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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wired For Sound - Current Supplied By Marty Gold

Wired For Sound
Current Supplied By Marty Gold
Vil LX-1054

Available on both CD and by purchase/download so I will not be posting a sample.

I had to post this one because of the fabulous cover art! The cover reflects the nature of the music. This is a great early space age recording.

Sid Ramin worked with Gold on this album. It is noted on the back that both Gold and Ramin also worked together on "...all of the Three Suns and Orchestra albums."

You can hear a touch of The Three Suns more experimental sound on this album.

Limbo Party - Southern Tropical Harmony Steel Band

Limbo Party
Southern Tropical Harmony Steel Band
Audio Fidelity
AFSD 5967

Here we have another fabulous Audio Fidelity album cover. AF understood the value of cover art. AF  printed on the best paper stock The colors still pop.

Also, back in 1962, there was no legal disclaimer to warn buyers not to set fire to limbo equipment in the middle of their living rooms... Ah, the good old days when we could set fire to our dates and not be sued.

Everybody LIMBO!

Electric Love - The Electronic Concept Orchestra

Electric Love
The Electronic Concept Orchestra
Moog Synthesizer Arrangements by Bob Schiff with Eddie Higgins (Courtesy of Dunwich Productions, Ltd.)
String Arrangements by Bob Schiff
Produced by Robin McBride
Recorded and remixed at Universal Studios, Chicago, Illinois
Engineers: Hans Wurman and Chuck Lishon
Limelight LS-86072
A Product of Mercury Record Productions, Inc.


Robin McBride: Musical Director:
Eddie Higgins: Moog Synthesizer & Fender Rhodes Electric Piano:
Phil Upchurch (Courtesy of Cadet Records): Fender Electric Guitar
Morris Jennings: Drums
Bob Schiff: Moog Synthesizer on "Romeo & Juliet and "Wichita Linemen", Fender Rhodes Electric Piano on "Romeo & Juliet
David Chausow, Sol Bobrov, Elliot Golob, Joseph Golan, Samuel Magad, Everett Zlatoff-Mirsky, Fred Spector, Gary Warvtian : Violins
Harold Kupper, Arthur Ahlman: Violas
Leonard Chausow, Roger Malitz, Philip Blum: Cellos

Goin' Out Of My Head
The Look Of Love
Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus
Romeo & Juliet Theme
Like A Lover
Wichita Lineman
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Stella By Starlight
Love Is Blue
This Guy's In Love With You

Friday, December 30, 2011

Charge! - Enoch Light & The Light Brigade - Quadraphonic

Lonely Days
Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
Arrangements by Jeff Hest
Project 3 - Quadraphonic/4 Channel

Here's another interesting recording that Enoch Light produced several years before he retired from the music business.

Quad engineering on the several Light projects I've heard is outstanding.

Light got help making the LP from old friends and outstanding musicians including Tony Mottola, Vinnie Bell (you can hear his "water drop" guitar on one track), Urbie Green, Marvin Stamm, Mel Davis, Phil Bodner, Arnie Lawrence, Dick Hyman, Julie Ruggiero, Billy LaVorgna, Phil Kraus, Charles McCracken, Paul Faulise, Walt Levinsky, Bob Rosengarden and The Marilyn Jackson Singers.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Love Affairs Of Don Juan Vol. II

The Love Affairs Of Don Juan Vol. II
Premier Albums

Oddball album, pressed around 1959(?), featuring a few unsavory and abusive adventures of Don Juan.

Meet Mexie Marlowe

One For My Baby
Meet Mexie Marlowe
King 799

The only info I could find, while doing an online search for Mexie Marlowe came from a blurb found in Billboard Magazine, November 24, 1962: Mexie Marlowe is a young thrush with a touch of Nina Simone's unusual style plus a few sounds of her own. She has definite possibilities and she show off her vocal stylings on "I Cover The Waterfront," One From My Baby." I Hade The Craziest Dream" and "All The Way." Worth a listen.

From the back cover: From the age of fourteen, she was advised many times to sing like singers who were in the limelight at the time, but even as a youngster, she refused to mimic or copy any other singer, saying, "If you want to hear me sing, you will have to listen to me, as I will not copy any one else. I will always sing naturally in my own style".

