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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Variety Talent - Song Poem

Soul Power (Sullivan)
Time Was (Grestick)
The Butterfly Of Japan (Donaldson/Dickey)
Variety Talent
Hit Records International Presents: Variety Talent
Frank Bishop - Howard Reed - Allen King Keller

Jamaican Drums - Royal Steel Band Of Kingston, Jamaica

The Breeze And I
Jamaican Drums
Royal Steel Band Of Kingston, Jamaica
Adventures In Sound
Columbia WL 121

Originally sold in 1958 for $4.95.

Mambo Mento
The Breeze And I
Toselli's Serenade
Montego Jump-Up
Jamaica Jump-Up
Marche Militaire
Schubert's Serenade
Soja Man
The Peanut Vendor
Minuet In G
Mango Walk

Friday, August 26, 2011

Batman And Other Super Men - The Revengers

Our Man Flint
Batman And Other Super Men
The Revengers
MGM Records M/MS-565

Super duper stuff from a mystery band.

Love Me Tonight - The Windmills Of Your Mind

Secret Mission
Love Me Tonight
The Windmills Of Your Mind
Dolph Scott
Diplomat DS 2475

I can't find any info on Dolph Scott.  This could be the only record he made.

The music is a curious blend of easy listening/lounge piano blended with pop/jazz accents. It has a 60s private press small combo lounge vibe to it.

Yellow Bird - Jamaica Duke & The Mento Swingers

Jamaica Calling

Yellow Bird
Jamaica Duke & The Mento Swingers
Produced by Carlton Lee
Photo: Herbert Gordon
Design: Grimax Advertising, Ltd.
Dynamic Sounds Recording - Jamaica - SLP 004

Autographed by Jamaica Duke (Reginald Kirten) - 24 Feb. 1972


Lead Singer: Jamaica Duke
Clarinet: Olia Gonzalez
Banjo: Charles Harrison
Violin: Vernel Vassel
Maracas: Percy Gayle
Guitar: Alwyn Stanford
Bass Guitar: Paul Wilson
Bongos: Sidney Gregory

Yellow Bird
Fire Fire
Jamaica Farewell
Shame & Scandal
Mr. Walker
Wings Of A Dove
Chicken Chest
Island Calling

For Men Only

Pepper Hot Baby
For Men Only
Arranged and Conducted By Lew Raymond
Tops L1583

Jane Mansfield cover. Mansfield won a Golden Globe in 1957 for New Star Of The Year – Actress beating Carroll Baker and Natalie Wood. In 1959 her mainstream film roles had dried up but she continued to make low-budget films and stay in the public eye until her death in a car accident in 1967.

The record, of course, isn't"naughty". This is pop recording featuring decent unnamed studio vocalists.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Astromusical House Of Virgo

The Astromusical House Of Virgo
Sign Of The Craftsman Or Critic
Arranged and Conducted by Ed Bland
Producer: Paul Robinson
Designer: Oscar De Larenta
Booklet The Astrological Series/Volume 1 by Carroll Righter
GWP Records
Astro Stereo 1006

A series of mood/easy listening LPs featuring Astrological Signs as the conceptual theme which is supported graphically by the work of popular fashion designers who dress the women posed for the cover art.

Hey Jude
The Autumn Of My Life
Sophisticated Lady
Mona Lisa
September Song
Autumn Leaves
I'll Get By

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Musical Essay On Dixieland Jazz - With The Eight Balls

A Musical Essay On Dixieland Jazz
With The Oleika Eight Balls
Lemco 701

A recording celebrating the roots of Jazz (Funeral Music). Each track gets a brief introduction.

The record features a terrific cover signed by all the members of the Eight Balls!

From the back cover: The Eight Balls formed as a specialty Dixieland group in 1957, and, as all are active members of the Brass Band, they are not recognized as an official unit of Oleika Temple (Lexington, Kentucky). The group is completely self supporting and, as unofficial Goodwill Ambassadors of Oleika, play only for Shrine and Masonic functions.

Members of the group have been honored by a number of special awards, including being commissioned as Kentucky Colonels by the Governor Of Kentucky; receiving the Order of the Braying Burro from Past Imperial Potentate Barney Collins; being appointed, in Spring 1970, Honorary Mayors of the City of Bessemer, Ala., by Past Potentate Jess Lanier, Zamora Temple, the official Mayor.

Sounds Of Today - 101 Strings

I'm A Man
Sounds Of Today
101 Strings
Alshire S-5078

From the back cover: Played by the world's largest orchestra hit songs from the era of soul, psychedelia and the new generation – over 130 players "turned on" with the songs and sounds of today – the most astounding "trip" ever to be taped.

