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Saturday, October 24, 2020


How Deep Is The Ocean

Who's Sorry Now
Connie Francis
With Orchestral Accompaniment
Cover Photograph: Robert Randell
MGM Records E3686

From the back cover: No rise to stardom in the vocal field has been so swift – and so inevitable – within the last few years as that of pert, piquant Connie Francis. If ever the golden results of a success story were deserved, it is so in the case of the delightful young song stylist from Newark, N. J., who has come rapidly to both national and world-wide fame.

An honor student at her high school who was awarded a scholarship at New York University, Connie's interests centered on philosophy, psychology and logic – in fact, she still plans attending night school at Rutgers University to get a degree, hoping to find her true field of concentration during the course of further study. But, the teen-age miss with the beguiling voice and a fabulous sense of what to do with a song also loved music – and music might well still win out in her life. That is: if the clamoring of millions of fans have anything to do with her final decision.

Connie caught the "music bug" while writing and producing a musical in high school. This activity balanced neatly with her work as editor of the school newspaper. The fact that she made a successful appearance on NBC-TV's "Startime" at the age of twelve probably had much to do with the fact that she took a suggestion to try for a spot on "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scout" a few years later. Winning on the video contest, she found herself in demand for such other important TV shows as the Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey "Stage Show" and guest appearances with such personalities as Milton Berle, Martin & Lewis, and Dick Clark.

Connie's record career began sensationally on MGM with "Freddy," a winsome, wistful song that attracted more attention than most first record releases. And, a string of ever increasingly more-popular releasees culminated in her phenomenally successful waxing of "Who's Sorry Now?", the record hit which is featured here and lends its name as title to this collection. At the time this album collection was issued, the disk had passed the fabled million mark in sales and Connie had received a "Golden Record" – one of diskdom's most coveted awards.

Who's Sorry Now
I'm Nobody's Baby Now
It's The Talk Of The Town
I Miss You So
I Cried For You
I'm Beginning To See The Light
My Melancholy Baby
You Always Hurt The One You Love
How Deep Is The Ocean
If I Had You
I'll Get By

Voices In Love - The Four Freshmen


Time Was

Voices In Love
The Four Freshmen
Arranged and Conducted by Dick Reynolds
Capitol Records ST1074

From the back cover: Seldom has any vocal group boasted more plentiful musical talent. Bob Flanigan handles the upper vocal registers, plays trombone, and doubles on bass. Don Barbour, the second voice, plays guitar; his brother Ross sings the third part and plays both trumpet and drums, Ken Albers rounds out the group, singing bass and blowing trumpet and mellophone. Their instrumental touches drift all through the album, creating surprising accents wherever they fall.

From Billboard - October 20, 1958: The group has another likely dual-market pop and jazz click with their latest package. Backed by lush strings, they have a highly attractive sound on a fine selection of tunes. This is one of their best. Number include "Warm," "It Could Happen To You," and "In The Still Of The Night." A really fine album with excellent potential.

I've Always Chasing Rainbows
There Is No Greater Love
It Could Happen To You
Out Of Nowhere
In The Still Of The Night
I'll Remember April
While You Are Gone
Time Was (Duerme)
You're All I See
I Heard You Cried Last Night (And So Did I)

Richard Crooks Favorites


Rio Rita

Richard Crooks Favorites
Cover: Saul Mandel
RCA Camden CAL 217

From Billboard - April 23, 1955: Richard Crooks is now represented by five LP's on the Camden label. The fine tenor voice still carries some charm when rendering the old standards – "Rio Rita," "I Bring A Love Song," "Neapolitan Love Song," etc. But frankly, the disk's sound, as expected, does not measure up to current top quality.

