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Friday, July 23, 2010

Piano Magic at Cocktail Time

Clair De Lune

Piano Magic At Cocktail Time
Favorite Music For Cocktails & Conversation
The Relaxed And Romantic Moods Of Pietro Dero
Somerset SF-26200
Somerset SF-312 (box set, second image)

Dero uses an odd rhythm technique for much of the record. It sound like a guitar strum on the upbeat and a bass note on the downbeat. The technique seems a bit overused and almost robotic. However, Dero leaves out all but the bass line in the sample track above. Beautiful!

The box set, SF-312, for some reason, substitutes SF-26200, side 2 (sample above) with different material.

SF-26200 track list:

Grieg Piano Concerto In A Minor, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto in B Flat, Tchaikovsky's Fifth, Rhapsody D'Amour, Romeo And Juliet, Boston Concerto, Tchaikovsky's Sixth, American Concerto, Theme From Dvorak's New World Sym., Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto # 2

Clair De Lune, Moonlight Sonata, The Swan, Pavanne, Reverie, Romance (Rubinstein), On Wings Of Song, None But The Lonely Heart, Romance (Tchaikovsky), Schubert's Serenade

Box Set Track List:

1A (2 track bands)
La Violetera, Humoresque, Greensleeves, Songs My Mother Taught Me, Serenade, Esterllita, Guantanamera, Tango Continetal, Tango Elena
1B (2 track bands)
Berceuse, Skaters Waltz, Santa Lucia, Juanita, I Love You Truly, Dolores, Frankie And Johnny, Bill Bailey

2A (single track band)
Shine On Harvest Moon, When You Were Sweet Sixteen, Mary's Grand Old Name, In The Good Old Summertime, You Tell Me Your Dream, My Old Gal, In The Evening By The Moonlight, Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair, Beautiful Dreamer, Mighty Lax A Rose, In The Gloaming, I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
2B (single track band)
Sidewalk's Of New York, While Strolling Through The Park, Bill Bailey, Down At The Square, Sweet Adeline, And The Band Played On, Hoop Skirts, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, The Bowery, Bicycle Built For Two, Little Annie Rodney, After The Ball

3A (single track band)
Villa, Merry Widow, Gyspsy Love Song, Toyland, Gold And Silver, Kiss Me Again, In Old New York, Sweetheart Waltz, Moonbeams, Isle Of Our Dreams
3B (single track band
Greig Piano Concerto In A Minor, Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto In B Flat, Tchaikovsky's Fifth, Rhapsody D'Amour, Romeo And Juliet, Boston Concerto, Tchaikovsky's Sixth, American Concerto, Theme From Dvorak's New World Symphony, Rachmanioff's Piano Concerto #2

Puchito - El 23 Vapor

El "23" (Vapor)
Del Tropicana Night Club
Puchito 138

A 78 rpm record connected somehow to the famous mob run Tropicana Night Club in Cuba.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taiwanese Soundtrack

As best that I can make out this is a 60s vintage Taiwanese movie soundtrack album. There are B&W movie stills on the back that make the film look like it was marketed towards teenagers.

This is the second Taiwanese soundtrack album I've found. This music has been very unique and it doesn't matter that I can't understand a word of it.

I've strung together a few songs for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dance To The Swing Organ

Dance To Swing Organ
The Mustang
Plays The Swingin'est Hammond For Your Dancing Or Listening Pleasure!!!
Somerset SF-22300

The Mustang, who ever he, is made several albums for Somerset.

Somerset is a budget label and this is a budget record. The identity of The Mustang is obscured for the most part, but I did find two references to Paul Griffin. One on

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

1972 Sexual I.Q. Test

Sexual I.Q. Test
GM Gordon Maxin GM 1001

Find out how "Vastly superior in total emotional and physical sexuality" you are.

I've scanned the test sheet so that you can print it out and take the test. As the voiceover announcer says "Good luck!"  As I say... I hope you get lucky!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mark & Clark - From The Inside Out

Mark & Clark
From The Inside Out
Twin Company Records
Rite Records Productions

Autographed copy.

Mark & Clark website

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Music For The Sensational Sixties

Echoes Of Webster Hall
Music For The Sensational Sixties
The Futuramic Sounds Of Don Elliott And His Orchestra
Design Records, Division Of Pickwick Sales DLP 69

Here's a record that is dated 1957, but is titled Sensational Sixties. There are a few tracks on this set that are pretty Futuramic! That's Don in the sample track posted above coming to you from outer space.

The album is uneven in theme/content but still engaging.

That's Elliott, on the cover, riding his Vespa motor scooter.