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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's Mambo - Sonny Burke

Bara Au Rhum
Let's Mambo
Sonny Burke And His Orchestra
Decca Records DL 8090

From March 12, 1955 Billboard Magazine: The market is crowed with mambo packages right now, but this LP should enjoy a brisk sale on the strength of its cover alone; it features a torrid photo of a nude torso, veiled only in strategic shadows. Bruke's first Mambo LP did well, and this package should pull its full share of sales. The band leader contributes an excellent blend and a good dance beat to 12 instrumentals of the oldie Pick Yourself Up, to his own Phfftt Mambo.

Tops In Pops

To Know Him Is To Love Him
Tops In Pops
Allegro (Halo 50220X)

More Tops In Pops madness!

Stock covers with the track lists over printed or more likely stamped on the cover.

Crazy People - Somethin' Smith And The Redheads

Crazy People
Crazy People
Somethin' Smith And The Redheads
Arranged And Conducted By O.B. Masingill
Epic LN 3517

The group consisted of Smith (vocals, banjo), Saul Striks (piano) and Major Short (double bass).

Hitchin' A Ride - Jack Reno

What's The World Coming To
Hitchin' A Ride
Jack Reno
Target T13-1313

I bought this album because I noted the local (for me) freeway sign in the cover photo.

There is a "reproduction" letter printed on the back cover from John Kyl who was a U.S. Congressman from 1967-73 representing the 5th District, Iowa. The letter is addressed to a Cincinnati, Ohio P.O. Box. Basically the letter states that Kyl was glad to know Reno in Davis County, Iowa as a classmate in high school.

The cover photo is credited to Damron of Peoria, Ill. Car Courtesy of Gene Lehmann's Riverside Ford, Newport, KY.

The title track, Hitchin' A Ride charted on American country music charts and can be found on a few compilations, but this album is somewhat obscure.

Reno played with Waylon Jennings and Dolly Parton. He was a music DJ who worked in Cincinnati, Ohio. From his wiki page I found that he passed away of brain cancer in 2008 in Florence, Kentucky. Florence, KY is a city located just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. I found the album in Florence.

Beautiful Echoes From The South Seas

Moon Of Manakoora - Frank Losser - Alfred Newman
My Tane (My Man) John Nobel - Dirk Gump - August Goupil
Beautiful Echoes From The South Seas
Played By Popular Hawaiian Orchestras including The Royal Garden Islanders and Ray Kinney And His Hawaiian Orchestra
Audition Records AUD 33-5910

On The Beach Of Waikiki
Moon Of Manakoora
Blue Hawaii
The Aloha Waltz
Old Plantation
My Isle Of Golden Dreams
Surf And Sand
My Tane (My Mom)
To You Sweetheart, Aloha
Ua Like No-A Like

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Best Of The Movie Themes 1970 - Enoch Light

The Day Of Anger
The Best Of The Movie Themes 1970
Enoch Light And The Light Brigade (This album is rated "G")
Project 3 Total Sound PR 5046SD

This whacky cover image is probably poking fun a the MPAA rating system which took effect in 1968 and was updated in 1970.

The album is a bit uneven in approach. There are some cool tracks that you expect to hear on a Light album and some with vocals that seem out-of-place in the mix.

Tops In Pops

Wind And The Rain
One Night With You
Tops In Pops
Halo 50220 Z

And now for more "Tops In Pops" budget madness! Tops In Pops "stock" covers featuring a sloppily printed (or hand stamped) track list.

You never know what the heck you are going to hear. Check out this mad version of Danny Boy found on this Tops In Pops gem.

A Tribute To The Big Bands - Russ Williams

Peanut Vendor
A Tribute To The Big Bands
Played By The Russ Williams Orchestra
Tops L1600

Here we have a decent budget big band album featuring a sexy cover of Peanut Vendor

At The Woodchoppers Ball
Mood Indigo
Peanut Vendor
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
The Breeze And I
Auld Lang Syne
Pennsylvania Polka

This Is Hugo Montenegro

MacArthur Park
This Is Hugo Montenegro
RCA Victor VPS-6036

This album is a compilation of awesome light pop arrangements from a variety of Montenegro albums. Some of the tracks are available for digital purchase/download. I've posted one of the samples that I can't find online for purchase.

Montenegro's pop arrangements are always inventive and the variety of approaches easily hold your attention.

