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Saturday, December 30, 2017

My Darling, My Darling - Eddy Armold

A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
My Darling, My Darling
Eddy Arnold
Orchestra Conducted by Charles Grean
RCA Victor LPM-1575

My Darling, My Darling
Let's Fall In Love
Everything I Have Is Yours
Hands Across The Table
A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
Gimme A Little Kiss (Will Ya, Huh?)
You're My Everything
Why Don't We Do This More Often
I'm Yours
Two Sleepy People
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye

Danny Welton Plays Harmonica Harmonies

To A Wild Rose
Danny Welton Plays Harmonica Harmonies
Parade SP 318

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
I Talked To The Trees
Love Walked In
No Other Love
C'est Magnifique
The Man On The Flying Trapeze
Samson And Delilah
La Cucaracha
Humoresque Novelty
Isle Of Capri
To A Wild Rose
Yama Yama Man

The New Beatles Songbook - The Hollyridge Strings

The New Beatles Songbook
The Hollyridge Strings
Arranged and Conducted by Stu Phillips
Capitol Records SM-2429

From Billboard - March 26, 1966: Some smooth instrumentals of tunes not only written by the Beatles, but turned into vocal hits by the group. The other albums by the Hollyridge Strings of Beatles' material have been tremendous sellers and this one will be right in the same groove.

The Night People
Ticket To Ride
Norwegian Wood
Day Tripper
Nowhere Man
And I Love Her
We Can Work It Out

It's Coffee Time - Various

It's Coffee Time
Specially Produced for Acme Markets by RCA Victor
RCA Victor PR-119

From the back cover: And while you are at it, why not play the opening side of this special mood collection, and – of course – pour yourself that first (or second, or third) cup of coffee. With the opening note you'll see – voila! – It's Coffee Time!

Blue Tango - Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra
All The Things You Are - The Melachrino Strings And Orchestra
Nostalgia - Skitch Henderson And His Orchestra
El Cumbanchero - Percy Faith And His Orchestra
Simplice - Skitch Henderson And His Orchestra
Lovely To Look At - The Melachrino Strings And Orchestra
Delicado - Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra
Soft Lights And Sweet Music - Percy Faith And His Orchestra
In A Sentimental Mood - Skitch Henderson And His Orchestra
(When We're Alone) Penthouse Serenade - Hugo Winterhalter And His Orchestra

Exotica Today - Martin Denny

A Patch Of Blue Sky
Exotica Today
Martin Denny
Producer: Dave Pell
Arranger: Julius Wechter
Engineer: Donn Tyler
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Piano courtesy of Baldwin Piano Co.
Cover Photography: Ken Kim
Cover Model: Joannie Miya
Back Cover Photography: Camera Hawaii
Liberty Records LPR-3465

Back cover photo credits (from left to right) Frank Kim, percussion; Martin Denny, piano; Henry Allen, guitar; Benito Bautista, vibes, flute & trumpet; and Ted Blake, bass. Not pictured but also heard: Bernie Fleischer, flute; Bud Coleman, guitar; Frank De Vito, percussion; and Frank De Caro, guitar.

The Shadow Of Your Smile
The More I See You
You Don't See My Love
Cloudy Summer Afternoon
Love Me With All Your Heart (Cuando Client El Sol, On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever)
Strangers In The Night
Lara's Theme from Doctor Zhivago
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (lo Che Non Vivo [Senza Te])
Snowflakes In Summer

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hit Songs From Hit Movies - 101 Strings

Airport Theme
Hit Songs From Hit Movies
101 Strings
Alshire Production S-5210

Airport Theme
Taps For The Fallen Brave
Scarborough Fayre
Theme For A Broken Heart
The Sundance Kid
Everybody's Talking
Sound Of Silence
Down The Trail

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Here's Helen - Helen O'Connell

Miss You
Here's Helen
Helen O'Connell
Arranged and Conducted by Marion Evans
RCA Camden
CAL 706

From Billboard - March 19, 1962: Here's a bargain for Helen O'Connell fans – of whom there are still many. The lass sings a flock of standards here – none of them the tunes she made famous with Jimmy Dorsey, but good to listen to nonetheless. They include "Who Cares," "Blue and Broken Hearted," "Miss You" and "I Cried For You." Marion Evans did the swinging arrangements, and the band plays them with zest. Good listening.

