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Friday, June 29, 2018

Stairway To Paradise - Valentino

Stairway To Paradise
Popular Themes From The Classics
Valentino, His Piano and Orchestra
Cover Design by Fran Scott
ABC-Paramount ABC-217

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art and jacket excerpt.

From the back cover: Valentino's first three albums for ABC-Paramount, released in the United States (ABC-143, "Strauss in Hi-Fi"; ABC-152, "They Say It's Wonderful," Iriving Berlin melodies; and ABC-169, "Prelude To A Kiss," music of Duke Ellington) displayed his outstanding arranging and conducting. This album gives the American audience the opportunity to hear his piano artistry for the first time.

Strange Music
The Story Of A Starry Night
Stranger In Paradise
If You Are But A Dream
Full Moon And Empty Arms
Moon Love
My Reverie
I Think Of You My Sweet
No Other Love
The Lamp Is Low
Baubles, Bangles And Beads
Our Love

Deep In A Drum - Eddie Cano

Deep In A Drum
Deep In A Drum
Eddie Cano And His Sextet
Produced by Shorty Rogers
RCA Victor LPM/LSP-1645


Piano - Eddie Cano
Vibes - Larry Bunker
Guitar - Tommy Tedesco
Bass - Tony Reyes
Conga Bongos - Carlos Mejia
Timbales - Eddie Aparicio
Drums - Bill Richmond and Carlos Vidal, Conga

From the back cover: Eddie Cano has literally and musically grown up in Los Angeles and has become a natural by-product of the local environment, which is a spawning ground for both Latin and jazz music. Out of this musical climate has grown a deep and dedicated devotion from which Eddie has drawn inspiration in his capacity asa ranger-composer-musician.

It seems to me that Eddie Cano has the remarkable talent of combining the exciting Afro-Cuban rhythms with the equally exciting yet subtle modern jazz harmonies. Eddie has new things to say and he says them eloquently. – Shorty Rogers

Also from the back cover: When I conceived the arrangements for this album I was not thinking exclusively of the devotee of Latin music or the strictly loyal jazz fan. I tried to give the album as broad an appeal as possible. It was my intention, in providing this musical road map, to direct your attention to points of interest along this musical joinery. – Eddie Cano

From Billboard - June 23, 1958: Here's an album that if exposed to jazz and hi-fi fans could result in sales for dealers. It features pianist Eddie Cano and his sextet on Latin-jazz interpretations of a first rate collection of tunes, ranging from the jazz standard, "Night In Tunisia." The rhythmic line-up makes for exciting listening. Cano did all the arrangements.

Deep In A Drum
Luz De La Luna
Surrey With The Fringe On Top
What A Difference A Day Makes
Night In Tunisia
The Man I Love
Deep In A Dream
Short Run

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Peppermint Kandy Kids

Santa's Magical Bag
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The Peppermint Kandy Kids
Produced and Directed by Herb Davidson and Charlotte Sanders
Cover illustrations by George Reed
Peter Pan 8109

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
We Need A Little Christmas
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
Winter Wonderland
The Christmas Song
The Man In The Red Suit
Santa Medley
Reprise/Up On The Housetop
Santa's Magical Bag
My Favorite Things
The Marvelous Toy
Scarlet Ribbons
Happiness Is
Love Is A Simple Thing
We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Gene Norman Presents An Art Tatum Concert

Gene Norman Presents An Art Tatum Concert
Harmony HL 7006
A Product Of Columbia Records

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the original cover art.

Willow Weep For Me
The Kerry Dance
The Man I Love
I Know That You Know
Tatum-Pole Boogie
Someone To Watch Over Me
How High The Moon

Ken Griffin At The Organ

Ken Griffin At The Organ
Rondo-lette A1

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the original cover art and jacket notes.

From the back cover: The finest and paradoxically, the most popular of all organists today is Ken Griffin. Griffin's popularity extends back some 30 years, although it was not until after World War Two, that the performer really came into his own. In the silent film days Griffin, who originally was a violinist, decided he liked organ better as an instrument and began to study without benefit of a teacher. For four years prior to sound films, Griffin played the organ in film theaters in the Rocy Mountain States.

He then began to branch out into night clubs and theaters, initially in a supporting spot and then gradually as a soloist. During the war he played in military posts where his simple direct style without fancy ornamentation or excess fringes won instantaneous approval. At this time his initial records began to be popular favorites in roller skating and ice rinks

Immediately after the war years, Griffin rocketed into national headlines when two songs, the Cuckoo Waltz and You Can't Be True Dear became national favorites overnight and catapulted the young, but already seasoned artist into the front rank of the nation's popular organists, a position which has increased in eminence and popularity as the years went by. More recently, Griffin has headed his own color TV series, known as 67 Melody Lane. Griffin's feet have been deeply bedded in show business for over three decades, and his phenomenal success is the result of understanding of what the public wants and the ability to be label to give the American people just that.

