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Thursday, January 3, 2013

In An Egyptian Garden - Tarik Bulut

In An Egyptian Garden
Directed By Tarik Bulut
Aamco ALPS 70

From Billboard, December 8, 1958: This one is right out of the world of the harems and belly dancers, Featured instruments are violin, zither, lute and two drums, plus vocalist L. Guner. Would figure to have a limited market, but in its field, it can compete well, due to a good performance and recording job. The harem gal on the cover can no doubt add sales appeal.

Cifte Telli
Erneni Oyunu
Arabic Fantasy
Wedding Song
Kara Biberim
Olive Oil

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dance In Dorsey Style - Rene Maurice

Song Of India
Dance In Dorsey Style
Rene Maurice And His Dance Orchestra
Acorn/Golden Tone 617

One budget album saved from being thrown away by the Joan Miro graphic on the cover.

Obscure, one microphone recording.

Stonepillow - Eleazar's Circus

Coat Of Many Colors
Elezar's Circus
Composed and Written By Lor Crane and Jay Zimmet
Phase 4 Stereo
London SP 44123

First, this is not a picture disc, but a printed cover that sort of makes you think the groovy flower circle is die-cut.

Second... how do I write anything here without taking some blotter acid?

While I was listening to this Phase 4, I kept wondering what possessed London to produce an album like this?  Was the idea born out of a collective emerging musical rock opera trend or by a single album? When I listened to the sample track above, I was reminded of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which seems to have burst onto the scene at the same time, almost exactly the same time.

Most references to the release date of this album, online, are 1969, but the date printed on the jacket is 1968. "Joseph" was first presented as a 15 minute pop cantata in London in 1968 and then recorded as a concept album in 1969.

But then the plot thickens... I noted one post who mentioned this song as a cover of Dolly Parton's theme. What? I look this up... Dolly's album, by the same name, was released in 1971. The lyrics are completely different. But it's on the internet... it has to be true!

Or did the producers take their cue directly from the Hebrew Bible?

Maybe I am writing this on acid. Anyway, the tie-in to this blog (other than... hey... I found this record)... is that it is a Phase 4 release.

Transcontinental Depress
There's Good News Tonight
Green George
Strange Times
Coat Of Many Colors
The Eternity Track
Swing The Rose
Dr. Love
Eleazar's Circus

Thunderball - Dan & Dale

Theme From Thunderball
Theme From Thunderball And Other Themes
Sleepwalk Guitars Of Dan & Dale
Diplomat DS 2626

Here's another quirky Dan and Dale album. Dan and Dale albums seem to always feature some sort of thematic cover graphic and then the mystery boys loosely follow through with the concept on the tracks. This makes for an interesting listen, because you never know what their approach will be. This album promises, from the cover, juicy secret agent action, but delivers something less. Not to fear, with a little open minded listening, you will still hear a bunch of great 60s light pop tracks.

Sounds Of Percussion - West York Area High School

Canonic Sonata in A Major
Mancini Overture
Sound Of Percussion
West York Area High School Percussion Ensemble
Alan Wyand - Director
Dick Schory - Guest Conductor
Joe Morello - Guest Soloist
Frank Taylor Sound Service - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Cover design and printing furnished by the Graphics Arts Department of the West York Area High School - Jere R. Rentzel, Instructor

I enjoy percussion albums, but what drew my attention to this one was the involvement of Dick Schory and Joe Morello, two known and respected space age musicians.

From the back cover: The group has also sponsored three annual "Days Of Percussion" featuring clinics, displays, and concerts with such nationally known guest artists as Dick Schory, Frank Arsenault, Duane Thamm, and Joe Morello.

This was a serious high school effort. Enjoy a few samples from this historical curiosity.

Sensational Stereo Spectacular Demonstration Album

Sensational Stereo Spectacular Demonstration Album
Recorded On Pure Golden Vinyl
Tops/Mayfair 9000 S

Proper Balancing Of Stereo Speakers
Wunderbar - 101 String Orchestra
Voice Of The City
Behind The Scenes At A Recording Session
Little Brown Jug - Jerry Gray And His Orchestra
Let's Hop A Train... Care To Go By Steam Engine Or Would You Prefer An Up To Date Diesel
Oh What A Beautiful Morning - Lew Raymond and His Orchestra
Police Band
Back Home Again In Indiana - Paul Martin and His Old-Timers
Walking To The Parade
Stars And Strips Forever - The International Marching Band
Daisy Belle, The Man On The Flying Trapeze - The Fireside Gang
Adios - Tito Rivera and His Cuban Orchestra
Around The World - Lew Raymond and His Orchestra
Helena Polka - George Poole and His Orchestra
You Tell Me Your Dream And I'll Tell You Mine, In The Evening By The Moonlight, Sweet Rosie O'Grady - Beatrice Kay & Gerald Dolin with The Eligibles
Falling In Love With Love - 110 Strings Orchestra

Lush Themes From Motion Pictures - LeRoy Holmes

The World Is Mine
Lush Themes From Motion Pictures
LeRoy Holmes And His Orchestra
MGM Records E3172

From Billboard, August 13, 1955: Here's a great mood music programming package for deejays. The LP spotlights 12 theme songs from 12 important movies ranging from the familiar "The High And The Mighty" and Tara's Theme" (from "Gone With The Wind") to the lesser known "Samara" from "The Prodigal" and "The President's Lady." All of the melodic settings by Holmes and, over-all, the LP shapes up as eminently listenable. The package is a "must" for movie fans, and its wide selection of films offers dealers extensive tie-up promotion and display possibilities.

I love the cover art and the "mood music" is arranged with just enough uniqueness to help it just stand out in the mid-50s crowd of easy listening.