Exotic Percussion And Brilliant Brass - John Evans

An Occasional Man
Full Album
Exotic Percussion And Brilliant Brass
The John Evans Orchestra
Direction Sound/Premier Albums
DS 5006

This line of records was Premier's answer to the success of Enoch Light's "percussion" projects. Premier copied the cover graphic/book-fold look and tried, not always successfully, to capture some of what Light was doing in the studio.

This particular album is good fun if you are a collector of "exotica" Many songs copy Martin Denny/Arthur Lyman style, complete with bird calls. In addition, there are more straight forward Lyman-like Latin/jazz tracks. These tracks carried the album and are nicely executed.

Bad And Beautiful
Eso Es El Amor
Mambo Inn
An Occasional Man
Cuban Caper
Quite Village
Return To Paradise
Mambo Italiano
Lisbon Antigua
Cool Mambo

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cocktail Time - Ernie Felice

Street Of Dreams
Cocktail Time
With The Ernie Felice Quartet
Capitol T192

Apparently this album is a reissue of Capitol H-192, 1950. This issue features additional tracks and seems to be the more obscure release.

Million Dollar Motion Picture Themes - Richard Hayman

Theme From The Exorcist
Million Dollar Motion Picture Themes
Richard Hayman And His Orchestra
Produced and Arranged by Richard Hayman
Richard Hayman plays The Conn Electronic Organ, The Conn Electric Band & Hohner Accordios and Harmonicas Exclusively
Recorded at Groove Sound Studio, N.Y.
Engineer: Edison Youngblood
Musicor Records MS 3256X

A fun and funky 70s set featuring Hayman's harmonica work on a few tracks.

The Way We Were
Theme From Papillon (Free As The Wind)
Last Tango In Paris
Lara's Theme (from Dr. Zhivago)
Ruby (from Ruby Gentry)
Theme From The Exorcist (Tubular Bells)
Sadie Thompson's Song (The Blue Pacific Blues)
Theme From Serpico
Theme From 2001 - A Space Odyssey

HI-FI Drums

Tri-Fi Drums - Stan Levey, Alvin Stoller, Irv Cottler with Billy May
HI-FI Drums
Capitol T926

I assume that Capitol collected together the various tracks from a variety of sources to produce the album. The Billy May track above also appeared on a later Capitol album titled Wild Stereo Drums.

Regardless of how the album was produced, all the mix sounds Big Band good.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hi Hopes

Label by Doris Walker
The Impossible Dream & I Believe In Music
Hi Hopes
By The Students Of Hope School
Directed by Doris E. Walker, Music Teacher, Hope School
Educational Activities, Inc. AR 696

From the back cover: Hope School opened its doors in September, 1969 to serve the trainable mentally retarded of the Anaheim Union High School District, Anaheim, California.

The Hi Hopes recordings have to be among my favorites. Whenever I feel grumpy or blue... I just listen to the Hi Hopes and presto, suddenly the sun is shinning on my sad little world and I'm feeling less crappy! Thank you Hi Hopes!  Besides couldn't we all learn a lesson from The Label song?

A photo autographed by "Lori" came with this LP as well as the 45 shown above. I believe the full audio file of the album can be found elsewhere online, so I'll just post a favorite track, written by the Hi Hopes Music Teacher, Doris Day. As a treat I'll post the entire 45.

Want more? For a really rare Hi Hope LP I stumbled across (Play And Sing) click the link.

Side One

Everything Is Beautiful
Welcome To My World
Label (Doris Walker)
King Of The Road
La Curcaracha

Side Two

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
Some Day
Candy Man
Ability (Doris Walker)
Miracle (Doris Walker)

Monday, December 26, 2011

KVOO Tulsa OK - 1954 Audiodisc

The Music Maker

Vintage audiodisc recording made for broadcast on KVOO Tulsa, Oklahoma (as near as I can tell from a brief mention of the radio station call letters at the end of the "skit").

Lab '69 - North Texas State University

Hairy Brouhaha
Composer/Arranger, Cal Lewiston
Soloists: Dean Parks, Alto Sax - Cal Lewiston, Trumpet - Ken Maslak - Flute

Lab '69
North Texas State University
Leon Breeden, Conductor
Century Custom Recording

From the back cover: We appreciate the many letters from those who have our albums and recognize the creativity of our writers and performers. It has been an inspiration to all of us – we hope to give you an album each year which will be such that it stands unique on your shelf, completely apart from commercially-produced records, since our goal is aimed at one thing – the presentation of young writers and performers at our school doing THEIR THING!! – Leon Breeden, Director

Live It Up! - Irving Fields

Sweet And Lovely - I Cried Fro You and Blue Moon
Live It Up!
With Irving Fields
King 709

Here's an amazing Irving Fields cover.