101's Astro-Sounds may be 101's most astounding "trip", but this LP comes in a close second. This is a great light pop album with a fun psych edge.

Monty Kelly is credited for the arrangements, and if I'm reading the song credits correctly he wrote four of the tunes (Stone Baroque, Karma Sitar, Blues For The Guru and Strings For Ravi).

Bravo Hi-Fi - Howard Hanson

Cuban Overture
Bravo Hi-Fi
Howard Hanson
Eastman-Rochester Symphony Orchestra
Olympian/Mercury MG 50166

Here we have an obscure three track orchestral album. Track titles include: Cuban Overture/Gershwin, Mexican Rhapsody/McBride and Latin-Amercian Symphonette/Gould. This is a fun album that wins you over first with the fab cover art and then the music, which has a nice period pop flavor to it.

The Magic Of The Caribbean - Herbert Spencer And His Orchestra

Voodoo Moon
The Magic Of The Caribbean
Herbert Spencer And His Orchestra
Decca Records  DL 9080

When I find jackets that cost a small fortune to produce, I ask why did the label think that this set was worth the cost of the packaging? Or was it just the right moment in time to invest in this type of "trend" marketing?

The LP comes in a heavy book-fold jacket that features a die-cut cover (the hat shape is punched out of the cover). There are three nicely designed pages fixed to the spine that feature 4-color and 2-color printing.  Decca paid Richard Joseph, Esquire Travel Editor, to write the copy, which is a dry sounding history of the Caribbean.

The album seems to have been created as a "concept" album... meaning that the tracks blend into one another, bridged mainly by canned sound effects.  The track I selected, from side 2, may be the most "exciting" of the lot. None of the tracks, in my opinion, support one another so that the effort to create  "seamless" content or a flowing theme is lost.

Speneer was competing against the likes of Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman along with a host of other artists and labels who were milking the exotica market that they (Denny, Lyman, etc.) had created. There was lot of competition for buyers.

However, the Billboard reviewer had this to say:

From Billboard - August 8, 1960: This lovely album with wonderful packaging and fine recording of familiar Caribbean folk songs, and entertaining travel tips on Caribbean lands. It is the type of super-duper packaging that with exposure could turn into a big-seller. The Herbert Spencer work plays "The Peanut Vendor," "Jamaica Farewell," "Limbo Man," etc. Good wax.

The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero)
Mama Look a Boo-Boo
Luna Caribé
Don't Talk Too Much
Limbo Man
Baia (Na Baixa Do Sapateiro)
La Martinique
Sly Mongoose
Jamaica Farewell Song

Havana... 2 A.M. - Jose Madeira

Havana... 2 A.M.
Jose Madeira and his Orchestra
Carlos Montoya, Guitarist
Masterseal Records (Split Set Disc)

From the back cover:

Jose Madeira and his orchestra are one of the best known exponents of Latin American rhythm. Their great success throughout the Caribbean Islands has prompted Masterseal Records to offer their scintillating rhythms to the American public.

Carlos Montoya, a full-blooded Spanish gypsy, was born in Madrid. He was a professional guitarist at fourteen. After serving in the Spanish army in Morocco, he was invited by La Argentina to accompany her during a European tour. He also traveled with Escudero and Teresina. Since the outbreak of World War II, he has spent most of the time in the United States.

Jose Madeira and His Orchestra

Everybody Loves To Cha Cha
Cha Cha Latino
Latin Quarter Cha Cha
Cha Cha Fuego

Carlos Montoya Plays

Variaciones Por Rosa y Alegrias
Toque de Levante
Bolero Mallorquin
Castilla y Gallcia

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tropical Nights - Werner Muller And His Orchestra

Tropical Nights
Werner Muller And His Orchestra
Telefunken TPS 12521

Werner Muller recorded some terrific space age albums including Percussion In The Sky. This album features mainly space age light pop and several nice "exotica" covers as sampled above.

The Left Bank Bearcats in Hi-Fi

The Left Bank Bearcats in Hi-Fi
Somerset P-8300

We do not feature Dixieland Jazz up here in The Atomic Attic, but we couldn't help but fall in love with this great illustration!

The tracks are available purchase/digital download.