Who Cares
I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
Bye Bye Blues
Blue And Broken Hearted
I've Got A Feelin' You're Foolin'
You Showed Me The Way
Just You Just Me
I Cried For You
Miss You

The Herd Rides Again - Woody Herman

The Herd Rides Again
Woody Herman
Everest Hi-Fi LP
A Product Of Belock Recording
A Division Of Block Instrument Corporation

From the back cover: These are the players: Chubby Jackson, bass; Billy Bauer, guitar; Don Lamond, drums; Nat Pierce, piano; reeds – Sam Marowitz, Al Cohn, Sam Donahue, Paul Quinichette, Danny Bank; trombones – Bob Brookmeyer, Frank Rehab, Billy Byers, trumpets – Ernie Royal, Bernie Glow, Al Stewart, Nick Travis and Irving Markowitz. Burt Collins and Bernie Privin replaced Glow and Travis on some numbers. Nat Piece was the invaluable music co-ordinator, finding original arrangements, filling in missing parts, and otherwise building bridges. He was assisted by Fed Carlin,. Basically, the arrangements are as they were then – a tribute, by the way, to the durable freshness of much of the writing for that First Herd.

From Billboard - December 1, 1958: Very often the "class reunion" kind of recording session doesn't come off; this one is a notable exception. Aided by most of the key men in the famed "First Herd," maestro Herman has himself a real ball with oldies like "Caldonia" and "I Cover The Water Front," and the effect of the big driving band in stereo is a real stopper. Should delight all of Woody's regular aficionados, and create a lot of new ones.

Northwest Passage
The Good Earth
Blowin' Up A Storm
It's Coolin' Time
I Cover The Waterfront
Crazy Rhythm
Sinbad The Sailor
Fire Island
Black Orchid

This Is My Song - Patti Page

One Sweet Letter
This Is My Song
Patti Page
Mercury Records MG-20102

From the back cover: Any album that contains Patti Page's "Tennessee Waltz" is a treasure in itself. For here, in its original simplicity and warmth, is one of the great recordings of all time whose impact in still felt not only by Patti Page herself but in far corners of the earth by people as alien to Tennessee as Maori Tribesmens. That the song launched Patti on her brilliant career is known to everyone. What is perhaps not too well known is that the song was the subject of a violent debate in Tennessee's legislature when a resolution to name it the State official song was narrowly defeated; that it was responsible for the near-lynching of a popular Memphis columnist who expressed resentment against having to listen to the song continuously; that it was an instrumental of propaganda at the hands of the Chinese Reds who, giving up their efforts to prevent its being smuggled into the country and sold on the black market at fabulous prices, used it as evidence of the insecurity of American women who are liable to lose their men at the drop of a waltz beat. Thus a song, already six years old at the time it was recorded by Patti in 1951 and hurriedly put on the reverse side of a tune meant directly for the Christmas trade, grew to have international implications!

This Is My Song
The Tennessee Waltz
Lonely Wine
My Jealous Eyes
Oo! What You Do To Me
Why Don't You Believe Me
Cross Over The Bridge
I'll Never Be Free
Money, Marbles And Chalk
Now That I'm In Love

Monday, December 25, 2017

Hawaii - Jack Dorsey & Al Goodman

Blue Orchids
Jack Dorsey Orchestra
Al Goodman Chorus
Over One Hour Of Music
A Product Of Synthetic Plastics Co.

From the back cover: Jack Dorsey is the top name in British Dance Music. He has his own B.B.C. Radio series and also appears on Television very frequently.

Al Goodman assembled top talent for this chorus that produced an exciting and very enjoyable sound.

Cocoanut Grove
Beyond The Blue Horizon
Blue Hawaii
Harbor Lights
With The Wind & The Rain In Your Hair
Blue On Blue
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Red Sails In The Sunset
Moonlight & Shadows
The Finest Night Of The Full Moon
Blue Orchids

Play Gypsy! - Zoltan Nemeth

Play Gypsy!
Zoltan Nemeth and his Orchestra play authentic Gypsy melodies
Treasure Productions
TLP 853

No track list on jacket or disc label.

Romeo And Juliet - The Vienna State Philharmonia

Romeo And Juliet
1812 Overture, Opus 49
Marche Slave, Opus 31
Conductor: Jonel Perlea
The Vienna State Philharmonia
Cover: Salome Jens as Juliet
Photographed by Walter Bursten
The Crowell-Collier Record Guild RG 140

From the back cover: One of the great conductors of our time, Jones Perlea was born in Ogranda, Rumania, of a German mother and a Rumanian father. He composed his first pieces at the age of nine, prompting his parents to send him to Munich, where he studied at the Leipzig Conservatory. He was engaged as assistant conductor at the Leipzig Opera, then as regular conductor in Rostock. At thirty he assumed the dual post of general manager and musical directory of the Bucharest Opera, while also conducting the Bucharest Philharmonic and many radio concerts. From 1936 to 1944 he served as professor of composition at the Royal Academy of Music in Bucharest, and he toured Europe as a guest conductor. After a year's internment in a German concentration camp, Perlea came to Italy in 1945. His first concert with the Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Rome was an immediate success, and he remained in Italy for four years, conducting chiefly at La Scala in Milan. Perlea made his American debut conducting Tristan und Isolde at the Metropolitan Opera in 1949. When he led the NBC Symphony the following year, the New York Times commented on "the delights of the program... over-all clarity of texture... the beat always firm... rhythms had life and grace..." Maestro Perlea how divides his time between conducting here and abroad.