I Bring A Love Song
In My Garden
Rio Rita
Neapolitan Love Song
You Will Remember Vienna
One Alone
Only A Rose
For You Alone
How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings
Smilin' Through

Friday, October 23, 2020

Gershwin Cuban Overture - Andre Kostelanetz


Cuban Overture

Gershwin Cuban Overture
Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra
Columbia Records CL 783 (reissue)

From Billboard - April 26, 1952 (ML-4481): The combination of Gershwin and Kostelanetz has always been a good one, and this is no exception. On one side is the first recording of the composer's "Cuban Overture." It's strange that this has never before been available because the music is brilliant. It was composed in 1932 after a brief vacation by Gershwin in Havana. The overture itself is in three parts. After an opening burst of dazzling color, the music slows in tempo portraying the spirit of a night in the tropics. The third section is a glorious rumba. The other side contains selections from three of Gershwin's musical scores, including the ever popular "Porgy And Bess." The performance of the Kostelanetz ork is up to its usual high standards. The disking will appeal to all who like Gershwin and the light classics.

Cuban Overture
Mine (from "Let Them Eat Cake")
Highlights from "Porgy And Bess:
Love Walked In (from "The Goldwyn Follies

Latin Dance Party - Latin All Star Dance Bands


La Clave

Latin Dance Party
Latin All Star Dance Bands
Palace M-650
Promenade 2204

Because this is a bargain basement budget label, I can only assume that the disc titled "Latin Dance Party" disc came together with the above "Latin Dance Party" titled jacket. The jacket and disc titles as well as the catalog numbers do not match (see track lists below). The catalog "matrix" number, hand etched on the vinyl reads "New SP 352, but "325" was scribbled out and replaced with "2204"

There is a listing I found online for "Perez Prado & Eddie Maynard - Dance Party Vol. 1" (a Parade label press listed as catalog number "SP 325" released in 1958). The track list matches the Promenade disc list.

Disc label titles (Promenade titles that match up with the actual songs on the disc):

Flamingo Cha Cha
Cha Cha No. 5
Blue Tango
Miami Beach Mambo
La Paloma
Neat Wave
Umpaquita Cha Cha
Cha Cha No. 8
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Caribbean Mambo
Anvil Chorus
La Clave

Jacket label titles (Palace):

Seabreeze Cha Cha
Jungle Cha Cha
Lucky Mambo
El Choclo Tango
Josefina - Merengue
Good Luck - Cha Cha
Glow Worm Cha Cha
Race Track Cha Cha
Adios Muchachos - Tango
Isla Verde - Cha Cha
Cha Cha Romantico
Happy Go Lucky - Merengue

On The Beach At Waikiki - Burl Ives


The Moon Of Manakoora

On The Beach At Waikiki
Burl Ives
Decca Records DL 4668

From the back cover: Backed by chorus and accompaniment under the direction of Owen Bradley, the artistry of Burl Ives shines through in a dozen Island-oriented songs. Most of them are classics, that one never wearies of hearing over and over: My Isle Of Golden Dreams, Drifting And Dreaming, Song Of The Islands (Na Lei O Hawaii), Queen Liliuokalani's tender Aloha Oe, Beyond The Reef, and the Maori farewell song. Now Is The Hour

Beyond The Reef
Song Of The Islands
Little Brown Gal
My Isle Of Golden Dreams
The Moon Of Manakoora
Hawaiian Bells
Drifting And Dreaming
On The Beach At Waikiki
Sweet Leilani
Keep Your Eyes On The Hands
Now Is The Hour
Aloha Oe

Nutcracker Suite - Andre Kostelanetz


Waltz Of The Flowers

Nutcracker Suite
Music of Tchaikovsky
Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra
Andre Kostelanetz conducting the Robin Hood Dell Orchestra Of Philadelphia
Columbia CL 730

Danses Caractéristiques: March; Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy; Russian Dance (Trepak); Arabian Dance; Chinese Dance; Dance Of The Reed Pipes
Waltz Of The Flowers
None But The Lonely Heart - Op. 6, No. 6
Melodie in E-flat Major - Op. 42, No. 3
The Sleeping Beauty Waltz - Op. 66, No. 6
Barcarolle from "The Months" - Op. 37a
Andante Cantabile from Quartet No. 1 in D Major - Op. 11

