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Thursday, May 23, 2019

¡Que Buena Esta... Elena!! - Elena Madera

Canto Karabali
¡Que Buena Esta... Elena!!
The Torrid Voice Of Elena Madera
With Lou Perez and His Orchestra
Produced by Pedro J. Rosaly, Jr.
Cover Photo: Columbia Photo Studio - Henry Parker
Columbia Special Products
Special Archives Series
EXRP 1760

From the back cover: Elena Madera is famous throughout Latin America for her brilliant performance of "Pepito," her own composition. Elena's father was West Indian and her mother Cuban; she herself grew up in New York City. She first achieved success as a dancer at New York's Palladium. Later she appeared in Mexico City as a nightclub entertainer.

In her first Columbia collection, Elena is heard with her popular Cuban composer and arranger Lou Perez in twelve songs that demonstrate the many facets of her intriguing personality. Both as a singer and composer, Elena creates great excitement.

El Pollo Se Me Escapo
Sonando Contigo
La Botella
Tu Eres Todo
Hermosa Tierra
Que Buena Esta Elena
Tu Seras
La Golondrina
Canto Karabali
La Comparsa

The Best Of Wanda Jackson

The Best Of Wanda Jackson
A Delightful Dozen Of Her Best And Biggest!
Producer: Ken Nelson
Starline Capitol Records ST 8-2883

Available from online vendors so I will not be posting a sample. Presented here to share the cover art and jacket notes.

From the back cover: Almost everyone who listens to music knows the name Wanda Jackson, and for a pretty good reason. Wanda's fame has not been confined to one field. She has had big Country songs, hit "rock and roll" numbers, records in the "pop" music charts, not to mention smash hits in Germany, Japan and Holland, singing the songs in the native tongues of those lands. ("Santa Domingo," her great German hit sung in German, is included in this album.)

Such popularity has led to Wanda's being a big box-office attraction all over North America, Europe and Asia. I don't have to tell you how pretty Wanda is, how warm her personality both on and off the stage, nor do I need to elaborate about this "poised and polished performer on the podium." But I can tell you fans some of the background that led to the worldwide stardom of this famous Oklahoma girl.

Some years ago, Tom Jackson brought his dark-haired daughter to my dance at the Trianon Ballroom in Oklahoma City. Wanda was a very young teen-ager, just blossoming into womanhood. She had on a colorful Western costume that her mother Nellie had made for her. I might add that it did fit tight in all the right places.

Wanda came up on stage and sang with my band. She cut a few corners on the meter, missed a few chords on the guitar, and was a little awkward with the microphone – which, with her volume of voice, she didn't need anyway. But the people loved this pretty girl with the trumpet tonsils.

Wanda had been performing since she was a small child. She even had her own radio show on a local station, in the afternoons after school was out. In the summer, I got her to travel with the band and me on some tours. We used her regularly on our TV show and Saturday night dances. In fact, I'll never forget when Wanda first started appearing on our television program. We were doing the show "live," and during one appearance she forgot the words to her song. Then I came along and messed up the words on one of my numbers.

Wanda said, "Hank, now I don't feel so bad, when I hear you sing the wrong words to a song."

And I said, "That's good, but Wanca, I wrote that song originally. So I didn't really miss the words; I just re-wrote them on the show."

I think maybe that was a kind of inducement, because right after that Wanda stated writing songs herself, and she has created a lot of her own big numbers. I don't think she missed the words too often nowadays!

I have proudly watched Wanda progress from those days, steadily and confidently maturing the talent that was so obvious even then. As one big Wanda Jackson fan to another, let me tell you that you are holding in your hands one of the very best albums she has ever made. That's saying a lot, because she's made some great ones. I particularly like this one because it has so many of her finest performances.

I'd like to suggest that you take the record out, and put it on your player, and get set for hours of good listening.

Hours of listening in one album?

That's right, my friend, because you're going to be playing this one over and over again!

– Hank Thompson

From Billboard - March 9, 1968: The many facets of Wanda Jackson are reflected in this LP. Her scope branches many forms of music, but she specializes in country songs such as "Right or Wrong," "The Violet and the Rose," and "Kickin" Our Hearts Around." But to demonstrate how capable she is, here's also "Santo Domingo," a hit for her in Germany, sung in German. Here's also one of her rock songs – "Let's Have A Party" – from years ago.

