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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sad Movies - The Lennon Sisters

We Live In Two Different Worlds
Sad Movies
Make Me Cry
The Lennon Sisters
Arranged and Conducted by Billy Vaughn
Dot Records DLP 3398

From the back cover: Nothing could give me greater satisfaction and pleasure than to record these great compositions of Fred Rose, who in my estimation is one of them all time greats of the music industry, not only as a composer but as a man.

In 1949, when one of the first Dot records was produced in Gallatin, Tennessee, Freddie Rose graciously and skillfully gave me technical guidance. From that day until his death in 1954, he gave me continued counsel and assistance which I feel helped direct the future course of Dot Records. We were as close as friends can be, and I sincerely believe that his life was an example of kindness, principle and integrity which has helped many, many people in our industry and others.

The songs in this album are considered the best-known and most popular from the pen of Fred Rose, but he has many other wonderful songs to his credit. A partial list appears below. It is our privilege at Dot Records to offer these great songs, all but the title song written by my late friend, and sung so sincerely by The Lennon Sisters – Randolph C. Wood - President Dot Records, Inc.

Songs list as mentioned in the notes: Honest And Truly - Be Honest With Me - 'Deed I Do - Red Hot Mama - Tweedle O Twill - You Know How Talk Gets Around - I Can't Go On This Way - Mansion On The Hill - I'll Never See Sunshine Again - Bringin' In The Georgia Mail - Crazy Heart - Settin' The Woods On Fire - Take These Chains From My Heart - Texarkana Baby

Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)
We Live In Two Different Worlds
Waltz Of The Wind
Roly Poly
No One Will Ever Know
It's A Sin
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Foggy River
I'll Never Stand In Your Way
Pins And Needles (In My Heart)

The Music And Songs From Hair - Dave Wintour & Pat Whitmore

Where Do I Go?
The Music And Songs From Hair
The Tribal Love Rock Musical
Featuring Dave Wintour and Pat Whitmore
Musical Direction: Geoff Love
Musical Supervision: Alyn Ainsworth
Vocal Direction: John McCarthy
Produced by Norman Newell
Recorded in 4-Track at E.M.I. Studios, 1.12.68
Recording Engineer: Peter Brown
A Product Of Pickwick International, Inc.
Manufactured by Keel Mfg., Corp
Pickwick 33 SPC-3169

I Got Life
Frank Mills
Be-In (Hara Krishna)
Where Do I Go?
Easy To Be Hard
Good Morning Starshine
The Flesh Failures (Let The Sunshine In)

La Mejor Marimba Del Mundo - Lira De San Cristobal

La Mejor Marimba Del Mundo
La Lira De San Cristobal Las Casas
De Los Hnos Dominguez
Direccion: Abel Dominguez
Collection De Oro
Printed In Mexico
Orfeon LP-12-202

From the back cover: Today the Lira De San Cristobal Las Casas is practically a national institution in Mexico. When the giant station XEW started broadcasting, it began to train singers and actors which were to be the stars of now. Jorge Negrete, Tona La Negra, Lucha Reyes, Sofia Alvarez, Emilio Tuero, and many others got their start in programs of XEW

The singers were almost always accompanied by La Lira De San Cristobal Las Casas, a marimba played by the Dominguez Brothers, who were also inspired composers and usually gave those struggling their best songs to insure their success, Alberto Dominguez is no less that the composer of "Frenesi", "Perfidia", and others famous compositions which are world known.

Small wonder that both public and artists have such a high regard for them today. You'll enjoy this record which is unique because The Dominguez Brothers, musicians extraordinary, play the music of The Dominguez Brothers, composers without par.

