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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Love Of Life - Gene Bua

Love Of Life
Gene Bua
Heritage Record HTS-35,004

From the notes: VISION: The empty blur if a T.V. screen at mid-day. The dial is moved lazily to C.B.S. Flash! An angry young prince explodes into your life. At one moment he rages wild and untamed; the next he has the warmth of the sun; and his dark eyes reflect all the understanding of a prophet.

This vital young man is Gene Bua and he was discovered as Bill Prentiss on the C.B.S. day-time serial "Love Of Life".

Love Me Tender
If I Were A Carpenter
Goodbye My Old Gal
When Love Slips Away
I've Gotta Be Me
Dona, Dona
How Small We Are, How Little We Know
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
Love Of Life

Como esta - Johnny Kay

Como esta
Promenade Debuts
Johnny Kay
Promenade 2110

From the back cover: Johnny Kay – Here is a talent that is rare indeed in voice so young. Johnny, twenty-six years of age, but evidently a vintage year, interprets these songs – old and new – with warmth and vigor seldom experienced.

Here is another Johnny Kay album: The Spirit Of Italy
Catch A Falling Star
Prisoner Of Love
When You Were Sweet
You'll Never Walk Alone
Round And Round
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
I'll Be Seeing You

The Groovy Side - The Lennon Sisters

Ode To Billy Joe
On The Groovy Side
The Lennon Sisters
Produced by Snuff Garrett
Arranged by Al Capps
Ranwood R8004

The arrangements don't make it all the way across the street to the groovy side.

Ode To Billy Joe is featured above because the track is the one song that, refreshingly, allows for a solo vocal over the expected chorus approach. The Sister isn't credited for her effort. The song is also found on a Lennon Pickwick release: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Also released on the DOT label.

Goin' Out Of My Head
Never My Love
I Love
Up, Up And Away
I Will Wait For You
Prisoner Of Love
Gypsy, What Can I Do
Ode To Billy Joe
Count Me In

Margie Singleton

Tears Don't Look Good
It's Such A Pretty World
Margie Singleton Sings Country Music With Soul
Ashley Records - Nashville, Tennesse

Arrangements by Don Tweedy, produced by Leon Ashley and Don Tweedy
Recorded at RCA Victor and Columbia recording studios, Nashville, Tennesse

From the back cover: This is Margie's second album. No one ever thought she would be able to improve on the first one. It was great! But, being the fine singer she is, she did, and I think you'll agree. We've watched her improve since her start in the entertainment world several years ago in her hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. Not only is she a great singer… she is also a great songwriter… as you can see from six of the songs in this album written in collaboration with her husband producer, Leon Ashley.

Singleton released a record on the Pickwick label: Margie Singleton

Sounds Of Alaska - Frank Brink

Sounds Of Alaska
Produced and Narrated by Frank Brink

I picked this up for the bold graphic cover, but there are also some interesting snippets of audio from a few folks who were living in Alaska in a time just before it became the 49th state in 1959.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Soundtronic Guitar Of Vincent Bell

The Soundtronic Guitar Of Vincent Bell
Produced By Monte Bruce
Cover Designed By Walter Rich
Independent Record Company
LLP 8012

For some reason, this fine Bell album seems to be very obscure compared to his other solo LPs. From the cover design, the release year looks to be about 1961 or '62.

In addition to his solo efforts, Bell was a busy session guitarist. Known for innovation and invention Bell most likely created all of the effects and hardware needed make them as heard on this project.

Very much "soundtronic"!

From the back cover: Instrumental-arranger Vincent Bell is assisted by Buddy Brower, Piano – Bob Alexander, Drums – and Joe Andre, Bass. "They work WITH me" say Vincent Bell; "they fit-in completely with whatever I am doing."
Sentimental Journey
The Faint
Sunny Boy
Stompin' At The Savoy
Echoes Of Spain
I'll Remember April
Travelin' Guitar
Darn That Dream

Un Brindis Por Chiapas - Tete Cuevas

Un Brindis Por Chiapas
Un Brindis Por Chiapas
Tete Cuevas Al Piano
Y Conjunto Ron Bonampak
Columbia Discos De Mexico
EX 2047

I was pleased to stumbled across this vintage album featuring the above colorful and fun cover on one of my thrift shop stops here in Northern Kentucky.

Let me just say that I can't read the copy, but there are probably some Cuecas history tidbits on the back cover. I was able to find one or two albums made by Cuevas (other than this press) online and a few YT videos. The albums and videos hint that she may have been reasonably active, at least in Mexico, for a period of time. Still, she is an obscure artist (from what I can tell), so I'll make an exception here and post the entire album.

The LP is a curious, "lounge" affair, featuring slightly quirky arrangements, a sound blend that you just don't hear in American lounge from the period. It's subtle… but if you listen to a lot of period mood/lounge, you'll noticed curious blend of period instruments and sound trends.

Eastside Corridor - The Symphony Jazz Ensemble

Side 2 featuring Eastside Corridor & Concertino For Percussion And Strings
Eastside Corridor
The Symphony Jazz Ensemble
Red Mark Records
QCA Records (Queen City Records) - Cincinnati, Ohio

From the back cover: Frank Proto recalls the happy informal origins of the Symphony Jazz Ensemble: "The Cincinnati Symphony was on a tour around the world, and a few of us who were playing a little jazz would go into clubs and jam with the local musicians. A reporter who was traveling with us sent a story back that appeared in a home town paper. About a we later we arrived in some place like Okinawa, and the word had spread; they had everything all prepared for us and we wound up playing with a local band."

