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Saturday, November 20, 2021

On The Threshold - University City High School Jazz Band



On The Threshold
University City High School Jazz Band
Directed by John W. Brophy
Cover Design: Jane Clanton


Sax: Kathy Schepker, Debbie Chase, Todd Williams, Katherine VanUum & Wendy Sutton
Trumpets: Wayne duMaine, Paul Blanchard, April Silverman, Cary Breedlove, Amy Wilson & Paul Dalziel
Trombones: Andrew Conway, Edward Cruickshank, David Friedman, Becky Klien & Vincent Danner (Tuba)
French Horns: Guy Hernandez & David Shaw
Flutes: Amy Talonn, Lisa Laue & Lois Bauer
Drums: John Casmier
Bass: Bryan Tate
Piano: Melissa Fathman & Beth Flowers
Guitar: Willie Woods

Sweet Georgia Brown
My Old Flame
Good Morning Irene
North Beach Breakdown

Impressions Of A Patch Of Blue - Walt Dickerson


Alone In The Park - Parts 1 & 2

Impressions Of A Patch Of Blue
Walt Dickerson Quartet
Walt Dickerson Appears Through the Courtesy of Audio Fidelity Records
Cover Design: Any Lehman
Cover Art: Marvin Pastina
MGM Records E-4358

From the back cover: The new film "A Patch Of Blue" is a remarkable motion picture. It stars Sidney Poitier, Elizabeth Hartmen and Shelley Winters and has received highest possible praise in reviews. The film has already acquired the distinction of being rated as one of the most provocative motion pictures of the 1965-66 season and promises to be a serious contender for Academy Award consideration.

"A Patch Of Blue" is a poignant drama that deals with the very real problems of today. The story's plot revolves around the tender and moving relationship between a young blind white girl (played by Elizabeth Hartman), and a socially conscious young Negro (played by Sidney Poitier). The film is touched with thoughtful and eloquent warmth, and the horror and madness of hate. It is a motion picture that fathoms the troubled sea of human misunderstanding and the tranquil beauty of trust and faith between people.

The music for "A Patch Of Blue" was composed  by Jerry Goldsmith. The score is highly dramatic and filled with tension of the conflicts as they unfold in the plot. There are also subtle musical colors and shadings which help to underline and accent the action. The title Theme from 'A Patch Of Blue' is a case in point. The tune has a haunting quality that is sure to rank it among the best dramatic themes of the season. This melody is typical of the memorable music that has been written for this motion picture. Each theme was composed to fit the basic action and emotional feeling of the scene in which it is used or the character it musically helps to portray. It is to Walt Dickerson's credit that he has retained much of the basic emotional quality of the music in fashioning Impressions Of 'A Patch Of Blue."

In adapting the music from the score of A Patch Of Blue, Walt Dickerson held on to the basic mood of each theme while extending and amplifying the motif of each selection. He and the members of his quartet make the most of these explorations by improvising with death and ingenuity on each of the individual melodies.

The Dickerson group includes a highly distinguished and talented quartet of modern musicians. Sun Ra is the pianist and plays some exquisite celeste as well. Drummer Roger Blank plays a firm and fine rhythmic line and adds dramatic impact by playing tympani figures within the context of the impressions. The bassist is Bob Cunningham who adds strength and depth to the section and contributes outstanding solos in addition.

Leader Walt Dickerson is held in the highest regard in musical circles. He has been considered one of the brightest new lights in jazz for the past five or six years. He won the Down Beat "New Star" award in 1962. "Innovator Of The Year" award in 1963 and has received any number of commendations from European publication. He is one of the few new artists on vibes to develop a highly distinctive voice.

Impressions Of A Patch Of Blue is the first album Walt Dickerson has recorded since returning from Europe. The Dickerson European tour lasted one year during which the talented vibes and his group played concerts, radio shows, television and club dates in a variety of countries. Walt's musicianship drew rave reviews from critics in nations all over the Continent.

The producer of this album, Tom Wilson, chose Walt Dickerson for this A Patch Of Blue assignment because he knew Walt's talent and back-ground to be perfectly suited to the difficult task of creating impressions of this highly volatile film score. The Philadelphia-born artist is not only an accomplished player and improvisor, but a conservatory trained composer and arranger as well. He is a graduate of Morgan State College and the Peabody Conservatory.