Perfidia (Bolero) Alberto Dominguez
Hay Que Saber Perder (Bolero) Abei Dominguez
Adios En El Puerto (Blues) Ernesto Dominguez
Destino (Bolero) Armando Dominguez
Recuerdos De Ayer (Vals) Armando Dominguez
No Te Oigo (Danzon) Gustavo Dominguez
Frenesi (Bolero) Alberto Dominguez
Mi Tormento (Bolero) Abel Dominguez
Apague La Luz (Cha Cha Cha) Ernesto Dominguez
Mienteme (Bolero) Armando Dominguez
Jardin Sin Rosas (Vals) Gustavo Dominguez
Siglo XX (Polka) Francisco Dominguez

El Millonario - Pablo Beltran Ruiz

Dama Sofisticada
El Millonario
Pablo Beltran Ruiz
Y Su Orquesta Vol. VI
Printed in Mexico
RCA Victor Disco Popular MKL-1344

Nunca En Domingo (Hadjidhakis)
Cocktail Para Dos (Arthur Johnston - Sam Coslow)
Nocturno De Harlen(Earle Hagen)
Linger A While (Owens - Rose)
Vuela Carabela (Gianni Maccia)
Perfidia (Alberto Domínguez)
Pepe (Daniel Lemaitre)
Crei (Chucho Monge)
Dama Sofisticada (Duke Ellington)
Muchachita (Mario Ruiz Armengol)
Las Hojas Muertas (Kosma-Mercer-Prevel)
Ahora O Nunca (Aaron Schroeder-Walley Gold)

Lo Mejor De Lara Y Curiel - Goyito

Lo Mejor De Lara Y Curiel
Goyito Su Piano Y Ritmos
Productor Y Director General: Ismael Daniel Fonseca
El Disco Es Cultura
Discos FM, S. A. de C. V.

Vereda Tropical
Caminos De Ayer
Solamente Una Vez
Noche De Ronda

The Music Of Gonzalo Curiel & Consuelo Velazquez - Joe Loco

Una Canción En La Noche - Curiel
Cachito - Velazquez
The Music Of Gonzalo Curiel
And Consuelo Velazquez
Joe Loco
His Piano and Rhythm
Ansonia ALP 1253
Volume 2

From the back cover: Just a few short years ago the name Jose Esteves was very well known in some of the most famous night clubs in New York. He is more active than ever in show business and very much more successful as Mr. Joe Loco.

Jose Esteves, today JOE LOCO, was born in New York, on the 26th of March, 1921. When he was nine years old he showed great aptitude for music. His thoughtful parents took great pride in their protege and placed him in the hands of a fine group of instructors. These first professors of music taught him to dance and play the violin.

Joe Loco made his professional debut when he was 13 years old. The RKO circuit became very interested in Joe and sponsored a tour that took him through 16 of the largest cities in the United States. He was billed as a dancer. In 1937, Jose Estevez decided to continue his musical studies and he became associated with the well known Charles Williams Pickells of the Superior School. "Haaren". After completing two years of intensive study he had mastered the piano and was doing very well on the organ, violin, guitar, bass, trombone and saxophone.

He was a very apt student and spent a considerable amount of time with theory and harmony. Joe became a very fine composer and musical arranger. He has proven to be a mighty man with pen or instrument.

Joe Loco – pianist – composer – arranger, became a featured member of groups like the: "Melody Boys", "Happy Boys" and "Hatuey". Later on he was pianist for the orchestra of Pupi Campo, Will Bradley, Xavier Cugat, Enric Madriguera and Machito. Joe Loco now is the sensation of latin dance combos as pianist and leader of his own organizations.

Joe Loco and entourage were an immediate success. Personal appearances at the Waldorf, Carnegie Hall and elite clubs of Chicago, Washington, Miami and Los Angeles were all triumphs. His recordings have been received with great enthusiasm and this new LP brings you Joe Loco and rhythm at their listenable and danceable best. – Herman Glass

Music Of Gonzalo Curiel

Vereda Tropical (Bolero Beguine)
Una Canción En La Noche (Bolero)
Calla (Bolero)
Luna Amiga (Conga)
Tu (Bolero)
Incertidumbre (Bolero)

Music Of Consuelo Velazquez

Bésame Mucho (Bolero Beguine)
Yo No Fui (Porro)
Que Seas Feliz (Bolero)
Amar Y Vivir (Bolero)
Verdad Amarga (Bolero)
Cachito (Cha Cha Cha)