Construção - Chico Buarque


Deus Lhe Pague 

Chico Buarque
Philips Series De Luzo
ESTEREO 6349 017

Deus Lhe Pague
Olha Maria
Samba De Orly
Minha História

Thursday, October 22, 2020

After Dark - Kitty Wells


Divided By Two

After Dark
Kitty Wells
HI-FI Decca Records DL 8888

From the back cover: Early in Kitty's career she captured the ears and hearts of listeners as a vocalist over radio stations in Nashville, Knoxville, Shreveport, Raleigh and other cities. From some time she was featured on the popular Louisiana Hayride shows and has been a standout star for WSM's Grand Ole Opry show, as well as drawing sellout crowds at the many personal appearance dates she fills throughout this country and Canada.

From Billboard - June 1, 1959: Another great collection of ballads having to do with the seamy and sinful sides of life, sung as only Kitty Wells can sing them. All her typical haunting nasal quality comes thru on these tales of tragedy and heartbreak. Sample titles would be "He's Married To Me," "After Dark," "I Heard The Juke Box Playing," etc. Fans should dig this one.

After Dark
You Wild Life' Gonna Get You Down
You're Not Easy To Forget
I Heard The Juke Box Playing
Lonely Side Of Town
My Use To Be Darling
He's Married To Me
Honky Tonk Waltz
I'm Tired Of Pretending
Divided By Two
Beside You
They Can't Take Your Love

Patti Page Sings


Nobody Likes A Crybaby

Patti Page Sings
Mercury Playcraft PLP-1300

The Doggie In The Window
Arfie, The Doggie In The Window
Alfie Goes To School
Arfie Goes To The City
The Mama Doll Song
I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Nobody Likes A Crybaby
The Froggie Love Song
I Wanna Go Skating With Willie
Pretty Snowflakes

The Is Flying W Country - Chuckwagon Show Edition


Blue Shadows On The Trail

This Is Flying W Country
Chuckwagon Show Edition
Volume Eleven
Flying W Records - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Blue Shadows On The Trail
Indian Love Call
Flaming W
Kin To The Wind
Big Iron
Timber Trails
Western Medley
Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Ridin' Home
Flying W Fun Medley
Mystery Of His Way

Holiday Magic Informative Cosmetics - Facial Exercises


Side One (introduction and one exercise example)

Milady Can Now Create New Beauty, Glamour And Personality
With Her Holiday Magic Informative Cosmetics
Facial Exercises And Massage Routines For Skin Beauty
That Help Hold Back The Signs & Lines Of Age
Narration by Ern Westmore - Dean Of The Hollywood Make-Up Artists
"There Is Not A Woman In The World Who Cannot Be Made To Look More Beautiful"
B.G.P. Enterprises, Inc.
Secret No. R-1

Love Among The Young - Jennie Smith


Take Me In You Arms

Love Among The Young
Jennie Smith
Orchestra under the direction of Ray Ellis
Columbia Records CL 1242

From the back cover: Only rarely do the sensitive young become articulate; a shyness of altogether winning proportions almost always overtakes them. But here, assisted by Ray Ellis' sympathetic arrangements and the music of such popular masters as Richard Rodgers, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern and Alec Wilder, among others, Jennie Smith offers a recital that is youthful, tender and fragrant with a special aura all its own. And certainly no more convincing spokesman could be found for the young than the enchanting Miss Smith, who herself has not yet attained voting age. Although her performances are primarily concerned with a dreamy kind of romance, she inserts sufficient spice along the way to remind her listeners that young people are not entirely moonstruck. The result? A charming program by a young star who is certain to become a major artist. Jennie developed her distinctive singing style through her years in grammar and high school in Charleston, West Virginia, determining when she was very young indeed to become a successful songstress. After graduation, she prevailed upon her family to let her try her luck in New York, and came to the big city full of hopes and plans. Her first job was not as a singer, however, but as a secretary in the offices of Look Magazine. Agreeable as her work was, her mind was on music, and at length she obtained an audition for Ray Ellis, her companion in this collection. He was struck at once by her remarkable grasp of musical values, and introduced her to manager Mike Stewart as the first step in her career.