"The whole thing began snowballing and by the time we got back home it was easy to start a group, which we called the Symphony Jazz Quintet. The only original players left now are Paul Piller and myself. Bill Platt, the featured soloist on Concertino for Percussion and Strings, is principal percussionist with the Symphony.

Frank Brown - Trumpet and Trombone, Mike Andres - Saxophones and Flutes, Paul Piller - Trombone, Larry Dickerson - Saxophones and Clarinets, Frank Vincent - Piano and Electric Piano, Frank Proto - Bass and Electric Bass (Proto is also credited with producing the album), Jim Seward, Drums and Congas and Bill Platt - Percussion

The name Frank Vincent sounded familiar to me. I believe that I blogged a Vincent "lounge" private press that you can check out on Appearing In The Motel Lounge.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Sounds - Pete Rugolo

Come Back Little Rocket (Rugolo)
New Sounds By Pete Rugolo
Harmony HL 7003

A nice collection of swing/pop/jazz tunes that mirror a variety of period musical trends (New Sounds).

Shave And A Haircut
Latin Nocturne
The Shrike
Manhattan Mambo
Quiet Village
When Your Lover Has Gone
When You're Smiling
Come Back Little Rocket
You Stepped Out Of A Dream

Friday, December 27, 2013

Reeds In Hi-Fi - Pete Rugolo

Igor Beaver
Reeds In Hi-Fi
An Adventure In Sound
Pete Rugolo And His Orchestra

From the back cover: "The idea of this album," says Pete Rugolo, "was to present a set of performances that could really live up to the title. We weren't aiming at a jazz album as such. We had ten musicians playing reed instruments, backed by a rhythm section, and we sued the ten men in just about every possible combination to make a broad variety of tone colors, so that it would be interesting to people who are concerned with the hi-fi range of frequencies as well as to others who just want to hear some interesting and colorful music.

On Igor Beaver, says Pete, "we used all the so-called Stravinsky cliches, the Firebird effects, etc.; flute and tenor sax in three keys, with the rhythm section adding punctuations."

Interesting and colorful music. This is a terrific album. There is a board spectrum of approaches to be heard on the record. The album, however, is more than just a collection of songs. The tracks support each other and the flow creates a dramatic and engaging blend of sound as if Rugolo intended to create a concept album.

Igor Beaver
If You Could See Me Now
Yardbird Suite
Walking Shoes
Theme For Alto
Our Waltz
Spring Is Here
Polytonal Blues

Goin' Places - Margaret Whiting

Runnin' Wild (Rugolo)
Margaret Whiting
Goin' Places
Dot DLP 25072

Working on this album with Whiting are a few Atomic Age heavy weights including: Frank Comstock, Pete King, Jonny Mandel, Skip Martin, Marty Paich and Pete Rugolo. The creative styles mesh well from track to track.

The Dot "Sterophonic" label on this album cover is a fluorescent orange sticker (my scanner doesn't scan fluorescents).

From the back cover: You can attribute Maggie's fine musicianship to the influence of her famed composer-father, the late Richard Whiting; or to the inimitable touch of her first employer and professional colleague, Johnny Mercer.

The Gypsy In My Soul
Sentimental Journey
Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home
I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
Gone With The Wind
Runnin' Wild
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
Over The Rainbow
Hit The Road To Dreamland
East Of The Sun
Song Of The Wanderer

Starlit Hour - Ambose

Autumn Serenade
Starlit Hour
The Music Of Peter DeRose
Ambrose And His Orchestra
MGM Records

From the back cover: Born in London, Ambrose really got his start in America as violinist in a band led by fellow-Londoner Emil Coleman. He was fifteen at the time. From that band he passed on to the legendary Palais Royal, the forerunner of the latter-day Latin Quarter. Here, although only sixth violin, he caught the eye of producer John Murray Anderson, who then was fare from his later Broadway career, still dancing (although producing nightery shows) with his partner, the well-remembered Cynthia Perrot. It was Anderson who promoted Ambrose from his violin desk when the orchestra's usual conductor fell suddenly ill. The proprietor of the cafe liked the young man's work and, upon the production of a new revue, hired him as chief conductor, even putting the newcomer's name – Then Bertram Ambrose – into lights. Soon, through successive engagements, Ambrose was, according to columnist Cholly Knickerbocker, "setting the fashion in American dance music." Suddenly, Ambrose decided to try his luck back in his own country. It was Cynthia Perrot, than a great success in London, who helped him find his first London engagement: at the city's great Embassy Club. His fame soon spread and he became the favorite of both Londoner commoners and royalty alike. Soon, Ambrose had repeated at home his initial American success – and then some!

Cloud Lucky Seven
Let's Dream Together
Music Box In Blue
Grass Window's Lament
Lilacs In The Rain
Moonlight Mood
Starlit Hour
The American Waltz
Blue September
Autumn Serenade
White Orchids
Deep Purple

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Guitar Music Of Spain - Laurindo Almedia

Segovia: Neblina (Fog)
Guitar Music Of Spain
Laurindo Almeida
Capitol Records P8295

Almeida’s classical solo recording career on Capitol Records began in 1954 with The Guitar Music of Spain. – wikipedia

A set that anyone who likes Atomic Attic Age mood/jazz can get into. Excellent sound/engineering.

From the back cover: Laurindo Almeida has achieved fame in widely diversified fields of music by creating beautiful and serious compositions for guitar, by performing brilliantly as solo guitarist with some of the nation's most distinguished jazz bands, and by playing with equal brilliance on the classical concert stage. His appearances at such places as Carnegie Hall, Chicago's and San Francisco's Civi Opera Houses, and the Hollywood Bowl, have been marked by enthusiastic acclaim of his inspired artistry.