Friday, January 25, 2019

Joe Loco Interpreta Compositores Mexicanos

Joe Loco
Sus Dedos Maravillosos, Su Piano Y Su Quinteto
Interpretan Compositores Mexicanos
Joe Loco Piano Con Ritmos
Dimsa DML-8132

Oyelo Bien (Bolero Cha) A. Domínguez
Muchachita (Bolero) M. Ruiz Armengol
Temor (Bolero Cha) Gonzalo Curiel
Yo Se Que Nunca (Danzonete) Guty Cardenas
Nieve (Bolero) Miguel Prado
Farolito (Bolero) Augustin Lara
Nocturnal (Bolero) Jose Sabre Marroquin
Mar (Afro Hawaiano) Gabriel Ruiz
Prisonero Del Mar (Exotico) Luis Arcaraz
Nunca, Nunca, Nunca (Cha Cha Cha Minuet) Tata Nacho
No Me Platiques (Bolero) Vicente Garrido
La Panchita (Cha-Calypso) Joaquin Pardave

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Ramsey Lewis Trio At The Bohemian Caverns

Ramsey Lewis Trio
At The Bohemian Caverns
Recorded by Edgewood Recording Studios, Inc., at The Bohemian Caverns, in Washington, D. C. June 4 and 6, 1964
Supervision: Esmond Edwards
Cover Design: Tom Gorman
Argo LP-741
Chess Producing Corp.

Personnel: Ramsey Lewis, Piano; Eldee Young, Bass and Cello*; Red Holt, Drums

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover and notes excerpts.

From the back cover: For more than four years the Bohemian Caverns in Washington, D. C. has provided a steady home for jazz and its faithful supporters. This club is known world wide for its physical layout of sculpturesque beauty and stalactite formations hanging from its ceiling. Said club owner Tony Taylor to his partner Angelo Alvino and myself, "That's why, times when we don't even have a strong act in the room to draw the people, there are a certain amount of individuals who might filter through here anyway, just to see the place". So here we find the very necessary ingredients of the mixture to make jazz – the customer, the atmosphere, and the world's finest performing artists. – Al Clarke - WOOK Radio - Washington, D. C.

From Billboard - October 10, 1964: Here's the exciting performance of the Ramsey Lewis Trio recorded live at the Bohemian Caverns, a jazz country club in Washington, D. C. Jazz fans will flip when they hear the treatment of "Fly Me To The Moon," let alone the medley from "West Side Story." Well recorded performance of an outstanding jazz group.

West Side Story Medley: Somewhere, Maria, Jet Song, Somewhere
Something You Got
Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
My Babe*
The Caves
The Shelter Of Your Arms

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Walkin' Down The Line - Joe & Eddie

All I Really Want To Do
Walkin' Down The Line
Joe & Eddie
Produced by Snuff Garrett
Cover Photo & Design: George Whitman
Engineering: Dave Hassinger & Phil Yeend
Arranged by Leon Russell
Gene Norman Presents, Hollywood, Califorina
GNP Crescendo GNP-2014

From the back cover: Was it on the Danny Kaye TV Series that you first saw them; or was it the "Tonight" show, or the Jackie Gleason Show, or "Shindig" – or an one of several other important TV shows?

Through hundreds of television appearances, coast-to-coast concert and nightclub engagements and six pervious successful albums, Joe & Eddie have become firmly established in the firmament of musical stardom. And like Ol' Man River – "They just keep rollin' along"! In every way, they have what it takes – great voices, a completely unique and exciting style and irresistible personalities, both vocally and visually.