Here's the first obscure Fields record I stumbled across titled The Fabulous Fingers Of Irving Fields.

If you are into space age you are probably looking for a copy of Fields popular Bikinis And Bongs and Bagel And Bongos, both of which feature wild cover art.

At the time of this posting I found that Mr. Fields has a website and may still playing about town at the age of 95!

Bang Bang - Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra

Bang Bang
Bang Bang
Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra
Decca DL 4799

The set exactly reflects the space cool vibe of the cover art! What more could you ask for? Cugat, himself said that "I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve." And here he is, keeping up with mid-60s Chiquita Banana light pop trends.

The album is great fun all the way through!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Boleros Solamente Boleros - Orquesta Serenata Tropical

Lamento Gitano
Boleros Solamente Boleros
Volumen 4
Orquesta Serenata Tropical

Obscure early 60s import. Outstanding space age Latin.

Lolita - Orchestra Del Oro

Lolita Ya Ya

Orchestra Del Oro
Scores by Don Costa
Session Supervision by D. L. Miller
Trans 34 Sonodor MO-SON 105

Budget easy listening with a creepy cover illustration.

Sweet Hot & Blue - The Skip-Jacks

Limehouse Blues
Sweet Hot & Blue
The Skip-Jacks (Stella Stevens, Estelle Mann and Morris Redding)
Orchestration - Sid Bass, Al Cohn and Ray Martin
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
RCA LSP-2200

Obscure vocal album featuring great music by some of the top space age arrangers as noted above.

Apparently the "Skip-Jacks" made at least one other album on RCA title Let's Get Away From It All LSP-2060.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Melodic Percussion - Frank Barber

Theme From "Mr. Broadway"
Melodic Percussion
Arranged and conducted by England's inventive Frank Barber
Capitol ST 2794

The title might suggest an "easy listening" album. What you'll hear are fine light pop tunes that are throw back to Enoch Light's pop stuff of the early 60s. The vibe of the record is actually "brighter" and more "jangling" than most percussion records I've listened to. The percussion seems more "dense" somehow (probably due to the blending of vibraphone, marimba and xylophone). Some tracks are more dramatic and have more of a  "jazz" sound. Well... all that probably made no sense. The sound is unique compared to all the period percussion recordings that I've listened to. Good, inventive stuff.

Peter Gunn - Henry Mancini

LPM 1956
LPM-1956 RE
LPM 1956 RE2
LSP 1956 RE2
Peter Gunn
Composed and conducted by Henry Mancini
From The NBC Television Series Peter Gunn
Composed and Conducted by Henry Mancini
Produced by Simon Rady
Recorded in Hollywood, August 26 and 31, and September 4 and 29, 1958.
RCA Victor LPM-1956 & LPM-1956 RE (featuring factory applied "The Original" sticker)
LPM 1956 RE2 & LPM 1956 RE2

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art.

From the back cover: "Hank" Mancini, only thirty-four, had already written for such films as "the Benny Goodman Story," Orson Wells' "Touch Of Evil" and "The Glenn Miller Story." For his contribution to the latter he was nominated, at twenty-eight, for an Academy Award.

Currently the music director of Spartan Productions, Mancini can now claim the distinction of being the first  musician to compose modern jazz for the sound track of a filmed television series.

The music in this album offers an excellent sampling of the sounds you've likely to hear any Monday eve when Peter Gunn swings into action on NBC-TV. The musicians are the same jazzmen who are heard to outstanding advantage in all the programs. Here are some of them:

Drummer Jack Sperling and bassist Rollt Bundock state the show's forceful opening motif, Fallout! The raw-sounding trumpet belongs to Pete Candoli, a veteran of the Woody Herman and Stan Kenton bands. Dreamsville, which might be subtitled "a love refrain for hipsters," features a moving alto sax solo by Ted Nash; his brother Dick can  be heard dusting with fellow trombonist Milt Bernhart on Session At Pete's Pad. Saxist Ronnie Lang, who, in common with most of the musician here, is a graduate of the Les Brown band, wields a bulging baritone on Sorta Blue, Other soloists at Mother's, the nitery where Peter Gunn hangs his Brooks Brothers jacket, are vibist Larry Bunker and pianist Johnny T. Williams. – Blake Edwards