Right Or Wrong
In The Middle Of A Heartache
If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me
The Violet And The Rose
Santo Domingo
Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine
I Wonder If She Knows
Kickin' Our Hearts Around
Reckless Love Affair
Let's Have A Party

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My Favorite Things - The Organ Masters

My Favorite Things
My Favorite Things and Other Hits
The Organ Masters
Produced by Ethel Gabriel
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
Recorded in Webster Hall, New York City

My Favorite Things
A Minute Of Your Time
Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero
I Love You You Love Me
Goodnight My Love
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
What The World Needs Now Is Love
Happy Hurdy Gurdy Man
Beautiful Morning
Aura Lee

Strauss Waltzes - Lionel Atkins

Artist's Life
Strauss Waltzes
New London Symphonic Orchestra
Conducted by Lionel Atkins
Cover Design by C. Arnold Calson
Color Transparency courtesy of Western Greyhound Lines
Golden Tone Hi-Fidelity
Distributed by Radio Craftsmen Co.
C 4013

The Blue Danube
Southern Roses Waltz
Wine, Women And Song
Emperor Waltz
Artist's Life
Voice Of Spring
Tales From The Vienna Woods
Pizzicato Polka
Morning Paper's Waltz
Waltz Dream

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Just One Of Those Things - Nat "King" Cole

These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You
Just One Of Those Things
Nat "King" Cole
Arranged and Conducted by Billy May
Capitol Records W 903

From Billboard - November 11, 1957: Nat Cole is currently represented high on the charts with his "Love Is Thing," package and this new set, tailored in the same soft, slow, romantic mood, looks like a sure fire follow-up. Tunes include some of the smartest of the standards like "These Foolish Things," "When Your Lover Has Gone," etc. Top rung merchandise for jockeys and dealers alike.

When Your Lover Has Gone
A Cottage For Sale
Who's Sorry Now?
Once In A While
These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You
Just For The Fun Of It
Don't Get Around Much Anymore
I Understand
Just One Of Those Things
The Song Is Ended
I Should Care
The Party's Over

With Love - Bobbi Martin

Bridge Over Trouble Water
With Love
Bobbi Martin
Arranged by Don Tweedy and Henry Jerome
Produced by Henry Jerome
Cover and Liner Photos: Robert Krishna
Art Direction: Frank Gauna
Recording Engineer: Roy CiCala
United Artists Records UAS 6755

From the back cover: Dear Friends, One day I was looking through the record industry trade magazine and I noted (with considerable pleasure) that my single recording of "For The Love Of Him" was climbing to the top of the "Top 100" charts, I had attained a position all recording artists strive for – I had a HIT.

In the midst of congratulating myself on my "good fortune" I was struck with a question. What does it really take to make a hit? What factors are necessary or at least extremely important as to make a couple of hundred thousand people go out and buy a small black disc with my name on it? The first thing that occurred to me was that an artist must have some amount of exposure. No problem there. I had been on numerous nationally televised shows (including "The Dean Martin Show" on which the single had first been introduced) and had sung in clubs and in concerts all around the country. The next possibility was the quality of material selection and care with which a song is actually recorded. Again I found myself on the credit side of the ledger. My producer and friend Henry Jerome had put so much effort into my recording sessions you would have thought he was devising a master plan for national defense. Even so, it still didn't answer the question to my satisfaction.

The more I thought it over, the farther I drifted from the climbing element that divides success from failure. Then, all at once, it was there! There is no answer. There is no answer because although an artist, a producer and the record company they represent can try to set all the conceivable odds in their favor – the final judge and jury is still the millions of people who buy records. And if they don't feel that what you have to offer is acceptable, nothing on this green earth is going to save you.

So, although I'm grateful to all the people who have had enough faith in me to try and further my career, I'm most grateful to you, the audience, the market, the public who have found what I have to offer acceptable and pleasurable. And I hope you'll continue to do so. – With Love, Bobbi

For The Love Of Him
Happy Heart
Yesterday Is Crowding My World
Come Saturday Morning
Goin' South
Give A Woman Love
Help Yourself
Easy Come, Easy Go
Bridge Over Trouble Water
Comes The Sun
Tell Him I Love Hime

Valentino Tango - Nick Arnold

Valentino Tango
The Nick Arnold Orchestra
Coronet Records CXS 77

Tango Valention
La Paloma
Den Geoso
Adios Muchachos
La Violetra
El Choclo
Tango Espanol
Mi Amigo