Albeniz: Leyenda (Legend)
Albeniz: Oriental
Falla: El Circulo magico - Romance del pescador (The Magic Circle – Tale of the Fisherman)
Falla: Cancion del fuego fatuo (Song of the Will-o'-the-wisp)
Segovia: Anecdote 2
Segovia: Neblina (Fog)
Torroba: Serenata burlesca (Burlesque Serenade)
Sor: Estudio XII ( Study No. 12)
Terrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Recollections of the Alhambra)
Tarrega: Capricho Arabe (Arabian Caprice)
Turnia: Garrotin
Turina: Soleares
Albeniz: Sevilla (Seville)

Rare Form! - The George Shearing Quintet

Over The Rainbow
Rare Form!
The George Shearing Quintet
Superb Shearing Performances Recorded "Live" in San Francisco
Capitol Records 7 2447

From the back cover: This 1966 album was taped on Friday and Saturday nights, July 5th and 6th, 1963. The Quintet was appearing in San Francisco, at the fabulous Black Hawk Club. It was appearing there for the last time, for the club had announced plans to close its doors; and each evening was rich in sentiment and warmed by appreciative audiences who nightly packed the house. George decided to commemorate the occasion by recording this album. Release dates were set, and then several times postponed to make room instead for the very popular Shearing orchestral albums that contained current in-demand, hit tunes. But these performances are far too fine to stay under wraps any longer.

So here, finally, is George Shearing, with the top-flight Quintet that appeared during that last engagement at the Black Hawk, consisting of Vernel Fournier, drums; Gary Burton, vibes; Gene Cherico, bass; Ronald Anthony, guitar; and Armando Peraza, Latin percussion.

The Sweetest Thing
Look No Further
They All Laughed
Station Break
Over The Rainbow
Why Not?
I'll Never Smile Again
Bop, Look And Listen

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pal Joey - Andre Previn

I'm Talking With My Pal
Modern Jazz Performances Of Songs From Pal Joey
Andre Previn & His Pals
Shelly Manne and Red Mitchell
Contemporary Records C3543

Here's a nice mellow track gifted from this fine jazz album that seems perfect for this Christmas Eve Day.

From the back cover: Andre Previn is one of the most unusual musical talents, equally at home as a composer, conductor and pianist in jazz, classical and popular music. Three-time Academy Award nominee for film scores (he's currently composing and conducting for his 29th picture, Gigi). Andre also places high in the jazz popularity polls. Results of the 1957 balloting indicate he's considered on of the handful of truly great pianists in jazz today. Born in Berlin, Germany, April 6, 1929, he came to the U.S. in 1939, and while still in his teens had established an enviable reputation as a film composer and conductor, and as a popular pianist. 1957 was a busy year: he completed his 1st Symphony; recorded extensively for Contemporary; played engagements at Chicago's London House and San Francisco's Black Hawk with his jazz trio; conducted at the Hollywood Bowl; and gave a recital of 20th Century Classical music in Paris – all in addition to his work at M-G-M. The cover shot seemed appropriate for the first Previn and Pals album, for if ever there was a piano's friend, it is Andre. He talks their language, and brings out the best in them.

Winning popularity polls is no novelty for Shelly Manne, the nation's favorite drummer. In 1956 and '57, he made a clean sweep of 1st place in the three major magazine contests: Playboy, Down Beat and Metronome. Born in New York City June 11, 1920, Shelly has been playing professionally since he was 18 with many famous groups including a long stint with Stan Keton's orchestra. Since 1955 he has had his own five-peice group, Shelly Manne & His Men, considered by critics and fans to be one of the top jazz combinations of the mid-'50s.

Red Mitchell is new to the company of Friends/Pals, making his first appearance with Andre and Shelly in this album, but he has worked with each of them on many occasions over the past few years in Los Angeles. Red, generally regarded as one of the top bassists of contemporary jazz, has appeared on many Contemporary records, as an internal part of the Hampton Hawes Trio, on various Barney Kessel albums, with Red Norvo and as the leader of his own quartet in a new album, C3538, Presenting Red Mitchell. He was born in New York City September 20, 1927, and worked with many of the top stars, including Chubby Jackson, Woody Herman, Red Norvo and Gerry Mulligan prior to joining Hawes in 1954. He formed his own group in 1957. He is particularly noted for his melodic solos; a first-rate example may be heard on I Could Write A Book.

– Lester Koenig
November 20, 1957

I Could Write A Book
That Terrific Rainbow
Take Him
It's A Great Big Town
What Is A Man?
I'm Talking' With My Pal
Do It The Hard Way

Monday, December 23, 2013

Lush Interlude - Stan Kenton

Artistry In Bolero
Lush Interlude
The Music Of Stan Kenton
Produced by Lee Gillette
Cover photo by Phil Fahs
Recorded August, 1958, in Hollywood, California
Capitol Records ST 1130

Piano and leader: Stan Kenton / trombones: Milt Bernhart, Kent Larsen, Jim Amlotte, Bob Fitzpatrick, Kenny Shroyer / flute: George Spelvin / guitar: Laurindo Almeida / bass: Red Mitchell, Joe Mondragon, Don Bagley / percussion: Shelly Manne alternating with Larry Bunker, Frank Flynn / and a full complement of strings.