The first product of that career was an album called Jennie, which met with unusual success for the debut of a (then) nineteen-year old singer. She was signed for appearances on the Steve Allen television program, was the subject of a picture story in Life Magazine, and went on to win further success in nightclubs around the country. Returning to recording, and reunited with discovered Ray Ellis, Jennie now offers a collection of twelve of her favorite songs. There will come a day, no doubt, when this album is a collectors' item, a souvenir of the early days of a notable career. Right now, however, it is at hand, presenting the inimitable performances of Jennie Smith who sings, brilliantly and memorably, of love among the young.

From Billboard - November 24, 1958: Young singer Jennie Smith, formerly on the RCA Victor label, bows auspiciously on Columbia with a warm new recording. She shows off not only a voice with feeling but an ability to interpret a song that many more experience singers would envy. She's accompanied in most satisfactory fashion by Ray Ellis ork. Tunes include the fine "Love Among The Young," "A Very Special Love," "Young And Foolish," "A Very Special Love," "Young And Foolish," and "While We're Young."

Love Among The Young
A Very Special Love
While We're Young
Young And Foolish
Take Me In You Arms
Cross Your Heart
A Fine Romance
Teacher, Teacher
'S Wonderful
There Will Never Be Another You
All I Do Is Dream Of You

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Rhythms In Color - Purdue University Band



Rhythms In Color
Purdue University Band
Al G. Wright, Conductor
Harold L. Walters, Assistant Conductor
Percussion Coordinator: Maxine Lefever
Percussion instruments by Ludwig Drum Co.
Stone-lined Mutes by Humes & Berg Mfg. Co.
Tapes Edited, master discs and pressing by RCA Custom Records

Cha Cha In The Old Summertime
La Cumparsita
Marching Bossa Nova
When The Saints Go Marching In
Bossa Nova
The Big Beat
Erie Canal (from American Folk Suite)
Mento (from Jamaican Folk Suite)
Promenade (from Jamaican Folk Suite)
Japan In Motion (form Japanese Folk Suite)
Pizza Party

Stinson Brothers In Las Vegas


Brown-Eye Jane 

Stinson Brothers In Las Vegas
Arrangements by Herb Brittain
Canadian American Records, LTD
CALP 1012

From the back cover: Who's Who Among The Stinson Brothers

Bob Stinson sings lead and plays lead guitar. Ray is tenor and plays drums. Ronnie signs alto and plays electric bass.

Bob, Ray and Ronnie are the three oldest boy in a family of six boys and three girls, born in Decator, Alabama

The family moved to Cleveland when the boys were quite young and they spent most of their school years there.

Later they chose Minnesota as their home.

They have appeared all over the USA, in Canada and Hawaii. (Where they recently headlined the East West show, representing the United States, in the Japanese American Revue, in Honolulu.)

There Ought To Be Records Of My Love For You
For Sale, One Broken Heart
Starlight My Love
I'll Forget You
Who Besides Me
Take These Chains From My Heart
Make Me Know You Love Me
Every Step Of The Way
Within Your Arms
Brown-Eye Jane
I'll Never Ever Love Nobody Else
There's A Chip On Your Shoulder

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dinner In Havana - Rene Touzet


La Enganadora

Dinner In Havana
Rene Touzet And His Orchestra
Photo: Mitchell Bliss
RCA Victor LPM-1016

From the back cover: Rene Touzet was born in Havana and studied music there with the finest pedagogues on the island – Perez Sentenat and Joaquin Nin (piano) and Castelnuovo-Tedesco (composition). He won first place in piano at the Falcon Conservatory, and in 1953 received the Gold Medal as Cuba's outstanding popular composer.