The High And The Mighty
Land Of The Pharaohs
The World Is Mine
Rear Window Theme
Forbidden Love
Tara's Theme
The Bridges At Toko-Ri
Unchained Melody
The President's Lady

Monday, December 31, 2012

The Percussion Of Strasbourg - Ohana/Kabelac

Choreographiques - Second Etude
The Percussion Of Strasbourg
Maurice Ohana - 4 Etudes Choreographiques
Miloslav Kabelca - 8 Inventions Opus 45
Limelight/Mercury LS 86051

This is possibly the U.S. release of a work originally presented in Europe as a part of the Prospective 21 Siecle, Philips series featuring a flashy foil cover.

The album seem obscure in this release.

Some percussion avant grade albums I've listened seem to beg for additional instruments to help fill out the sound. Not here. You get a dramatic, full-bodied sound presented in such a manner that you forget that what you are listening to is just percussion and not a full orchestra.

The Touch Of Betty Johnson

The Touch
The Touch Of Betty Johnson
Bally BAL 12011

From Billboard - December 22, 1956: The creamy-voiced canary has a hot single, "I Dreamed," on the jockey charts right now, so her first Bally LP should get heavy play from the spinner-set.

From the back cover: Betty started singing with her family in Possum Walk Road, North Carolina, at the age of five. The Johnson Family sang at funerals, weddings, jamborees and fish frys. In the twenty years since her debut at five, Betty has made her way along the hard trail of one-nighters, club dates and night clubs, up to and including the Copacabana in New York, to network radio and television, and a string of successful records. Betty recently made her singing-acting debut on television in a featured part on the NBC-TV daytime serial, "Modern Romances."

Why Not Cha Cha Cha - Manny Lopez

Serenade In Blue
Why Not Cha Cha Cha
Manny Lopez And His Orchestra
Imperial LP 9006

Here is an obscure, but solid late 50s big band Cha Cha album.

From the back cover: One of his greatest fans, Tony Martin, has often lamented that he has not had an opportunity to do a Latin American album with Lopez. "This man Lopez," says Martin, "is to the Cha Cha Cha what Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays are to baseball.

Manny is happily married (a sad note, perhaps, for many of his female admires) has four children, all of whom play musical instruments. He is often referred to as "The Don Juan of the Baton," as much for his sparkling wardrobe as his vitality and good looks. Someone once asked Lopez if it was true that he owned forty-five suits? "That's true," he flipped, "but don't forget the twelve suits that are still at the cleaners."

Begin The Beguine
Music Makers
Las Tres Locas
The Mole
Oye Mira
Mexican Hat Dance Cha Cha Cha
Mi Nina Querida
Orchids In The Moonlight
In Old Monterey
Serenade In Blue
Cielito Lindo

Soul O Cello - Fred Katz

Soul O Cello
Fred Katz And His Music
Cello And Orchestra - Modern Jazz Arrangements
Decca DL 9202

This album appears to have been recently released on CD (with several other artists), but is none-the-less hard to find. Even, though the rights status seems vague, I will not be posting a sample. Sorry!

I'm blogging this album even without a sample track because it is so fine! The music is a smart blend of jazz and easy from the late 50s. The sound is hard to compare to anything that was going on at the time. It's dramatic, bright and has a bit of a "soundtrack" edge to it. It plays through almost like a concept album to my ears.

The 'Far Out' Music of Fred Katz

Country Gardens
Wayfaring Stranger
Time After Time
The Vidiot
Lament Of The Oracles
I'm Glad There Is You
The Toy The Never Was
Come With Me

Dixieland Mambo - Phil Gomez And The Jazzbos

Quiet Village
Dixieland Mambo
Phil Gomez And The Jazzbos
Omega OSL-46

From the back cover: Phil Gomez went to Europe in the fall of 1956 with Kid Ory, where the band played concerts in every major city on the continent, and while in Europe they worked on a French movie and did an album in Paris. The most recent movie he has appeared in is The Benny Goodman Story, and Phil has gathered fans from his recent Television work on the Bob Hope Show and Stars Of Jazz. At present he is signed with Jerry Colonna accompanying him on tours and personal appearances.

This is one of the interest cover of Quiet Village. Quirky album from the cover art to the Dixieland/Latin blend.

Dixieland Mambo
Green Eyes
Ja Da
La Cucaracha
Dixieland Cha Cha
Quiet Village
When The War Breaks Out In Mexico
Mucho Mambo
New Orleans Mambo
When The Saints Go Marching In

Have You Heard - Johnny Smith

Have You Heard
Johnny Smith
Arrow LP 1200

From Billboard - June 23, 1958: Arrow Records will issue its first LP shortly. The set will feature organist Johnny Smith...

From the back cover: He (Smith) hails from the mid-west where in the small club and cocktail lounge circuit of Ohio And Michigan he has been able to both please the listeners and develop a highly distinctive style that continues to win followers for him. Chris Columbo who drummed with Bill Davis organ-led trio immediately sought out Johnny Smith when he cut away from his own group. Johnny was a perfect fit for the new-formed group and soon was being rated as an important find for jazzdom's organ ranks.

Not From Dixie
A Quiet Gass
Brief And Breezy
The Floater
A Profound Gass
Slow And Easy
Brothers Go To Mother's
Blues For Mother

Contemporary Music Ingrid Dingfelder Plays Flute Music

Contemporary Music Ingrid Dingfelder Plays Flute Music
Ned Rorem - Book Of Hours
Ingrid Dingfelder, Flute; Martine Geliot, Harp
Bohuslav Martinu Trio
Ingrid Dingfelder, Flute; Jerome Carrington, Cello; Anita Gordon, Piano
CRI SD 462

Since this album appears to be completely obscure, I've posted both sides.