Bossa Nova - Volume 2 - Manolo Escobas

Bossa Nova
Volume 2
Manolo Escobas
Cover: Ira Barkoff
Palace Records M 740

I Dream Of Jeannie
Dim Light
La Cucaracha
Bongo Man
When The Saints Go Marching In
Ay Ay Ay
La Paloma
Falso Amor
Cielito Lindo

Love Can Make You Happy - The Ray Bloch Singers

Elusive Butterfly
Love Can Make You Happy
The Ray Bloch Singers
Ambassador S98085

Ray Bloch made some pretty incredible records back in the day. Take a listen to samples from his albums Hair and Hits of '69.  This record is no less amazing...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Robert Roker & The Calypso Playboys

Robert Roker & The Calypso Playboys
Recorded Live On Norwegian Caribbean Lines
The M/S Southward
Art Records Manufacturing Company, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Hit Themes From Foreign Films - International All Stars

Hit Themes From Foreign Films
International All Stars
Phase 4 Stereo
London SP 44020

From Billboard Magazine (June 23, 1962): A thoroughly compelling excursion in quality pop wax.

Billboard loved this record. Me, on the other hand... I was expecting something sexy and maybe a bit 60s "secret agent-like".  You know... like the cover suggests.  I didn't get that.

This is a high quality recording, but the orchestra fails to fire up the space age rocket.

Moods Impressions Fantasies

Percussion Fantasy
Moods Impressions Fantasies
Featuring Stanley Black: Percussion Fantasy
New Concert Orchestra - Nat Nyll, Conductor
VOX VX 25-270

Nice early "percussion" album featuring an extended piece written by Stanley Black. Black would go on to release a fine album titled Exotica Percussion in 1961. This could have been a "concept" album for Vox, but only Black's piece and Liter's Two Southern Impressions/Rhumba support each other, the title and cover art. The remaining tracks are standard fair for the time.

Side One:

Band 1
Percussion Fantasy (Stanley Black)
A. Caribbean Festival
B. Chinese Show
C. A la Marcia
D. Congo Invocation & Dance
E. Spanish Scena
F. Dolly's Bedtime
G. Ritmos do Brasil

Jota (Monia Liter)

Band 3 Savior Faire (Fredrick Curzon)

Side Two

Two Southern Impressions (Monia Liter)
A. Bolero - Montuno
B. Cadenza - Rhumba

Band 2
Aperitif ( Douglas Brownsmith)

Band 3
Impressions of London ( Ronald Binge)
A. Piccadilly
B. Lambeth
C. Westminster
D. Fleet Street
E. The Tower
F. St. Paul's

Band 4
Rhumba ( Monia Liter)

Bongo Fever - Jack Costanzo At The Garden Of Allah

The Garden Of Allah Bongo
Bongo Fever
Jack Costanzo At The Garden Of Allah
Liberty LST 7109

Terrific small combo Latin flavored album recorded live at Hollywood's Garden Of Allah Club.

Check out Mr. Bongo's myspace page for up-to-date information and additional smoking tunes.

The Garden Of Allah was a famous get-away for celebrities which closed in 1959. Read more about the Hotel complex on Hollywood Lost And Found.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Latin Party Rhythms - Ruth Wallis

Latin Party Rhythms
Ruth Wallis
Wallis Original Record Corp. W4-LP

10 inch 33 rpm on red vinyl. Many or all of the tracks are available for purchase/digital download. Wallis made a name for herself singing risque, satirical songs. Wallis managed to deliver the material she wrote, backed by a studio band, in such a way that her songs sounded like any other decent pop tune of the period, until you focused on the lyrics which were loaded with double enterdre.

Read more on her wiki page.

Julie Driscoll

Julie Driscoll
Spring Board SPB-4043

This is my first exposure to Driscoll. I purchased the album because of the make-up job and the "downer" song titles. I thought something had to be happening on the vinyl. And what a terrific vocalist Driscoll is. After reading her wiki page I find out that since the 70s she "concentrated on experimental vocal music".

There is a note on the jacket that the tracks "have been perviously released". You can tell that side two tracks were release somewhat earlier than side one and tend to be more "60s" while side one tracks are more "emotive", foreshadowing, if I may be so bold, New Wave song writing and vocal trends. Side one tracks are available purchase/digital download. I couldn't find side two tracks online. However, it's probably best that I don't post a sample.

I Know You Love Me Not
I Didn't Want To Have To Do It
If You Should Ever Leave Me
Don't Do It No More
I Don't Know Where You Are
Shadows Of You
Baby Take Me
Baby, Baby

12 Smash Hits - The Enoch Light Singers

12 Smash Hits
The Enoch Light Singers
Originated and Produced by Enoch Light
Associate Producer: Julie Klages
Arrangements by Lew Davies
Cover Art: Charles E. Murphy
Total Sound Project PR 5021 SD

Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
I Say A Little Prayer
Green Tambourine
It Must Be Him
Love Is Blue
Ode To Billy Joe
Somethin' Stupid
Kiss Me Goodbye
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
Up Up And Away