A Patch Of Blue - Part 1
A Patch Of Blue - Part 2
Bacon And Eggs
High Hopes
Alone In The Park - Part 1
Alone In The Park - Part 3
Selina's Fantasy

Friday, November 19, 2021

Absolute Nonsense - Oscar Brand


Talking Blues

Absolute Nonsense
Oscar Brand
Assisted by Dave Sear
Produced by Kenneth S. Goldstein
Cover Photography by Paul Weller 
Cover Design by Paul Bacon
Recorded by Ritter and Lerner; New York City; October, 1957
Riverside Records RLP 12-825
Riverside Records are released by Bill Grauer Productions, Inc.

From the back cover: About The Performers

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, Oscar Brand travelled with his family to New York where he grew to six feet. From 1942 to 1945 he spent most of his life in the American Army and won the war. In 1945, he became Director of Folkmusic for New York City's municipal station, WNYC, broadcasting every Sunday at 6 p.m., whether he needs it or not. Many of the songs in this album are in his book, "Singing Holidays," published by Alfred Kopf, and on sale at all successful bookstores. He has made more than forty documentary motion pictures for wealthy and tolerant corporations, and he has written many successful popular songs stolen from old ballads and from other less aggressive composers.

Dave Sear is a young New Yorker who has worked with Oscar Brand since the age of fifteen, so he has no one to blame but himself. A fine singer and banjoist, he has performed on concert stage throughout the country, to the delight of his audience, and to Mr. Brand's dismay. His fine arrangements for this album reveal his great artistry and his ability to maintain a high degree of musicianship against almost overwhelming odds.

From Billboard - June 30, 1958: The "Shoeless Troubadour" is off again with a delightful collection of non-sense songs, assisted by banjoist and singer Dave Sear. Some like "Fooba Wooba John," "Buffalo Gals" and "Anne Boleyn" are tried and true, but many others are unfamiliar. Jacket photo is every bit as funny as the songs, and Brand's liner notes are uproarious.

A Horse Named Bill
Fooba-Wooba John
Midnight On The Ocean
The Derby Ram
Good Peanuts
Anne Boleyn 
Buffalo Gals
The Old Woman And The Pedlar
Shoot The Buffalo
The Frozen Logger
Talking Blues
The Bold Fisherman
In The Winter
Bunch Of Roses
The Lady Who Loved A Pig
Ain't Gonna Rain No More

Jeri Southern Meets Cole Porter


It's Bad For Me

Jeri Southern Meets Cole Porter
Arranged and Conducted by Billy May
Produced by Tom Morgan
Capitol Records T 1173

Don't Look At Me That Way - "Paris" 1928
Get Out Of Town - "Leave It To Me" 1938
Looking At You - "Wake Up And Dream" and "Cochran's 1929 Revue" 1929
It's All Right With Me - "Can-Can" 1953
Let's Fly Away - "The New Yorkers" 1930
Why Shouldn't I? - "Jubilee" 1935
You're The Top "Anything Goes" 1934
After You "Gay Divorce" 1932
Which? "Paris" 1928
I Concentrate On You "Broadway Melody of 1940"
It's Bad For Me "Nymph Errant" 1933
Weren't We Fools - 1927

I Cry By Night - Kay Starr


I Cry By Night

I Cry By Night
Kay Starr
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh
Cover Photo/Capitol Photo Studio: Ken Veeder
Capitol Records T 1681

From the back cover: Swinging softly behind Kay are the instrumentalists: the venerable jazzman Ben Webster on tenor sax, Manny Klein on trumpet, Gerald Wiggins on piano, Al Hendrickson on guitar, Joe Comfort on bass and Lee Young on drums. In ensemble or in solo passages, their contributions are masterworks of creativity and restraint – perfect settings for Kay Starr's exciting, deeply moving vocals of forsaken love.

From Billboard - March 3, 1962: Kay Starr sings from the heart here, backed by an instrumental group that contributes a jazz feeling to the package. Material includes "Baby Won't You Please Come Home," "It Had To Be You," "More Than You Know." Fans will like it.

