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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mi Amigo, Machito

Israeli Sha Sha Sha

Mi Amigo, Machito
Machito and His Orchestra
Cover Photo: Alfred Gescheidt
Forum SF 9038

Cheek To Cheek
An Affair To Remember
Cooking Cooking
Cathy Cha Cha Cha
Rumba Ace
Santa Cruz
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Remember Me
Sunny Ray
No Down Payment
Israeli Sha Sha Sha

Night Mist - The George Shearing Quintet With Voices

Cubano Chant
Night Mist
The George Shearing Quintet With Voices
Featuring The Voices Of The Jud Conlon Choir
Arrangements by George Shearing and Jud Conlon
Capitol Records T 943

From the back cover: For the most part, this mood is sensuous, evocative. There is excitement of another kind too. Cubano Chant highlights the combined choir, quintet and bongos, in a flash of ritualistic West Indian color.

Polka Dots And Moonbeams
Darn That Dream
In Other Words
Long Ago And Far Away
Yours Sincerely
Night Mist
Where Are You
A Handful Of Stars
You're My Girl
Cubano Chant

Themes From The Movies

Themes From The Movies
Featuring Great Hollywood Vocalists And Orchestras
Top L1519

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
The High & The Mighty
Stranger In Paradise
Moonglow & Theme From "Picnic"
3 Coins In The Fountain
Secret Love
Man With The Golden Arm
Song From "Moulin Rouge"
It's A Woman's World
Young At Heart

Friday, April 4, 2014

Albert Spalding Plays

Clair De Lune
Albert Spalding Plays
Recorded at Boston University
With Jules Wolffers, accompanist
Halo 50296

Albert Spalding August 15, 1988 - May 26, 1953

From Spalding's wiki page: In 1944, Spalding gave a legendary concert to thousands of terrified refugees stranded in a cave near Naples during a (WWII) bombing raid.

Hungarian Dance No. 1
Hungarian Dance No. 2
Clair De Lune
Ave Maria
Vide Breve
Prelude In F Sharp Minor

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rains In The Tropics - The Gene Rains Group

The Song Of Delilah
Rains In The Tropics
Songs And Sounds Of Far Away Lands
The Gene Rains Group
Decca DL 4348

This from Gene Rains wiki page: Today, Rains is considered the third man of Exotica, behind Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman. Although he did not achieve the level of renown of Denny or Lyman, Rains' albums nonetheless are textbook examples of the style of Exotica.

From the back cover: The late, incomparable Alfred Apaka discovered a fresh new sound in four young Hawaiian instrumentalists calling themselves The Gene Rains Group. Convinced that their provocative originally warranted a wider audience than that available to them at the small clubs they had been playing, Apaka arranged for their appearance at the Shell Bar of Waikiki's Fabulous Hawaiian Village Hotel.

Some successes, like some avalanches, require a little shove to set them in motion. Their great potential coming to full flower on the stage of the Shell Bar, it wasn't long before the group became one of the most popular acts in the Islands. Now, two extraordinarily successful Decca albums later, they are international favorites.

Gene, on vibes, sets the pace for the group; the drums are in the capable hands of Allen Watanabe; Archie Grant takes charge of the bass; and Byron Peterson's forte is the piano. Each of the boys, however, can and does double on almost anything – including a unique collection of rare and authentic percussive instruments (rhythm logs, conch shells, Burmese bells, nose flutes, the samisen, etc.) The group's sound – amplified through unique skill and versatility far beyond what might be expected of so small an ensemble – characteristically exhibits a a strong tropical and Near-Eastern influence.

Bangkok Cock Fight
The Song Of Delilah
Soshu Night Serenade
Off Shore
Shadow Of Love
Lonely Winter
I Will Always Love You
Jasmine And Joe

Dancing With My Fair Lady - The Harwyn Quartet

Just You Wait
Dancing With My Fair Lady
The Harwyn Quartet
Harmony 7032

Herb Waters - piano
Reggie Merrill - clarinet
Garry Gillis - drums
Ed Bruno - bass

Enjoy a minty fresh sound file from a sealed copy. The price printed on the plastic sleeve: $1.98

On The Street Where You Live
Wouldn't It Be Lovely
Ascot Gavotte
The Rain In Spain
I Could Have Danced All Night
Show Me
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
Just You Look
With A Little Bit Of Luck
I'm An Ordinary Man
Without You
Get Me To The Church On Time

Jumpin' At The Left Bank - The John La Salle Quartet

Out Of This World
Jumpin' At The Left Bank
The John La Salle Quartet
John La Salle, Bill Smith, Marlene Ver Planck and Hugh Martin
Capitol Records T 1176

From the back cover: Dick Kollmar, in whose Left Bank cafe the group got it's start, fills in with some vital statistics: "When Johnnie La Salle sings, the message gets through, but large! Happily, he has chosen colleagues who have mastered this same crazy magic. Only the show-wise have it, and this group has it to spare.