You Can't Be True Dear
Cuckoo Waltz
Donkey Serenade
Doodle Do Do
American Patrol
Little Brown Jug
If I Had You
Bumble Bee On A Bender
After The Ball
Casey Jones
Polka Pops
Neapolitan Nights

The Sound Of Love - Tommy Garrett

Classical Gas

The Sound Of Love
The 50 Guitars Of Tommy Garrett
A Snuff Garrett Production
Produced by Snuff Garrett
Arranger: Pete King
Engineer: Thorne Nogar
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Photography & Design: Ken Kim
Gibson Guitars through the courtesy of Wallich's Music City stores and the Reseda House of Music
Liberty Records LSS-14044

From Billboard - November 16, 1968: Without doubt, when it comes to melodic interpretations of mood and atmosphere, few can match the genius of Snuff Garrett who has produced another fine LP here. Best tunes are "Elusive Butterfly," "Classical Gas," "Can't Take My Eyes Off You."

This Guy's In Love With You
Goin' Out Of My Head
Kiss Me Goodbye
The Look Of Love
There Is A Place For Lovers
Turn Around, Look At Me
Chances Are
Elusive Butterfly
Over You
Classical Gas

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Wonderful World Of Si Zentner

Like Young
The Wonderful World Of Si Zentner
Arranger: Bob Florence
Engineer: Dave Hassinger
Organ by Estey
Cover Design & Photography: Studio Five
Liberty Records LST-7326

From Billboard - September 7, 1963: Trombone man Zentner spotlights his own horn to a marked degree in this latest effort, which includes a solid, big-band treatment of a number of standards and recent pop tunes. Brenda Lee's recent hit "I Wonder," is here, along with "Watermelon Man," "Sukiyaki," "Hobo Flats," "The Good Life" and "Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer," among others. Great sound and fine danceable fare for jocks and buyers.

The Shampoo
The Good Life
Like Young
I Wonder
Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer
Watermelon Man
Hobo Flats
Wildwood Days
More (Theme From Mondo Cane)
Till Then

One Stormy Night - Mystic Moods Orchestra

One Stormy Night
Mystic Mood Orchestra
Produced by Brad Miller
Engineered by Brad Miller, Leo Kulka & John Haney, Stan Ross
Location Special Effects Recordings by Brad Miller
Cello Solo: Hyman Gold
Musical Director: Don Ralke
Cover Concept: Richard Taylor
Art Direction: Marie Loebar
Cover Painting by Rick Guidice
Soundbird SBD/8501
Distributed by Ranwood Records

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share this version of the re-released bookfold jacket art.

A Dream
Minstrel Boy
One Stormy Night
In Your Arms
Fire Island
Aja Toro
Hot Bagel
Local Freight
Autumn Leaves

Souled Out - Jerry Butler

Isle Of The Sirens
Souled Out
Jerry Butler
UpFront UPF-100

From the back cover: Jerry Butler was born December 8, 1939 in Sunflower, Mississippi. His family moved to Chicago in 1942. There, he sang in a church from Washburn Vocational School he decided to make music his career. He sang in a choir at the traveling Souls Spiritual Church with Curtis Mayfield and Sam Gooder, and in 1958, the three recorded "For You Precious Love" for Chicago's Falcon Label as Jerry Butler and The Impressions

This was followed by a few more discs by the group on the Abner Label including "Come Back My Love." Jerry became a solo artist with Abner records in 1959 with "I Was Wrong," an old Moonglows song, and "Lost," and in 1960 his first Vet-Jay effort "He Will Break Your Heart," became a huge success. This was followed by "Silent Night," "Find Another Girl," "I'm Telling You" and the re-release of "For Your Precious Love."

In 1961, Jerry Butler hit the top of the pop and R&B Charts with "Moon River" followed by "Isle Of Sirens" and another chart topper, "Make It Easier For Yourself."

Jerry's efforts in 1962 included "You Can Run," "Theme From Taras Bulba," and "What Ever You Want."

"I Almost Lost My Mind" followed in 1963 with "Where's The Girl," "A Woman With Soul," "Need To Belong" and "Gift Of Love" recorded while he was with the Impressions on Abner. Jerry's recording hit the top of the charts again the following year with "Giving Up On Love," "I Stand Accused" and "Let It Be Me" recorded with Betty Everett.

Jerry Butler, now with Mercury Records in currently the hottest soul artist in the music business turning out hits like "Never Give You Up," "Hey Western Union Man," "Are You Happy" and his latest smash hit "Only The Strong Survive."