I'm Alone Because I Love You
I Cry By Night
Baby Won't You Please Come Home
More Than You Know
Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)
My Kinda Love
It Had To Be You
Whispering Glass
What do You See In Her?
P.S. I Love You
I'm Still In Love With You

Song Of The Islands - Arthur Lyman Group


Whispering Reef

Song Of The Islands
The Arthur Lyman Group
Cover Design: K. Michael Sports
Photography: Mark Fey
Piccadilly ASI 5436
Manufactured and Distributed by First American Records, Inc.

Hawaiian War Chant
Sweet Leilani
Queen Serenade
My Lani
Whispering Reef
Song Of The Islands
Hil Lawe 
Isle Of Golden Dreams
Ke Kali Ne Au
Harbor Lights

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Gentlemen Marry Brunettes - Johnny Desmond


Ain't Misbehavin'

Jane Russell & Jeanne Crain
In Anita Loos'
Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
Starring Alan Young, Scott Brady & Rudy Vallee
Johnny Desmond sings "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (note: Johnny Desmond does not appear in the film)
Coral Records CRL 57013

From Billboard - October 1, 1955: With the exception of one vocal by Johnny Desmond (on the title song "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes") this LP is actually a sound track album from the new Jane Russell - Jeanne Crain movie of the same title. As such, of course, it offers dealers extensive opportunities for tie-ups with local movie houses and considerable display potential. The label is somewhat ambiguous as to credits but, in general, Vallee, Miss Russell, Robert Farnon (dubbing for Scott Brady) and Anita Ellis (dubbing for Miss Crain) warble together and separately on a group of oldies from the mad 'twenties and early thirties, including, "You're Driving Me Crazy," "My Funny Valentine," "Daddy," "Ain't Misbehavin'," and "I Wanna Be Loved By You." Strong nostalgic package for middle-aged customers, and good same-draw for teen-age movie fans.

Gentlemen Marry Brunettes
You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do)
Miss Annabelle Lee
Have You Met Miss Jones?
My Funny Valentine
I've Got Five Dollars
I Wanna Be Loved By You
Ain't Misbehavin'
My Funny Valentine 

Dear Mr. Gable - Karen Chandler


Teacher's Pet

Dear Mr. Gable
Karen Chandler
Arranged and Conducted by Jack Pleis
Strand SL 1028

From the back cover: About Karen Chandler - At four, she made her professional debut with her father's band in Rexburg, Idaho (her birthplace). Sang with the University Band at Brigham Young. Career to date is vital, vigorous and varied. Vocalist with name bands; featured on own program on NBC; headlined at such clubs as Copacabana, New York; appearances on such TV shows as Perry Como and Jack Paar; toured as star of musical comedies like "Say Darling," "Kiss Me Kate," "Finian's Rainbow," "Brigadoon"; recorded a string of hit songs including million-plus seller "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me."

Dear Mr. Gable is Karen's first album. The experience and background, the dramatic study and rounded preparation are clear in the sense of feeling projected when she sings. The arrangements by Jack Pleis are fresh, fluent. Here is more than a tribute to the legend that is Clark Gable. Here is a tribute to the warmth of a girl called Karen Chandler. – Mort Goode

Dear Mr. Gable You Made Me Love  You
Gone With The Wind
How Strange from "Idiot's Delight - 1939
Everything I Have Is Yours from "Dancing Lady" - 1933
Hold Your Man from "Hold Your Man" - 1933
Teacher's Pet from "Teacher's Pet" - 1956
My Own True Love from "Gone With The Wind" - 1939
But Not For Me from "But Not For Me" - 1959
Love Songs Of Haiti from "Mutiny On The Bounty" - 1935
Don't Tell from "The Hucksters" - 1947
Would You from "San Francisco" - 1936
Restless Love from "The Misfits" - 1961

Chacksfield Plays Bacharach


Paper Mache

Chacksfield Plays Bacharach
Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra
All titles composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Arrangements by John Keating
Producer: Tony D'Amato
Phase 4 Stereo
London SP 44158