Shelly Manne appears by arrangement with Contemporary Records

From the back cover: The theme of the Kenton orchestra, Artistry In Rhythm, was composed by Stan in 1941, when he was engaged in organizing his original orchestra. He followed in with Opus in Pastels, which was originally designed as a saxophone showpiece, and his exciting, dramatic Concerto to End All Concertos. Then the combined efforts of Kenton and Pete Rugolo produced Theme to the West and Collaboration, both standards in the Kenton library.

On his own, Pete Rugolo composed Artistry in Bolero for the early orchestra and followed it with the soulful Interlude. Two other well-remembered Kenton standards featured in this album are Machito, a brilliant Afro-Cuban composition, and A Theme for My Lady, also by Pete Rugolo. Lush Waltz, composed expressly for this album, is a haunting, beautiful theme, and again confirms Rugolo's vast talent for both composition and orchestration.

From Billboard - January 19, 1959: Kenton presents revised lush treatments of his earlier favorites. Warm strings and smooth, brass choir are creatively featured. Kenton also has several solo passages. Tempos are varied. Excellent sound is a feature. Set will appeal to both pop and jazz markets. Numbers include "Theme To The West," "Artistry In Bolero" and "Interlude." Attractive Cover.

Opus In Pastels
A Theme From My Lady
Artistry In Bolero
Concerto To End All Concertos
Theme To The West
Lush Waltz
Artistry In Rhythm

Friday, December 20, 2013

Guitars Woodwinds & Bongos - Al Caiola

Guitars Woodwinds & Bongos
Al Caiola And Orchestra
Produced by Don Costa
United Artists Ultra Audio
WW 7503

Nice book-fold jacket and ping-pong/light pop/percussion set styled after Command early 60s releases. United Artists employed many of the same top notch session musicians to work on this fine album, including the prolific session guitarist, Tony Mottola.

Personel: Bob Rosengarden - Drums, Jerry Bruno - Bass, George Devens, Edwin Costa, Phil Kraus and Arthur Marotti - Percussion, Moe Wechsler - Piano, Romeo Penque, Phil Bodner and Gerald Sanfino - Saxophone, John Pizzarelli, Tony Mottola, Don Arnone, Al Casamente, Arthur Ryerson and James Mitchell - Guitar.

Give Me The Simple Life
I May Be Wrong But I Think You're Wonderful
Steel Guitar Rag
Bernie's Tune
Let's Call The Whole Thing Off
Jeepers Creepers
Dance Of The Spanish Onion
Gypsy In My Soul
Petite Waltz
Too Marvelous For Words
Tango Boogie

Goin' Out Of My Head - Tony Mottola

Scarborough Fair
Goin' Out Of My Head
Tony Mottola
Project 3 Total Sound
Diamond Records Limited - Markham, Ontario
Fabrique et Distribue par

The Impossible Dream
Song Sung Blue
Scarborough Fair
I Will Wait For You
Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Goin' Out Of My Head
Nature Boy
Cry Me A River
Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Autumn Leaves

Hello-Goodbye - Francis Lai

No Need To Cry (side 2 version)
Music Composed and Conducted by Francis Lai
Composer of "A Man And A Woman"
20th Century-Fox Records
S 4210

Most of the tracks are short, as you might expect to hear on a soundtrack album. Those tracks leave you wanting to hear how the full song might have played out. However, there are several more "complete" tunes to enjoy, including the sample above. The range is from a more traditional mood vibe to the more groovy 70s thing.

Danny Takes A Dip
No Need To Cry
Theme 3
Lazy Nights
Food For Cats
Take The Plunge
Harry's Return
Journey To Marseilles
Bistro Waltz
Morning Departure
Danny's Theme
Destintation Le Havre

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Illesek Es Pofonok

Ad Man
Illesek Es Pofonok
No. 3
Illes LPX 17398
Qualiton Felvetel
Made in Hungary

The jacket is an expensive to produce, soft paper stock, book-fold featuring a simple, but seldom seen interior popup art treatment the repeats the graphic-look of the cover. Song titles are bilingual.

Nice variety, a blend of psych/pop/eastern sounds.

We Are Here Again
It Could Have Been
The Bowling Ball
At Night, I Remember
The Story Of M
Answering Your Letters
I'm Searching For The Words
Promise Me
It's Waiting For You
Ad Man
Oh, Little Girl
Hot Rolled Street
I'am Lazy
Two Years Are Not Very Long
I Don't Want To Stay

Friday, December 13, 2013

Frankly Percussion - Frank Loesser

If I Were A Bell
Frankly Percussion
Music By Frank Loesser
The Frankie Capp Percussionists
Album Production: Dave Pell
Kimberly 11001

The sound is after early 60s "Command" label big band/ping pong LPs. No chances were taken on the arrangements, but the session is strong and the engineering quality is high.

Percussion: Frankie Capp, Gene Estes, Roy Harte, Emil Richards, Ralph Hansel, Frank Hansel and Frank Guerrero. Trumpet: Ray Linn. Trombone: Herbie Harper. Bass Trombone: Gail Martin and Ken Shroyer. French Horn: Arthur Maebe. Piano: Bob Florence. Organ-Celeste: Donn Trenner. Bass-Tuba: Red Callender. Guitar: Tom Tedesco. Woodwinds: Marty Berman, Bob Drasnin and Bud Shank.

From the back cover: On quality alone Frank Loesser could compete for the title of America's Number One Songwriter. Over 1500 songs with words and/or music by Loesser have been sung, played, whistled and danced to by a grateful nation. About fifty of them have been Hit Parade hits. Over a hundred motion pictures scores have included his songs. And he has four big Broadway shows to his credit.

