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Friday, May 19, 2017

Easy - Nancy Wilson

Love Is Blue
Nancy Wilson
Produced by David Cavanaugh
Capitol ST 2909

From Billboard - May 18, 1968: This should be another big one for Miss Wilson. Her slow, bluesy treatment of "Love Is Blue" is one of the treats. And there are others, Jobim's "Wave," a romantic "When I Look Into You Eyes" and a sprightly "Face It Girl, It's Over."

Make Me A Present Of You
Gentle On My Mind
When I Look In Your Eyes
Love Is Blue
Walk Away
Face It Girl, It's Over
The Look Of Love
One Like You
Make Me Rainbows
How Insensitive

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Calypso Dance - Joe Loco

Calypso Dance
By The Joe Logo Band
Mercury Records
MG 20302

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

Included here to add the bio information from the back cover: Joe Loco was born in New York City in the early twenties. What he knows about bathtub gin, the Charleston, Flappers, or Texas gunmen we don't know. But we do know that at eight years of age Mister Loco, through the courtesy of Mrs. Loco, his mother, was given lessons on the violin and in the dance. He cheerfully gave the violin back to Heifitz after enough lessons persuaded him his talent at that time was in his feet. At thirteen he went on an extended vaudeville tour hoofing up there along with the best of them. After several years he returned to New York to continue his study of music. After all, he mused, Heifitz might be right. After several years of studying musical orchestration, arrangements and learning to be better than good at the piano and trombone he began playing with and arranging for Cugat, Will Bradley, Madriguero and others.

After a stint in the Army Air Force, during the second world war, Joe returned but with a difference, he was on his own and he had a mission. He wanted to popularize in his own country the lush and fascinating Latin rhythms that had so intrigued him. He was sure his fellow Americans would feel the way he did about them. How well he succeeded is now musical history.

From Billboard - October 28, 1957: Good beat has fine rhythm section plus live recording make this one of Loco's most successful efforts. Variety of tempos maintain interest throughout session. Recommended for dancing or listening.

Pick Your Poison
Bongo Bob
Never Let A Woman Get The Best Of You
La Bomba
Honeymoon In Trinidad
Faith Is Stronga Medicine
De Bonbo Mon
Smile, Smile Your Way
Tappin' Joe
Cha Calypso

Sil Austin Plays Pretty For The People

Summer Time
Sil Austin Plays Pretty For The People
Mercury Records
SR 60096

From Billboard - November 16, 1959: Here's a new Sil Austin. The honking sound is subdued, and the result is a pop LP with strong commercial appeal. Rich sax solo work by Austin is spotlighted on a group of soulful standards with a nice assist from a choral group. Fine Jockey wax.

Danny Boy
Summer Time
My Foolish Heart
Call Me
I Can't Get Started
My Mother's Eyes
Prisoner Of Love
It's The Talk Of The Town

In My Little Corner Of The World - Anita Bryant

Autumn In New York
Anita Bryant
In My Little Corner Of The World
With The Lew Douglas Orchestra and Chorus
LP 12/132

From Billboard - January 9, 1961: Anita Bryant, one of the strongest of the newer female vocalists on the scene, and the month of January go together with the declaration by Carlton Records that January is Anita Bryant Month! To celebrate the occasion, Carlton has tow new albums releases by the form Miss Oklahoma: In My Little Corner Of The World and Hear Anita Bryant. They contain her hits, Paper Roses, Wonderland By Night, etc.

In My Little Corner Of The World
Moon Over Miami
I Love Paris
Get You Kicks On Route 66
Autumn In New York
Bali Ha'i
Danny Boy
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Foggy Day In Londen Town
Canadian Sunset
Arriverderri Roma

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Big Big Movie Themes - Geoff Love

The Big Big Movie Themes
Geoff Love, His Orchestra & Singers
Produced by Norman Newell
Sleeve Design: David Wharin
A Supertones Production
Printed in Great Britain by Garrod & Lofthouse International LTD.
Music For Pleasure, LTD.
MFP 50321

The James Bond Theme
The Big Country
Somewhere My Love
The Way We Were
A Man And A Woman
Lawrence Of Arabia
The Magnificent Seven
What'll I Do
A Summer Place
Colonel Bogey
Love Story
Warsaw Concerto

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

In The Night - George Shearing with Dakota Staton

In The Night
The George Shearing Quintet with Dakota Staton
Cover photo: Charles Stewart
Capitol Records T1003

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample.

A creative and a competitive jazz/pop market late 50s release, one of Shearing best efforts.

From Billboard - May 19, 1958: Success of Miss Staton's previous LP, "The Late, Late Show," plus the powerful lure of the "Shearing" sound makes this a likely click in both the pop and jazz marts. Six tracks' feature the combined talents of the artists, the other six spotlight the group in instrumental treatments of new and old tunes. Attractive cover shot of the artists.