Side 1
Good Vibrations
Theme From The Man From UNCLE
Good Morning Starshine
Come Spy With Me
Theme From The Fox

Side 2
Hang 'Em High
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Our Man Flint
Viva Max March

Side 3
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby
MacArthur Park
Lady In Cement

Side 4
Theme From A Fistful Of Dollars
Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
Happy Together
Moog Power
For A Few Dollars More

Broad Minded - Billy Devroe

Big Fat Lorraine
Broad Minded
Billy Devroe and The Devil-Aires
Tampa Records - Hollywood, CA
TP-41 Vol. III

Muggsy Spanier Plays Dixieland Jazz

St. James Infirmary
Muggsy Spanier Plays Dixieland Jazz
Gold Award Records C 8046

Spanier's wiki page.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Music Of The Caribbean - Los Tropicanos

Santa Manite
The Breeze
Music Of The Caribbean
Los Tropicanos
LSS Tifton International TS 72

This group produced inventive music with a sense of humor! Good stuff!

The Brass Menagerie 1973 - Enoch Light

Explorations For Moog - PRS5060
Explorations For Moog - PR5060QD
The Brass Menagerie 1973
Enoch Light And The Light Brigade
Producer: Enoch Light
Associate Producers: Tony Motosa & Jeff Hest
Arrangements; Dick Hyman, Jeff Hest & Dick Lieb
Engineers: Don Hahn, Elliot Scheiner & Steve Friedman
Mastering: Dave Crawford
Photo/Graphics: John De Vries
Project 3 The Total Sound PRS5060 & PR5060QD

From the back cover: This album displays a great variety of music and is an exciting demonstration of new recording techniques and arranging concepts. Instruments used on this album include brass sections of trumpets and trombones, French horns, tuba, saxophones and a complete range of woodwinds. Various types of guitars are played by Tony Mottola, Vinnie Bell, and Bucky Pizzarelli. Latin instruments such as bongos and conga drums are also featured together with fender bass, percussion, arranged and performed by Dick Hyman is another album highlight. Dick also arranged five of the other songs including "Shaft," "West Side Story," "Sweet Julie," and "Boy Meets Horn," and "Hot Pants."

Jeff Herst arranged "MacArthur Park," "I Feel The Earth Move," "Season Of The Witch," and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," Dick Lieb arranged "Proud Mary."

From Billboard - January 22, 1972: Fascinating and highly entertaining. The Brass Menagerie's latest package includes tunes such as "Theme From "Shaft," "MacArthur Park," and "Season Of The Witch," plus "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down." All provide excellent listening and should provide MOR stations with good programming and production material.

Mambo (West Side Story)
MacArthur Park (Complete Version)
I Feel The Earth Move
Season Of The Witch
Hot Pants
Theme From "Shaft"
Proud Mary
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Boy Meets Horn
Sweet Julie
Explorations For Moog

Greatest Hits From Hawaii - The Waikikis

Song Of The Island
Greatest Hits From Hawaii
The Waikikis
Arrangement and Musical Supervision by Willy Albimoor
Produced by Roland Kluger
Engineer: Pierre Dupriez
Studio: Madeleine - Brussels
Kapp STEREO KS-3612
A Palette Record Production
Kapp Records a Division of MCA Inc.

Beyond The Reef
Now Is The Hour
Tiny Bubbles
The Moon Of Manakoora
Pearly Shells
The Hawaiian Wedding Song
Song Of The Islands
Sweet Leilani
Lovely Hula Hands
Bali Ha'i
Aloha Oe (Farewell To Thee)

The New World Sings

Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
The New World Sings
FourMost FM 7005 CS

I guess you could call this one a small label or private press folk/psych/gospel recording? I have no idea.

Mary Poppins

Selections From Mary Poppins
Modern Sound MS 537

Selections from Mary Poppins? Well... MS couldn't afford to fill out the entire record with actual Mary Poppin songs so they threw in a few lounge tunes and a surf-like track titled Lodestar... what?

It's Super-Cali-Fragil-Istic-Expi-Ali-Docious!


Modern Sound MS 538

Here's another budget MS covers album featuring a Nancy Sinatra wannabe singing on a few tracks.

My Favorite Things - Tony Mottola

Scarborough Fair
Classical Gas
My Favorite Things
Tony Mottola
Project 3 - Total Sound Inc. - PR2-6007/6008SD

The packaging comes off as "budget", but the music is still Mottola and that is a sound that is hard to "cheapen".

I would not say that the record holds together thematically. Amongst the pleasant mood tracks are a few more interesting light pop tracks.

The engineering is very good.