Listen to both volume one and volume two of Jerry Butlers greatest hits presented for the first time by Up-Font Records and dig the best things that this phenomenal artist has recorded through the years. _ Lenny Goldberg "Stormy Weather Magazine"

For Your Precious Love
Come Back My Love
He Will Break Your Heart
I'm A Telling You
Find Another Girl
Where Do I Turn
Isle Of The Sirens
Make It Easy On Yourself
You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
Whatever You Want

Blue Starr - Kay Starr

The House Is Haunted
Blue Starr
Kay Starr
RCA Victor LPM-1549

From Billboard - November 4, 1957: Fans of the thrush from way back will find what they want here – a pack of somewhat old-timer "vocal Dixieland." Flashy photo of Miss S. on the cover is a natural for display and this figures to be standard inventory. Tunes are al torchers, but tempi are varied. Included are "It's A Lonesome Old Town" (Ben Bernie's theme), "Little White Lies," etc.

It's A Lonesome Old Town (When You're Not Around)
You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?)
The House Is Haunted (By The Echo of Your Last Good-bye)
We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
I Really Want To Know
Blue Starr
Wedding Bells
It's Funny To Everyone But Me
Little White Lies
Just Like A Butterfly (That's Caught In The Rain)
Blue And Sentimental

Dakota Staton Sings Ballads And The Blues

Where Flamingo Fly
Dakota Staton Sings Ballads And The Blues
Produced by Andy Wiswell
Cover Photo by Lee Friedlander
Capitol Records T1387

From Billboard - June 6, 1960: The style which shot Dakota Staton to virtually overnight prominence is very much present in her latest efforts. Many of the selections are of the slower paced variety which can be very revealing of any weaknesses in a singer's technique. Miss Staton sounds as convincing in these as in her up-tempo efforts. Her wide following will be happy about her delivery of "Someone To Watch Over Me," " My One And Only Love," "I'll Know," and "Time Was," among others. A strong chart contender.

Someone To Watch Over Me
I Need Your Love So Bad
Why Don't You Think Things Over
Romance In The Dark
My One And Only Love
Love Me
I'll Know
Where Flamingos Fly
Time Was
My Babe
Come Home
Seems Like You Just Don't Care

Silk Stockings - Cole Porter

Stereophonic Sound
Silk Stockings
Cole Porter
An Original Cast Recording
RCA Victor LOC-1016

From Billboard - March 26, 1955: With "Silk Stockings" set for a long run on Broadway, this original-cast album should do unusually well sales-wise, even for a new Cole Porter score. The cover alone – featuring a leggy, scantily clad lass donning a pair of hose – will undoubtedly account for many sales. However, a photo of the musical's sultry star Hildegarde Neff would have been equally eye-catching. Miss Neff can't sing, but her husky monotone sells a song as well on wax as in person. Her co-star, Don Ameche, warbles more professionally, as he sparks the LP with showmanly vocals of the best tunes in the score... "All Of You" and "Silk Stockings." The musical is based on Garbo's old comedy hit "Ninotchka," about a grim Russian gal who goes to Paris in search of three party renegades and finds her femininity instead. Gretchen Wyler also impresses with her brassy vocal appeal as a wacky Hollywood movie star. However, Miss Wyler has most of the show's spicier material ditties, so it isn't likely she'll be heard over the airwaves.

Too Bad
Paris Loves Lovers
Stereophonic Sound
It's A Chemical Reaction, That's All
Satin And Silk
Without Love
"Silk Stockings" Chorus Hail Bibinsky
As On Through The Seasons We Sail
"Silk Stockings" Chorus Josephine
Silk Stockings
The Red Blues

Monday, June 25, 2018

San Francisco Scene - George Shearing

The Outlaw
San Francisco Scene
The George Shearing Quintet
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh and Tom Morgan
Cover Photo: FPG
Capitol Records T 1715

Personel:Bass – Ralph Peña
Congas – Armando Peraza
Drums – Vernell Fournier
Guitar – Dick Garcia
Piano – George Shearing
Vibraphone – Warren Chiasson

From the back cover: The album was recorded in the magnificent new Masonic Auditorium during a concert titled "Three For The Show" (which also starred Peggy Lee and The Kingston Trio) presented under the co-auspices of Frank Weber (the San Franciscan who has risen to fame as the Trio's personal manager) and Concerts Inc. And not only was the concert a huge box office success, but the hall's excellent acoustics, coupled with an appreciative and completely attentive audience, enabled Capitol's engineers to produce an on-the-spot recording of extremely high fidelity.

From Billboard - June 8, 1962: The album was cut when the Shearing Quintet played a concert in the Masonic Hall in San Francisco. The group is in top form and each of the members get a chance to exhibit his solo ability. The star is Shearing, of course, who plays with wide improvisational skill throughout the album. He also introduces each of the tunes. The set contains old favorites like "Jumpin' With Symphony Sid" and "Lullaby Of Birdlan" as well as new items like Horace Silver's "The Outlaw" and "My New Mambo." Set should be a strong seller in pop and jazz markets.

The Be-Bop Irishman
I'll Be Around
Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
This Nearly Was Mine
My New Mambo
The Outlaw
When April Comes Again
Coctails For Two
Lullaby Of Birdland