From Billboard - December 25, 1971: Tony D'Amato has produced a beautiful LP of Bacharach-David tunes for Frank Chacksfield. Arranged by John Keating, each cut is exceptional and Chacksfield should find himself with much MOR attention and acclaim from this LP. Each song was a hit: "Alfie," "This Guy's In Love With You," "The Look Of Love." Especially strong is "To Wait For Love,"

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
This Guy's In Love With You
Paper Mache
Trains And Boats And Planes
(They Long To Be) Close To You
You'll Never Get To Heaven
The Look Of Love
To Wait For Love
The Green Grass Starts To Grow
Wives And Lovers

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Leon Bibb Sings Folk Songs


Dink's Blues

Leon Bibb Sings Folk Songs
With Chorus and Orchestra 
Milt Okun, Conductor
Fred Hellerman, Guitar
Vanguard Recording Society VRS-9041

From the back cover: Almost every aspect of Leon Bibb's singing is hard to characterize. The voice is technically a lyric baritone, but it moves easily and naturally into the tenor register. He sings many folk songs but he is not a folk singer in the sense of one who grew up with countryside music "in his bones." Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he loved to sing as a child. Joining his two brothers, his sister, and a friend  John Junes, he sang gospel songs, spirituals and folk ballads. He also sang in the high school chorus. Then came college, followed by army service, and upon discharge he studied voice in New York. The New York musical stage discovered him as he took on roles in musicals including Last in the Stars and Living the Life. If folk songs fill a central place in his varied repertory, it is because they have the honest feeling for real life that he wants from any song he takes up. They "ring true."

From Billboard - November 24, 1958: Leon Bibb is a sensitive and talented interpreter of the folk song, a fact which he proves here with a delightfully varied group of items ranging from tunes boring on the spiritual to negro work songs, to blues and again to songs of Appalachian mountain derivation. A switch from many folk soloists, Bibb sings not only with his own guitar, but with tastefully arranged ork and choral support. Stereo effect her is not particularly noticeable, but no matter, it's the good performance here that counts.

Sinner Man
East Virginia 
Turtle Dove
Rocks And Gravel
Poor Lolette
Look Over Yonder
Red Rosy Bush
Take This Hammer
Dink's Blues

Blood, Booze'n Bones - Ed McCurdy



Blood, Booze'n Bones
Sung by Ed McCurdy
Banjo Accompaniment by Erik Darling
Production Supervisor: Jax Holzman
Tape Engineer: Leonard Ripley
Elektra EKL-108
Song Lyric Booklet and Try-Fold Elektra Catalog included

From the back cover: I was born in Willow Hill, Pennsylvania, and, at time of writing, I am thirty-seven years old, married, with three children.

My professional life started in 1937 as a Gospel Singer at WKY, Oklahoma City. Since then, I have worked as a baritone in theaters and clubs (including a short run in burlesque) and as a radio announcer.

In 1946, I started actively singing folk songs over the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio system. In 1952, I began writing and performing for children in radio and television in Canada. Since late 1954, I have been living in New York City, working on television, and appearing frequently in folk song doings around town.

I have led a rather varied and active life, and for various reasons consider myself well qualified to sing about Blood, Booze 'n Bones – May, 1956

From June 9, 1956: The title and art work on the cover have considerable shock value – of the type that will surely make the customers take a second look. The content of the album bears out the initial promise. Here are tunes dealing with murder, drinking, gambling, infidelity, etc. The performances are outstanding. Ed McCurdy, accompanied by Erik Darling's banjo, has the authentic folk touch, and he does not water this down by the spurious dramatic quality essayed by some folk artists. Unusual material, well done. A pamphlet of lyrics is included.