Sweet Leilani - Hal Aloma

Hawaiian War Chant
Sweet Leilani
Hal Aloma
Dot DLP 3228

I'm announcing that I've collected and listened to so many "Hawaiian" albums now that I can't keep one straight from the other! I'm just saying.

None-the-less this LP is a nice example featuring some outstanding steel guitar. Hawaiian War Chant is especially swinging. The engineering is also very good. My mono copy sound bright and clear.

Sweet Leilani
Moon Of Manakoora
My Little Grass Shack
Song Of The Island
Hawaiian War Chant
Blue Hawaii
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Surf And Sand
Lovely Hula Hands
Hawaiian Moon

The Distant Galaxy - Arranged And Conducted By Don Sebesky

Cosmic Force/Water Brother
The Distant Galaxy
Arranged And Conducted By Don Sebesky
Verve V6 5063

Somewhat obscure and terrific album that features a blend of jazz, psych and good old 60s light pop.

Brief "cosmic" audio tidbits are inserted between most of the main tracks.

Don Sebesky credits himself with the Moog work. Dick Hyman is credited with piano. There is so much good stuff on the LP, it was hard to choose a sample.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Positively 4th Street And Other Message Folk Songs - Living Voices

Eve Of Destruction
Like A Rolling Stone
Positively 4th Street And Other Message Folk Songs
Living Voices
Arranged And Conducted By Anita Kerr
Produced By Ethel Gabriel
RCA Camden CAS 947

This is one crazy album...

From the back cover: The message folk songs that have become so important in popular music in recent months have been heralded for their timeliness. But everything in this album is not that simple, not that easily categorized – not when one really listens to the extraordinarily meaningful lyrics that are virtually always the thing.

Especially are things not so simple when one listens to the words written by Bob Dylan, the young front-runner of the message and/or protest folk song, folk rock, folk 'n' roll, anti-protest song, what-have-you. True, his words are as timely as today's headlines, but, paradoxically, they are also timeless, frequently dealing with social-political ills we can exchange for those headlines but which also could be set down in many a generation and be topical.

Positively 4th Street
Universal Soldier
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Like A Rolling Stone
Eve Of Destruction
John Brown's Body
Rusty Bells
What Color
Dawn Of Correction
There But For Fortune

No Way To Treat A Lady - Stanley Meyers

St. Matthew Fashion
End Titles
No Way To Treat A Lady
Dot Records DLP 25846

The LP features a variety of approaches and a number of great tracks.

The Music From Marlboro Country

Swinging Through
The Music From Marlboro Country
United Artists Special Projects - SP 107

Soundtrack from Return Of The Seven conducted by Elmer Bernstein and filler "variations on the original motion picture scores The Magnificent Seven and Return Of The Seven record by Com/Track, Inc".

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Memories Of Hawaii - The Hilo Hawaiians

Hula Twist
Memories Of Hawaii
The Hilo Hawaiians
Decca DL 4316

From November 10, 1962 Billboard: Here's another album from Decca for Hawaiian music fanciers. The set is beautifully performed and features singers and musicians working for the most part in their native language. The set is light and tastefully done and was recorded in the Islands. The repertoire is very authentic sounding and features traditional instruments with steel guitar and vibes. For change of pace, a "Hula Twist" and "Hawaiian Cowboy" are also included.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mauriat Magic - Paul Mauriat

Mauriat Magic
Paul Mauriat
Philips PHS 600-270

From the inside cover: The man who nudged aside such seemingly immovable pop idols as The Beatles and The Supremes is a quiet, accomplished musician whose orchestra has backed some of France's greatest singers. Paul Mauriat, a product of the Masrseille Conservatory, originally was set to become a concert pianist. At 17, he altered his plans. More interested in pop music styles, especially modern jazz, he formed his own orchestra and toured France and the Continent. Since Paris was the only city where an artist could gain national recognition, he decided that it was the place for him. Almost immediately he began arranging songs for Charles Aznavour.

From Billboard - June 8, 1968: Mauriat's successful blending of Gallic and Anglo-Saxon pop standards is done with taste and imagination. The arrangements are lush but never sticky, whether it be the Lennon-McCartney "Michele" or the Charles Aznavour "The World We Knew."