Also from the back cover: Frankie Capp is not a newcomer to the percussion world. He is one of the top men in the jazz field today benign featured as the third man in the Andre Previn trio and as featured soloist with the Dave Pell octet. He has also been with such aggregations as Neal Hefti, Billy May, Harry James, Shorty Rodgers and Stan Getz. He has at various times worked with Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald and David Rose. At present he is one of the busiest studio musicians in Hollywood and we are very happy to present him on his first album as a bandleader in his own right.

If I Were A Bell
Baby It's Cold Outside
Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat
Standing On The Corner
A Bushel And A Peck
Fugue For Tin Horns
The New Ashmolean Marching Society And Students Conservatory Band
My Darling, My Darling
The Moon Of Manakoora
Luck Be A Lady Tonight
I've Never Been In Love Before
On A Slow Boat To China

Bach For Percussion - John Klein

Bach For Percussion
John Klein
The New York Percussion Ensemble
Audio Fidelity AFLP 1812

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Fugue in G Minor ("The Great") – Toccata in F Major – Fugue in C Major
Transcribed for Precussion Ensemble by John Klein
The New York Percussion Ensemble (Saul Goodman, Elden Bailey, Walter Rosenberger, Morris Lang, Gilbert Breines)
Harold Glick, Conductor

From the back cover: Mr. Klein has composed music for no less than 137 dramas for the United States Trasury Department NBC Transcription Series, for which he received the Distinguished Service Citation and the Treasury Silver Medal Award, an honor bestowed for "extraordinary assistance and distinguished service." He has arranged music for top radio and television shows, including "The Hit Parade," "Stop the Music," and other equally popular programs; also for a number of Broadway shows. His published compositions number in the hundreds, and include works for piano, organ, chamber ensembles, choral groups, a violin concerto, orchestral music and pieces for symphonic band. In addition, he has composed music for films.

One of his major achievements is a monumental, widely-used two-volume work entitled "The First Four Centuries of Music" (New York, 1948), which contains examples of early music and explanatory text covering the period of from 1350 to 1750.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

In Motion - The Quartette Tres Bien

Master Charles
"In" Motion
The Exciting Piano And Rhythms Of The Quartette Tres Bien
Produced by Milt Gabler
Decca DL 74791
Decca "white label" promotional

Personnel: Jeter Thompson, Piano - Richard Simmons, Bass - Albert St. James, Drums and Percy James, Bongos and Congas.

Terrific Space Age Jazz Set featuring some of the most striking piano work I've heard. Some credit has to go to Decca for excellent engineering. The instrument/sound separation is excellent

From the back cover: When reviewing the Quartette's last album in "Down Beat," pianist Marian McPartland remarked that "the use of conga drum and bongos seems to point up every little nuance from the piano, and they are played delicately and with a fine-honed touch by James." This masterly touch is well in evidence on Master Charles, a Percy James original, on which Mr. Charles, Jr., takes off sedately. The other James, Albert, comes to the fore in Saint Sylvester, which serves as a reminder that he, too, is an accomplished percussionist, Jeter Thompson, not to be outdone, has created a striking vehicle for his piano in Bad People, a three-part lament. This receives by far the most original interpretation in the set, the cortege section being particularly evocative. Sorrow, drama and relief, as expressed in this performance, should not obscure the fact that the meaning of "bad" is often reversed in jazz, where the baddest people are often the best.

It Ain't Necessarily So
Master Charles
Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars
For Heaven's Sake
Saint Sylvester
Love Theme From Madame X
It Could Happen To You
Bad People
Brother Percy

Make Mine Mambo - Joe Loco

Make Mine Mambo (And Cha Cha Cha)
Joe Loco
TICO LP-1008

Make Mine Mambo
Joe Loco & His Quintet
Cover Photo: Jerry Dantzic
Tico Records LP-1008

How High The Moon
Stompin' At The Savoy
Happy Mambo
These Foolish Things
Tremedo Cha Cha Cha
Sadie Thompson Song
Cha Cha Cha #5
Matty Singer Mambo
The High And The Mighty

Way Out Mae West

Way Out Mae West
Come On Up And Rock With Me
Tower ST 5028
Produced By David Mallet
Arranged By David Mallet, Jim Horn and David Allen

This gem can be found for purchase/download at the usual sites, so I won't be posting a sample here. At least one track can be found on YT.

The record comes with a 4 page insert with color cover art as seen in the second image. The insert copy is PR that covers West's career as written by Rory Guy, Associate Editor, CINEMA Magazine.

There seem to be plenty of copies floating around, including one I found on ebay today for about $5. I thought that this would be a popular "oddball" record on the blogs, but I didn't find any reviews on the first few pages of my search. And only one short review on Amazon.

I'm fond of "aging" stars who thought well enough of their talent to give "youth music" a try. Most of these "vanity albums", at the time they were released… would literally drive any kid who happened to have heard them crazy with laughter. Even the most well known pro vocalists, let alone Mae West, should have stayed far away from making "rock/pop" covers LPs.

However, "oddball" this recording was and still is… West somehow manages to deliver the "goods". The approach is engaging and almost "punk" at times. The fuzz guitar bridges help sell the sound.

A matter of "taste", as every piece of art is… you decide… But up here in The Atomic Attic… we had a good time listening to this one!