Welcome To The Left Bank
Let There Be Love
I'll Never Smile Again
Tired Of Love
Jus' Sick Blues
Out Of This World
Just In Time
Jumpin' At The Left Bank
Dee Die Soe
Everybody Loves My Baby

Enchantment From Hawaii - Hawaiian Islanders

Enchantment From Hawaii
By The Hawaiian Islanders
Cameo C-1035

Sweet Leilani
Moon Of Manakoora
Sweet Someone
Nani Waimea
Minoi Minoi
Sea Breeze
Ebb Tide
Maururu A Vau
On The Beach At Waikiki
Vahine Anamite

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Pennies From Heaven - Doris Drew
Girls! Girls! Girls!
A Vocal Spectacular
Tops L 1689

The Way You Look Tonight - Connie Haines
Summertime - Norma Zimmer
Pennies From Heaven - Doris Drew
Bewitched - Marilyn Maxwell
My Funny Valentine - June Hutton
The Lady Is A Tramp - Martha Tilton
You Don't Know What Love Is - Fran Warren
Baby Won't You Please Come Home - Georgia Carr
I'll Never Smile Again - Lillian Roth
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - Lena Horne

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head - Living Marimbas

Walk On By
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
And Other Bacharach David Hits
Living Marimbas
Arranged and Conducted by Leo Addeo
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
RCA Camden CAS - 2400

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
This Guy's In Love With You
Do You Know The Way To San Jose
Walk On By
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
I Say A Little Prayer
What The World Needs Now Is Love
The Window Of The World

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guitar Soul

It's Alvin Again
Guitar Soul
Kenny Burrell, Bill Jennings & Tiny Grimes
Status Records 8318

Nice jacket art. Status attempts to explain, in the long winded jacket notes, that the album's uneven mix of approaches is an interpretation of the last 30 years of jazz:  The three featured guitarists on this record represent the different ages and directions in jazz and span a thirty year period (and Barry Galbraith makes a fourth for bridge).

Group A
Kenny Burrell - guitar, Barry Galbraith - guitar, Leonard Gaskin - bass and Bobby Donaldson - drums
Group B
Bill Jennings - guitar, Jack McDuff - Organ, Wendell Marshall - bass and Bobby Donaldson - drums
Group C
Tiny Grimes - guitar, Eddie Davis - tenor sax, J. C. Higginbotham - trombone, Ray Bryant - piano, Wendell Marshall - bass and Osie Johnson - drums.

From the back cover: The final track on side A features the "soul-filled" conceptions of Bill Jennings as he plays the theme of organist and sideman (here) Jack McDuff.

Billie's Bounce (A)
Prelude To A Kiss (A)
It Don't Mean A Thing (A)
It's Alvin Again (B)
Lost Weekend (C)
Dood I Did (C)

More Peter Gunn - Soundstage All-Stars

Blue Steel
More Peter Gunn
Music composed by Henry Mancini
Arrangements by Pete Candoli
The Soundstage All-Stars
Dot DLP 3204

The back cover copy, for the most part, is a brief Mancini history. Arranger Pete Candoli gets a passing mention.

Also front the back cover: So here it is – a jazz arranger and a studio full of jazz musicians. The result? Well, let's just skip the hyperbole bit and play it cool. A la Peter Gunn. Let's just call it an interesting jazz experience. Gasser type.

Session personel: Ted Nash & Ronald Langinger - alternating on alto sax and alto flute, Conte Candoli - trumpet, Frank Rosolino, Dick Nash & Milton Berhart - alternating on trombone, Jimmy Rowles & Russ Freeman - alternating on piano, Keith "Red" Mitchell - bass, Bob Hoewe & Vincent Terri - alternating on guitar, Alvin Stoller & Frank Capp - alternating on drums.

The Little Man Theme
Walkin' Bass
A Quiet Gass
Goofin' At The Coffee House
Blue Steel
Blues For Mother's
Odd Ball
My Manne Shelly

Monday, March 31, 2014

Intermezzo - Dick Kesner

Ol' Devil Moon
Dick Kesner
His Stradivarius Violin With Orchestra
Brunswick Records
BL 754054

From the back cover: Millions of television fans will attest to the magic of Dick Kesner's Stradivarius violin. Each week they listen and watch, as though mesmerized, while Dick weaves his musical spell, his bow moving like a sorcerer's wand. The same magic quality has made him a top concert attraction all over the country, holding audiences enthralled in every city.
The television show endued to in the copy above was the Lawrence Welk Show.

Kesner made a good number of albums, apparently, in a very short time while either working for Welk or just after he left the show in 1959. One of my favorite Kesner albums is titled Amor Latino, dated 1962, the same year Kesner died of a heart attack while he was driving his car in Reseda, California. He passed on at the very young age of 49.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
All The Things You Are
Ol' Devil Moon
Danny Boy
I Surrender Dear
Night And Day
Someone To Watch Over Me
Uncertain Love

The Tropical Style - The Exotic Sounds Of Frankie Carle

Quiet Village
The Tropical Style of Frankie Carle
Arrangements by Jack Fascinato
Produced by Darol Rice
RCA Victor LSP-3609

Carle, by 1966, was late to the exotica party. None-the-less he recorded a fine album complete with subtle early 60s pop/light jazz overtones. Carle along with his arranger, Jack Fascianto, created a distinctive, soft sound that pumped fresh life into the well covered song titles.

From the back cover: "Exotic" is one of those adjectives that conjures up more than Webseter would have us believe. With all due respect to well-meaning lexicographers, I happen to prefer the way Frankie Carle defines it is his album: impression of far-off lands… fleeting glimpses of foreign people… a musical travelogue through picture-postcard settings. – Harvey Siders, Contributing Editor, Hollywood Citizen-News

Beyond The Reef
My Tane
Bali Ha'i
Quiet Village
I'll Remember You
Ebb Tide
Pearly Shells
Stranger On The Shore
Yellow Bird
When The Day Is All Done
Now Is The Hour