Love In Every Room / Meme Is Tu Revenais
San Francisco / Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair
The World We Knew
Merci Cherie
Live For Life / Vivre Pour Vivre
I Waited For You / Ce Soir Je T'Attendais
A Banda / Parade
The Last Waltz
Go Away / Un Adieu

Theme From Star Trek - The Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle

The Ape Planet
Theme From Star Trek
The Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle
Wonderland Records WLP 301

This LP is a popular collectible and there are many instances of the record online if you do a search. But just for the record... up here in The Atomic Attic I'm posting it again because it is a terrific light pop recording featuring many of the groovy budget bells and whistles you know and love. I also dig the crazy cover... but for the life of me I can't figure out what the white, pink and blue shapes are suppose to represent.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

All-Time Great Instrumental Hits - The Howard Roberts Quartet

Work Song
All-Time Great Instrumental Hits
The Howard Roberts Quartet
Capitol Records ST 2609

This set includes a nice selection of light pop tunes done up in Robert's brand of small combo jazz.

I posted another Roberts album a little over a week ago titled Out Of Sight. The LP is another fine recording in the same groove. I complained about the engineering on that Capitol release. The engineering on this album is very good by comparison. There is great clarity and the bass sound is pretty awesome.

Organ Moods - Eddie Layton

Stormy Weather
Organ Moods
Eddie Layton In Hi-Fi
Mercury Wing 12004

There are a few percussive pieces on this album that are reminiscent of Korla Pandit's approach.

Check out another Eddie Layton sample (Swamp Fire) from his album, Caravan

Hawaii Tattoo - The Hawaiian Islanders

Hawaii Tattoo
The Hawaiian Islanders
Wyncote W-9087

A little budget Hawaii record with a big steel guitar sound... on side one. On side two... Wyncote ran out of material and filled the rest of the record with a few easy listening tracks, a couple of country songs (because they featured steel guitar, one tune appears on Spinorama MK 3040), and a moody cover of Dark Dawn that also appears on this Blue Ribbon label LP, Aloha Hawaii. Oh... that's what they meant when they printed "And Other Hawaiian Favorites" on the cover.  It would not surprise me if all of these tunes appeared on other budget labels Hawaiian pressings.

Havana's Fabulous Night Club Sans-Souci

Simon Says Cha Cha
Havana's Fabulous Night Club Sans-Souci
Ernesto Aqunio And His Cha Cha Cha Orchestra
Bravo! K-132

The Sans-Souci was a lavish gambling gambling joint and night club in Havana. I actually found a (for sale) stock video clip online of shot during a performance at The Sans-Souci but no real images of the building exterior.

Lover - Wild Bill Davis

Out Of Nowhere
Wild Bill Davis
Coral CRL 757427

This album doesn't appear on Davis's wiki page discography. From the look of the cover, I'd say the album was released in 1960 or 61. Anyway, the vibe is easy listening made funkier by Davis's "lounge" keyboard sound.

The Hollyridge Strings - The Beatles Song Book Vol. 5

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Hollyridge Strings
The Beatles Song Book Vol. 5
Capitol Records ST 2876

One of several Hollyridge Strings albums Mort Garson worked on (according to his wiki page). Garson was best known for his albums that predominantly featured Moog synthesizers.

The Fantastic Plastic Machine - Harry Betts

The Fantastic Plastic Machine
Music Composted And Conducted By Harry Betts
Epic BN 26469

Here's an obscure and cool album. A the set was a soundtrack created for a documentary involving the adventures of a group of surfers narrated by Jay North. Score by jazz saxophonist Harry Betts.

From the back cover: They go out, these two straight off guys with the dubious dream and their life's savings tucked into film, equipment and airfare... like one of those funko Disney cornflake flicks... the two lovable kooks go out, do this thing and make it... and well they did... and that's "Machine".

Theme From ‘The Fantastic Plastic Machine’
Endless Bummer
Night Flight
Day Groovin’
Straight Ahead
Rock Slide
Nat’s Theme
Outta Sight
Green Grotto
Long Reef

More!!! - Kai Winding

Kai Winding
Featuring Kenny Burrell
V-8551 & V6-8551 (stereo)

From the jacket notes: This album is the big one for all you surfers out there... on the dance floor or in a hearse or knee deep in an ocean.

An excerpt from August 3, 1963 Billboard: Of course there's not a reason in the world why a top jazz name (Winding) can't come up with a record that makes it in pop, except that it's still the exception rather than the rule. And the only reason it has been an exception, many feel, is that jazz artists have not tried to latch on the latest tune, or show tune, or pop tune, to be issued as a single record. If they did it could be that there would be a lot more than one or two singles records hits on the charts by jazzmen at any one time.

Kai Winding's wiki page.

The album is a terrific blend of jazz, 60s light pop and "surf". Good stuff and apparently available only on vinyl.

It is also interesting to note the album was produced by Creed Taylor who made two inventive "concept" albums in the late 50s, Shock and Panic Son of Shock.