Treat Him Right
When A Man Loves A Woman
You Turn Me On
Shakin' All Over
If You Gotta Go
Lover Please Don't Fight
Day Tripper Nervous
Twist And Shout
Boom Boom
Mae Day

Monday, December 9, 2013

King Of Organ With A Beat - Don Johnson

The Breeze And I
Don Johnson
King Of Organ With A Beat
Souped-Up Organ, Vibes, Piano, Accordion Rhythm & Bones
Volume 3
Kandy Records SLK 144

From the back cover: At age 6, Don tinkered with a make-shift drum set along-side the radio. At age 8, he envied a childhood playmate who could play "Nola" on the piano so he studied until he too, could play as well. Observing a vaudeville drummer winning more applause than a whole orchestra or any of the acts from his clowning, artistry and sound gimmicks, Don influenced his 12th year birthday present: a brand new set of drums complete with whistles and gadgets galore. His drumming talent won him a place in the senior high school band years ahead of schedule, his own dance bands and prizes from talent contests. Intending music to remain a hobby, Don studied classical piano, played percussion in high school orchestra and, later French and Baritone horns in the band. His piano playing put him through three years of college training in Engineering until called to military duty, World War II.

With papers in hand for re-entering University of Michigan's school of Engineering after four years in the military, Don waited for a plane to fly him from Seattle, Washington to his home town, Muskegon, Michigan. The plane was three hours late and Don whiled away the time on an electric organ at the airport dining room. The reactions from those who heard him that day, the post-war demand for this "new" electric organ in booming night clubs, plus his passion for music – all suddenly influenced Don, age 24, to become a full-time traveling organist. A well-rounded musical background, two solid years of concentrated organ study and ten successful years of night club performances – all helped to qualify Don Johnson's genius in producing these tremendous albums...

Sweet Georgia Brown
Tea For Two
Moonglow And Theme From Picnic
Bye Bye Blues
Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue
Brazil The Breeze And I
Happy Organ
The Shiek Of Araby
Mighty Low

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Medieval Jazz Quartet Plus Three

The Medieval Jazz Quartet Plus Three
Conceived and Arranged by Bob Dorough
Classic Editions CE 1050

Here is a good cover scan from a somewhat obscure album I found recently. However hard to find, files from the session can be found in the usual places for purchase/download so I won't be posting a sample.

Posted here because we, up here in the Atomic Attic... found the recording delightful and wanted to share. The sound is easily accessible by the quirky minded space age music lover. More then baroque... more than jazz... it's subtle, funky, and inventive stuff with excellent pacing. A few tracks feature unexpected low key vocal treatments.

I suggest finding a good vinyl copy because this one needs to be heard without a lot of noise. If downloading, I suggest purchasing the entire album so that you can enjoy the full experience, however, the track titled Nature Boy is a standout if you are interesting in a sample.

How High The Moon
September Song
Nature Boy
Lady Be Good
You Are Too Beautiful
Mood Indigo
Autumn Leaves

Enchanted Melodies - Bo Rhambo

Blue Mist
Enchanted Melodies
Bo Rhambo
Imperial LP-9054

From the back cover: Bo Rhambo is a natural musician. He plays tenor saxophone and trumpet, self-taught on both instruments. In fact, Bo taught himself to read, write, and arrange music before he ever started playing a horn. Born in Austin, Texas, Bo grew up with an interest in music. He couldn't afford music lessons, so he took to learning it himself.

In this album you'll hear the work of Bo Rhambo, trumpeter, and Bo Rhambo, saxophonist. He vacillates between the two horns, depending on the particular mood of the tune, and sometimes plays both during one song. Complementing Bo like another right arm is Teddy Wood's organ and piano. Wood's feel for the ballad is poignant, tasteful, and with much feeling. Laying down the beat on the drums is Bobby Pittman.

Indian Love Call
Blues For The Doll
Lost In A Day Dream
Move It On Out
Jump Time
Bo's Blues
Blue Mist

Persuasive Percussion 1966

Persuasive Percussion
Command Records RS 895 SD

From the back cover: The original Persuasive Percussion, the most successful stereo recording ever made, was released by Command Records in 1959. This was Command's very first record, a history-making disc which played a crucial role in the development of stereophonic recording because, for the first time, it demonstrated the untapped musical potentials of stereo.

The percussion series also helped to kick start a Charles E. Murphy percussion album "design trend" that was copied by a number of other labels.

This "tribute" to Command's late 50, early 60s sound features an excellent blend of big band and the playful Command "ping-pong" sound and, of course, stellar Command engineering.

Mentioned in the notes are a few of Command's favorite session men, including Tony Mottola, Phil Kraus, Ed Shaughnessy, Dick Hyman, Walt Levinsky, Doc Severinsen, Phil Bodner, Dave Carey, Don Lamond and Bobby Rosengarden

Persuasive Percussion covers.

Autumn Leaves
This Can't Be Love
September In The Rain
Everything's Coming Up Roses
Bye Bye Blues
& Rain
Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Who Can I Turn To
Never On A Sunday

Robin Hood - Top Cat

Top Cat
Robin Hood
In Story And Song With Top Cat
The Funtastic World Of Hanna-Barbera
Peter Pan P13864
Columbia Special Products
Inter-Continetal Music Group

Top Cat
Robin Hood (Pt. 1)
Robin Hood (Pt. 2)
Robin Hood
Robin Hood (Pt. 3)
Robin Hood (Pt. 3)
Robin Hood (Pt. 4)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Sound Of Jeanneke

The Sound Of Jeanneke
92 Key Orchestral Dance Organ
Joy Records - Great Britain
JOYS 231

Throughly enjoyable oddball.

From the back cover: The Dance Organ to be heard on this Album was commissioned by the owners of a luxury roadhouse at Asse, near Brussels and built by the Belgian firm of DeCap Brothers in the late forties. It was acquired and fully restored for the St. Albans Organ Museum, in 1962. The pipework is housed in the main case, behind the illuminated, decorated front which carries the movable percussion, accordions and saxophones.

