu

Coral Reef - The Hawaiian Surfers

Coral Reef
The Hawaiian Surfers
Decca DL 74700

The Hawaiian Surfers are like The Four Freshman do Hawaii. But they mix it up featuring a few "traditional" approaches along with some fun light pop fare.

Overall, a fine album.


A Chant For Your Plants

A Chant For Your Plants

From the back cover: Chant written by Ann Chase: artist, author, lecturer, researcher in Noetic Science, and graduate of the Cosmic University.