Darlin' Cory
The Dublin Murder Ballad
Four Nights Drunk
Cowboy's Lament
Kentucky Moonshiner
No More Booze
Farewell To Grog
Portland County Jail
Banks Of The Ohio
John Hardy
The Pig And The Inebriate
Yo Ho Ho (The Derelict)
The Drunkard's Doom

Wild Guitars - Les Baxter


Cubana Mulatta

Wild Guitars
Les Baxter
Produced by Voyle Gilmore
Capitol Records ST 1248

From the back cover: Mandolino, Cubana Mulatta and Cabayo are all Les Baxter originals – each sparked by the Latin influence, sparkling with the unmistakable Baxter touch. The Latin mood carries throughout the remainder of the tunes as well, with a variety of Spanish and Brazilian tempos setting refreshing rhythm changes from one to another. They all feature the three classical guitarists, Nestor Amaral, Joe Carioca, and Pepe Gamboa – with Gamboa sometimes playing tres (a Cuban three-stringed instrument), or cavaquinha (a Brazilian instrument similar to a guitar).

From Billboard - September 28, 1959: Baxter using various groupings of electric and/or Spanish guitars comes up with some intriguing sounds. Bright chorus added to the numbers with exciting percussive effects allows for further versatility and interest. The tunes are mainly of Latin origin, and several Latin tempos are featured. Selections include "Tico, Tico," "Ritual Fire Dance" and "Piccolissima Serenata." Sound throughout is excellent.

Sabre Dance
Piccolissima Serenata
My Buddy
Ritual Fire Dance
Brazilian Slave Song
Tell Me, Margarita
Cubana Mulatta
Tico Tico

Monday, November 15, 2021

Chris Connor


Something To Live For

Chris Connor
Cover Photo: Marcus Blechman
Cover Design: Guidi, Tri-Arts
Supervision: Nesubi Ertegun, Ahmet Ertegun & Jerry Wexler
Recording Engineer: Tom Dowd, Bob Dougherty & Frank Abbey
Atlantic High Fidelity 1228 (SD 1228 disc sleeved in a 1228 jacket with a "Stereo Disc" sticker fixed to the front)

On I Get A Kick Out Of You, Where Are You, Ev'rytime & Almost Like Being In Love, Chris Connor is accompanied by John Lewis, piano; Barry Galbraith, guitar; Oscar Peterson, bass & Connie Kay, drums.

On Something To Live For, When The Wind Was Green, He Was Too Good To Me & My April Heart, Chris Connor is accompanied by a 19 piece orchestra conducted by Ralph Burns.

On Get Out Of Town, Anything Goes, You Make Me Feel So Young & Way Out There, Chris Connor is accompanied by Nick Travis, trumpet; Zoot Sims, Al Young, Sam Marowitz, Ray Beckenstein & Danny Bank, saxophones & clarinets; Moe Weschsler, piano; Barry Galbraith, guitar, Milton Hinton, bass & Osie Johnson, drums. Zoot Sims plays the tenor sax solo on Way Out There (Zoot Sims appears by arrangement with Storyville Records).

From Billboard - November 10, 1958: This package, one of the singer's earlier Atlantic LP's, is both tasteful and effective in stereo. Selections – all presented in Miss Connor's distinctive style–include "I Get A Kick Out Of You" and other standards, plus some seldom heard oldies – "He Was Too Good To Me," "Something To Live For," etc.

I Get A Kick Out Of You
Something To Live For
Get Out Of Town
Where Are You
Anything Goes
When The Wind Was Green
He Was Too Good To Me
You Make Me Feel So Young
Way Out There
My April Heart
Almost Like Being In Love

My Favorite Things - Dave Brubeck


Most Beautiful Girl In The World

My Favorite Things
Dave Brubeck Quartet
Produced by Teo Macero
Cover Photo: Jerome Ducot
Columbia CS 9237

From the back cover: A lot of my friends tell me I should be angry when the modern boys fool around with my music. I think a lot of my friends aren't being very smart about this. When Dave Brubeck fools around, he isn't fooling.

For me, this whole My Favorite Things album is deeply enjoyable and highly flattering. I'm indeed grateful to Dave Brubeck – Richard Rodgers

From Billboard - February 6, 1966: A batch of Richard Rodgers' most delightful tunes, interpreted in the swinging and intuitive manner of this exceptional quartet. One of the smoothest, most popular groups today, they have a sure-fire seller here. Fans will flip over Brubeck's solo intro to "My Romance," and Paul Desmond's alto sax is in beautiful form.