Release Me
The Last Waltz
Lady Of Spain
Blue Tango
Il Silenzio
Savoy English Medley
Play A Simple Melody
Spanish Flea
If I Had A Hammer
In A Persian Market
The Blue Danube

Charles Randolph Grean Sounde

The Original Hit
Quentin's Theme
Charles Randolph Grean Sounde
Vocals by Robin Grean
Ranwood Records R 8055

Quirky set of mood/easy music. The early synth/moog and Robin Grean's (relation?) dreamy vocal touches help create Grean's "own style".

From the back cover: Charles Randolph Grean has been responsible for many great record hits. The first recording session that he ever conducted and arranged was Nat King Cole's "Christmas Song". Then followed "Riders In The Sky" with Vaughn Monroe, "The Thing" (which Grean composed_ with Phil Harris, "Sweet Violets" (another Grean composition) with Dianh Shore, "Green Door" with Jim Lowe, and many, many others. Through his many years of experience as Artist and Repertoire Director at RCA Victor and Dot Records, plus many independent productions, he has finally found a formula for his own style; a perfect blend of the old and the new, a "nostalgic" modern sound". "Quentin's Theme" caught his ear while watching "Dark Shadows" on TV, and has brought him his first hit record under his own name.

Quentin's Theme
On The Trail
Forgotten Dreams
La Golondrina
The Perfect Song
At The Blue Whale
Serenade To Summertime
Deep Purple
Shadows Of The Night

Monday, December 2, 2013

AMF Presents Music For Swingers

Swingers Theme
Music To Watch Girls By
AMF Presents Music For Swingers
Budget Sound, Burbank, California

From the back cover: One particular song, the "Swingers Theme," originated as the music for a jingle used in a series of television commercials produced for AMF, and may well be on its way towards becoming a hit in its own right – much like another song in this album, "Music To Watch Girls By." This began as a commercial for Pepsi Cola and has since become a favorite of swingers everywhere.

Swingers Theme
Whipped Cream
A Taste Of Honey
One Strike More
Spanish Flea
Casino Royale
Georgy Girl
Music To Watch Girls By
Yellow Bird
Headin' Home
Girl From Ipanema
I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Music From The Swinging 30's

Haiti Blues
Music From The Swinging 30's
Coronet Records CXS 108

Coronet must have changed the back cover of this release at some point and removed or added the copy which indicated that Claire Howard and Ray Benton are the artists. The label was also changed as the label on this press is white and blue with Coronet in red rather the maroon and silver label.

Graphically bold cheesecake cover and a Howard's smoking blues tracks are worth the price of admission.

My Funny Valentine
Goodbye Pin A Rose On Me
Bill Bailey
I Don't Care
Mr. Dooley
Hong Kong Blues
Haiti Blues

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Candlelight And Wine - LeRoy Holmes

Candlelight And Wine
LeRoy Holmes And His Orchestra
MGM Records E3288

Decent mid-50s LeRoy Holmes mood set featuring spicy cheesecake for desert.

Also checkout Lush Themes From Motion Pictures.

Under A Blanket Of Blue
Enchanted Night
My Silent Love
Mediterranean Serenade
Where Or When

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pop Goes The Zither - Karl Swoboda

Hard Day's Night
Take Five
Pop Goes The Zither
Explosive New Blending Of Zither And Full Orchestra
Karl Swoboda
Philips PHM 200-183

Good quirky space age pop album.

Also check out Dancing Zither.

Fly Me To The Moon
The Girl From Ipanema
Hello Dolly
Tennessee Waltz
A Hard Day's Night
Alley Cat
Take Five
If I Had A Hammer
Moon River
Days Of Wine And Roses

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Big Bands Swing

The Big Bands Swing!
Design Records DLP-184

Nicely packaged compilation set, but uneven collection of older tunes (when published for this release). Most, if not all tracks, are available for purchase/download online, so I will not be posting a sample.

This Is Always
Gotta Get Me Somebody To Love
When The Saints Go Marching In
Mabel, Mabel
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
Red Silk Stockings
I Try

Friday, November 15, 2013

Dancing By The Firelight - The Keith Textor Singers

Wee Small Hours
Dancing By The Firelight
The Keith Textor Singers
Warner Bros. Records WS 1345

Why did the cover designer place the track list over the "action"? Strange cover featuring stuff poodles as the center of attention.

From the back cover: ...there is a reality and presence which the warmth of the Keith Textor Singers brings to the mood album de luxe.

A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
I Only Have Eyes For You
Moonlight Cocktail
Isn't It Romantic?
Polka Dots And Moonbeams
Three O'Clock In The Morning
The Nearness Of You
Fine And Dandy
Moonlight Becomes You
Dancing By The Firelight
Wee Small Hours
Dancing On The Ceiling

Monday, November 11, 2013

Exotic Music Of Ancient China - Lui Tsun-Yuen

The Elegant Orchid - Confucius (550 B.C.)
Exotic Music Of Ancient China
Lui Tsun-Yuen Plays The Pipa And Chin
Lyrichord LL 7122

Compositions dating back to 550 B.C. but Space Age minimalist good!

From the back cover: Lui Tsun-Yuen was born of a musical family in Soochow, China. At the age of ten, he took up study of the Pipa and the Chin with the foremost masters in China and was coached by such musical scholars as Wang Yu-Ting and Hsia Pao-Shen. Equipped with a prodigious technique, Lui is a sensitive musician who is completely dedicated to his instruments. The only accomplished player an the Western countries, Lui is regarded at home, despite his youth, as one of the few great exponents of these classical instruments. Lui is also a composer and has written original compositions for the Pipa.