From the back cover: Six of the sides of the set are by the Shearing Quintet alone. The group, which by now rates institutional prestige, tip-toes through inspired, velvety swing – always palatable, of highest musical calibre, and tops in ear appeal. Joining Shearing are Emil Richards, vibes; Jean "Toots" Thelma, guitar; Al McKibbon, bass; Percy Brice, drums; Armando Peraza, bongos and conga drums.
* Featuring Dakota Staton

From Rags To Riches
I'm Left With The Blues In My Heart*
Pawn Ticket
In The Night*
I Hear Music*
Senor Blues
Confessin' The Blues*
The Thrill Is Gone*
The Late, Late Show
I'd Love To Make Love To You*

Golden Strings Around The World

Oriental Melody
Golden Strings
Around The World
Created by Curtis L. Carison
Produced by Al Sheehan, Inc.
Directed and Arranged by James McLeod
Conductor: Clifford Brunzell
Recar Records, Inc. 2070

The Strings:
Clifford Brunzell
Edward Novak
Ishaq Arazi
Walter Targ
R. Sorensen
Allen Pravitz
John Noennig
Paul Askegaard
Douglas Overland
John Lineman

Peter Warren
Gary Sipes

John Fisker

Back cover photo possibly taken at the "Flame Room, Radisson Hotel"

Arrivederci Roma
Theme From Motion Picture "Z"
Hora Staccato
April In Portugal
Oriental Medley/Stranger In Paradise/Oriental/Baccanale/Finale From Polovetzian Dances
Spanish Eyes
Swedish Rhapsody
Wine, Women and Song
Brazilian Sleigh Bells
Under Paris Skies

Lopez Playing - Vincent Lopez

Lopez Playing
Vincent Lopez, His Piano And Orchestra
Starring At The World Famous Hotel Taft Grill Room
Columbia Special Archives Series
CS 8229

From the back cover: After a quick transition from monastery life (where he studied for the priesthood) to the role of piano player at a series of bars and restaurants in Brooklyn, Lopez made his bid for a chance at the big-time at Manhattan's famous Pekin Restaurant on 47th Street and Broadway, where auditions for piano players were conducted the hard way – before a live audience often packed with celebrities. Young Lopez dazedly heard himself introduced as "The Piano Kid from Brooklyn," to a crowd that included Diamond Jim Brady, David Lamar of Wall Street, and Death Valley Scotty from the fabulous West! Nervously stumbling against the piano stool he first drew a laugh, but it changed to a wave of applause with his rendition of Ragging The Scale.

Sleepy Serenade
Ragging The Scale
Doll Dance
Autumn Leaves
The Poor People Of Paris
Canadian Capers
Kitten On The Keys

Monday, May 15, 2017

Tops In Pops

Tops In Pops
Played And Sung Just As You Hear Them On The Radio

Multiple catalog numbered discs a found issued inside this jacket with the track list most likely hand stamped on the cover.

Bird Dog
It's All In The Game
Born Too Late
Devoted To You
Are You Really Mine
Rock-In Robin
Volare (Nel Blu De Pinto De Blu)
Little Star
My True Love
Willie And The Hand Jie
Just A Dream

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Gunn! Number One! - Henry Mancini

Silver Tears
Number One!
Music from the Film Score Composed and Conducted by Henry Mancini
Produced by Joe Reisman
Engineer: Dick Bogert
Recorded in RCA Victor's Music Center of the World, Hollywood, California
Liner Notes: Burt Nelson
RCA Victor LPM-3840

Paramount Pictures presents A Blake Edwards Production

Featured Artist:
Bass: Ray Brown
Drums: Shelly Manne
French Horn: Vincent De Rosa
Guitar: Bob Bain
Piano: Jimmy Rowles
Saxophone, Flute: Ted Nash
Saxophone: Bud Shank
Saxophone, Selmer Varitone Electric Sax, Baritone Sax: Plas Johnson
Trombone: Dick Nash
Trumpet: Pete Candoli
Vibraphone: Larry Bunker

Bud Shank appears through the courtesy of World Pacific Records
Shelly Mann appears through the courtesy of Atlantic Records

From the back cover: Hank and I had discussed the music for the "Gunn" film throughly and he confessed to me that this was to be one of his most difficult assignments. The six years that had passed since the TV "Peter Gunn" went off the air had seen sweeping changes, not only in jazz, but in all phases of the pop music spectrum. – Blake Edwards

Mancini succeed in leaving his magic "touch" on this package even though he expressed anxiety over producing arrangements that he felt would satisfy what he considered to be period market expectations.

Peter Gunn
A Quiet Happening
Sky Watch
A Bluish Bag
Theme For Sam
The Monkey Farm
A Lovely Sound
I Like The Look
Silver Tears
Night Owl
Bye Bye