Peter Gunn
Sorta Blue
The Brothers Go To Mother's
Session At Pete's Pad
Soft Sounds
The Floater
Slow And Easy
A Profound Gabs
Brief And Breezy
Not From Dixie

Friday, December 23, 2011

Paradise Islands Song Of Hawaii - The Ray Charles Singers

The Cocoanut Wireless
Paradise Islands Song Of Hawaii
The Ray Charles Singers
Originated and produced by Enoch Light
Art Direction - Charles E. Murphy
Command RS 845 SD

Light and easy pop album featuring another great Command minimalist cover design.

A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme)

A Man And A Woman
Un Homme Et Une Femme
Francis Lai
United Artists SW-91032

Available on CD, so I will not be posting a sample. Sorry!

I put this one on the turn table without the intent of blogging the album. But the vocal tracks on the album really grabbed me. so I thought I'd plug the record.  The vibe is unique and intimate.  The second track, on the B side titled, In Our Shadow, is especially wonderful and mysterious. Good 60s stuff.

Stimulus Progression - Muzak

Baretta's Theme
Stimulus Progression
Specialists In The Physiological And Psychological Applications Of Music

Just in time for last moment holiday shopping. Do you feel the progressive urge to consume? Off to ebay with you!

From the back cover: The result (of the Stimulus Progression) is a sense of forward movement and change, designed to mitigate tension, boredom, melancholy and fatigue.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Modern Jazz Quartet & Orchestra

The Modern Jazz Quartet & Orchestra
Atlantic SD-1359

Available for purchase/download so I will not be posting a sample. Sorry!

Billboard Magazine: Here is a fascinating blend of the classical and jazz schools, a much talked about concept where very little has been accomplished at the recording level. The MJQ, working as a sort of concerto soloist all by itself in front of the distinctively classical ork passages to pick up a similar theme in readily identifiable jazz connotations.

Well... that explanation and the rather subdued cover art would not have perked my interest back in the day (as I'm not a jazz or classical music buff). And I don't normally post jazz stuff here (I mean reasonably straight forward jazz stuff), but this album will be of interest to others who collect the same type of music that you see on my blog.

To me, the sound is better explained (so that I get it) as a bridge between dramatic movie soundtrack passages and small combo jazz. Going out on a limb... the vibe is sort of as if Arthur Lyman did something "heavy", without the bird calls. You may also hear a bit of some early 60s private-eye or detective TV show thing happening.

From the back cover: John Lewis (director MJQ) and this writer (Gunther Schuller) do not claim that these works represent the final and ultimate stage in this particular musical development. On the contrary, we feel they mark only a beginning and it is our hope that the music contained herein will stimulate further interest in works of this nature.

Find yourself a copy! You will enjoy the experience!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dance Discotheque

Hot Pastrami With Mashed Potatoes - Discotheque Orchestra
Dance Discotheque
Recorded under the supervision of Slim Hyatt
Decca DL 74556

From the May 30, 1964 Billboard: The discotheque is spreading from the society saloons and fashionable private clubs to the home phonograph. The do-it-yourself discotheque is being initialed by Decca Records which is hitting the market with a "Dance Discotheque" album this week.

According to Harry Meyerson Decca artists and repertoire producer who conceived the idea of bringing the current Jet Set vogue to the masses, the LP duplicates the recording program played in the discotheques around the country, especially at Shepheards in Drake Hotel here. In fact, Meyerson had Slim Hyatt, the "disquaire" (disk jockey) at Shepeards assist him in programming the album. At the club, Hyatt spins a variety of records that run the gamut from Louis Armstrong's Hello Dolly to Trini Lopez's "If I Had A Hammer."

Crazy Rhythm - Don Lee

Crazy Rhythm
Don Lee
Jubilee 1067

Fun cover art! Songs are available for purchase/download, so sorry I will not be posting a sample.

This is one of the few accordion albums that works for me like a Three Suns LP. A bit spacey and swinging.

From the back cover: In the language of the hipster, "Crazy Rhythm" is 'crazy, man, crazY-y-y-y-!... (English Translation: it's Happy, Hearty and Hear-Marked for a hitherto un-new sound).

