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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Latin In Ultrasonic Stereo - Aristi And The Soundmakers

Spanish Eyes
Latin In Ultrasonic Stereo
Sounds Your Eyes Can Follow
Aristi And The Soundmakers
Conductor: Alberto Pecjo
Arranger: Erning Ocampo
Supervisor: Erning Ocampo
Recording Technicians: Tony Faustino & Jess Felix
Cover Layout : Aris Art Dept.
Recorded at Carver Studio, Inc.
Aris Records - Made and Printed in the Philippines

Erning Ocampo: Spanish Guitar
Bert Pecjo: Alto Sax
Percy Val: Percussion

Spanish Eyes
Ola Quetal
Vaya Con Dios
Aquellos Ojos Verdes
Sabor A Mi
Solamente Una Vez
Sin Um Amor
Noche De Ronda
Maria Elena
Adios Mariquita Linda

The Girl From Ipanema - The Brasileros

Johnny's Bossabeat
Newest Smash Hits
The Girl From Ipanema
The Brasileros
Diplomat Records DS-2333

Title track, The Girl From Ipanema includes a vocal and sounds, perhaps, as though it was a track that Dipolmat decided to built this budget Bossa set around. The sample above is more representative of the LP's sound.

The Girl From Ipanema
Johnny's Bossabeat
Sugar Theme
Blue Bossa Nova
Sazella De Rio
San Paulo Samba
Shades Of Bossa Nova
Brazilian Witch
Bossa Lobo

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Eric - Suzanne Bouchard

Suzanne Bouchard
Paroles et Musique: Suzanne Bouchard
Orchestre Direction: Yves Lapierre
Photos: Au Rectro et au Verso, Ronald Labelle
Capitol Records / Series 70,000
Fabrique Au Canada
ST 70,009

La Ronde
La Nuit
Le Ruisseau
Les Boites A Cadavre
Face 2
J'Ai Marche
Les Bateaxu
Mon Village
Princess Indienne
C'etait Au Mois De Mai

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Exotica Volume II - Martin Denny

The Queen Chant

The Exciting Sounds Of Martin Denny
Exotica Volume II
Producer: Si Waronker
Cover Design: Garrett-Howard
Engineer: Ted Keep
Color Printing: Western Lithograph, Co., Los Angeles, Calif.
Liberty Stereo LST 7006

Soshu Night Serenade
Island Of Dreams
Japanese Farwell Song (Sayonara)
Singing Bamboos
The Queen Chant (E Lili Ua E)
Wedding Song (Ke Kali Ne Au)
When First I Love
August Bells
Ebb Tide
Rush Hour In Hong Kong

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Vincent Edwards Sings

Unchained Melody
Vincent Edwards Sings
Star Of The TV Show "Ben Casey"
Orchestras Conducted by Dick Jacobs and Charles Bud Dant
Produced by Abby Greshler
Decca DL 74311

From the back cover: Vincent Edwards is the rugged star of the popular television series, "Ben Casey," which depicts with authenticity and rare insight the personal and professional problems of doctors in a modern urban hospital, and which centers around a dedicated and idealistic young neurosurgeon. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Vince attended Ohio State University and The University Of Hawaii. He entered show business via New York's famous American Academy – his classmates included Grace Kelly, Anne Bancroft and John Cassavetes. No newcomers to television – his credits include memorable performances on "The Untouchables," G. E. Theater," and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." His movie credits include "Serenade," "The Three Faces Of Eve," "The Night Holds Terror," "City Of Fear," Murder By Contact," and "The Killing."

From Billboard - July 16, 1962: The TV heart-throb, Vince Edwards, otherwise known as Dr. Ben Casey, shows off a warm singing style on this collection of romantic ballads. Although his singing style is merely adequate, his TV popularity particularly with the fems, is strong enough to make this album a solid seller. He does acceptable jobs on "I'll Walk Alone," "When I Fall In Love," "Lonesome Road" And "Unchained Melody." The ork backings are smooth and lush.

I'll Walk Alone
Don't Worry 'Bout Me
When I Fall In Love
I Got It Bad
Try A Little Tenderness
How Deep Is The Ocean
Lonesome Road
Stormy Weather
As Time Goes By
An Now
Unchained Melody
Everybody Got A Home But Me