Touzet's first professional engagement was as leader of his own 16-piece orchestra at the same Hotel Nacional. Several years later, in 1946, he came to the United States on a bid from Enric Madriguera, whose band he joined here. The following year he had his own Latin unit at Ciro's in Hollywood, and since that time Touzet has purveyed his fascinating rhythms in all the smartest supper clubs in Hollywood, New York, Miami and Havana.

Touzet's piano styling is as distinctive as it is versatile. He is unique in that he can project with equal ease a wild, jazz-inspired mambo, and suave, melodious dinner music, as typified by this collection.

Touzet himself is a tall, handsome fellow with a delightful sense of humor, rendered even more effective by a rare sense of timing. As a composer and as a pianist, he is responsible to a sizable degree for the popularity of Cuban music in this country. In Cuba his songs have placed regularly among the top hits, and several have become international favorites. Best known perhaps in North America are No Te Importe Saber (Let Me Love You Tonight) and Tu Felicidad (Made For Each Other). – Bill Simon

Las Perlas De Tu Boca
El Amor De Mi Bohio
Quiereme Mucho
La Enganadora
La Comparsa
Siempre En Mi Corazon
Tres Palabras
Son De La Loma
Tu Felicdad
La Bella Cubana

Escape To The Magic Mediterranean - John Scott Trotter


Tunisian Interlude

Escape To The Magic Mediterranean
John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra
Cover Photo: Clyde Wallichs
Warner Bros. Records, Inc. W1266

From Billboard - March 23, 1958: John Scott Trotter and his orchestra turn in a rich, lushly orchestrated job on this collection of sunny Mediterranean tunes. The selections include "Three Coins In The Fountain," "Arrivederci Roma," "La Vie En Rose," "Uska Dara," and "Mam'selle." On many of the tunes, exotic instruments such as crotales, boombam, and ceremonial bells are featured. Good use is made of stereo with a wide band separation. Lush, listenable Mediterranean music. Liner notes contain Italian and Greek recipes.

Three Coins In The Fountain
Tunisian Interlude
Uska Dara
Arrivederci Roma
La Vie En Rose
La Mer
Escape To Monaco

Christmas Carols - The Pied Pipers


The Christmas Song

Christmas Carols
The Pied Pipers And Other Great Hollywood Stars
George Mather at the console

From the back cover: The many fans of the Pied Pipers (favorite vocal group of Tommy Dorsey) will, we know, be thrilled to find them featured in this album of Favorite Christmas Carols.

White Christmas
Silent Night
Good King Wencselas
The First Noel
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Joy To The World
Jingle Bells
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
O Come, All Ye Faithful
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
The Christmas Song
Deck The Hall With Boughs Of Holly

Monday, October 19, 2020

Songs Of The Island - Marty Robins


Sweet Leilani

Songs Of The Islands
Marty Robbins
Columbia Records CL 1087

From the back cover: Marty was born on a farm near Glendale, Arizona, and went to school in Phoenix, where his family moved when he was twelve. He joined the Navy in 1943, and spent most of the war in the Pacific, where he learned to sing – and to love – many of the songs he offers here. On those islands, he found himself lonesome for the familiar sound of the music he had grown up with, and spent much of his free time playing the guitar, rehearsing the old numbers and picking out the new ones. It was a spare time occupation for him – he had no idea of becoming a singer at that time, and after his discharged, he went to work at many different jobs. Nevertheless, all during that time he still kept playing and singing, and wrote many of the songs himself.