Crazy Rhythm
Cordy Boogie
Lady Be Good
Exactly Like You
Echo Echo Echo
After You've Gone
Bells Of St. Mary's

Spectacular Percussion - Roger King Mozian

Spectacular Percussion
Arranged and conducted by Roger King Mozian
MGM SE3845

Swinging album that swings between big band, Latin and a touch of "exotica" percussion. Mozian has a good grasp on late 50s/early 60s groove.

Curiously the producer seemed to be worried that Mozian was too far out. This from the back cover: The selection of tunes leans heavily on the rhythmic and exotic but, remarkable enough, almost every one is danceable, particularly South Of The Border and Caripoca.

Mozian wrote the sample, Repercussion.

Great Movie Hits Of '72 - The Cinema Soundstage Orchestra

Summer Of '42
Great Movie Hits Of '72
The Cinema Soundstage Orchestra
A/S Recording (Alshire)

Here is another budget record most pickers leave behind. But the smart buyer would take noted of the "Theme From Shaft" cover and risk the 50¢.

As budget easy goes, this album isn't whacky or completely lame. The LP features standard easy that includes, on most tracks, a 70s vibe which includes the lead track on the A side, Theme From Shaft. But for some reason, the organ intro featured on the cover of Summer Of '42 grabbed me...

OOPS! The Swinging Sounds Of Bill Doggett

Lady's Choice
The Swinging Sounds Of Bill Doggett And His Combo
Columbia CS 8614

From the back cover: For the past nine years, Bill Doggett and a Hammon Organ have been transported about the country as the major cargo of a six-passenger bus. On at least 250 nights out of each year, the bus has parked outside of a dance hall somewhere between Vancouver and Orlando, Doggett and crew have unloaded and for the next four hours, hundreds of people have danced and smiled, laughed and sung to the accompaniment of the kind of music you hear on this album.

At the age of 22, Philadelphia-born Bill Doggett was a pianist leading his own band. He worked with the Lucky Millinder band in 1940 and was pianist for the Ink Spots from 1942 to 1944. Later, he worked with Louis Jordan, and in 1951 he took up the organ. Bill then worked with Ella Fitzgerald and has written arrangements for one of the vocalist's recent albums.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Walt Disney Songs For The Family - Joe Reisman's Orchestra And Chorus

Alice In Wonderland
Walt Disney Songs For The Family
Joe Reisman's Orchestra And Chorus
RCA Victor LPM-1119

Apparently this is a somewhat obscure album. I picked it up because of the great cover image.

Reisman was a prolific producer working on nearly 1,000 recordings.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Full Spectrum Of Quadraphonic Sound - Realistic Quadraphonic

Aquarius - Percy Faith And His Orchestra & Chorus
The Full Spectrum Of Quadraphonic Sound
Realistic Quadraphonic
Columbia Special Products 50-2023 CQ-10869

Here's another quadraphonic album that was made as a promotion for Realistic (Radio Shack).

Unlike the Popular Science/Enoch Light "Test Record", this album is a straight forward compilation of songs, that may have been recorded in stereo and converted or remastered into quad sound. I don't know. All I can say is the Popular Science LP sounds so much better through my stereo headphones that there is no comparison.

Since these songs are, for the most part, available on CD or by the purchase download, I can't post the album (my apologies to the Quad blogger!). However, the Percy Faith tune seems not to be available, so enjoy the one sample. FYI: The Miles Davis track is killer.

Chase - Open Up Wide
Santana - Oye Come Va
Barbra Streisand - Free The People
Johnny Mathis - You've Got A Friend
Bloomfield, Kooper & Stills - Stop
Miles Davis - Mile Run The Voo Doo Down
Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World
Percy Faith, His Orchestra & Chorus - Aquarius
Lynn Anderson - Rose Garden
Sly And The Family Stone - I Want To Take You Higher

Everybody's Favorites - Jose Melis

Clair De Lune
Everybody's Favorites
Jose Melis
Mercury SR 60738

Melis's work is too conservative for me. There are bongos backing up Melis on this album, but the songs never spill over into that space age sound. However, side one sports an excellent and engaging cover of Clair De Lune featuring a guitarist that blends his/her work nicely with Melis's subdued approach.

This version is not the version available for purchase/download (that track appears to be a more fully orchestrated version, from another album).

Exotic Percussion - Milt Raskin

Exotic Percussion
Exotic Sounds Of Milt Raskin
Crown CST 212

Here we have a very nice exotica album from Milt Raskin. This album is available for purchase/download so I will not be posting a sample.

