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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Crew Cuts - Music Ala Carte - On The Campus

The Crew Cuts
Music Ala Carte
Mercury MG 20199

This album was a fun find today with the super cover photo of The Crew Cuts in a fab vintage 1956 Arnolt-Bristol Roadster!

Read about The Crew Cuts on their wikipedia page.

The Whiffenpoof Song
The Crew Cuts On The Campus
Mercury Records
MG 20140

Also released on Mercury Wing MGW 12145 - 1959.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mantovani - Tangos

Mantovani And His Orchestra
London LL 768

Spiced With Brasil - Nancy Ames

Spice With Brasil
Nancy Ames
Epic LN 24238

This album is available on CD. This is the original Epic cover. Ames was first signed to Liberty and made a 7 inch titled Bonsoir Cher/Cu Cu Rru Cu Cu La Paloma and then an album titled The Incredible Nancy Ames before going to Epic (and then later, back to Liberty). It looks like Ames made about eight albums with this one falling in the middle of the pack.

If you listen to a lot of music, especially small label vanity and private press you get an idea of just how hard it is to carry a tune. And how rare it is hear a voice that has so much control, yet sounds so natural. It is amazing what Ames does with her voice, how she works every note to create atmosphere. Even her cover of a somewhat rocking tune, Reach Out I'll Be There, is very cool. I don't know how she pulled that song off, but along with the great arrangement, she does.

This is a fabulous album with a groovy 60s vibe. Highly recommended.

Tahiti - Yesterday And Today

Taora Mai Te Hei (side one) & No Oe Hei (side two)
Yesterday And Today
Quinn's Combo
The Tahitian Native Group
RCA Victor LSP-3344

Side one features Quinn's Combo covering tradition Tahitian songs in their "swing style". Side two "...brings you the "old Tahiti" style of Tahitian Native Group, also recorded in Papeete."

The is no information on Quinn to be found online. From the back cover: Everybody who goes to Tahiti and its capital city of Papeete eventually winds up at Quinn's Club, a water-front rendezvous that's a "must" for tourists.

Many of the songs are credited to Gaston Guilbert, who from the back cover, was a "knowledgeable Tahitian musicologist, who co-produced this album with RCA Victor's Herman Diaz, Jr.

Guilbert was a French cinematographer, producer and collector of Tahitian recordings. He founded the first professional recording studio on the island. His archives are preserved by "Institut de la communication audiovisuelle".

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter World Of Love

Sazella De Rio
Bossa Nova
Winter World Of Love
Without Love
Santo Rel Brazileiros
Diplomat DS 2480

Cool music released to take advantage of the Bossa Nova craze that hit the U.S. in the early 60s. The pressing seems uneven, or at least, the audio quality of my copy is not the best.

The Grasshoppers

I've Been Working On The Railroad
Sing Along With The Grasshoppers
Featuring Eddie Maynard
Spin-O-Rama ML 3074

One of the many Chipmunk knock-off albums released soon after the original Chipmunk Song was released in 1959.

This album sports great artwork and chipmunks... even though this isn't the Chipmunks.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let Yourself Go!

Let Yourself Go!
Limited Edition Collector's Album
Created Exclusively For American Express
Columbia Special Products CSM 477

This was some type of advertising vehicle for American Express that was "Not Available In Record Stores".

There are no hints in the copy to suggest what American Express was promoting. Travel?

Manic Mark's Wall Of Graphic Design Bone

We can make your head giant and see through! You'll thank us!

Just point... we will add the stabbed Satan figures later...

Because he lives is no excuse.

Why throw out those old drapes?

GostelSiipz... er... GostelStils... What?

The designer captured the seriousness of The End Times with this cartoon horse and super hero...

The artist gave birth to his first airbrush illustration.

Gloria's hair appeared in a movie with Godzilla and Mothra

They were bludgeoned to death shortly after they arrived at school.

Doing It Right?

It was night. There was this tree. And we had a camera on us.

This illustration goes against conventional wizdum...

The name of the group was changed to "Anything In My Pocket Is Bad".

This tripps me out man!

We asked you to create the worst album cover ever and you did it!

We had this hair brained idea!

Apparently, it ended after the introductions...

We are The Ball Family. Our name is in the shape of a ball!

It's better that no one knows what we look like together.

We could hardly believe our luck... the rug matches our jackets!

Are you ALL sick?

Sorry about your hair.

This is a garden?

Have you been working out?

The CROWNSmen... I get it!

A 70s hotel lobby, an Instamatic... An irresistible combination!

Beige is still considered 4 color printing...

You aren't going anywhere.

We are colorful in a monochromatic sort of way.

Happiness will cost you.

The wife, four girls and pastel outfits. I'm tired and doomed.

Peg and Barbara gave themselves credit for the cover design.

Where else would we place your names?

Thanks for hiring us to design your NEW cover!

Shopping for a record title.

Stalinist Gopel

You want to see your  face an ALL of the ornaments?

Going home to fetch another suit.

Sunshine during a full eclipse. It's a concept piece.

You don't want to overpower your type treatment with a large photo.

Does all gospel art look like this?

The moment when the alien beam immobilized you.

It's like... how BIG is this typeface anyway?!!

It's OK that you all look like giants.

Alive?  I'm just checking before we start the press.

Bill gave himself credit for the cover photo.

Not Nickle One? But what is the actual budget?

From a production standpoint, it is easier to set cartoon children on fire.

Design rule: More is less.

It took a lot of work, but we finally approved this cover.

Unspeakable horror.

But all of your photos look like this.

This was your first attempt at Cubism?

Do you like how I filled up that empty space with type?

Two of me and one's transparent!

You can't blow up a small photo.

Splatter glow! I used a toothbrush!

I think that we've solved the problem of what to do with all these snapshots.

I know, but it's the only photo that was in focus.

Sex sells!

We couldn't afford a real boat.

After we saw the photos, we had to title the album Ladies Choice!

The designer received a credit on the back cover.

The branch on your head makes you look taller.

Purple. Excellent choice!

I was experimenting with film processing chemicals.

We all agreed that the car door was the only place for your name.

You only look small on the cover.

Crash... That's why the jagged border.

The hanging lamp border... why?

That is the only shirt you brought with you?

Do you come apart?

I have no idea what is going on here.

I picked the font because it reminded me of your hair.

Don't worry, a lot of people go with vacation photos.

The Vampire Brides

Here we are... frozen in time!