The Art Gallery

Let's Get Together
The Art Gallery
A New Vocal Showing
A Kaleidoscope Of Contemporary Sounds
Arranged & Conducted by Marty Manning
Produced and Directed by Ernie Altschuler
Recorded in RCA's Studios A and B, New York City
Recording Engineers: Paul Goodman and Bob Simpson
Photographed at Modern Masters Art Gallery, New York City

From the back cover: The Art Gallery is what's happening. The Art Gallery is creative communication. The Art Gallery is one part swing and two parts love. The Art Gallery just is.

My Love Forgive Me
Let's Get Together
A Time For Us
The Hard Road Back
Both Sides Now
In The Year 2525
Tears Keep On Falling
Oh! Calcutta!
Yesterday I Heard The Rain

After Glow - Carmen McRae

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
After Glow
Carmen McRae
Vocal With Rhythm Accompaniment
Decca Records DL 8583

From the back cover: Born in Brooklyn, New York, Carmen began her now fabulous career as an instrumentalist. It did not take long, however, to discover her promising vocal talents. She was heard with groups like Benny Carter's, Count Basie's and Mercer Ellington's. Then, after several years of working on her own as pianist and singer at night clubs, Carmen finally came to the attention of an increasingly widening public. She was since made countless recordings, been named "best new female singer of the year" by Down Beat, starred in a Carnegie Hall All-Star Jazz Concert, and appeared in motion pictures.

Since Carmen McRae was signed with Decca she has made several enthusiastically received albums: "By Request" (DL 8173), "Torchy" (DL 8267), "Blue Moon" (DL 8347), and "Boy Meets Girl" (DL 8490) in which she blends her talents with those of the amazing Sammy Davis, Jr.

From Billboard - July 15, 1957: This set, of this issued of Miss McRae on Decca to date, qualifies most accurately as "jazz". Thrush is backed by her trio and this is happy, unmistakable styling, especially when the artist takes it easy and doesn't try to belt. Fine tune selections helps insure deejay play and sales. Try "All My Life" and "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" for two fine, contrasting demo bands. Could be her biggest album yet, pop or jazz.

I Can't Escape From You
Guess Who I Saw Today
My Funny Valentine
I'm Thur With Love
Nice Work If You Can Get It
East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)
Exactly Like You
All My Life
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Dream Of Life
Perdido (Lost)

Blues With A Kick - Bobby Hackett

Blues With A Kick
Blues With A Kick
Bobby Hackett
Produced by Andy Wiswell
Cover Photo by George Jerman Photography
Capitol Records T1172

From the back cover: The orchestra is conducted by Stan Applebaum, who also wrote these fine arrangements. His ensemble includes nine violins, two violas, two cellos; plus rhythm supplied by Nicky Tagg's piano and Hammon organ, Milt Hinton's bass, with Harry Brewer and Phil Kraus on percussion. Heard out front in the regular Hackett group are swinging pianist Dave McKenna, bassist Johnny Guiffrida and drummer Joe Porcaro.

From Billboard - April 20, 1959: Bobby Hackett on trumpet with his trio playing blues adds up to a mighty attractive album, and this one certainly is. The tunes include "Goodbye Blues," "Weary Blues," " Blues In The Night," Davenport Blues," and other favorites. Hackett plays them all with feeling and the album makes for first rate listening.

Good-Bye Blues
Weary Blues
Sugar Blues
Blues In The Night
Baker's Keyboard Blues
Wang Wang Blues
Limehouse Blues
Davenport Blues
Blues In My Heart
Alcoholic Blues
Bye Bye Blues
Blues With A Kick

Delamore Sings A Night In The Caribbean - Richie Delamore

Big Bamboo
Delamore Sings A Night In The Caribbean
Richie Delamore
Caribbean Folk Music, Ltd.

From the back cover: CARIB is happy to record this twenty-three year old artist who made his first album for RCA Victor at seventeen, and continues to grow in popularity.