One night he went to see a friend who was appearing at a nightclub, and asked if he could try his hand at public performance. The friend agreed, and, with a borrowed guitar, Marty made his debut. The next day his friend, Frankie Starr, gave him a new guitar, an amplifier, and a job with his group. Soon thereafter Marty signed to record for Columbia Records, and in 1953 he became a member of the famous Grand Ole Opry. From that time forward, his career moved steadily ahead, and with Singing The Blues he emerged as a major star not only in country music but popular music as well, following up with A White Sport Coat and The Story Of My Life, Marty has appeared in movies and television too, and is one of the most sought-after entertainers in the country.

From Billboard - March 3, 1958: Connoisseurs of island melodies have long known that Robbins is a master of this material. Frankly, this package is outstanding. Marty Robbins' performances indicate his craftsmanship, fine phrasing and delivery. Songs include "Sweet Leilani," "My Isle Of Golden Dreams," "Aloha Oe," etc. Robbins' fans will be satisfied and new listeners will be delighted.

Song Of The Islands
Don't Sing Aloha When I Go
Beyond The Reef
Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
My Isle Of Golden Dreams
Now Is The Hour
Sweet Leilani
Down Where The Trade Winds Blow
Island Echoes
Aloha Oe

Italia Mia Robertino


Piccilissima Serenata

Italia Mia
Orchestra Directed by Otto Francker
A Danish Triola Recording

From Billboard - September 7, 1963: Here's a young Italian lad who has done pretty well on the America record scene. A big seller in his native country, Robertino scored this past Christmas season with an album on the top LP chart. This one might also make pop noise in this country generally, but it's bound to be a smash with the Italian-speaking population.

Uno Per Tutte
Come Le Rose
Maria, Mari
Vorrei Ritornare A Te!
La Spagnola
Addio Signora
Piccilissima Serenata
Tango Della Rose
I Ricordi Di Chopin
Terra Straniera
Reginella Campagnola

Being With You - Mystic Moods


Black Satin Lady

Being With You
Mystic Moods
Arranged by Don McGinnis
Produced by Don McGinnis, Bob Corso and Brad Miller
Associate Producer: Roland Kluger, Brussels
Recorded at Morgan Recording Studios, Brussels
EngineerL Alan Ward
Re-Mixed for Stereophonic and Quadraphonic at Western Recorders in Hollywood by Jerry Barnes
Sound Environments Recorded by Brad Miller
Stereodisc and Quadradisc Mastering by JVC Cutting Center, Stan Ricker – Los Angeles
Front Cover Poem by Bob Corso
Special Thanks: Jerry Corbetta, Organ Solo on "It's Feeling Good" (Courtesy of Claridge Records); Clark Torry, Oren Waters, Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman Waters, Gwen Owens, Jerry Cole, Ben Di Tosti, Ray Pizzi, Jimmy Caravan and the 1st Lancing Scout Troop, Sussex, England
A Mobile Fidelity Production
Sound Bird SB7510
A Product Of Sutton/Miller, LTD.

Comin' On
Black Satin Lady
Midnight Stroll
The Morning After
Rollin' In Love
Make Love, Love Me Baby
It's Feeling Good
Do You Know Where You're Going To
No Sad Goodbyes

Greenback Dollar - The Troubadour Singers


Greenback Dollar

Greenback Dollar
The Troubadour Singers
Coronet Records CX-265
Premier Albums, Inc.

Greenback Dollar
Saint's Soul Song
Hey Mister Banjo
Smokey Mountain Summit
Tzena Tzena Tzena
Two-Ten, Six-Eighteen
Hallelujah Little Michael
One Two three
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Walk Right In

The Last Month Of The Year - The Kingston Trio


The White Snows Of Winter

The Last Month Of The Year
The Kingston Trio
Produced by Voyle Gilmore
Capitol Records STEREO STK 83722 (Import) ST 1446

Bye Bye Thou Little Tiny Child
The White Snows Of Winter
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
All Through The Night
Goodnight My Baby
Go Where I Send Thee
Follow Now, Oh Shepherds
Sommerset Gloucestershire Wassail
Mary Mild
A Round About Christmas
Sing We Noel
The Last Month Of The Year