I don't know why Crown didn't spend a few dollars to produce a halfway decent cover for this album. The project was worth a flashy cover to help boost sales.

The title is a misleading. I would not lump this album in with all the percussion albums that hit the market at about this time. Raskin's work here is more of a blend between Arthur Lyman, a touch of Lex Baxter and Raskin's own instrumental sensibilities.

Raskin is also responsible for another fine "exotica" recording on Crown Titled KAPU (Forbidden). Crown did spend some money on that cover.

Percussion For Playboys

Angel Eyes
Percussion For Playboys
Omega OSD 2

This one looks like it was released in... oh, say 1960/61. The LP is a compilation of whatever Omega had on the shelf at the moment... including several weird tracks that include a sound effects track from an automobile race and the track titled A Visit To A Hindu Monastery (that I tacked onto the sample track above)! There are no artist credits and there is precious little "percussion" on the album. Actually this is more of a "jazz" album. Omega slapped the provocative title and cheesecake photo on the cover and they were good to go.

Sports Car Races
Mickey Mouse Theme
Take The "A" Train
Dancing On The Ceiling
Island Of Desire
Coop Salutes
Return To Paradise
Latin Heat
Limehouse Blues
Angel Eyes
It Ain't Necessarily So
A Visit To A Hindu Monastery

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Bold And Brassy - Enoch Light And The Light Brigade

American Patrol
Big Bold And Brassy
Enoch Light And The Light Brigade
Percussion In Brass
Originated and Produced by Enoch Light
Art Director Charles E. Murphy
Cover Art by S. Neil Fujita
Command Records RS 818 SD

From Billboard - February 13, 1961: Enoch Light and the Light Brigade are back in another entrancing and exciting stereo album. This time the Light crew features bright, breezy brass percussion instead of bongos, et. al., but it still makes for a mighty tasty musical album and a solid buy for stereo fans. The marches especially, such as "Colonel Bogey," "American Patrol" and "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" and "Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech," are a gas. This could be another best seller for the Enoch Light gang.

Great Day
Theme From The Apartment
Rachmaninoff Prelude In C#m
Whiffenpoof Song
Coloney Bogey
No Rest For The Drummer Man
American Patrol
Lullaby Of Broadway
Wabash Blues
Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
When Yuba Plays The Rhumba On The Tuba
Rambling Wreck From Georgia Tech

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cuban Mist Cha Cha Cha - Eddie Gomez

Cuban Mist Cha Cha Cha
Eddie Gomez And His American Orchestra
Cover Photography: Todd Walker - Beverly Hills
Art Direction & Production: Florette Bihari
Crown CLP 5032

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover.

From the back cover: As you will hear the music in this album, it is recorded with real vigor and intense feeling by a native of Puerto Rican... Eddie Gomez. Gomez, who has sung with Noro Morales and Enrique Madriguera and has appeared in theaters and clubs all over the world, has achieved an international reputation for his interpretations of Latin music.

Frankie And Johnny
I See I See
Dark Eyes
Cerca Cerquita
Cuban Mist
Si Tu Quieres
Sweet And Gentle
Two Guitars
Rico Vacilon
Le Fleur
Un Carinito
Tus Caprichitos

Bongos Flutes Guitars - Los Admiradores


Bongos Flutes Guitars
Performances By Los Admiradores
Produced by Enoch Light
Associate Producer: Julie Kalges
Recording Chief: Robert Fine
Mastering: George Piros
Art Director: Charles E. Murphy
Cover Art by Brownjohn, Chermayoff & Gelsmar
Command Records RS 812 SD

How Hight The Moon
C'est Ci Bon
Friendly Persuasion
My Funny Valentine
Making Whoopie
Birth Of The Blues
Golden Earrings
East Of The Sun
By The Rive St. Marie
I Can Dream, Can't I

Sentimental - Enoch Light

The Breeze And I
Enoch Light Orchestra
The Fontanna Orchestra
Palace PST-703

I guess Palace managed to secure the rights to several Light songs and felt that they could legally market an album of older, mismatched off the shelf stuff with Light's name on the cover. Some of the filler isn't even credited to Fontanna. Palace went so far as to rip off the Command jacket graphic style in the hopes that buyers would think that they they were getting the good stuff. Even the Light tracks are no where near his best effort.

Place never lets me down as a budget label.