Big Bamboo
Cum Back Liza
Yellow Bird
The Monkey Song
Man Smart
Kingston Market
Land Of The Sun And The Sea
Island In The Sun
Bahama Lullaby

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Western Favorites - Jim Malloy

When Payday Rolls Around

Western Favorites
Jim Malloy And His Range Riders
Golden Tone C 4003

When Payday Rolls Around
Ridin' Down The Canyon
Pistol Packin' Mama
Cool Water
Tumbling Tumble
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Take Me Back To My Boots & Saddle
Home On The Range
Beside The Rio Grande
A Cowboy Has To Sing
Red River Valley
El Rancho Grande

Echoes Of Hawaii - Benny Kalama

Echoes Of Hawaii
Benny Kalama and The Hawaiian Village Serenaders
Authentic Hawaiian Mood Music Recorded In Hawaii
Decca Records DL 8261

From the back cover: Benny Kalama, one of the most popular musician arrangers and conductors, has been entertaining and playing all of the Hawaiian instruments (and also the trombone) for more than 20 years. Most of his appearances have been in Hawaii, although he toured the mainland with the Royal Hawaiian Serenaders. He is currently appearing in Honolulu as leader of the Hawaiian Village Serenaders and his previous night club and hotel engagements include such places as he Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Don, the Beachcomer, Kewalo Inn, La Hula Rumba, Moana Hotel and others. He is also heard quite frequently on the "Hawaii Calls" broadcast, Kalama is presently conducting and arranging for Alfred Apaka, the Bing Crosby of the Island as well as other artists who headline the floor shows and appear nightly at the Hawaiian Village.

Featured on steel guitar with Benny Kalama is Jules Cyril Ah See, born in Lahaina Maui of Chinses-Hawaiian descent, known professional as "Sonny" Ah See. Sonny plays ukulele and bass, as well as steel guitar. and is often heard on "Hawaii Calls." He has appeared in many of the well-known clubs and is featured throughout this album with the Hawaiian Village Serenaders.

Akaka Falls
The Old Plantation
Kamalani O Keaukaha
Makala Pua
Kau Lana O Hilo Hana Ko Hi
Ua Like No A Like
Kuu Ipo Ka Hee Pue One
He Mana'o He Aloha
Ha 'Lail
Holoholo Kaa (Car Ride Hula)

Time Capsule - Elvin Jones

Digital Display
Time Capsule
Elvin Jones
Produced by Ed Bland
Recording Engineers: Jeff Azraca and Charlie Repka
Mixed by David Baker
Photo: Joel Brodsky
Vanguard Recording Society


Elvin Jones: Drums
Bunky Green: Alto Sax
Kenny Barron: Percussion
Ryo Kawasaki: Guitar (appearing through courtesy of RCA Records)
Frank West: Flute on Frost Bite and Digital Display
Milt Hinton: Bass on Frost Bite and Digital Display
Frank Foster: Soprano Sax on Digital Display
George Coleman: Tenor Sax, except for Digital Display
Junie Booth: Bass on Moon Dance, Time Capsule and Spacing

From the back cover: Elvin's supporting cast here is first-rate. It also spans the generations, making Time Capsule a kind of musical time machine. The peerless bassist Milt Hinton, who appears on Frost Bite and Digital Display, has been making music since considerably before his replacement on the other three tracks, Junie Booth, was born. Both Frank West, who takes a sprightly flute solo on Frost Bite and Frank Foster, who plays soprano on Digital Display, were mainstays of the Count Basie Band in the fifties. George Coleman's tenor sax was a crucial element in a Miles Davis early-sixties quintet. Here, they coexist peacefully and productively with the Latin percussionist Ryo Kawasaki – both men very much musicians of the seventies.

If Jones can be said to have a co-star on Time Capsule, it's Vernice Green, Jr., better know as Bunky, a man not heard from on the jazz scene in too many years. A decade ago Leonard Feather described Green as a player in the Charlie Parker mold who had also been influenced by newer sounds; he called him "one of the most consistently swinging performers in this class to have come to prominence in the sixties." Shortly after those words were written, Green stopped playing to concentrate on studying – he wasn't as good as he wanted to be. As you can hear on Time Capsule, he has returned in superb form. His playing is rhythmically intense and harmonically challenging. He is also a hell of a composer, whose three contributions here are an essential part of Time Capsule's distinctive, appealing character. – Peter Keepnews.

Frost Bite - Ryo Kawasaki
Digital Display - Ed Bland
Moon Dance - Bunky Green
Time Capsule - Bunky Green
Spacing - Bunky Green