Lui has played Hong Kong both in recitals and in radio broadcasts. In Brazil, he was presented on T.V. by the Brazilian Ministry of Education. He also participated in the 1958 Sao Paolo Music Festival in a recital of Chinese classical music. Lui's performance was recorded by the B.B.C. for its permanent record collection.

In the U.S. he has given recitals in Carnegie Chamber Hall and many other places, hailed by both audiences and critics as a great virtuoso. Since 1961 has has been teaching Chinese music at the Institute of Ethnomusicology at The University Of California, Los Angeles.

Four Tokens Of Happiness
Spring Thoughts At Hans Palace
The Bird's Song
Sound Of The Temple
The Great Ambuscade
Yearning On River Shiang
The Flowing Streams
In Remembrance Of An Old Friend
The Elegant Orchid

Friday, November 8, 2013

Martha Davis And Spouse

Umbrella Man

Martha Davis And Spouse
ABC-Paramount ABC-160
A Product Of Am-Par Record Corp.

From the back cover: This is their first LP recording debut. Up to now, with the exception of their much-applauded appearances on such as the Perry Como and Garry Moore TVers, Martha Davis and Calvin Ponder (who is actually her real-life spouse) have reached only limited audiences in cafes, hotels and supper clubs in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and the new Mecca of show business, Las Vega. It seems surprising, therefore, that their fan mail and following should be so large. Not really, though. Both being accomplished musicians and being lucky enough to find in each other, both musically and personally, the qualities with highlight and enhance their own, they are unique in that everybody who hears them, loves them. And that's because they love their work and the people who hear them.

Martha, born in Wichita, Kansas, began her career in the Chicago of Benny Goodman, "Father" Earl Hines and Art Tatum, growing up in an atmosphere where many all-time jazz giants were belting out their greatest and most inspirational musical endeavors. As a single, she shared honors with a distinguished sisterhood of singer-pianists, such as Julia Lee, Nellie Lutcher and Cleo Brown. And there is nothing wrong with her choices of all-time favorites, either. Top singer in her book is Ella Fitzgerald. And the great influence pianistically is the immortal "Fats" Waller, two of whom compositions, "Slightly Less That Wonderful" and "Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now," grace the album. Their combined influence can be heard in her singing and playing.

Calvin Porter started life in St. Louis and worked for some time as bass player in groups with names like "Four Cats And A Kitten," in which he was, naturally, a Cat. For several years after they were married, he and Martha continued to work separately, until the lucky day in 1949 when the team of Martha Davis and Spouse made its appearance.

An intelligent quiet man with a dry sense of humor, he complements (and compliments) his wife's gay warmth and effusiveness in every way. When they work (or rather, play) together, they just have a ball. Incidentally, the unusual name for the act, "just happened" the way things "just happen" in good swinging sessions. As Calvin explains it, they didn't want Martha to lose the following she had developed as Martha Davis, and how much can your billing suffer when you change your name from Cat to Spouse. Not at all, Calvin. Not at all. On the contrary, much more than billing was gained. Listen – Jim Friedman

From Billboard - April 13, 1957: This package is the wax debut of a talented night club duo currently playing at the Blue Angel. Martha plays a Fats Waller-type piano and chants a hip, sophisticated song; hubby plays bass, sings and indulges in banter with mama. Makes pleasant listening, altho it is difficult to catch on a disk the subtle and sometimes ribald charm the couple display in their East Side nitery act. Tunes are mostly great standards, "Two Sleepy People," "Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now," etc. Anyone who has seen the act will find the album irresistible.

Two Sleepy People
Slightly Less Than Wonderful
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
Umbrella Man
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
Back Street
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Life Is So Peculiar
I Like The Likes Of You

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wille Restum At The Dream Lounge

Quiet Village
Willie Restum At The Dream Lounge
Gone Records LP-5011
End Records

Upscale lounge LP featuring a ton of Restum personality.

Restum obit.

From the back cover: I'm writing to you from the world famous Dream Lounge in Miami Beach, Florida. I've been playing (my baritone sax) and singing (something new has been added) at this happy and intimate lounge for two years to date.

Two gentlemen are to be mentioned for their great help and assistance with the making of this album. They are Bernie Berns and Vinnie Scott. Bernie plays the piano and Vinnie plays the drums. They both have proved themselves invaluable in assisting me to entertain. Their spirit and desire to play is contagious. They are definitely responsible for making my stay at the Dream Lounge the long and happy one that it is.

Mack The Knife
Intermission Riff
Sixty Minute Man
Harlem Nocturne
Night Train
Bill Bailey
Willies Theme
Quiet Village
Almost Like Being In Love
Willies Blues
Brother Bill

Blues When Your Lover Has Gone - Pete Condoli

Willow Weeps For Me
Blues When Your Lover Has Gone
The Trumpet Of Pete Condoli
Somerset P-17200

From the back cover: Pete Condoli blows a blues program for dancing or the sweet pain of broken-hearted listening. He is ably backed up by Jimmie Rowles Piano - Red Mitchell Bass - Milt Bernhardt Tombone - Al Hendrickson Guitar - Ted Nash Sax.

When D. L. Miller adds his name to the album (Recorded in Hollywood under the direction of D. L. Miller), the production value seems to be higher, as the cover art and sound is on this Somerset release.

When Your Lover Has Gone
Blues In The Night
Frankie And Johnny
Lonesome Lover Blues
Careless Love
Cry Me A River
Feelin' Mean And Lowdown
Lost Lover Blues
Willow Weeps For Me
Empty Mattress Blues