Dancing On Broadway - Ernie Heckscher


It's All Right With Me

Dancing On Broadway
Ernie Heckscher and His Fairmont Orchestra
Arrangements by Van Alexander
Recording Engineer: Ami Hadani
HI-FI Living Sound Fidelity
Verve Records STEREO MG VS-64045

From the back cover: Ernie is the fitting successor to the long line of fine San Francisco bandleaders, from Paul Whiteman to Paul Ash, from Anson Weeks to Tom Coaklet and Griff Williams, and he has improved on them all by moving ahead constantly with the musical times. He and his orchestra have played so many debutante parties and social events all over the country that he is sometimes called "The Meyer Davis of the West" – a title that is proving less and less apt. I'm sure Mr. Davis is flattered, as he should be, but it doesn't tell you the salient fact: that Ernie's band swings with the tempo of today and tonight. – Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

I Love Paris C'est Magnifique
Let's Do It
Its All Right With Me
The Sound Of Music
The Sound Of Music Climb Ev'ry Mountain
My Favorite Things
South Pacific
Honey Bun
Happy Talk
I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Everything's Coming Up Roses
You'll Never Get Away From Me
There Goes My Sweet Fair Love
My Fair Lady
I Could Have Danced All Night; On The Street Where You Live; Get Me To The Church On Time
West Side Story
Bells Are Ringing
Just In Time
The Party's Over

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Spanish Flea - Mexican Brass


Mexican Brass Theme

Spanish Flea & What Now My Love
Mexican Brass
Wyncote STEREO W9145

Spanish Flea
What Now My Love
March Of The Trumpets
Mexican Brass Theme
Tequila And The Bull
Espana Cani
La Entrado
Opera Flamenco

Jazz From Then Till Now - Jackson, Napoleon & Sheen


From Then Till Now
Starring The Big 3
Chubby Jackson, Marty Napoleon & Mickey Sheen
Technical Director: Robert J. Engler
Recording Director: Aaron Nathanson
Charlie Shavers appears through the courtesy of MGM Records
Everest Hi-Fi LP LPBR-5041

From the back cover: The music between these covers involves a new step on the part of Chubby Jackson as a recording artist as well as an innovation in the enlargement of Everest's jazz catalog.

Chubby's a jazz identification has always leaned to the side of progressive ideas and modern sounds, but he has been on the scene long enough to have observed at first hand all the styles that have been current since Fifty Second Street was in flower. Thus with the conception of the idea behind this album he was able to embody in two sides some authentic personal recollections covering several of the principal phases in the evolution of jazz.

"This was an idea that had been at the back of my mind for a long time," says Chubby. "The album was produced by the Big Three, and it was a big kick for us to show our pliability as a team by supplying the authentic rhythm section sound for each of the eras. Marty Napoleon, Mickey Sheen and I have been together as a unit for more than a year, and the group is well enough integrated to be able to handle any challenge that comes along."

Jazz From Then Till Now affords an opportunity to spotlight some comparative unknowns. Chub has been respected through the years not only for his own talent and enthusiasm but for his ability to spot potential stardom in others. Of Maria Marshall he says, "Here is one of the wildest young singers of all time! We heard her one night out at a Long Island club where we were working, and she absolutely pulverized that audience. As for Harry Sheppard, we think he's one of the swingin'est vibes men in the world, and it's a shame he hasn't been recorded much until now. And Ronnie Odrich is an amazing musician; he's been studying for a dentist's degree and at the same time developing a terrific talent on clarinet, saxes and flute. You'll hear a lot more about him.

"We first heard the Hubbell brothers and their group at a Dixieland concert on Long Island, and we were just amazed buy their fire and spirit in the Dixieland idiom. It's very impressive to find youngsters like this who can gas the college crowd with this kind of music – and the colleges have been become and important factor in supplying both the audiences and some of the talent for contemporary Dixieland." (The Hubbells, both from Brooklyn, are trumpeter Frank, 27 and clarinetist Paul, 23). For the perfect counterbalance, says Chubby, it was decided to bring in Pee-Wee Russell, one of the true originals of Dixieland jazz and a major recording figure since the 1920s.