Walkin' Down The Line
This Beautiful Land (From "The Roar Of Grease Paint" Featuring the Lex Baxter Singers)
All I Really Want To Do
That Was The Last Thing On My Mind
This Little Bird
Depend On Yourself
It Ain't Me Babe
To Be Myself
Silver Threads And Golden Needles
With You In Mind
Michael, Row The Boat Ashore

Go - Go Together - Al Berman

A Very Special Love
Go - Go Together
For Dancing And Listening Pleasure
The Voices And Orchestra Of Al Berman - From England
Compose Records 98012

Let Yourself Go
A Very Special Love
In The Meantime
Teacher, Teacher
Who Needs You
The Piccolino
Happy Anniversary
Life Is Just A Song
Find Me A Bluebird
Spring Is Here
It's Not For Me To Say
Chances Are
La Plume De Ma Tante
Let Me Sing And I'm Happy
I Never Felt Like Falling In Love
Everybody Loves A Lover
You're My Only Love
Home And Peace
Let's Face The Music And Dance
You're Gonna Lose Your Gal
Ivory Melody

Think Young - Camarata

All Day And All Of The Night
Think Young
Camarata Featuring Tutti's Trombones
Arranged and Conducted by Camarata
A Promenade Production D41001
Distributed by London Records, Inc.

From the back cover: Think Young was recorded in the Hollywood, California studios of Sunset Sound Recorders. To enhance 20/20 Sound a new Stereo String Room was designed which gives the strings complete separation from brass and rhythm leakage, giving the added plus of being able to keep the strings on an equal level with the rest of the orchestra. Equipment for the radically new 20/20 process includes a specially designed 14 position 4-channel console with equalizers and limiters. Two stereo 4 channel sel-synd 1/2 Ampex tape machines with the new low noise Scotch 201 tape provide the quietest and clearest sound ever heard before. The frequency range is from 20cps to 22,000kcps.


Trumpets: Johnny Audio, Frank Beach, Manny Stevens, Jimmy Zito, Ray Linn
Trombones: Tommy Peterson, Joe Howard, Dick Nash, Gil Falco, Tommy Shepard, Vern Friley, George Roberts (Bass Trombone), Bob Knight (Bass Trombone)
Drums: Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer
Percussion: Hugh Anderson, Jerry Williams
Guitars: Tommy Tedesco, Allan Reuss, Arthur Wright (Fender Bass), Carol Kaye (Dano)
Bass: Cliff Hils
Piano: Ray Sherman
Violins: Israel Baker, Gerry Vinci, Marshall Sosson, Sid Sharp, Arnold Belnick, Emmanuel Moss
Violas: Paul Robyn, Robert Ostrowsky
Cellos: Ed Lustgarten, Eleanor Slatkin, Justin De Tullio, Nate Gorshman
Horns: Vince De Rosa, Jack Cave, Art Maebe, Bill Hinshaw
Saxes: Johnny Rotella, Jim Horn

From Billboard - August 7, 1965: The pop music of today is enhanced by these swingin' big band arrangements of Camarata. He has applied his "Tutti's Trombones" creativeness to such recent hits as "A Ticket To Ride" and "What's New Pussycat," and given them new meaning much in the vein of the big band days. A sales winner for band devotees.

It's Not Unusual
For Your Love
I'll Never Find Another You
A Ticket To Ride
All Day And All Of The Night
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows
Little Things
(I Think I'm) Goin' Out Of My Head
Cast Your Fate To The Wind
Tired Of Waiting
Ferry 'Cross The Mersey
What's New Pussycat?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Flights Of Fantasy - The Ventures

Flights Of Fantasy
The Ventures
Producer: Joe Saraceno
Art Direction: Woody Woodward
Illustration: Wayne Kimbell
Liberty Records LST-8055

Available from online vendor so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share a nice scan of the original cover.

From Billboard - May 11, 1968: Always assured of sales with their unbeatable guitar work, The Ventures work over instrumentally some current chart favorites including "Mighty Quinn," Cry Like A Baby," "Summertime Blues," "Scarborough Fair" and "Soul Coaxing." The combo established manner of redoing the hits of the day and winning spins with their shear ability to spark new life is the reason why The Ventures are a pop landmark.

Might Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)
Cry Like A Baby
Flights Of Fantasy
The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
Summertime Blues
Soul Coaxing (Ame Caline)
Scarborough Fair / Canticle
Innermotion Faze
Fly Away
Walking The Carpet
Love Shower