My Favorite Things
Over And Over Again
Why Can't I
Little Girl Blue
This Can't Be Love
My Romance
Circus On Parade
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Bud Shank



Bud Shank
With Maynard Ferguson, Stu Williamson and Bob Enevoldson
Photo: Bill Claxton
Crown Records STEREO CST 311

Valve In Head
Cool Fool
Blues In The Surf
Have Blues Will Travel

I'll Cry Tomorrow - Lillian Roth


If I Could Be With You / Sing You Sinners!

I'll Cry Tomorrow
Lillian Roth
Orchestra under the Direction of Don Costa
Epic LN 3206
A Product Of CBS

From the back cover: In 1930, Lillian Roth was one of the greatest stars in stage and screen musicals; a few years later she was a has-been in every sense of that unfortunate term. The problem, of course, was alcohol, and it took her years to conquer the poisonous effects it had on her mind and body. But she did conquer it, with the help of friends and her own indomitable courage, and fought her way back to personal dignity and integrity. And then, perhaps equally courageously, she began a sort of public rehabilitation as well. She wrote her engrossing book, helped in the supervision of its compelling translation to the movies, and began appearing again as a stellar entertainer in nightclubs. Even the most hopeful and sympathetic audience could not be sure that her theatrical presence had returned with her re-birth and her first appearances must have been grueling indeed.

Perhaps the most heartening step on her way back was the reception of her story on the Ralph Edwards program, This Is Your Life. But now Lillian Roth is back, and it is good to have her among the stars once more. Here, as she sings the songs that she has made famous, is one of the brightest musical personalities ever to appear on the stage and screen, and a woman whose story has awed and inspired thousands.

Also from the back cover: The planning of this program by Miss Roth took several months; indeed, preparations were begun before the movie version of her story went into production. Together with Marvin Holtzman, Director of Popular Artists and Repertorie for Epic Records, Miss Roth selected the numbers and their sequence. Under Mr. Holtzman's direction, arrangements were provided by conductor Don Costa, and Marion Evans, of his staff. An effort was made to provide period flavor in certain of the numbers without making it pervasive, and in line with Miss Roth's resumption of her career, more contemporary notes – notably the trombone solo of Urbie Green in "Happiness Is A Things Called Joe" – were also included. The resulting lift and positive force of the program comes from these cooperative efforts, together with a series of electric and dynamic recording sessions, directed by Mr. Holtzman.

From Billboard - December 31, 1955: There's a big promotional push behind the forthcoming movie version of Lillian Roth's bests-selling autobiography, "I'll Cry Tomorrow," and this package should cash in heavily on all the hoopla. The singer's brassy pipes and showmanly manner are well showcased on 12 oldies closely associated with her career – "Sing You Sinner," "Goody Goody," "Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe," etc. Miss Roth also contributes some philosophical commentary on the themes. Susan Hayward (who plays the singer in the film) has an EP out under the same title, but this one will probably prove a stronger seller.

Love Thy Neighbor 
Ain't She Sweet
Let's Fall In Love
When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob Bobbin' Along
If I Could Be With You
Sing You Sinners!
Don't Take Your Love From Me
Goody Goody
As Time Goes By
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
I'd Climb The Highest Mountain 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Love Theme From The Godfather - Hugo Montenegro


Love Theme from "The Godfather"

Love Theme From The Godfather
Hugo Montenegro
Arranged and Conducted by Hugo Montenegro
Produced by Jack Pfeiffer and Pete Spargo
ARP Solos by JohnMontenegro
Sound Effects by Dick Berres
And a very special thanks to Larry Muhoberac
Recording Engineers: Mickey Crofford and Rick Ruggieri
Recording Technicians: Jim Chase and Artie Torgersen
Recorded at RCA's Music Center of the World,  Hollywood, California
RCA Quadradisc Records APD1-0001

Medley: Baby Elephant Walk from the Paramount motion picture "Hatari!" / Moon River from the Paramount motion picture "Breakfast At Tiffany's"
Norwegian Wood
Me And My Arrow from "The Point"
Air On The G String
I Feel The Earth Move
The Godfather Waltz from the Paramount motion picture "The Godfather"
Love Theme from "The Godfather" from the Paramount motion picture "The Godfather"