In addition to contrasting newly-discovered talent and long-familiar jazz greats, the album is unique in that every segment is introduced blu one of the Big Three or by a musician speaking on behalf of the particular musical phase in which he is involved. Says Cubby, "This is the first time that anyone has been given posterity not only the instrumental sounds but the actual speaking voices, each one telling a little about his contribution to our story." – Leonard Feather

From Billboard - June 29, 1959: Here's an interesting and unusual new jazz set that covers the jazz scene from New Orleans to today's modern styles. A number of different jazzmen in addition to C. Jackson, M. Napoleon and M. Sheen, come thru solidly on the tracks, including Pee Wee Russell, C. Shavers, B. Brookmeyer and S. Yaged. Each of the different styles of jazz are introduced with a short spoken comment. And a new thrush, Maria Marshall, is featured on two bluesy tunes. Songs include "Struttin' With Some Barbecue," "Undecided" and Bernie's Tune."

At The Jazzband Ball
Struttin' With Some Bar-B-Que
Don't Be That Way
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
Now's The Time
Bernie's Tune
Ronins Nest
Flyin' Home

Verve Records And Esquire Magazine Sound Tour: France

Place Elegante (Clair de Lune)

Verve Records And Esquire Magazine Sound Tour: France
Impression In Sound Of An American On Tour
Music Arranged and conducted by Kenyon Hopkins
Produced by Creed Taylor
Engineer: Bob Simpson
Engineering Technician: Don Miller
Girl's Voices on Casino: Paulette Girard and Milderd Clinton
Girl's Voice on Au Revoir: Paulette Girard
Sound Pictures: Keene Crockett
Soprano Sax solo on Place Pigalle: Phil Bodner
Alto Sax soloist: Phil Woods
Trumpet soloist: Joe Wilder
Cover Photographs: Louis Renault
For Esquire: Lewis W. Gillenson
Original idea, creation of packaging and project coordination: Harry Anger, Jr.
Verve V/V6-5000

From the inside cover: Kenyon Hopkins is, perhaps best known as a superb composer of music for films. Among the motion pictures for which he has written scores are Baby Doll, The Strange oOne, 12 Angry Men, The Fugitive Kind, Wild River, Wild In The Country and The Hustler. In addition he has composed extensively for TV dramatic programs and for phonograph records. He attended Oberlin College, and was graduate from Temple University with a degree in music. Post-graduate studies were completed at the Contemporary School Of Music in New York City. He lives and works on his Backbone Hill Farm in Clarksburg, New Jersey.

Richard Joseph, Travel Editor of Esquire Magazine since 1946, has been called the most honored of American travel writers. In the past 13 years he has won 16 travel and aviation writing awards, given by Trans World Airlines, the American Society of Travel Agents, and the Pacific Area Travel Association. He was recently named Officier of the French Ordre du Merite Touristique and was awarded the Italian Star of Solidarity for his writings about these countries. He is the author of a syndicated newspaper travel column and a series of travel books, and he has covered travel extensively on television, radio and the lecture circuit.

The "gray" image displayed on the far left of the inside cover scan is a 7 page booklet which is saddle stitch bound (stapled) and glued onto the surface of the inside cover. Featured in this portion of the package is the copy provided by Richard Joseph.

Do not be fooled by the title, this set isn't a "sound effects collection" but a rather an excellent "mood music" concept album.

Train Blue (Sur Le Pont D' Avignon)
Voyage a Bicyclette
Port de Peche
Pays des Bikinis
Scene de Rue
Theatre (Can Can)
Place Pigalle
Au Revoir Paris (Au Clair La Lune)
Cafe Terrasse
Place Elegante (Clair de Lune)
Depart le Havre